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  • Title: Free Pass
  • Author: Allie Kincheloe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 394
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Free Pass By Allie Kincheloe Two weeks My world flipped upside down with a single text photographic proof my boyfriend cheated In a last ditch effort to save our so called relationship, Austin blurts out the most ridiculous idea even the score with any guy I choose Austin s plan is hardly an option until I stumble into Jake s path Now the only possibility I can bring myself to consider is thTwo weeks My world flipped upside down with a single text photographic proof my boyfriend cheated In a last ditch effort to save our so called relationship, Austin blurts out the most ridiculous idea even the score with any guy I choose Austin s plan is hardly an option until I stumble into Jake s path Now the only possibility I can bring myself to consider is the one man I am forbidden to choose.One chance Laney is everything I want Lips that beg to be kissed every time she speaks Eyes that look straight into my soul And that ass Going after my brother s girl Some lines aren t meant to be crossed until those lines blur and I get my chance.
    Allie Kincheloe
    As a busy mother of five, Allie sneaks time to write between breakfast and tickles Always a Kentucky girl at heart, she currently makes her home near Nashville.

    Free Pass By Allie Kincheloe


    Yep.2 stars because it was just okay.Reading a review like this can often come across as really mean or spiteful I believe in being constructive and encouraging so hopefully Ms Kincheloe knows I m only trying to help her succeed as an author, not bash her Because let s be honest Writing a book is not an easy task, and asking people you don t know to read it and provide reviews isn t any easier I admit, I was drawn in to the idea of this story I ve got a LOT of books in my Kindle and Nook apps An [...]

    This book was a bit of a struggle to get through I believe the main reason was the way the POVs were written They were changed constantly with no indication of whose POV we were reading in and once I figured that out I had to go back to the beginning of that section and reread it The characters were quite one dimensional and super annoying because they completely lacked development I don t think we learned enough about them to actually care about them and therefore I didn t really have any inter [...]

    Melissa Damiao-medeiros
    Received a copy of this book for an honest review I m not sure where to start with this review First I want to say that I can only IMAGINE the time and effort it takes into writing a novel And because of that I hate giving books negative reviews because I can t imagine the sweat, tears and blood the author put into her his story There are so many things that could have made this book so RIGHT The premise was what drew me in in the first place because an asshole cheating boyfriend gives you two w [...]

    I have never hated a character so fast and so much as I did Austin Within a couple pages, I was outraged for Laney and I had yet to discover the plot The author did a fantastic job grabbing the readers attention with the introduction of Austin Although the book was an easy and fast read, the complexity of the plot was interesting, if not surprising To say a double standard existed was a huge understatement After only a couple chapters in the book, I didn t know who I hated Austin, his parents, [...]

    J.M. Powers
    Free Pass by Allie Kincheloe is one of those just one chapter books.Throughout this page turning adventure, I was able to delve into the thoughts and feelings of the characters I was as surprised as Laney when Austin, the cheater boyfriend, suggests she fool around with whoever she wants for two weeks Yep, I had to read just one chapter to see if she d snap up this free pass, or stab Austin with a pencil again Yep, this girl is not one to hold back Not only does Laney take up the free pass , b [...]

    Ishabelle Torry
    Free Pass in not your standard romance, which is a relief to me I loved how the author took such a potentially taboo subject and created a story with actual meaning and finesse Told from both Jake and Laney s POVs, the story revolves around a budding relationship that stems from a broken and defunct relationship that probably was better off not happening I found Laney s inner dialogue to be entertaining as she was forced to realize not only Austin, her boyfriend of 3 years was a cheater and thei [...]

    beth myrick
    I m taking this review in stagesAt five percentwhat the ever loving hell This is why I say in stages, because just a few pages in I want to absolutely scream how much I m gonna hate the heroine.At twenty five percent, I just wanted to slap characters around left and right.At fifty percent I was wishing I was at least eighty five percent so I could hurry and be done.At ninety percent I was so over all the games and tests Jake was put through.Never so glad to be done Jake should have found someone [...]

    Ok I just finished free pass read in hours that tells you something good Wow Lannie is one sweet hearted girl Her and Austin have been together 3 dam years when she finds out he s cheated He offers her a free pass.You will find out in this story there s a lot than brotherly rivialry intnis Austin he s an ass She lovely and name well you will have to read and see All I can say older brothers are hot This book is well written and I hope we get a next instalment

    I never realized I hate the word drug before but every time I read it it drove me insane Also she cried for EVERYTHING seriously couldn t believe how much this girl could cry Just wasn t a book for me

    It pains me to say this but the best part of this book is the synopsis that entices you to read it I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review The PDF version was in gigantic font, turning a normal length novel into an epic 661 pages.I am not here to trash the author writing a novel is hard work, but it surprises me that this was deemed ready to be published as it seems like a rough draft As you know Laney s long time boyfriend, Austin cheats on her He offers her a free p [...]

    Dee Price
    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review After Laney finds out that Austin her boyfriend of 3 years cheated on her, they devise a plan to save their relatuonship by giving Laney a free pass She ll get two weeks with a guy of her choice no questions asked Things get interesting and complicated real fast when Laney chooses Austin s older brother Jake to even the score Jake has secretly harbored a crush on Laney for years and he plans to use the time to finally get the girl he wants.This story [...]

    When you boyfriend cheats on you and gives you a free pass to level the playing field, what do you do Take the free pass with his brother.i was hooked in with this book with the summary What idiot boyfriend gives a girl a free pass when he s cheated on her What girlfriend would take it Best plot ever, right It is sure to have the potential for a lot of drama, heartbreak, and angst right You would think but the author missed the make slightly At first, I liked Laney She had just the right amount [...]

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from the New Adult Book Club When Laney has caught her boyfriend of three years, Austin, cheating he offers her the chance to do the same without consequences Laney s choice just so happens to be Austin s brother, Jake Laney is tired of having an impassionate relationship, but things with Jake are anything but Jake has had feelings for Laney for quite a long time, and he immediately jumps at the chance to impress her and get he [...]

    So this is probably not going to be entirely spoiler free but I want to start by saying that I truly enjoyed this book I loved certain characters, I very passionately disliked certain characters, and I truly was rooting for Jake and Laney from the very beginning Other than some grammatical moments that felt awkward to me, the only thing that kind of bothered me was Jake s answer when he was asked by her grandmother why he loved Laney when he barely knew her , his answer seemed a bit surface base [...]

    Kristen Tucker
    I want to start by saying I was really looking forward to reading this book The plot is one I ve never come across and when you read a lot of romance that is refreshing But I was a bit disappointed because the book is written in different POV S, which I like don t get me wrong BUT there was never an indication the POV was changing so for the first few chapters I was a little confused and I will admit after reading the first chapter I thought the main character was lesbian LOL but quickly realize [...]

    This one was a quick and simple read for me I do have to day again that I hate doing average or bad reviews but although this was a good read, I didn t really connect all that well with the characters I feel as if there was scope for so much This story is about laney your sweet average college girl and her douche bag of a boyfriend Austin Laney finds out that Austin has been unfaithful to her and allows her to settle the score by having a fling Laney decides on jake Austins older brother This i [...]

    I received a free e copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.This book is told from the points of view of Jake and Laney however, the beginning of the chapters do not state which point of view you are going to be reading It is not difficult to figure out, but I personally would like to know before starting to read The summary of the book had me curious because I have not read anything like it before I thought the concept was interesting and did appreciate some of the interactions that [...]

    Kelly F 📚
    ARC provided in exchange for an honest review I was not a fan of this one I almost DNF d it I was intrigued by the storyline the Idea of getting a free pass Unfortunately, this fell flat Not enough of an actual plot No sub plot Not enough conflict Basically no substance to this story I wanted to feel something Everything was at surface level Needs character development Even after finishing, I still don t have a deep understanding of these characters Our H Laney was incredibly annoying, insecure [...]

    Full review is available at bookplusheart.weebly conte Jake and Laney s chemistry is intense They can t keep their hands off one another in private or public It seemed that no matter where they were or who they were around they were having serious PDA It was funny how many people had to clear their throats at the two, just to get their attention That included parents, and grandparents My overall thoughts of the book It was okay There were a few things I wasn t a huge fan of

    Good, fun, solid read After cheating on his girlfriend, Austin comes up with the idea of giving her a free pass to date someone else for two weeks Well, anyone but his brother, Jake, that is Laney is crushed, having wasted three years with Austin I LOVE that Jake finally decides to go after who he has wanted for the past three years his brother s girlfriend You will laugh at the sibling rivalry and especially love the t shirt Jake let s her borrow Granny is one of my favorite characters She is a [...]

    Kimberly Morris
    I received a copy of this book for an honest review.When I read the book description it sounded very interesting Well I should have read over the reviews first This book was a bit of a wasted day I almost made it a DNF but since it was for a RiRi I figured I would trudge on.The flow was off, the characters were not well developed, and the book was just not very good It had potential but get some better betas to help you out next time Ones that will give you honest truthful constructive criticism [...]

    ARC provided for honest review It was Meh This book was written from a dual POV However, as the chapters start you don t know which POV it is written from annoying The concept of the story appealed to me by it didn t hit the mark The characters didn t work Austin didn t seem to really care about Laney and was content to date her for 3 years Laney finally gets a man Jake that is interested it her and she plays head games with him.The story timeline had some gaps and jumped around a bit This added [...]

    I really liked this book At first I thought the idea was kind of weird like eww, your dating your boyfriend s brotherat s gross but when i started reading I was like, oh, that s not how I thought it was going to be The story ended up being really sweet with little bits of comedy here and there The only reason I took off on star is because I actually didn t like any characters except jake, Laney, Austin, and the grandmother But this book definitely is a page turner, if only just to see them act a [...]

    Nicole Ortiz
    I received an ARC for an honest review This story was a cute fast read It was told in the point of view of both characters Jake and Lainey as Jake has two weeks to win the love of his brothers girlfriend who he has secretly been in love with for years I loved Jake but was not a big fan of Lainey who seemed too confused and would dismiss things that where clearly in front of her face Over looking that it was a good read.

    I received this book in return for my honest review.This is a fun and easy read, it s was light hearted and entertaining Jake was cute and kind, Caleb was a very good loser in the love stakes I found Laney to be annoying and childish at times, she seemed overly immature for 21.I liked the HEA as I am a sucker for romance 4 starts from me, I read the prelude for Sean s sweetheart at the back of this book and immediately read that which was fab

    Megan Neel
    I was really looking forward to reading this book The storyline definitely intrigued me in and made me want to read it However, after reading the first few chapters, it definitely wasn t what I was expecting I don t feel like there was enough build up of the characters I wasn t a fan of Laney She came off whiny and indecisive I was hoping for from this book, but it fell flat for me.

    1st I received this book in return for my review 2nd This book is ok Interesting concept for a romance story writing, tempo, Characters are all ok it moves along at a decent pace easy read I have to admit I was missing something in the end kinda wish there was an epilogue or even another chapter to wrap it up

    InD'tale Magazine
    This is a bittersweet story filled with angst that the reader can feel.Read full review in the 2015 November issue of InD tale Magazine.

    I attempted to read this book twice and twice I had to out it down because I couldn t read it For me this book was too predicatble and I didn t like the relationship between the main characters, It was just too weird for me.So Its a great concept for a story just wasn t for me.

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      394 Allie Kincheloe
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