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  • Title: Nightingale
  • Author: Sharon Ervin
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  • Page: 181
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  • Nightingale By Sharon Ervin In the spring of 1840, eighteen year old Jessica Blair is a scullery maid in a remote manor house, part of the vast holdings of the Duke of Fornay Two years younger than Queen Victoria, Jessica is the well educated daughter of a deceased professor Sole support of her widowed mother and avoiding an unacceptable marriage prospect, Jessica has secretly collected a flock ofIn the spring of 1840, eighteen year old Jessica Blair is a scullery maid in a remote manor house, part of the vast holdings of the Duke of Fornay Two years younger than Queen Victoria, Jessica is the well educated daughter of a deceased professor Sole support of her widowed mother and avoiding an unacceptable marriage prospect, Jessica has secretly collected a flock of cast off hens, and is supplementing her income hoping to improve her future.Jessica is alarmed when horsemen race headlong through the twilight on the footpath she has inadvertently cut to the henhouse She stops the charge short of disaster to find the threat is not many horses, but one magnificent, riderless runaway Ignorant of the dangers in handling an overwrought stallion, Jessica calms the animal She calls him Sweetness Backtracking, Jessica finds the missing rider, twenty eight year old Devlin Miracle, the arrogant Twelfth Duke of Fornay, badly injured, and waiting for daylight But, for this aristocrat, there will be no daylight His injuries have left him blind.Struggling against their disparities, Devlin and Jessica resist, but sometimes love will not be ignored.This is a new release of a previously published edition.
    Sharon Ervin
    MEMORY is my twelfth published romantic suspense novel This one was released from The Wild Rose Press on March 8, 2017 in both print and ebook formats.JACK SPRAT COULD, my thirteenth, is coming August 25, also from The Wild Rose Press.If you would like review copies of either one, let me know.Sharon Ervinervins sbcglobal

    Nightingale By Sharon Ervin


    Nightingale is a Victorian romance and was free to borrow on Kindle so I took a chance on reading it when there are not that many reviews here on or on The few reviews that do exist are mostly 4 and 5 stars so I thought it might be worth reading The story begins with the main character, Jessica trying to save her hens from being trampled by a horse The hens are a source of income for Jessica, who assists her mother as a scullery maid at a manor house Her mother has recently become bed ridden and [...]

    Becky Lower
    This book began beautifully, with a very clever meet cute I loved the banter between Jessica and Devlin Obviously, by having the duke continue to need her assistance, Jessica s comfort level rose and I could see why she would tarry However, she had been taking care of her mother and her chickens and even with a quick visit home to put her no account brother in charge, this thread never reemerged to cause her problems Which caused a problem for me since I kept wondering when she d give a thought [...]

    This book is set in 1840 There is no time travel So why is there a woman in modern clothing and hairstyle on the cover WTF

    I thought this book was a sweet, sort of different take on a Cinderella story There were a few downsides to the book, one being the ending There were a lot of situations with different characters that never really seemed to be resolved It left me wondering if there would be a second book, but the way it was ended made no room for extension I felt like the author was focusing too much on making it a happy fairy tale ending that they forgot to include some very important details The other thing is [...]

    Starts interesting and funny.After their first meeting everything goes south.She tells him she is an adult woman, and her exact age is 18 But the main drama is when he REALISES that she is not a child but an adult woman with breast wow.I wont detail it further it was lame, period.

    Decent read Characters and plot held my attention.Somehow the book felt like it was so set in the Regency era rather then the early Victorian era.

    An excellent journey by both the heroine and hero This is what the Duke falling in love with a scullery maid should be rather than some of the silly tropes.

    American Mary Sue in Victorian England with a Blind Rich Guy Ms Ervin does pretty well when writing contemporary romances I ve read Bodacious Counterfeit Cowboy, and they were both fun reads , but I find her foray into historical Ye Olde England romance leaves me cold.Something about the writing style, the way the characters think act, has a very modern American feel that does not gel very well with the Victorian England setting As a result it s very hard to suspend disbelief and enjoy the story [...]

    Jacqueline Seewald
    Fans of historical romance will appreciate this most enjoyable novel This is an entertaining, well written book Eloisa James is currently writing a series of historical romances which are her versions of fairy tales Sharon Ervin gives us a delightful Cinderella story which is also witty and pleasing in its unique way In 1840 Great Britain, Jessica Blair, apprentice scullery maid, is out one evening caring for her chickens when she hears the thundering of hooves She finds a frightened horse froth [...]

    Maureen Hoar
    Most enjoyableThis was a clever look into a devious world of the ton and the high born Jessica is a low born girl seeking out a meager existence selling eggs and working as a scullery maids assistant She is almost plowed over by a runaway stallion minus a rider She uses the horse to locate the rider and finds him gravelly injured by bandits She takes him to his home and nurses him He has been stricken blind by the wounds and relies on her for help healing She discovers he is devlin miracle the d [...]

    Terry Odell
    First I was given a copy of the book in the hope of an honest review That being said, I m not a huge reader of historical fiction, so any inaccuracies along those lines would have gone right by me.I found this an enjoyable book, sort of what if Cinderella had been working for Prince Charming The heroine was feisty perhaps a little too outspoken in her dealings with the hero After all, she was an assistant scullery maid, and he was a Duke However, putting any concerns aside, the writing was witty [...]

    Kay Mercuro
    A delightful story of a beautiful young woman who was a very resourceful scullery maid and a wealthy duke with whom she rescued after he had been beaten and robbed His injuries have left him blind Taken by a beautiful black stallion that she rescued and called Sweetness to the site where the duke had fallen, the stallion takes them to his home Then begins an interesting inner action of two completely different people from different social back grounds The duke calls her his nightingale and tries [...]

    Ervin has another stellar performance in the writing of Nightingale A scullery maid rescues an injured Duke and in gratitude she is ensconced in his manor and eventually in his heart Although it is a first in the Historical genre for Ervin, it is not just another rags to riches story It is an entertaining read with vibrant, memorable characters and sparkling details.I have found her contemporary novels interesting, original and this romp through nineteenth century England is no exception It fits [...]

    Nancy Luebke
    I really enjoyed this Historical romance which is also book nine of the Timeless Passion set of Historical Romances.I enjoyed the heroine and hero and how they drew sparks from each other.It had a steady pace and I didn t want to put it down after I started to read.There is some violence but it is interesting what could ruin a persons repetation How times have changed.

    I loved this story It was a bit of a Cinderealla tale with a feisty intelligent heroine and a stuffy entitled Duke It was so fun watching everyone fall in love with Jessica It took the Duke a little too long to figure it out but it was worth the wait.This is a clean romance.

    Cristina Fernandez
    Nightingale ReviewThe novel was full of cliches The storyline was predictable and unimpressive The plot was boring and the names of the characters childish I would not recommend this book to prospective readers.

    Ms Yvonne Karkkainen
    Predictable but pleasantPleasant story of romance between two people of opposite positions of class This story will be enjoyed by those who prefer understated sexual attraction in their romance novels.

    Mike DeMuyt
    Suspenseful storyAt first I thought it lame, however it started holding my interest Sharon Ervin paints an excellent picture with her well chosen words I felt like I was watching a movie as opposed to reading a book.

    Beverly Stitzel
    TediousThe author could not make up her mind what kind of book she wanted this to be a saucy historical romance, perhaps, but the main characters are just silly.I gave the book a 3 instead of a 2 because Ms Ervin is from Oklahoma.

    Brenda Shepherd
    Nightingale book reviewThis was a very good colonial days love story It made you feel involved with the characters personally and root for the good guys.

    Karla Snow
    Nicely done.Great read I enjoyed the tussle between two very different people Congrats to the author Very good Thank you for the enjoyment of reading this book.

    Fun quick read being tired of reading political headlines and articles Nightingale proved to be a refreshing distraction of reality Fun historical read

    Dorothy A. Rose
    Loved this book I got totally involved with the characters and the story Excellent read Would recommend to anyone who enjoys a clean and exciting book.

    Frances Kwiatkowski
    Too predictableCould have been A nice 200 page short story I found myself speed reading this book quite often.Could have dealt I depth with Martha s murder.

    Robert Norwood
    Nightingale is a lark This period tale has humor, suspense, and romance all rolled into a fine story about love that transcends class and titles.

    Great readI love the love story with the mystery Trying to figure out who all the bad people were was fun.

    Loved it.

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