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  • Title: A Warrior's Heart
  • Author: S.E. Smith
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  • A Warrior's Heart By S.E. Smith Ben and Aaron Cooper s life had never been one of ease Deserted by their mother and raised by a drunken father, they fought to survive on the Kansas farm where their father worked Life deals them a horrendous twist when they are kidnapped by an alien trader and sold Ben, the oldest by sixteen months, convinces the aliens who enslave them that he and Aaron will die if thBen and Aaron Cooper s life had never been one of ease Deserted by their mother and raised by a drunken father, they fought to survive on the Kansas farm where their father worked Life deals them a horrendous twist when they are kidnapped by an alien trader and sold Ben, the oldest by sixteen months, convinces the aliens who enslave them that he and Aaron will die if they are separated It is the only way he can think of to keep them together and protect his younger brother The next fifteen years prove to be the most challenging of their lives They do what they have to in order to survive They are convinced their time has come to an end when the freighter they are on is attacked by a species known for their lust for blood and killing Evetta and Hanine Marquette are Marastin Dow a species whose leaders thrive on living in the old ways where only the strongest, most ruthless are allowed to live The life expectancy for most Marastin Dow is short, especially on one of the warships that all Marastin Dow, male or female, are expected to serve a mandatory service Advancement usually comes by murder Evetta and Hanine want a different life and work together to stay alive in the hopes of finding a life away from the constant threat of death Life changes for them when they encounter two strange and unusual alien males When the males lives are endangered, there is only one thing these warrior women can do to save them run
    S.E. Smith
    S.E Smith is a New York Times Twin Dragons and Dagger s Hope and 14 time USA TODAY Bestselling author of Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy, and Paranormal Romance She brings action, adventure, and suspense filled romance stories to transport readers out of this world Sexy, funny, action packed Science fiction, Paranormal, Fantasy, and Contemporary stories with a twist Discover stories with a heart at sesmithfl.

    A Warrior's Heart By S.E. Smith


    This is another good story by this writer.Only for me there could have been love scenes in this story and somehow the other way around works better for me, a human female with an alien warrior.But good read, with action, taking care of each other and fighting their way out.

    3.5 Stars

    I wondered how these couples got together when I was reading the Valdier stories So glad I found out A light read, but adds to the entire world of these different races.

    Georgina Parkin
    The concept of this book was good, but the book itself wasn t It s all instalove and corny and while some ideas were sweet, I think the fact that it follows both relationships and not just one kind of ruined everything for me It s short, and it should have been this short with just the one couple, maybe do another book for he other, but it didn t work for me jumping from couple to couple because it made it one sex scene after the other and barely any movement to the story There were cute scenes, [...]

    A cute shortThis was a cute short story Loved how two brothers and two sisters find their love in a really bad situation.

    From the series of books that are linked together to tell the story of humans on Alien Worlds.

    Trescina Bell
    Loved it They helped each other escape Loved the origami It was so sweet of him to brighten her day Both brothers found love So sweet

    Linda Levy
    A good short filler in this series.A short introduction to of the Marastin Dow aliens who live a very violent and often short life.This race of aliens have had a poor showing so far in this connected series world but not all of the race are bad The majority are trying to better their world via rebellion so they may lead a better life and hopefully will be able to do that We have met and hear about them from time to time in both good and bad circumstances and I do hope their world improves as it [...]

    I actually came upon this book by chance while browsing the author s page It was free, but I still wasn t going to get it because I didn t particularly care about the Marastin Dow revolution But it was free so I figured why not This was a pretty quick read about Ben and Aaron, brothers who taken from Earth about ten years ago when they were still just kids Able to convince their new owners each time they were bought that they would die if separated they managed to survive thus far And when they [...]

    Annette Y
    Love From Beyond The StarsBen and Aaron lived a very dreary life on earth before they were kidnapped Life on other worlds wasn t easy for them they were sold to other species as slave labor Then the worst happened, the freighter they were on was captured by the marastin dow.The marastin dow believe in only one thing survival of the fittest Not all marastin dow think this way The ones that don t hide Ben and Aaron on the ship Things change for the brothers when they meet Hanine and Evetta, two ma [...]

    Nikki Brooks
    Aaron and Ben were kidnapped from their farm when they were youngsters After being sold by various slavers, they were rescued by a rebel within the Marastin Dow They are a species of bloodthirsty aliens with an appalling reputation within the galaxies Whilst hiding aboard ship Aaron and Ben are cared for by the chief science officer, Behr.Evetta Hanine were drafted into the military after their parents were killed They have both realized that as long as no one figures out how smart they really a [...]

    If you have been following along in this universe of S.E,Smith s then you met Ben Aaron Cooper in Cornering Carmen Lords of Valdier 5 The Marastin Dow are a species of violent and treacherous beings Aaron and Ben are slaves that have the good fortune of being under the care of the chief science officer, Behr De,Mar who is also part of a growing number of Marastin Dow who want change for their people Evetta Hanine Marquette were drafted into the military after their parents were killed.Evetta and [...]

    Jonel Boyko
    What an intense story Smith mixes action with adventure and genuine people with emotions in this quick yet rewarding read The plot is suspenseful and wrought with danger She also developed a romance so hot that I think I saw steam coming from my ereader at one point I enjoyed this look at the culture and beliefs of the Marastin Dow the growing resistance of the few I found this beginning in the shift of a cultural paradigm almost as intriguing as the fantastic character that Smith has falling in [...]

    Tamye Whitener
    Alien abductions, musical seductions, purple ladies, sabotage, and intrigue are only a few of the things that make A Warriors Heart such an engrossing book Smooth writing and a fresh outlook kept me reading It took me a bit to get into this story due to the heroes being the underdogs, not my favorite type of hero But the I read, the I liked not only the heroes, brothers Ben and Aaron , but the heroines, sisters Evetta and Hanine I m glad I kept reading because not only did I really enjoy this [...]

    Nancy L Gavillet
    SO MUCH FOR US TO MIRRORI ve done something today that I have not done in years, read a story from beginning to end in one day S E Smith has written a book about people who are so different from each other and how love can build different into same with understanding and perseverance Miss Smith has a firm grip on understanding these words and how they can bind 2 people or in this case, 2 species together.

    ABSOLUTELY ENDEARING ALIEN WARRIOR S ROMANCE BY S.E SMITHA wonderful addition to this TERRIFIC SERIES A twist with human males and alien females You re going to be absolutely absorbed in this wonderfully written and detailed storyline The depth of love and commitment between the two brothers and the two sisters is so inspiring I ABSOLUTELY RECOMMEND YOU HAVE THIS SERIES AND ENJOY IT WITH ME T.S.Smith does a MARVELOUS job writing with heart and soul

    Cheryl Mcknight
    This is a short story that you will want to keep and re read it is that good The story is about Ben , Aaron , Evetta and Hanine Ben and Aaron were taken years ago and made to be slaves to aliens and for 15 years that is all they have but when the ship they are on is attacked they will find love with these two lovely Marastin Dow ladies This is well written and strongly recommended to all.

    Rhonda Jones
    Action, Adventure, and LoveI am so glad the author wrote a book about Ben and Aaron Cooper The brothers made a brief appearance in a earlier book, Cornering Carmen Dragon Lords of Valdier I always wanted to know how the brothers ended up a slave to aliens, and how they met the alien women who would capture their hearts This is another action packed romance that I enjoyed tremendously.

    Ashlea Rhodes
    This was my first story by SE Smith I read it at the start of the year but I have not got around to reviewing till now I had not read much Scifi romance before this and let s say this book set off my crazy love for it With two couples this story has it all including tragedy, friendship, love and hot steamy sex What could you ask for.

    Jennifer Erwin
    My mom has hooked me onto this author, and I was going through her website and this was listed as a freebie Cute story I liked the characters, and now I have to hurry up and read of her stories as these were introduced in book 5 of the Dragon Lords of Valdier series It s still enjoyable without having read book 5 I had no problem.

    This was a nice introduction to the Marastin Dow books that will follow the revolution of this species as they begin the fight for a new way of life I wasn t interested in Ben, Aaron, Evetta or Hanine when they were introduced in Cornering Carmen except as a part of what was happening with Carmen As usual with this author, my curiosity is piqued.

    Jo * Smut-Dickted *
    Too short Instamate However I ve been jonesing for the Marastin Dow where is the Captain s story This one was nicely plotted if a bit quick The men were interesting and the women so and I m certainly hopeful that there is Marastin Dow stories to come

    I m a little torn on this one It s possibly the best edited of her books but it s just kinda meh I like the idea of it but the plot wasn t very strong and not at all what I ve come to expect from Smith so in the end I d rate it promising but ultimately unsatisfying.

    Wendy Dinwiddie
    This isn t one of my favorites from S.E Smith but it was good none the less I have never been crazy about the Mariston Dow characters but I was a bit curious as to how they came to be with the two humans in Cornering Carmen It is short and quick read I gave it 4 stars.

    Jeanne M. Jacquet
    AcceptanceThis book is a beautiful story about finding a place that doesn t judge you based on how you look or what species you come from I think that all kids should read this series just because it points out that we all can find our niche.

    Betty Lambert
    This book was ok I have come to expect a bit story line to her books, but it is a short story and it just went so fast It was like biff bam thank you mam If there is to this series I do not know if I will get them Will have to wait and see on this series.

    D. Messing
    Sweet storyA very sweet galactic love story, well written, easy to follow, and quick to read Follows a traditional storyline, but enjoyable none the less.

    It is always nice to read continuation stories.

    Ruth Hambley
    I enjoyed this one very much It explains so much Well done S E Smith another brilliant instalment

    For a short story, I think the book s pacing, length and plot were on point The book gave life to 4 peripheral characters in previous books that I would never have been interested in otherwise.

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