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  • Title: Books
  • Author: Larry McMurtry
  • ISBN: 9781416583349
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Books By Larry McMurtry McMurtry, who wrote the Oscar winning screenplay for Brokeback Mountain, returns with a fascinating and surprisingly intimate memoir of his lifelong passion of buying, selling, and collecting rare and antiquarian books.
    Larry McMurtry
    Larry McMurtry was born in Wichita Falls, Texas on June 3, 1936 He is the author of twenty nine novels, including the Pulitzer Prize winning Lonesome Dove, three memoirs, two essay collections, and than thirty screenplays His first published book, Horseman, Pass By, was adapted into the film Hud A number of his other novels also were adapted into movies as well as a television mini series.Among many other accolades, in 2006 he was the co winner of both the Best Screenplay Golden Globe and the Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay for Brokeback Mountain.

    Books By Larry McMurtry


    This is another book that I wanted to love, but it disappointed me It started off promising enough, with McMurtry waxing nostalgic about the books he read as a kid in the 1940s and 50s, but it quickly devolved into bland stories of name dropping in the bookseller business and listing how many thousands of dollars of books he bought from so and so In addition to being a prolific novelist, he also owned a bookstore for many years While there were a few fun anecdotes and I gathered a sizable list o [...]

    A scattered set of essays about books, how the author learned to love books, but also about book collecting and book selling.Now I can t say I disapprove of the topic, just the execution Many of the essays are scattered and wander off He doesn t even bother to look up details or even check his own library for citations I d feel skittish even if I wrote a review with that sloth.I can t fault him too terribly, though There s too much to write, or even just to read.

    for some reason, this book got quite a few poor reviews and ratings on i, on the other hand, thought it was great there is nothing i like reading better than memoirs, anecdotes etc about book selling and book buying and this book is literally full of them mcmurtry has spent almost 50 years in the book business, and although he is mainly famous to most people for his writing, he considers the book business to be his primary occupationobably the most amazing thing is that his own personal library [...]

    This is kind of a stream of consciousness memoir about McMurtry s bookselling career it s choppy and fragmented some of the chapters are half a page long and feels like it was typed up and taken directly to the printer The early chapters covering his life in Texas and various antiquarian booksellers he did business with in California were rather boring, but I became interested when he began discussing the bookstore he co owned in D.C which oddly enough I had never been to, though I have shopped [...]

    Without having read a review of this book, I expected it to be an intellectual autobiography in which McMurtry discussed the books he loved, hated, was influenced by, could never finish, and so on Instead it was about McMurtry s book business the buying and selling of books that he s done for decades as the owner of a bookstore If you want to read about characters in the book trade, professional and nonprofessional buyers of books, some great purchases and sales that McMurtry s experienced along [...]

    Jacki Leach
    I love Larry McMurtry s stories especially the westerns , but it s always nice to learn about what makes the author tick Books is interesting, and the reader learns a great deal about bookselling not the typical retail type of bookselling , bookdealing, and bookscouting If you don t have a great love of books I don t mean just the contents , some of the chapters might go over your head He writes about the deals he s made, the people he sells to, the whole operation of the used book trade It s pe [...]

    Books A Memoir, by Larry McMurtryBeing a bit of an amateur bibliophile I would never deign to put myself in the same class with folks like McMurtry and his wife, who together have owned several bookstores in their time I jumped at the chance to immerse myself in McMurtry s book lust The best chapters are in the beginning, where he recounts his childhood in the waning years of the Great Depression and with the onslaught of WWII Perhaps it is just the poignant childhood nostalgia that suckers me i [...]

    A book for book lovers written by a book loverBooks is a memoir that traces McMurtry s life stages through his relationship with books thousands and thousands of them, those in the library of the university he attended, those in his personal library upwards of 30,000 volumes McMurtry s Books uses stories about book collecting, book selling, and book enjoying as milestones for his autobiography His memoir not only tells us something about his own life, In Books A Memoir 259 pages , McMurtry bring [...]

    I really wanted to love this book This started so promising, explaining how the author fell in love with books But then it turn in some sort of business description and it lost me.

    Larry McMurtry is known for his novels Terms of Endearment and his 1985 Pulitzer Prize winning novel Lonesome Dove, among many other things But what people might not know about Larry McMurtry is he is also a rare book scout Owning many second hand bookstores called Booked Up, McMurtry is always on the hunt for good books Book is a memoir of adventures as a book seller.Let s face it, I love a good book memoir so I thought I had to check this one out, but I m a little disappointed At times in this [...]

    You will never guess what this book is about Okay, fine, it s about McMurtry s second career as a bookseller and book scout The emphasis is really on the minutiae of the bookselling biz details about McMurtry s life or his writing are scarce He skips around a lot, too, both in time and in subject, so one short chapter may follow on another short chapter about something completely different Thus it is not a particularly focused or well organized book, though I still found it a charming one But th [...]

    I suspect that most readers of this book will come to it through the author s fiction writing His fans will be interested in McMurtry s other life as a book scout and bookstore owner Perhaps such fans will be interested into this window on the author s thoughts and experiences I came to the book through a different route, as a consumer of biographies and memoirs of book people and tales of the book trade yes, there is such a literature From this perspective, I found the book to be very puzzling [...]

    BAM The Bibliomaniac
    You know, I hate you, McMurtry You can buy ALL DA BOOKS and I have to go to the library I give you a raspberry Shut it I don t want to hear about your 28,000 book collection or your constant acquisitions any.

    Suzzanne Kelley
    Subtitled as a memoir, Books Simon and Schuster, 2008 , is about McMurtry s love of all things book He tells of his first book collection 19 titles in a cardboard box, gifted to him as a youngster and the impact it had on him as a reader and later collector As an editor and publisher and McMurtry fan, I found his book about books most interesting McMurtry is a self taught expert in the business of being an antiquarian bookman His narrative delivered in brief chapter spurts of sometimes less than [...]

    I went through a Larry McMurtry phase when I was in early adolescence, so I was kind of absently stoked to read this Then I read it, and let me say this I ve not had a reading experience like it If you d like to be bored to a point where it almost becomes interesting again fixed with a boredom that is nearly awe you may want to think about reading about McMurtry s life not as a writer or even, really, as a person per se but as an antiquarian bookman the title becomes a lot less neat when it s no [...]

    Possibly entertaining mostly to people who love books, bookstores, and booksellers I love all three well, books, and bookstores than booksellers It s really a collection of anecdotes about finding, buying, and selling with a look at the eccentrics and eccentricities of the trade I have to add, I really love Larry McMurtry, and re read Lonesome Dove every five years or so same with watching the mini series which I consider the best thing ever made for TV.Here s one reason why I love McMurtry In [...]

    I did not finish this and I was disappointed Although the author talked a little bit about how books influenced his life since he was young, I felt like it was about his book buying habits and book businesses He threw some names here and some names there without elaborating much, then suddenly began a new chapter Each chapter in this book is around 1.5 2 pages long my copy was library hard cover weird

    Larry McMurtry is one of those rare authors that snatch your eyes whenever you pass his books in the library or bookshop, because you will always remember one of this works fondly I read Lonesome Dove earlier this summer and watched the miniseries too The book has ranked in my top 5 ever since I finished it and I doubt it will be displaced any time soon So when I saw Books a Memoir , it was worth a read, just out of respect for the guy, a true legend in American literature.Well, needless to say [...]

    I was expecting something very different than what I got from Larry McMurtry s BOOKS I was expecting a memoir chronicling his love of books And, to some extent, this was provided but it was too personal McMurtry s love of books rests mostly in his love of being a book collector buyer trader In addition to his professions as author and teacher, he was also a book buyer, venturing around the nation, and even the world, to find collectible books In theory, this would make an exciting memoir However [...]

    Edwin Arnaudin
    More like Bookdealing A Memoir In what was hyped by Entertainment Weekly s summer book preview as the author reminiscing about the books that influenced him most, McMurtry instead spends the majority of this text writing about his experience as a antiquated book dealer.These memories are often esoteric and dull, since the names of his acquaintances mean little to the reader Only occasionally does McMurtry make his occupation sound appealing enough to pursue or even listen to someone talk about , [...]

    This simply written book discusses Larry McMurtry s complusion to own books It is a fun read and a gold mine of information about the antiquarian book trade people who have owned fabulous collections of books being a book scout bookstores and McMurtry s creation of a book town in Archer City, Texas Plus some tidbits about Ken Kesey In Archer City, McMurtry has bought several old buildings and houses to display honor his vast book collection He still trades, buys and sells books, from this locati [...]

    Ambrose Miles
    Books is a book about books, book stores, dealers, buyers, scouts, occasionally writers and a little about Larry McMurtry The book gives me a bit of book fever, makes me want to run out to every yard sale and book store within a hundred mile radius However today is Sunday, late afternoon It is raining, but it is about to turn to snow So here I am listening to Neil Young s Storytone and writing a review about Books Did I mention this was an excellent book It is.

    Larry McMurtry is one of my all time favorite authors, but Books A Memoir was pointless and just plain awful I picked up the book thinking that it would be about books that influenced him or the books he has written, but instead it is almost entirely about his work as a scout, purchasing books and searching for rare editions of books It was like reading a book about someone else s flea market trips.

    BJ Rose
    This was not at all what I was expecting, but I learned several interesting things I did not know before, so that made this a worthwhile read I did not know that McMurtry was an antiquarian book lover who spent decades buying selling and collecting rare and unusual books this is a guy who loves books And I did not know, for example, that McMurtry s first book Horseman, Pass By became the movie Hud, starring Paul Newman.

    Like reading someone else s grocery list.Is it dishonest to give a book you haven t read Well, I read this and think it s worse to write a memoir about books that isn t about reading but about the transactions of books hoarded and sold Also, the last novel McMurtry read was Anne Tyler s The Accidental Tourist in 1985 He became tired.


    While McMurty is one of my favorite writers especially for his Lonesome Dove , this volume was not as enjoyable as expected, though there are nuggets that interested me, probably because I am a bookseller too, and love books besides Basically a collection of casual vignettes concerning his lifelong passion for bookselling and scouting It was somewhat off the top of the head remembrances of specific purchases and insider commentary on other notable booksellers It certainly will not appeal to most [...]

    Paula Dembeck
    Larry McMurtry is a man fascinated with books, but this wasn t always so He grew up in what he calls a bookless home in rural Texas and was never read to as a child The stories he heard as he sat on the front porch in the evening, were just the casual bits about the family or the neighbours Despite the references of visiting cousins to characters such as Mopsy, Flopsy and Cottontail, McMurtry was only just beginning to understand that stories could be about things that were not real It wasn t un [...]

    Bob Miller
    I often pick library books like I shop for underwear enter the building library Kohl s , focus, head down to the target area current releases or stack department , grab what appeals cover, title, author recognition color, pattern, brand , one eighty and retrace my steps to the circulation desk register, exchange pleasantries, consummate the transaction, and skedaddle.Get home and SURPRISE.So it was with Books I was expecting musings on and insights into his craft by a popular American author Not [...]

    Renee Thompson
    I confess up front I m a loyal fan of Mr McMurtry, so I won t attempt an unbiased review of Books A Memoir, except to say this is not a memoir in the traditional sense, but a series of essays detailing Mr McMurtry s love of books reading them and hunting them down, and eventually amassing a collection that numbers in the tens of thousands The history of his career as a collector and antiquarian bookseller are interesting and educative if at some point you begin collecting books and think you mig [...]

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