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  • Title: Not Without You
  • Author: Dianne Venetta
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 488
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Not Without You By Dianne Venetta Grad student, Lisa Richardson, scours the high country in search of her beloved boreal toad The amphibian is in danger of extinction, a fate she is determined to change Single minded in her focus, Lisa doesn t realize that she s being followed by a madman Enter McIntyre Walsh Ex marine with a heart of gold, this man lives and breathes duty Protection Content with hisGrad student, Lisa Richardson, scours the high country in search of her beloved boreal toad The amphibian is in danger of extinction, a fate she is determined to change Single minded in her focus, Lisa doesn t realize that she s being followed by a madman Enter McIntyre Walsh Ex marine with a heart of gold, this man lives and breathes duty Protection Content with his self exile on a mountaintop, he inadvertently witnesses a female hiker in danger, a situation he cannot ignore yet is unable to rectify When their paths cross, each refuses to budge from their avowed goals and carries on, despite the other It isn t until a killer ramps up his game that both are forced to relent Battling the rugged terrain of the Rocky Mountains and an undeniable attraction between them, Lisa and Walsh must work together against the odds if they intend to get off the mountain alive.
    Dianne Venetta
    Dianne Venetta is the award winning author of contemporary romance and cozy mystery novels, including Jennifer s Garden, winner of Best in Romance for 2012 Indie Discovery Awards When not knee deep in romance, she contributes gardening advice to various websites and publications and has been featured on GalTime, Huffington Post, Earth Eats Indiana Public Radio and Ideal Home Garden among others.She lives in Central Florida with her husband and two children When not whacking away at her keyboard you ll find her in their organic garden chasing grasshoppers and plucking hornworms all while drawing wild analogies between kids and plants and men Definitely men A girl s gotta have fun, right Dianne also enjoys volunteering in school gardens and has begun a children s series chronicling her adventures called Wild Tales Garden Thrills It s a crazy existence to be sure, but at the end of the day, if she can inspire someone to stop and smell the roses or rosemary kiss their child and spouse good night, be kind to a neighbor and Mother Earth, then she s done all right.

    Not Without You By Dianne Venetta


    ines M
    This book was generously provided to me in Exchange of an honest review.Lisa is a grad student with a misi n, studying animals and helping to protect them She is in Colorado, working on a misi n.Walsh is a retired Marine, living alone in the mountains by choice.The author develops a very good and well written suspense plot, with the perfect dose of romance between the main characters It keeps the reader entertained and busy until the end.The fantastic description of the beautiful landscape, help [...]

    Fay Roberts
    A huge Nora Roberts and Robyn Carr fan this book immediately appealed to me The cover screamed of Carr s Virgin River series and the blurb put me in mind of Roberts Angel Falls.The book s heroine, Lisa, and I wouldn t be friends She is an earnest post grad student who is a health obsessed, vegan, environmentalist desperately trying to save a species of toad from extinction by fungus However, there is a lot to be admired in her She is principled, strong and intelligent The hero, Walsh, is up my [...]

    Kristina Applegate
    It takes me a little longer to come up with a decent review after I read a book that irritates me the whole time I m reading it It makes me sad when I find an author that writes really well, knows how to keep the reader engaged with a great plot and strong characters, only to ruin it by pushing her beliefs or her lifestyle through a character I spent so much time being annoyed with Lisa and her strong tree hugging ways that I seriously wanted to put the book Fortunately, McIntyre Walsh was a str [...]

    Brooke -Brooke's Books
    3.5 Starsbrooke brookesbooks.cReceived ebook for an honest reviewMy Review There were lots of things that I liked about this book I liked the setting, high mountains in Colorado, clear skies, crisp air I liked the suspense of the story There were threats from the elements of the location as well as the threats from a killer in the area And the touch of romance was just the right amount for this book It didn t take over, but added something to the story I liked Walsh and his sense of protection U [...]

    Sam B
    I received this ebook through ebooksforreview in exchange for an honest review.I do not read a lot of suspense book and this was a new author to me Overall the book was pretty good I liked the alternating point of views and the way the characters were portrayed made them feel pretty realistic.There were a few things that bothered me though One of those things is the fact that sometimes, while alternating the POV, the authors seemed to over look some things that were present in the other characte [...]

    Penny Marks
    If you love a great Romance Adventure then you need to read this book From the very beginning I was hooked I love how the author describes the great scenery of the High Country in Colorado You will find that while reading you get lost in the wilderness with Dale, Lisa, and Walsh Lisa is a very smart, beautiful, and headstrong Grad Student working to save the boreal toad from extinction She loves the wilderness and wants to keep the human footprint very low while she is working to save these toad [...]

    Mary Jung
    Not Without YouBy Dianne VenettaReally Fun, Suspenseful Story I received a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.I enjoyed every page of this easy to read, well written book It was the first book I ve ever read by Dianne Venetta but it won t be the last for sure.The book held my interest throughout and kept me wanting to read just a little I read the entire book in and evening and into the early hours of the morning.It is a book filed with suspense with an edge of fright a good gu [...]

    I was given a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I believe this is the first book of the Silver Creek series And when given the time, I may possibly read the rest of Venetta s books Although stand alone novels have their charm, I would much rather read a continuation of Lisa s and Walsh s story, whether or not there will be troubles ahead for them, I won t care I like the characters So, I m picky like that Anyways, I think this book is very adventurous, and with a side of r [...]

    I received a PDF copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review.Oh, I should give a little bit of a spoiler alert here It s only a tiny spoiler in the middle of this review, but I should probably give a warning, anyway This book was a suspenseful, enjoyable read, and I liked it While the basic plot was pretty predictable from the beginning, they re pretty much running from the bad guy the whole time there were suspenseful parts, and always, always, the frightening understanding that the bad [...]

    Linda Walters
    I liked this story, mainly I think because of both Lisa and Walsh as he liked to be called Lisa was skilled in mountain hiking, her science and she has training in survival and martial arts as well She was tough but also totally focused when it came to her research, she usually zoned out into the work Meaning she lets her guard down and isn t as careful He begins to shadow her and make sure she is OK Turns out as experienced as she was she still needed his help Even though as Walsh gets to know [...]

    Gina Hott
    Lisa Richardson is nothing, if not determined She s been climbing these Colorado mounts since she was a child and now is no different Especially since the boreal toad s very existence may hinge on this mission Armed with test tubes and notes Lisa tracks the toads she s bent on saving.But someone has other plans in mind for Lisa.There s a killer on the loose praying on innocent female hikers and while Lisa is prepared in normal circumstances, this trip isn t normal.Fortunately for Lisa, McIntyre [...]

    Lisa is researching a toad that is near extinction in the Rockie Mountains She doesn t know that there is a killer who is in the mountains and following her Walsh is a Marine who served in Afghanistan and is now living alone in the mountains looking for peace and quiet When he sees Lisa and the person following her, he knows he has to protect her.Walsh was a good character who was very capable of living alone in the mountains and looking out for people as all Marines are I couldn t connect with [...]

    Lisa is a grad student that loves being out doors She is at home in the mountains while she studies the animals she is fighting to protect Walsh is a retired marine, tired of the hypocrisy and self serving attitude prevalent in the world He lives in seclusion on the mountain by choice.When Walsh finds Lisa in the wild and alone he encourages her to head back to town There is a killer in the mountains who is targeting women Walsh doesn t want anything to happen to her especially while he is in th [...]

    I found Not Without You to be a delightful mix between suspense and romance Lisa is entirely focused on her grad school project of researching and saving a species of toad that is dying out Her on site research leads her to ending up alone in the mountains of Colorado Lucky for her, ex Marine Walsh is also on the mountain to come to her assistance Walsh has decided to exile himself on the mountain while coming to grips with life after Afghanistan These two get thrown together when Walsh happens [...]

    Not Without You by Dianne Venetta combines a great outdoors environment with suspense and romance Graduate student Lisa Richardson searches for boreal toads, an endanger amphibian, in the mountains of Colorado She is working to find safe places, in which they can breed Unfortunately, her chosen area of search is home of a killer Enter McIntyre Walsh A Marine who is recovering from his tour of combat and his disgust with politicians and the decisions they make, Walsh lives in the mountains in sel [...]

    Disclosure The e book version of this novel was sent to me for an honest review The opinions are entirely my own.Is it a romance novel Is it a thriller A mystery I don t know There are elements from each and while it s mainly romance also the best elements of this story , it is not a purely romance novel or too much of a romance either Do I make any sense The writing style is great, no complaint there, but the story building and character building lack substance It doesn t feel believable And I [...]

    I had not read a book by Dianne Venetta in a while so i was a little excited to read this one First in a series is always fun Lisa Richardson is in the high country looking for the Boreal toad she is studying because it s possibly in danger of becoming extinct Although she is a capable researcher and knows her way around the mountain she doesn t realize someone is following her Ex marine McIntyre Walsh is spending time in the high country recovering from a little PTSD from his military days when [...]

    I was intrigued by the book summary, but not really sure about trying this book because of the cover I know that sounds somewhat harsh, but I was worried it was going to be eh from my perception of the coverwellI was wrong wrong I enjoyed this book a great deal.The characters had depth to them, the relationship s were very detailed and I could visualize them, I felt connected to the story and I kept trying to figure out who the killer was I was so invested in this story I was sure I knew who the [...]

    I read this book from start to finish in one sitting If you like adventure, suspense, and romance, then you will love Not Without You Walsh, an ex marine who has had his fill of society, has been living in a tent the mountains of Colorado Lisa, a grad student in doing research on the boreal toads, happens to be in Walsh s area when he spots a suspicious man following her There are reports of a murderer on the loose, so Walsh makes Lisa and her safety his new mission His mission is not an easy on [...]

    Sharon Jarvis
    Not Without You by Dianna VenettaI received an ebook copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Inspired Kathy ebooksforreview.I really enjoyed this novel I loved the characters and the contrast of personalities Lisa, the vegan and absolute nature lover with excellent knowledge and expertise as a hiker and Walsh the hard core marine disillusioned by people and living in mountains The story line had me entranced with a killer in the mountains pursuing and killing women, Lisa is vulne [...]

    Lisa Richardson loves the great outdoors As a grad student, she makes a trip high into the Colorado Mountains to do research to save the Boreal frog A predator lurks in the mountains, having killed several young women in the mountains As she is climbing, Lisa has no idea that she is being watched, followed, until a gunshot disturbs her peaceful climb Assuming it is a crazy hunter, Lisa quickly heads down mountain for a short way to get out of his way When McIntyre Walsh startles her as she resum [...]

    I was given a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book I would give it 4 1 2 stars Lisa was a stubborn grad student searching for Boreal toads that were becoming extinct by a fungus that is transferred to the Toads environment by other animals and humans She hikes up a mountain and tries to leave as little mark on the land as possible She is working alone on the mountain with a psycho mad man on the loose Luckily, Walsh sees that she is by herself and decides [...]

    Katrina Bernards
    This was the first book I have read by Dianne Venetta I have wanted to read a few of her books, and when the chance to give an honest review in exchange for Not Without You, I was so excited Not Without You was a fast paced, thrilling read that kept my attention from the very beginning Walsh was my favorite character, and I found myself wishing I could be rescued by him I felt a little bit envious of Lisa she had an awesome job of researching toads and their habitat, as well as hiking in the bea [...]

    Tressa (Wishful Endings)
    3.5 StarsNot Without You started off as a sweet romance that was just warming up with some attraction between an ex marine and a college student on a hike gathering research There also was a little bit of suspense, but the suspense and danger were mostly kept to a minimum until later in the story When it does ramp up it gets seriously intense intense from the growing attraction and feelings between the two main characters and as the danger increases with a killer after the heroine, Lisa At this [...]

    Melissa Nichols
    I was pulled into this book on the first page The suspense starts right at the beginning and holds up for the majority of the book There were some moments towards the end that got a little boring but for the most part the book keeps your attention and keeps you reading so you can figure out what is going on I will admit that I thought I had the murderer figured out and was thinking the author had too many hints but I was totally wrong I love it when the book is written in a way that you can t fi [...]

    Contemporary romance set hiking around a Colorado mountain range while a serial killer stalks our heroine Mostly clean no sex , but there is quite a bit of violence.Lisa Richardson is busy finishing up grad school while trying to save her beloved boreal toad.This is not a joke Lisa takes her toads seriously She risks her life multiple times for research data Which makes no sense when she can just hike back the next day with the sheriff and some trusted folks with guns Lisa gets saved lots of tim [...]

    I received a free PDF of this book in exchange for honest review.I finished Not Without You a couple of days ago, and have since been considering how to review it This book is not your typical romance, although it IS a romance This book has Very strong environmental thread running through it It is full of well described scenes in the beautiful Colorado mountains scenes that make you want to go see them for yourself But most of all, this is a story of two people learning each other s strengths an [...]

    This is the first book I ve read of Dianne Venetta Her writing is well done and I would be interested in another book from that stand point The descriptions of nature were nice She added details that fleshed out certain elements which I liked.For me, the book was okay I had a hard time with our heroine She was a bit of a zealot in the environmental aspect She was hard headed and I thought was only thinking of herself as she went back to get samples.I had an easier time relating to Walsh His bac [...]

    This is the first book in Dianne Venetta s new series Silver Creek Lisa Richardson is on a mission She goes to the Rocky Mountains in search of the boreal toad She is determined to find it and help prevent it s extinction She has no idea that she is being followed McIntyre Walsh is a former marine It has been instilled in him to honor and protect He attempts to help Lisa after he sees the stranger following her Lisa insists on completing her own mission Neither one of them will change gears When [...]

    Donna May
    This is a good romance and suspense book I can totally relate to the main character, Lisa She is stubborn and knows exactly what she wants and how she is going to get it And if anyone tells her she shouldn t do something or can t do something, she is even determined to prove them wrong Walsh is a Vet who has his own problems, but he knows to never leave anyone behind I loved how the author brought problems that our Vets have to the forefront I see them in society all the time, and I have the up [...]

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