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  • Title: The Virgin's Night Out
  • Author: Shiloh Walker
  • ISBN: 9781625178039
  • Page: 463
  • Format: ebook

  • The Virgin's Night Out By Shiloh Walker Sloane Redding is the shy one, the timid one The morning of her wedding, she s dumped by the man she d thought she d spend the rest of her life with Humiliated, she turns tail and runs, leaving Nowhere, Alabama for a job in the city Sloane sets out to remake herself She succeedson the outside On the inside Different story She still the shy Redding Still quiet, sSloane Redding is the shy one, the timid one The morning of her wedding, she s dumped by the man she d thought she d spend the rest of her life with Humiliated, she turns tail and runs, leaving Nowhere, Alabama for a job in the city Sloane sets out to remake herself She succeedson the outside On the inside Different story She still the shy Redding Still quiet, still interested in standing on the standlines But all of that is about to change.The night before her brother s wedding, she strolls in the lone bar in Nowhere wearing wicked red and she s got one goal in mind to show her ex fiance just what he lost.The night before his best friend s wedding, D.B Boone Cassidy walks into the lone bar in Nowhere, Alabama with one goal in mind Get wasted Former military, he s spent the past few years as a security specialist and all around troubleshooter It should have been easy to spot the trouble that nighta sexy woman in wicked red It should have been easy Yeah, right.One thing leads to another and his plans to get wasted turn into a night with the sexy woman in red Boone gets the shock of his life the next day when he shows up at his friend s wedding to find out he d just spent the night wrapped around his best friend s little sisterd that isn t the only surprise.Includes a bonus story, Tempt Me.
    Shiloh Walker
    Hello thanks for swinging by I don t log into much, so if you have questions, please visit my website to email me through my site Thank you My other me J.C DanielsBioShiloh Walker has been writing since she was a kid She fell in love with vampires with the book Bunnicula and has worked her way up to the ahrious vampire stories She loves reading and writing anything paranormal, anything fantasy, and nearly every kind of romance Once upon a time she worked as a nurse, but now she writes full time and lives with her family in the Midwest.To contact the author, please visit her website

    The Virgin's Night Out By Shiloh Walker


    I really enjoyed the premise in this one and the execution but felt it ended too abruptly It was sorely in need of an epilogue but still made for an enjoyable read.Here s your plot Sloane Redding is the shy one, the timid one The morning of her wedding, she s dumped by the man she d thought she d spend the rest of her life with Humiliated, she turns tail and runs, leaving Nowhere, Alabama for a job in the city Sloane sets out to remake herself She succeedson the outside On the inside Different s [...]

    So your ex fianc e made a fool of you and left town with the other woman only to return months later sans ow.What is a young woman to do Why,she gets a makeover ,puts on a sexy red dress with high heels and heads to the nearest bar When said ex makes a move and won t take a brush off,what s a girl to doe decks him a good one.This is the intro to Sloane that Boone witnesses and he is in lust,they have an instant sexual attraction and a blazing one night stand.Not bad for a girl who just lost her [...]

    Tanja ~ KT Book Reviews
    Sloane hooks up with a guy the night before her brother s wedding while she is on a mission to get back at her cheating ex Boone is just trying to get through the night and maybe find a little fun.Neither expected the night to turn out the way it did A defiled virgin and view spoiler a broken condom hide spoiler send these two on a new path.Okay, so here s the rub I liked Virgins Night Out until Sloane straight up lies and claims she didn t It was is a shitty thing to do to anyone Then the story [...]

    I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Sloane is going back to her hometown for her brother s wedding and like any woman who was left standing at the altar alone on her wedding day, she is going in guns blazing dressed to impress When she walks into the small town bar, every eye snaps to the make you drool red dress yes, from the cover she is wearing One of those pair of eyes just so happens to belong [...]

    This guy s hot, hot, hotThis is a quick one before work Great story, really great Basically, heroine Sloane and hero Bane have a one night stand without names, and he ends up as best man at her brother s wedding Things go from there that involve an oops condom, a pregnancy, a kidnapping, some amnesia and then a happy ending You might be thinking, angst, drama, and no thank you Wipe that thought right out of your head It s good Really Could have used some editing and character development at the [...]

    ARC Review 3.5 starsI really enjoy Shiloh Walker s writing I ve been impressed by her storytelling with every book I ve read that she s written By god, she knows how to write the dark stuff I ll be reviewing Darker Than Desire, the latest in the Secrets Shadows series next month I picked up this book thinking it was going to be a light, steamy read It starts that way Sloan Redding is back in town with something to prove Having been jilted at the altar, Sloan left for the big city She is back for [...]

    The first half of this short book was 5 stars hot and sexy with a brothers best friend storyline I liked the romance Sloane and Boone hate that name were hot together and had really great chemistry The second half of this story went in a different direction and I wasn t expecting it I still enjoyed the second half of the book but felt it was 4 stars instead of 5 Plus, Sloane does something that I just can t agree with and it really changed my opinion of her Overall, I enjoyed this quick and eas [...]

    Jessica Alcazar
    ARC provide by Shiloh Walker, Inc via NETGALLEY for an honest review The Virgin s Night Out 4 stars if I could rate higher, I would What an incredibly sweet and sexy story this was I absolutely love Shiloh Walker s style of writing Her stories are always sexy and sweet with characters you just can t help but love and root for In this story, I myself found that I cried a lot There is a lot of back story to both Boone and Sloan that shape who they are in the present and their decision making and t [...]

    Francesca the Fierce (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    3.5 stars overall THE VIRGIN S NIGHT OUT contains two novellas My overall rating is listed above but I ll break down in my review belowE VIRGIN S NIGHT OUT 4 STARSCaught me from the beginning Sloane Redding was shy and maybe a little mousy She got left at the altar or the day of her wedding and ran away from her small town from the humiliation Now she s back for her brother s wedding and she wants to have a good time, throw caution to the wind And she sets out to do just that when she meets Boon [...]

    Sloane is taking a night off at the local water hole the night before her brothers wedding, when a run in with her awful ex turns into a gorgeous hunk coming to her aid What was supposed to be just a one night turns into something , until Boone has to leave for another secret mission Miss communication leads to a break up that shouldn t have been, but then disaster strikes What happens now Fast paced read, contemporary romance, emotions and smutty fluff in a great combo Disclaimer I received a f [...]

    Ayy , I read the first two chapters of this book long ago and gave it up Now , I regret not reading it back then.

    Ivy Deluca
    Sloane was dumped the day before her wedding six months ago and fled her tiny town of Nowhere, Alabama population 1941 to lick her wounds and get over the betrayal She returns for her brother s wedding, and on the night before, dresses to impress and heads over to the town s only bar to show them all she s changed and moved on What she doesn t expect is DB Boone Cassidy He s there for the wedding and soon after sparks fly, things go awry and somewhere along the way there s romance Kinda.The Good [...]

    Christi Snow
    My Review This was an excellent book that I had a hard time putting down once I began reading it If you have ever read Shiloh Walker, then you know that she writes with some real angst and emotion to her characters I wasn t sure what to expect with this book because it looks much light hearted than her normal fare Despite all appearances, this book is that same high quality angst and emotion that Walker writes in her other books Sloane has had a rough time in the romance department Her sleaze o [...]

    April Symes
    A gifted copy was provided by NetGalley for an honest review Sloane is dumped the morning of her wedding and is devastated She leaves town and comes back for her brother s wedding She comes back to town with the intent to prove something, to herself and her ex fianc e After putting her ex finance down at the local bar as in punching him in the face , Sloan finds herself the focus of a super hawt man s attention They end up having a steaming one night stand where they do not exchange names or con [...]

    This story didn t really work for me Will review it later on.This is my 4th book by Shiloh Walker and while I quite enjoyed all the previous ones, this was a great disappointment for me It s a novella length story which started promising with a revenge one night stand between strangers but things quickly went downhill for me The blurb doesn t really reveal much of the actual story so I ll try to keep my review spoiler free which will inevitably make it a bit vague.I felt the story lacked depth, [...]

    Camille Flores
    3 1 2 stars I really enjoyed reading this one It had depth despite its short length and the development of the romance was nicely done And scorching hot sexy times, hello Full review below.Disclaimer I received an eARC of this book from the author publisher in exchange for an honest review Yes, these are my honest and personal thoughts on this book.Why did I want to read this book I wanted to find out what was in store for the two characters, especially Sloane, the female main character who is o [...]

    The story of Sloane Redding and D.B Boone Cassidy Jr is complicated He is her brothers best friend They love him like a brother as well Sloane was sick of feeling sorry for herself and going home for her brother Taylor s wedding made her feel a little off She decided a drink was in order for courage She met a stranger at the bar who helped defend her from her ex fiance who left her at the altar.Boone was bored with the women throwing themselves at him in the bar He was fascinated by the lady in [...]

    Seemed shorter than 200 pages on my ereader, but in any case it was quick yet good read We start out with Sloane post breakup, almost being left at the altar, by her ex He accused her basically of being wimpy She changed her outlook and her physical looks, and is back in town for her brother s wedding She expects to see her ex and make him regret giving her up She does see him, and gets that closure and then some She also meets and is instantly attracted to a stranger at least she thinks at the [...]

    Angel Hatfield
    I received an ARC of this story in exchange for an honest review Sloane Redding was supposed to have been married six months before on Valentine s Day to Rodney, but he backed out Boone DB Cassidy s two best friends were twin brothers Pierce and Taylor Redding, whom also happen to be Sloane s brothers All three had been working for DDX Security Specialists Pierce had been killed on a mission After that, Taylor quit Now Taylor is getting married and even though he doesn t want to attend the weddi [...]

    Librarian releasing her wild child.A night of firsts, sexy red dress, drooling ex flatterned, anonymous sex, handing over v card, knocked up Then comes the twist that keeps the pages turning.It sweet, sexy glimpses into dangers of being noticed by a drug cartel A mixture of apple pie gladiator.I almost felt ripped off as story ended at 58% However,BONUSTempt Me which is a sensuous novella about a voluptuous lingerie shop owner designer creator who is all that Creativity honours fallen husband, h [...]

    Whispers From
    Received from NetGalleySloane comes home for her brother s wedding Boone is her brothers best friend They have a one night stand The next day at the wedding they are shocked to see each other When she gets pregnant, she doesn t tell him He goes on a mission and is held in a Mexican prison When he finally is rescued, he has partial amnesia So he goes to Sloane and her brothers ranch to recuperate Short Sexilicous.TEMPT ME.Rocki is a widower and owns a lingerie store Cole is engaged to a woman who [...]

    Beautiful story Loved the different play of emotions at the end.Ugh I don t know how to write a good enough review for it without a bunch of spoilers, so just read it love it Slight spoilers I especially loved how Boone didn t run away from Sloane after finding out who she was at the wedding Only complaints 1 After Boone starts to remember everything, there s no talking about his capture Not to his boss, Tyler or Sloane I know the story was about them, but for such a big part of the story it fel [...]

    I won t recap the storyline, since that s easily available I ll just say that I REALLY liked this book It was very well written, as I always expect from Shiloh Walker I did get a little confused after Boone went away and was suddenly being referred to by a different name, but it didn t take long to figure out it was the same guy Also, it turned a little darker than I expected while he was away not necessarily a bad thing, just unexpected Truth Never judge a book by its cover Overall, I really go [...]

    I found this one very sweet and heart breaking Sloane was an interesting character I loved the chance she took with Boone, but also loved how she talked with Boone about the potential problem because it wasn t a problem But with that being said, I liked that Sloane was there for Boone when he needed someone, was glad that she didn t talk around things, owned up to her secret and finally when she told Boone she wanted the same as him, everything,

    Reviewed for NetGalley I liked the main story okay I did not care for the main character a ton I know that she is hurt and just trying to protect herself, but that was cruel I was interested in the hero s story a lot His story was incredibly interesting In fact, that made me want to look into the rest of this series.Bonus Story The bonus story was FANTASTIC I really enjoyed that story I want there to be in that series The characters were very intriguing.

    Book Infoebook, 213 pagesExpected publication April 6th 2015 by Shiloh Walker first published April 1st 2015 ISBN 139781625178039edition language EnglishURLother editions 1 Source Netgalley EARCBook Buy LinkBOOK SYNOPSISSloane Redding is the shy one, the timid one The morning of her wedding, she s dumped by the man she d thought she d spend the rest of her life with Humiliated, she turns tail and runs, leaving Nowhere, Alabama for a job in the city Sloane sets out to remake herself She succeedso [...]

    The Virgin s Night Out by Shiloh Walker is one really fun, smoking hot, dramatic story I really enjoyed this book Sloane Redding is a little shy and really not all that out going However when she has to return home for her brother s wedding she lets her hair down a little bit and goes just a little wild Sloane puts on her sexiest outfit and heads out to the local hang out with hopes of giving her ex an eyeful of what he is missing out on Oh my does she ever give him an eyeful, he checks out her [...]

    One night changes everything Sloane Redding is shy and timid but stronger than she used to be when she left her small town in Alabama for the city after being dumped and humiliated the morning of her wedding She s returned to attend her brother s wedding, a new woman on the outside She s still a little unsure of herself on the inside but that doesn t stop her from dressing in wicked red and picking up a sexy handsome man at the town bar and enjoying a night that she ll always remember There are [...]

    Rva Booklover
    Very Brief Synopsis WARNING MINOR SPOILERS THROUGHOUT unavoidable, and kept to the minimum Sloane is back in Nowhere, AL, for her big brother, Taylor s, wedding The night before the wedding, she hits the town bar She is determined to show her dumped her the day of the wedding ex what he is missing Sloane meets a really hawt guy at bar, and one thing leads to another By mutual agreement, they don t exchange names Imagine Sloane s surprise when she meets her hookup the next day at the wedding Turn [...]

    Eva Millien
    They each had plans for the night but their plans go out the window and they end up spending it together and then they get the surprise of their life in this captivating contemporary romance.Quiet and shy Sloane Redding has one mind in goal for the night to show her ex fianc just what he lost and security specialist and troubleshooter, Boone Cassidy has one goal in mind for the night get wasted The reader can t help but be pulled into the story as things spiral out their control and they end up [...]

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