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  • Title: The Stolen Mackenzie Bride
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: 9780425266021
  • Page: 240
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • The Stolen Mackenzie Bride By Jennifer Ashley The New York Times bestselling author of Rules for a Proper Governess returns with an engrossing tale that promises to delight lovers of Outlander.1745, Scotland The youngest son of the scandalous Mackenzie family, Malcolm is considered too wild to tame until he meets a woman who is too unattainable to resist.Lady Mary Lennox is English, her father highly loyal to the kinThe New York Times bestselling author of Rules for a Proper Governess returns with an engrossing tale that promises to delight lovers of Outlander.1745, Scotland The youngest son of the scandalous Mackenzie family, Malcolm is considered too wild to tame until he meets a woman who is too unattainable to resist.Lady Mary Lennox is English, her father highly loyal to the king, and promised to another Englishman But despite it being forbidden to speak to Malcolm, Lady Mary is fascinated by the Scotsman, and stolen moments together lead to a passion greater than she d ever dreamed of finding.When fighting breaks out between the Highlanders and the King s army, their plans to elope are thwarted, and it will take all of Malcolm s daring as a Scottish warrior to survive the battle and steal a wife out from under the noses of the English.
    Jennifer Ashley
    NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley writes historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance, historical mysteries, and urban fantasy as Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner Jennifer s novels have won RWA s RITA and RT Reviewer s Choice awards, have been translated into many different languages, and earned starred reviews from Booklist and Publisher s Weekly More about her books at jenniferashley, allysonjames, and gardnermysteries.

    The Stolen Mackenzie Bride By Jennifer Ashley


    Jessica's Totally Over The Top Book Obsession
    5 I ll always come for ye stars May have Mild Spoilers You ll ruin me, she whispered Malcolm studied her, his amber colored gaze intense Marry me, lass, and I ll ruin ye every day Mary and MalI loved this book The Stolen Mackenzie Bride was soooo good And emotional it had me tearing up This book is kinda a prequel, even though it s the 8th book of the series, timeline wise it would have happen first The hero Mal Mackenzie is the Mackenzie that anyone who has read this series has heard about He w [...]

    Jennifer Ashley
    Booklist gives Stolen Mackenzie Bride a starred review those are few and far between RT Book Reviews gives Stolen Mackenzie Bride a 4.5 Top Pick review.The Stolen Mackenzie Bride takes us back to 1745 and the ancestor of the current Victorian age Mackenzies Meet Malcolm Mal Mackenzie, youngest brother of five in a family of wild Highlanders Mal isn t much for politics or the Jacobites wish to restore the Stuarts to the throne of Britain his interest during his sojourn to Edinburgh is a young Eng [...]

    Sammy Loves Books
    My MacKenzie Love Affair continues This is a Must Read for all fans of this series 5 Romantically Tragic stars Jennifer Ashley takes us back in time to the couple that started it all Malcolm Mackenzie and Lady Mary s love was Epic Malcom is the youngest son of the Duke of Kilmorgan He keeps the family together and takes care of everyone, even his dad Times are good and prosperous for the young genius that has perfected their Mackenzie malt Malcolm has also just met a woman that he cannot stop th [...]

    Mandi Schreiner
    Favorite Quote You ll ruin me, she whispered.Malcolm studied her, his amber colored gaze intense Marry me, lass, and I ll ruin ye every day One of my favorite historical series is Jennifer Ashley s Mackenzie series starting with Lord Ian a favorite book of all time I was thrilled to hear she is changing things up a bit with this series and taking us back in time to the mid 1700 s She introduces us to the ancestors of the current Mackenzie s and gives us a loud, chaotic highlander family of all m [...]

    3.5 stars Very well, then Mary s chin came up I will sneak to Kilmorgan with you Malcolm closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose Ye aren t going t be an obedient and unquestioning wife, I m thinking, are ye Certainly not Englishwomen are resilient creatures I do not know why people assume we are sweet and docile, innocent and weak Mary unfolded her arms and rested her hands primly in her lap Look at Boadicea, who led forces against the Roman army for a long, long time, Queen Elizabeth [...]

    I loved being back into the world of the Mackenzie s again The Mackenzie men are possessive, obessessive, and they love their women so deeply and I melt for them everytime This book was on the darker side as there was a lot about the war between England and ScotlandThis was the only reason I didn t rate it five stars I am not big on reading about war, so it is a personal issue with me I do have to say that Jennifer Ashley did a brilliant job of her history facts and entwining such a dark subject [...]

    Anna's Herding Cats
    Breathtakingly poignant The Stolen Mackenzie Bride left me fighting back tears and wanting to fall down and have a massive sob Beautiful, heartbreaking, passionate and utterly moving it gripped my heart and wouldn t let go.This was a Mackenzie throwback to Scotland 1745 and the life of the Mackenzie family ancestor Malcolm as he found love, fought for family, freedom and everything he held dear as the Scots clashed with the British and Malcolm s family was pulled into the mix It s brutal and ful [...]

    5 SEXY MACKENZIE STARS We re traveled back in timee first Duke of Kilmorgan who brought back a clan home after a war.I remember only a little about Old Malcolm , this is Young Malcom s story, in a much wilder and darker story before the modern Mackenzies.This is dark, heart breaking, and I found myself crying over the Mackenzies brothers and their bravery to keep their lands from England.I dunno much about England and Scotland s war, but this is an eye opener I like history, and I really enjoyed [...]

    Katie Michaels
    I love this series I really do So much so that when I got my hands on this book, there might have been a small amount of dancing Sadly, I may have celebrated a bit too early This was a very difficult book for me to connect to I found myself wanting to skim and even put it down at times This was such a far cry from my favorite MacKenzie books, it almost like it was from an entirely different author.This story doesn t feature the MacKenzie men we know and love It jumps back in time to their ancest [...]

    Beanbag Love
    Short take too many inner monologues Picked up at around 75% because of events, still too many endless inner monologues Ending felt rushed.

    Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    Ashley had me swooning on than one occasion Read this review in its entirety at Fresh Fiction

    Well, it took me a month to get through this, despite my being a huge fan of the series and the excellent writing I think because it is several generations before the Mackenzies in previous books, and I recall reading that Malcolm was the last surviving Mackenzie in the war Since this book starts with him and 4 brothers, I was expecting total doom There were definitely brutal and heart wrenching parts in this book I was crying a lot in the last third of the book However, the romance between Malc [...]

    This is my second favorite MacKenzie book This book felt like Ian s book which the romance, adventure, family and humor I liked Mary Lennox as she reminded me of a mix of Beth, Eleanor and Isabella Malcolm MacKenzie was definitely a rascal The author did a great job developing the characters, the plot and keeping the story so entertaining I really appreciate that Jennifer Ashley threw in enough of the English versus the Jacobite rebellion to give the romance a historical backdrop, but made sure [...]

    This author s talent is amazing She knows how to write a super romantic, emotional love story Hero was so deeply in love with heroine and so perfect you will all fall in love with him It was love at first sight for him when he met Mary and he didn t care she was engaged He was determined to make her his wife Not even war or death could separate him from his one true love Malcolm is so dreamy and my new book boyfriend

    Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    In this installment in the Mackenzie series Jennifer Ashley is taking us all to where is started Old Malcolm, the first of the Dukes of Kilmorgan, of course there is nothing remotely old and crusty about the Malcolm that Ashley presents in The Stolen Mackenize Bride, as Lady Mary Lennox discovers when Mal determines to seduce her and take her as his wife despite her engagement to another man.I confess, I have an addiction, an addiction to men in skirts ahem I mean kilts I am a puddle of goo at t [...]

    2 1 2 stars bumping up for the epilogue Sad to say that the best part of this book for me was the ending and epilogue This is the story of the early Mackenzies, or the ancestors of the characters we know and love from the series.It took me a long time to connect to the main characters and I never felt totally invested I wasn t too upset with some of the emotional situations because I wasn t really connected to the brothers at all I felt that there was a lot of politics that I have read in other [...]

    I love the Mackenzie series and this one is such a great prequel that i was sad when i finished the book.The book tells the story of how it all began with the rich, powerful and eccentric Mackenzie men You ll get the whole picture of the Mackenzie family drama and the beginnings of a business empire back during their grandfather s time the dangerously wily and infallible Malcolm Mad Mackenzie and his brave English bride Lady Mary Lennox, daughter of the Earl of Wilfort it is unfortunate that the [...]

    4.5 Stars One night this will all come away, he said I ll be able to touch the whole of ye And on that night, Mary would burn up and die.The Stolen Mackenzie Bride is a different offering from the rest of the series Now that it s over, I want to go sit in a corner and relive the scenes again and again It s poignant, heartbreaking and utterly beautiful the story of the family ancestor Malcolm finding love as his family and country are ripped apart by the great tragedy that was Bonnie Prince Charl [...]

    hmmmm Malcolm et ses fr res font un bon concentr de barbaritude sa rencontre avec Mary est explosive, coup de foudre au premier regard et passion muy caliente apr s au d but elle est r sign e pouser le lord choisi par son p re et puis Malcolm d barque et elle est foutue xDcomme leur histoire se passe en plein pendant l Uprising des cossais, ya beaucoup de bataille contre les troupes anglaises, on suit les faits historiques par l interm diaire de 2 des fr res Will, espion sans affiliation, et Dun [...]

    1-Click Addict Support Group
    Jennifer takes us back in time with this historical romance to where the MacKenzies all began, Malcolm and Mary Their story was beautifully written with passion, grace and loyalty You really can t expect anything less from the MacKenzies While there were trials and tribulations, the love Mal and Mary held for one another stayed strong The Stolen Mackenzie Bride is not nearly as light hearted as some of the other novels but the story was never too dark because within the severity, there was plent [...]

    Probably a bit different from the usual romance books that I ve read In this one, the H and h didn t dither about being in love with each other The story isn t about the progress of romance between the hero and the heroine and how they admitted that they love each other and then it s HEA This is about how they survive a war to get their own HEA It s an insta love that puts disney to shame but weirdly, it suited me.

    4.5 starsI really needed this book I will admit I was weary because of the timeline that this story took place Being an avid Outlander fan, the idea of reading a book centered around Culloden made my insides squirm But, Jennifer Ashley did an amazing job weaving this story around history Of course I got chocked up during certain scenes I say if you re a Highlander fan, this is a must read.

    Ok I don t know why this book has an average of 4.03 stars rating It isn t poorly written, Jennifer Ashley is good for it But the story itself is lacking Mal fell in love as soon as he saw Mary and decided right then that Mary was the woman for him This happened in the first 20 pages or so and Mary could do no wrong in his eyes So they had no conflict between them It was all about what was happening around them, not between them Since there was no conflict between the characters, what we end up [...]

    Loved Mal and Mary This was an epic book about the history of the Mackenzie s I loved it The action was amazing The war was tragic It was such a great story Mal never let me down He was a fabulous hero Mary was a surprisingly brave heroine who was perfect for Mal A must read if you have read any of the series or just enjoy historicals.

    My review cross posted from Wit and Sin witandsin 2015 09The Stolen Mackenzie Bride is a sweeping historical romance that is too compelling to put down Jennifer Ashley takes readers back in time to the story of Malcolm Mackenzie and Mary Lennox, the ancestors of the beloved nineteenth century Mackenzies.Mal is the great great grandfather of Hart, Cam, Mac, and Ian, and the apples didn t fall too far from the tree Mal is strong, protective, handsome, and clever He s got charm to spare, but like a [...]

    Lani ⚔⚔the Destroyer ⚔⚔
    I m a huge fan of the MacKenzie series so I was excited to get some background There is a lot going on in this book from a historical POV and in some respect this overshadowed the romance of Malcolm and Mary But it didn t mean I didn t enjoy it, it was just different from what I expected.Malcolm is a typical Mackenzie stubborn and loyal and Mary was his perfect counterpart I laughed and cried in the Stolen Mackenzie Bride as usual JA created great secondary characters that I also fell in love wi [...]

    THANK YOU, Ms Ashley, for writing this story about the turbulent history of our beloved MacKenzies I simply could not put this book down I loved Malcolm MacKenzie, whose depth of character is slowly, yet wonderfully, revealed as the rock of the whole disfunctional family Brilliant characterization And, Lady Mary was a perfect match for him The battle scenes were vivid and haunting I experienced so many different emotions in this amazing book This one will be read and re read by me many times Abs [...]

    Settings Edinburgh, 1745When the book changed from boring to interesting to heartbreaking to frustrating to so many emotions I m exhausted By the way, if you are expecting for full blast romance, sorry to say you won t have it Well, UNLESS you are like me who doesn t mind about the almost to zero flat romance because I was much rather interested with the conflict between Jacobites and English.

    I cried a lot near the end but I loved it

    Aly is so frigging bored
    Still not as good as books 1 4, but better then the lasts It made me cry I was in public

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