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  • Title: The Marco Effect
  • Author: Jussi Adler-Olsen
  • ISBN: 9780147516626
  • Page: 365
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Marco Effect By Jussi Adler-Olsen A teenaged boy on the run propels Detective Carl M rck into Department Q s most sinister case yet Fifteen year old Marco Jameson longs to become a Danish citizen and go to school like a normal teenager Unfortunately, his Uncle Zola forces the children of their former gypsy clan to beg and steal for his personal gain When Marco discovers a dead body that proves the trueA teenaged boy on the run propels Detective Carl M rck into Department Q s most sinister case yet Fifteen year old Marco Jameson longs to become a Danish citizen and go to school like a normal teenager Unfortunately, his Uncle Zola forces the children of their former gypsy clan to beg and steal for his personal gain When Marco discovers a dead body that proves the true extent of Zola s criminal activities, he goes on the run But it turns out his family members aren t the only ones who want to keep Marco silent forever Detective Carl M rck wants to save the boy, but Marco s trail leads him to a case that extends from Denmark to Africa, from embezzlers to child soldiers, from seemingly petty crime rings to the very darkest of cover ups.
    Jussi Adler-Olsen
    Jussi Adler Olsen is a Danish author who began to write novels in the 1990s after a comprehensive career as publisher, editor, film composer for the Valhalla cartoon and as a bookseller.He made his debut with the thriller Alfabethuset 1997 , which reached bestseller status both in Denmark and internationally just like his subsequent novels And She Thanked the Gods prev The Company Basher 2003 and The Washington Decree 2006 The first book on Department Q is Kvinden I buret 2007 and the second Fasandr berne 2008 The main detective is Deputy Superintendent Carl Morck from the Department Q and he is also the star of the third volume, Flaskepost fra P which was released in the fall of 2009 and secured Adler Olsen Readers Book Award from Berlingske Tidende readers, the Harald Mogensen Prize as well as the Scandinavian Crime Society s most prestigious price Glass Key The fourth volume in the Department Q series, Journal 64 was published in 2010 and he was awarded the once in a lifetime prize of The Golden Laurels for this in 2011 In December 2012 the fifth novel was published, Marco Effekten.Further, Jussi Adler Olsen was awarded Favourite Author of the Danes in 2011, 2012 and 2013 leading the organization behind to change the set up, so the winner cannot be chosen than once in a three year period.Jussi Adler Olsen s novels have had such an impact abroad, that he has also received a variety of awards there The Sealed Room Award in Japan for Kvinden I buret Best Translated Mystery Novel of the Year , The Crime Blitz Award 2011 in Germany for Flaskepost til P given to the best international crime, Elle magazine s French reader award Prix de Lectrices the Elle for Kvinden I buret as well as The Barry Award in the US for Kvinen I buret that was elected Best Novel of the Year.His first novel Alfabethuset and the first four books of the Department Q series have been sold for film adaptation Kvinden I buret premiered in 2013 and Fasandr berne opens in Denmark October 2014.

    The Marco Effect By Jussi Adler-Olsen


    B 77% GoodNotes It s a lot of empty calories the story moves, but not in a way that advances the plot much or pays off well in the end.

    Andrew Smith
    Listening to a good book can be even better than reading it well that s my experience anyway But it all depends on the reader I ve listened to lots of audiobooks where the reader has truly brought the characters and places to life I ve also listened to some where the opposite is true and it s ruined what was potentially a good book This one delivered a strange and confusing experience, I m afraid.I was up for a bit of Scandinavian crime fiction and when this was offered up as a daily deal by Aud [...]

    Jennie Menke
    The characters are still great Wishing for a little info on Assad than the tidbits Jussi is revealing in each book But I found this particular storyline the weakest of the Dept Q books Pretty repetitive with Marco on the run and managing to slip away Over and over Doesn t mean I didn t like it but myexpectations were high and it didn t meet them Still love you tho, carl, rose and Assad

    We open up with Marco s story Yes him in the title which keeps us going for the opening chapters as the scene is set before department Q make an appearance his account is excellent, giving an insight into a different way of life in Denmark, exposing a seedy underbelly the ways of a street gang.With old favourite Assad recovering after the events of the prior episode, Rose comes to the fore by getting out of the office doing some training which is great as she undertakes it all in her unique styl [...]

    Paula Kalin
    The Marco Effect is the 5th in the Department Q series by Danish author Jussi Adler Olsen His books tend to be long so I listened to the audiobook this time which didn t disappoint The book centers around 15 year old Marco a lovable character from a gypsy clan relocated from Italy Marco goes on the run after discovering a body killed by his clan His clan being nothing than a criminal network forcing their young members to a miserable life of petty crime.There are a lot of twists and turns and a [...]

    Tanja Berg
    Rating 3 out of 5 After the first four brilliant books in this series, this fifth one was disappointing Not that I m particularly surprised, I try to avoid any book which involves any sort of mafia or criminal network I picked this up solely for having loved the first four so well The other thing I m beginning to notice after 35 hours of Swedish audio books in three weeks is that my Norwegian is becoming considerably worse The two languages are closely related and difficult to keep apart even on [...]

    Vanessa Loockx
    Amai effe bekomen weeral een straf verhaal.

    I absolutely loved the first 4 books in the series and was waiting with anticipation for 5 which I am sorry to have to say that I just could not get into.

    Dimitris Passas
    Jussi Adler Olsen To Buried Department Q Carl Mork, Assad , , Rose , Adler Olsen youtube Q , 5 Buried 3 , , , , , , , Carl, , Adler Olsen Carl Assad, Rose Q .

    100% 5 , , , Q 64.

    3 stars English translation The Marco Effect Book 5 in the Department Q series I enjoyed the previous books in this series for the investigative procedures in solving crimes and for the humour of the interactions between Carl Morck,the lead detective of the Cold Case unit and his two assistants the mysterious Assad and Rose.The book started out with financial fraud between Africa and Denmark, and then switches to the plight of a young boy, Marco who belongs to a group of people in Denmark illega [...]

    Not as good as the earlier books, the root of evil in this novel is financial greed as some bankers decide to steal foreign aid to Cameroon to keep a Danish bank in business The disappearance of a banker named Stark sets off a series of events, resulting in a young gypsy alien Marco being targeted for death His Uncle Zola cannot risk his band of beggars and pickpockets being jeopardized and neither can the bank shareholders Marco, who wants nothing than a normal life, cleverly draws in Carl Mor [...]

    Of all the authors who ve joined the Scandinavian noir bandwagon, Danish are the ones I tend to like the least no prejudice, I still read them At first, Department Q wasn t exactly my favorite series On top of that, corruption plots and drug trafficking ones bore me to tears and I thought this would be one of those But that is only the setup The motive behind what happens The actual thick of the book is awesome Carl Morck is still a jerk, but a good cop, and his team is better than ever And Marc [...]

    Anne(Booklady) Molinarolo
    I love the Department Q crew, but I was disappointed with this installment It was slow and I was surprised by that.The story lines were too convoluted this time And of course culminating to the case Q is currently working.Carl and Mona are splitsville thank goodness Assad is back in the saddle Rose has a suiter and well, Rose is Rose A new boss is upstairs in Department A And something happens to Hardy.Marco was a delight Rene and Zola pure evil If it wasn t for Marco and his flight from Zola, I [...]

    Sarah Anne
    I think this was the weakest of the series so far but I was still pretty much glued to it I really liked Marco and his perspective of life on the streets Assad continues to be one of my favorite literary characters how many camel metaphors can one guy have and I really like Carl and Rose I m anxious to get to the sixth book and horrified that I have to wait until Sept for book 7 simply because I speak English and the translation isn t out.

    The Marco Effect is a great addition to the Department Q series I was drawn to Marco s character, and I could not put the book down when the narrative was told from Marco s perspective I am ready for the next book in the series

    Steven Z.
    The story begins in the remote Bantu village of Somolarmo during the autumn of 2008 Louis Fon who was in charge of a Danish development project in the Dja jungle of Cameroon notices two men approaching a white man, and Mbomo Ziem who was an errand boy for Danish government officials Later, Louis noticed that Mbomo was giving bags of alcohol to pygmy Bantu villagers, and that substantial sums of money were missing from the project he oversaw Shortly thereafter, Mbomo approached Fon with a machete [...]

    Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews
    By the time you get to book five of a series it s hard to know what to say Sometimes I feel like I could just copy and paste my review for Jussi Adler Olsen s last book, change a few names and hit publish But that would be lazy, so I ll give you my thoughts about where I stand with Department Q after The Marco Effect.First and foremost, you must read the Department Q series in order, starting with The Keeper of Lost Causes The story starts there, each case is independent, but there is a continu [...]

    Schade Das ist das erste Wort, das mir zu diesem Buch einf llt Ich hatte mich so sehr auf die Fortsetzung gefreut, vor allem, nachdem ich im letzten Jahr auf einer Lesung von Adler Olsen war, bei der die vorgetragenen Ausz ge so vielversprechend klangen Aber die Erwartung hihi okay, schlechter Witz wurde nicht erf llt Politik und Wirtschaftskrimis sind einfach nicht meins Aber abgesehen vom Thema an sich war die ganze Geschichte f r meinen Geschmack auch viel zu sehr in die L nge gezogen Schade [...]

    3 1 2 starsI have mixed feelings about this fifth entry into the Dept Q series There is a financial crime which includes several murders on than one continent And there s a boy, Marco, who accidentally discovers the body of one of the murdered men While I was gripped by the Marco aspects, I thought there were too many story lines and people to keep track of Since I listened to the book, I was not able to leaf back when I wondered who is this person, again, and where do they fit in I also though [...]

    2.5 stars I now understand what other reviewers mean when using the term, slow burn I still love the series and the characters, but this book is the weakest of the series for me Usually I m impressed with how twisted and deplorable the bad guys are that Carl,Assad, and Rose must hunt down In The Marco Effect they re simply really mean bad guys As well,I grew irritated at all the times Marco managed to get away from the police Don t get me wrong,I love thick thrillers,but this book made me wish f [...]

    I like this author I have enjoyed everything I have read so far There is so much that I like about his writing I like the humor, his plot twists and his characters.It is through the relationships, that the humor is so wonderfully unveiled I love Assad He cracks me up Sometimes I want to know about this mysterious character, but then I think the mystery adds to my enjoyment I will say this story wasn t my favorite, but it had so many creative turns and twists I am always in awe over that There w [...]

    Mairita (Marii grāmatplaukts)
    sti nevaru piekrist, ka ir Q noda as b stam k lieta un ar tik aizraujo i nebija Patika da die skatu punkti Pla k gramatas.wordpress 2016 0

    Es hat zwar etwas gedauert bis ich drin war, daf r wurde ich aber wieder mit einem sehr guten Krimi belohnt.

    This was a DNF After liking the first of the series a great deal, I was disappointed in the second, and then skipped to this one and just couldn t finish it It seems every book gets choppier and centered on criminals and victims with less emphasis and interest in the detectives The crimes and criminals were pretty grim even for the genre I wasn t the reader for this one.

    Prescindible totalmente dentro de la serie del Departamento Q que por cierto,apenas aparecen.

    Mal Warwick
    In a region of Cameroon populated by people outsiders call pygmies, a Danish development project has gone off the rails Then, shortly after a visitor from the Danish foreign ministry is glimpsed on a visit, the local liaison between the project and the Danes is brutally murdered Back home in Denmark, one of the foreign ministry officials involved in the project goes missing We ve learned that a senior official in the ministry and top executives at a Copenhagen bank are involved in a massive frau [...]

    Very enjoyable Crisp dialogue Intricate, complex storyline Lots of characters, but easy to keep apart all quite distinctive And of course there s Carl Morten, Assad and Rose, the three majors who work in Department Q, responsible for resurrecting old, cold cases and figuring out who did what to who and why I love this series The story concerns Carl and crew examining another cold case, that of a missing man Missing a few years in fact, but with no body it s than cold cold, it s icy, Antarctic c [...]

    Carl Morck of Department Q is back, along with the rest of Jussi Adler Olsen s cast of characters in another lengthy and satisfying tale that reaches across continents The main theme here is as the cover photograph suggests a pebble tossed into water results in waves that land elsewhere Marco is a street smart petty thief in a Gypsy clan and soon finds himself hunted by unknown quarries for reasons he s not sure of As with other Adler Olsen Department Q novels, Morck seems to stumble into the la [...]

    There s nothing like a little Nordic Noir to help while away the cold winter evenings Having spent a week in Copenhagen this past summer made this installation in Adler Olsen s Department Q series all the vivid for me, especially as this particular novel uses many well known settings around the city quite effectively I could imagine the protagonist, fifteen year old Marco, hiding out in Tivoli after dark or ducking in and out of side streets along the Str get I d listened to the first two Dept [...]

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