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  • Title: The Education of Ivy Blake
  • Author: Ellen Airgood
  • ISBN: 9780399162787
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Education of Ivy Blake By Ellen Airgood In this uplifting companion to Prairie Evers, shy, introverted Ivy must find her footing when her reckless mom turns her world upside down Ivy has loved living with her best friend, Prairie, and being part of Prairie s lively, happy family But now Ivy s mom has decided to take her back Ivy tries to pretend everything is fine, but her mom s neglect and embarrassing publiIn this uplifting companion to Prairie Evers, shy, introverted Ivy must find her footing when her reckless mom turns her world upside down Ivy has loved living with her best friend, Prairie, and being part of Prairie s lively, happy family But now Ivy s mom has decided to take her back Ivy tries to pretend everything is fine, but her mom s neglect and embarrassing public tantrums often make Ivy feel ashamed and alone Fortunately, Ivy is able to find solace in art, in movies, and from the pleasure she finds in observing and appreciating life s small, beautiful moments And when things with her mom reach the tipping point, this ability gives her the strength and power to push on and shape her own future.
    Ellen Airgood
    I grew up on a small farm, the youngest of four children My father was a blacksmith and a schoolteacher For the last nineteen years I ve been a waitress in Grand Marais, Michigan I was twenty five when I came to this tiny, Lake Superior town, on a camping trip with my sister, and fell in love with the man who made my cheese sandwich and chocolate malt at the local diner We met, exchanged assessing, almost challenging gazes, and six months later we got married I told my sister we would, on the way back to our campsite that first day You re crazy, she said worriedly But pretty soon she grinned, shook her head, started getting into the spirit of it Well, she said This is going to be interesting And it has been.I ve never been sorry My husband Rick and I run a diner together, a job which is always consuming, often punishing, and hugely fulfilling Most of what I know about maturity and compassion, not to mention story, I ve learned from waiting tables We work eighty to a hundred hours a week together almost year around, and one way or another we ve faced the constant barrage of setbacks and frustrations and equipment failures that restaurant work is, the high stress and long hours There is so much satisfaction in it, though the goodness of hard work, the joy of feeding people a meal they love, the delight of long friendships, the pride in a job well done All kinds of people come here from all kinds of places, and we get to meet them, to hear their stories, and pretty often we get to make them happy for the time that they are here.This is the route I took to becoming a writer I didn t get an MFA or study writing in school I could have learned about life anywhere, but fate brought me here, to the end of the earth and a tiny town that time forgot My customers have given me good practice as a storyteller, too It s a matter of survival If I can entertain people, draw them over to my side, they won t murder me when I m the only waitress of the floor and the cook is swamped and the wait is long and we re out of silverware and I didn t know the fish was gone when I took their order.

    The Education of Ivy Blake By Ellen Airgood


    Emily Smith

    I definitely need to have a talk with the folks at Penguin Young Readers Why do they keep picking books to highlight through their Author Live Chats that make me cry This and others such as The Secret Hum of a Daisy, Nightingale s Nest, and The War that Saved My Life have all made me keep the tissues close Actually Penguin can t take all the blame, because a friend had already recommended Prairie Evers, which is the book that first introduces the character of Ivy Blake.Why all the tears Because [...]

    Aspiring movie director Ivy Blake sees the world through a lens Through her lens she sees the foster family and farm she has grown to love and find comfort in She sees her mother return from time spent in prison and opts to leave the Ever s family and move back in with her mother Ivy s lens begins to crack as she is forced to change schools and her mother grows increasingly unstable But Ivy is resilient and her time with the Ever s family and particularly the wisdom garnered from Grandma Evers c [...]

    Ivy hs been staying with her best friend s family for a while, but now her mom is in a different situation and wants to take her back Ivy gives it a go, but her mother s temper is horrible and gets her in trouble Ivy and Prairie s her best friend suffers because Ivy does not want her to know how bad things are Great characters in this book.

    Tracey Walsh
    Loved everything about this and Prairie Evers Two great books for my 6th graders.

    I was excited to read this, since I LOVED Prairie Evers, and this was a good book Though I didn t it enjoy as much as Prairie Evers, I enjoyed Ivy s personality, and how she dealt with her problems in life This book takes a slightly serious tone, because of Ivy s abusive unstable mother I felt a bit disappointed, because this book left out some of my favorite elements of Prairie Evers, like the farming aspects, and the plucky attitude Prairie brought to the first book It was definitely worth th [...]

    This book is mostly about a girl named Ivy Blake, she lived with her friend most of her life and now she is living with her mom Her friend moved somewhere else and now when she wants to talk to her she has to call her I once had a best friend that moved to Arizona, I was so sad I went to her house all the time It kinda felt like my second house, but I never lived there.

    Mr. Steve
    That book was rough to read I liked it, but I kept wishing for different things to happen to and for Ivy she really deserved a break However, the story was realistic the way it was written some kids unfortunately have parents who are less capable willing than others I love Ivy for the way she dealt with losing the parent lottery.

    COPIED Ivy has loved living with her best friend, Prairie, and being part of Prairie s lively, happy family But now Ivy s mom has decided to take her back Ivy tries to pretend everything is fine, but her mom s neglect and embarrassing public tantrums often make Ivy feel ashamed and alone.

    This book felt less focused than Prairie Evers, which I didn t like I like a focused story , but I liked how the story felt so different and so connected It suited Ivy, just like Prairie s book suited her I appreciated the happy and hopeful ending, too.

    Plucky girl with believable story line and character development.

    Lori June
    excellent companion to Prairie Evers love the girls and appreciate the bluntness but honesty in their friendships.

    Such a beautiful book about the power of overcoming family situations and children in foster care The main character is so uplifting.

    I want to put Ivy in my pocket and be her friend.

    This was a very compelling book I tried to sneak in a page or two whenever I could, it was so interesting I definitely recommend it to anyone who likes a good story about how things aren t always easy.

    Julie Williams
    When I got this book from the library to review for the Maine Student Book Award, I did not know it was considered a companion to the author s previous book Prairie Evers Prairie Evers was on the MSBA list in 2013 2014 That was my first year on the committee I was so furiously reading new books for the next year s list that I was unable to read all the books on that year s list Follow I never got a chance to read Prairie Evers All that to say I feel like this book was able to stand on its own.In [...]

    Round Lake Area Public Library
    4.5 5 stars rounded up Fifth grade Ivy s world is turned upside down when she goes back to living with her mother after years apart Ivy misses the stable home she had with her best friend s family, and struggles with her mother s inconsistent behavior and fits of anger Adjusting to a new school and making friends would be hard enough, but Ivy also has to deal with being alone and taking care of herself while her mother is at work or out with her friends How will Ivy get through this Can her crea [...]

    The Education of Ivy Blake is a companion novel to Prairie Evers Both books are middle grade realistic fiction Both are slightly bittersweet, think Because of Winn Dixie I enjoyed the Education of Ivy Blake very much.Since Ivy s mother killed her husband Ivy s father she hasn t been the same least not in her daughter s eyes Even her good days are strains and stretches It seems her mother is incapable of being happy, of being content, of being consistent, of being stable Ivy could cope with her d [...]

    McGuffy Morris
    This heartfelt middle school novel is the companion to Prairie Evers In the original book, we met Prairie Evers and her wonderful family They lived on a farm in the country Ivy was new to Prairie s school, but they became very close friends Due to her own family situation, Ivy eventually went to live with the Evers family.Now, Ivy has been reunited with her mother They have moved back to the city where they hope to start a new life together Ivy struggles to maintain her friendship with Prairie t [...]

    I really enjoyed this book I didn t realize this was a sequel of sorts to Prairie Evers which I haven t read I don t often dip my toe in realistic fiction but I thought this novel was great for young readers The author does a wonderful job turning small phrases into something poetic and profound This is a book that I can see being a great family read aloud due to the complex emotional battles that Ivy main character experiences throughout the novel While an enjoyable quick read, I found I never [...]

    High Plains Library District
    The Education of Ivy BlakeBy Ellen AirgoodIn author Ellen Airgood s first book, Prairie Evers, we fell in love with this homeschooled girl and followed her as she was sent off to public school We suffered through the changes in her life and rejoiced with her as she found a best friend in Ivy Blake Now, in Airgood s second book, we learn about Ivy Blake We commiserate with Ivy when her troubled mother comes back for her and cheer Ivy on as she struggles to find herself and what is right for her [...]

    Ivy enjoys her life with the Evers family She finds comfort living with her best friend and the steady rhythm of this artistic, working family Then, Ivy s mother returns and she has left her boyfriend This is the story of an eleven year old girl trying to make sense of the inconstant world around her Ivy has dreams but her mother undermines her confidence This is a well crafted tale of a young girl finding her own center and building her life I have not read the first book about Ivy and Prairie, [...]

    Kathia Ibacache
    Eleven year old Avy Blake loves to draw, write and make movies However, Avy s life is not easy She has a dysfunctional mom, who does not offer Avy the nurturing home she dreams about But Avy is not alone She finds support living with her friend, Prairie, and her family All is well until Avy s mom is back, asking for a second chance with her daughter Will Avy finally find a loving and safe home with her mom This is a story about resilience, hope and the ability to cope with adversity For ages 10 [...]

    Lois Chohon
    Elementary YA fiction but very good.

    This companion to Prairie Evers focuses on Prairie s introverted yet determined friend Ivy Ivy loves her life with the Evers family, but though they ve never made her feel unwelcome, she can t help feeling like an extra, especially with a new baby on the way So when her mom shows up out of the blue to move to a new town, Ivy leaves with her Readers will relate to Ivy s worries and self doubt, as she tries to make her own way in the world Fans of Joan Bauer and Polly Horvath will want to snatch t [...]

    In this companion book to Prairie Evers, Ivy s mom has left her boyfriend and decided she wants Ivy back In a very realistic decision, Ivy leaves the Evers home that she loves, and tries to make things work with her mother But her mother has not changed both her drinking and her anger are still out of control Ivy slowly begins to listen to the people around her, instead of her mother s voice telling her that she will never amount to anything A heart wrenching book You do not need to have read th [...]

    Unconsciously I ve chosen to read a bunch of books with some form of homelessness as their theme Or perhaps it s a trend that rearing it s head Ivy isn t completely homeless After living with Prairie s loving family in Airgood s previous novel, she feels compelled to try living with her mother Her mother is completely absent emotionally and often physically due to her mental illness Ivy s writes stories and dreams of someday making a movie The details of how Ivy has to fend for herself really ma [...]

    Gina Hernandez Gerard
    What a great story about a fifth grade girl named Ivy Blake She lives with her best friend and enjoys a real family lifestyle, until one day her mom comes back to take her to live with her Ivy s life is turned upside down, with many disappointments and heartbreak no child should have to experience But through her own will and determination and the encouragement of a teacher and neighbors, she tries to overcome her inner fears and anger Wonderful positive story showing that when one is handed a b [...]

    This story about a very dysfunctional mother and her teenage daughter was hard for me to read without judging the mother Told with great insight from the daughter s point of view living with a mother that comes and goes, and doesn t really know how to care for or care about her daughter The power of art and how it can help someone process the bad things in life was integral to the story Would recommend to girls ages 10 and up.

    This book was much like Airgood s previous work Ivy is a girl with a really hard lifeo much for an eleven year old She needed a stronger role model in my opinion The Evers tried, the teacher helped, and Beryl gave her a place and just waited for her to come around There seemed to be a serious lack of child protective services.There are better books about kids in foster care It was just an okay book.

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