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  • Title: Between Families
  • Author: Karin Mitchell
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  • Page: 378
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  • Between Families By Karin Mitchell 12 year old Seffra knows that her drug addicted mother isn t perfect, but they re family and love each other Sometimes love isn t enough, though, and when Seffra moves into an institution, a center with kids from all kinds of backgrounds, she gets a reality check and struggles to accept the control the institution exerts over her every decision This realistic account exa12 year old Seffra knows that her drug addicted mother isn t perfect, but they re family and love each other Sometimes love isn t enough, though, and when Seffra moves into an institution, a center with kids from all kinds of backgrounds, she gets a reality check and struggles to accept the control the institution exerts over her every decision This realistic account examines institutionalization, shame, sexual abuse, family, and identity and calls attention to the struggles that children of parents with addictions face.
    Karin Mitchell
    Originally from the Midwest, Karin Mitchell now lives, writes and skis in the Colorado Rockies with her husband and two boys She spends her time teaching, writing, and skiing Karin holds a Master s of Arts in Writing from Regis University and an Bachelor s in Education from St Louis University Karin loves learning and school and kids and fun.That s the fancy pants version Here s the real me I am afraid of changing light bulbs I HATE feet I hate condiments I check behind the shower curtain of people s houses because I m the kind of person who would hide there to scare someone When I was six I went to school with my coat and no shirt on and made it all day without anyone finding out When I was ten I didn t brush my hair for four months.My favorite errand is going to the library I will pull things out of the trash to recycle them I love to have conversations about all the things you re not supposed to talk about I hate country music and jam bands I have great aim when throwing things especially at other people, but I can t play an upper body sport to save my life I get competitive about weird stuff like who can spit a watermelon seed farthest I love life but I get bitchy sometimes Writing and skiing are my sanity I have a master s degree in writing I love going to school I graduated with almost 200 credit hours when 120 were required I speak Swedish and can lick my own elbow I m kinda weird.

    Between Families By Karin Mitchell


    Karin Mitchell
    Between Families is a fast, solid read You can order a print copy or read it on your phone It s an easy enough read to lend itself well to either format There s a fair amount of swearing in it The content is of the most serious type but there are a few laughs to break it up The characters are as real as they come My favorite character was Boogie, the proselytizing homeless man who gives sermons in rhymes from atop an overturned milk crate I cried when I finished the book this last time around It [...]

    Navigating the system of social services is a daunting and overwhelming thing For a twelve year old girl who is only trying to be reunited with her unstable drug addicted mother, it is nearly impossible The obstacles facing Seffra, the character who is at the center of Between Families, are volatile and unknown, and Seffra must hit them head on in order to survive Her life is marked by the unexpected, from her mother s tenderness and adoration that turns in an instant into verbal and physical ab [...]

    Amber Brummer
    Great story and definitely a page turner It is a fast read, perfect on a road trip, vacation or work travel I took it the gym and read it on a bike Either way you re not going to want to put it down, and when you do, you ll be left thinking about Seffra, the protagonist, and what will become of her You just want to dive in and bring Seffra home with you Now that I ve finished the book, I still find myself thinking about her, that constitutes 5 stars, doesn t it

    Danielle Lima
    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I know a few people growing up like Seffra I kept reading to see what became of her I would read a follow up book to continue to read about her life.

    Alicia Huxtable
    Very InterestingThis book was a very interesting read I want sure about it at first but once I started reading, I felt horrible for everything that Seffra went through But it was also good reading her overcoming these trials as well

    Tom Bromley
    I received a free copy of this book through This was a thought provoking book I found it very interesting and enjoyed the characters very much I will look for other books by this author

    How can I possibly put into words what this book spoke to me There were so many times I just wanted to reach into Seffra s life and pull her out To hold her and tell her everything would be ok To stand up to the adults in her life when little Seffra was mature than any of them It made me sad to read this book, but it also made me cheer for an amazingly strong little girl who I want to believe will turn out okay It s hard to recommend a book that I know will leave just about anyone feeling like [...]

    Elizabeth Swaggerty
    I read this book in two days not because it is super short, but because I had to see what happened to Seffra, the girl who experiences way too many hard knocks in her twelve years As an educator former elem and middle school teacher , I am familiar with the terrible things that can happen to families and, in particular, children Seffra is a reminder that kids are at the mercy of the adults who are charged with their care This is a well written, engaging, smart, very funny at times, too first nov [...]

    Veda Stamps
    A dark and troubling realistic worldKarin Mitchell s Between Families will haunt me for years to come It s not a book for everyone The book touches on themes of domestic violence, self mutilation, addiction, bullying, and mental illness Mitchell does a fantastic job realistically portraying all the characters especially Seffra, who I felt great sympathy This year I have read three books with mothers who are troubled, selfish and masochist Needless to say I m looking for old Brady Bunch clips on [...]

    This is a powerful book that takes the reader on a journey through a life that, though fictional, is the reality for many children out there I found myself constantly wondering what Seffra would do next, because even though she is strong for her age, her reactions can be unpredictable, and you re always hoping for the best I can see how this work will be incredibly helpful to people who have experienced a childhood like Seffra, and give them the power to persevere I look forward to a follow up t [...]

    I was fortunate enough to win a copy of this book from Giveaways Between Families is a beautifully written, heart breaking work of art It made me feel a whirlwind of emotions and faced harsh realities of the real world that we are so often to scared to confront.As a reader who has lived a happy life, this book terrified and fascinated, all the while making me count my own blessings and realize how much I take for granted Between Families is a truly life changing novel that I would highly recomme [...]

    Had many late night reading this book because I wanted to read a few pages about the little girl and see where life took her next The story is sad, but real for too many kids The author did a great job giving this little girl a voice and keeping us engaged in the story I almost feel bad giving it 5 stars because, the topic is brutal, sad, heartbreaking but it is also real for too many kids This fictional story did a great job bringing it too life I really hope there is a follow up book that con [...]

    Between Families, is a beautiful debut novel, by Karin Mitchell It s smart and well written and eats at your mind in a few dark places Yes, you, order your copy now Seffra s inner dialogue, anger and confusion, poke at your heart in different notes, sometimes staccato, sometimes legato I loved the plant imagery woven through the text, paralleling Seffra s growth I liked that Mitchell didn t wrap everything up neatly at the end, because this is the between.

    Mimi Davis Hopkins
    Lost And All AloneThis is a very well written story which pulls at your heart The characters will draw you into their lives making you feel some sort of connection Great Read

    Sheila Brimmer
    This book had me on the first page I truly enjoyed it It is a must read for everyone I can t wait to see what the author has planned next

    Aimee Awbrey
    I was a little bored through out this book But it still kept my attention long enough to continue.

    Karin Mitchell
    KIRKUS REVIEWKirkus ReviewMitchell s debut novel follows a young girl through abuse and abandonment, and eventually to a residential treatment center, where the act of confronting herself may be her most difficult challenge yet.Seffra Morgan loves her glamorous, charismatic, and fun mother, Linda, despite the fact that she s a criminally negligent, violently abusive addict, sometimes leaving Seffra alone for days without food Hunger is one of the most poignant themes of the book, haunting Seffra [...]

    If I had to describe Karin Mitchell s debut novel in three words, I d choose gritty, necessary, gripping Set in 1990s St Louis, the story follows 12yo Seffra Morgan as she copes with a dysfunctional home situation, the threat of a sexual predator, being bullied at school, and a heartrending relationship with her mother Readers are warned about the graphic descriptions of abuse and invited to share their own stories The novel begins with a bang and doesn t let up until the last page It was remini [...]

    Deanna Balestra
    I cannot say enough good things about this author s work and I really could not believe it was her first The story is effortlessly told although very difficult to read as you grow and attached to 12 year old Seffra who goes through hardships in 12 years than most people come across in their whole lives What I loved, besides Seffra s amazing determination that often only children have, is the way the story is told not to romanticize abuse but to paint a real portrait of what being adrift in th [...]

    Bri Snow
    Gripping, gritty and honest this book is a fast read that takes you on the journey of a 12 year old girl that has been through entirely too much This book is eye opening and makes you better understand that you never truly know what a person has been through or is going through Tough subject great book

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