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  • Title: Cat Among the Pumpkins
  • Author: Mandy Morton
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  • Page: 259
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Cat Among the Pumpkins By Mandy Morton Original and intriguinga world without people which cat lovers will enter and enjoy PD James GUNPOWDER, TREACLE and SHOCKS Hettie and Tilly set out to investigate an old crime and a spate of new murders in the town Why is Mavis Spitforce dressed as a pumpkin Can Irene Peggledrip really talk to cats from the spirit world Did Milky Myers murder his whole fa Original and intriguinga world without people which cat lovers will enter and enjoy PD James GUNPOWDER, TREACLE and SHOCKS Hettie and Tilly set out to investigate an old crime and a spate of new murders in the town Why is Mavis Spitforce dressed as a pumpkin Can Irene Peggledrip really talk to cats from the spirit world Did Milky Myers murder his whole family on Halloween, longer ago than anyone can remember Just some of the questions that the tabby duo must answer before the latest case for The No 2 Feline Detective Agency can be solved As the November fog closes in, where will the killer strike next and will there be enough samosas to go round Cat Among the Pumpkins is the second in Mandy Morton s funny and original Hettie Bagshot Mystery series detective novels with a difference, set entirely in a feline world Funny, dark and moving Anyone who has ever loved a cat will love this book Nicola Upson
    Mandy Morton
    Mandy Morton began her professional life as a musician Her songwriting formed the basis of six albums during the 1970s and early 1980s, when she toured extensively with her band More recently, she has worked as a freelance arts journalist for national and local radio, specialising in making music and theatre documentary She is the co author of a non fiction theatre book, In Good Company, and lives with her partner in Cambridge and Cornwall, where there is always a place for an ageing long haired tabby cat The No 2 Feline Detective Agency is her first novel, and begins a series of books inspired by her first cat, Hettie.

    Cat Among the Pumpkins By Mandy Morton


    Lisa Ks Book Review
    A cat tastically original cozy mystery.It s safe to say I have never read a book like this one before In the Hettie Bagshot Mysteries, author Mandy Morton has created a cozy mystery is no humans None The entire cast of characters is made up of cats I have read para cozies, but this is of a fantasy cozy Fanta cozy Once you get use to the idea that everyone is feline, and start to embrace it, CAT AMONG THE PUMPKINS is a cute mystery In my mind while reading, I kept thinking the film studio, Drea [...]

    Clare O"Beara
    I m categorising this one as fantasy because it posits a world without humans, where cats, who must have opposable thumbs, do everything that humans do including walking upright, wearing clothes and lipstick The atmosphere is mid twentieth century, with transoceanic shipping and TV but no computers, and for no reason I can see, no police Wouldn t you think they d have co opted a few lynxes to be cops Anyway the cat hoping to make a living in the vacuum thus created runs a detective agency and is [...]

    Mia Bratt
    Made me chuckle as ever they are lovely and simplistic reading in a good way.

    Betty Macy
    It is rare that I do not finish a book, but this was awful.

    Susan Johnston
    Princess Fuzzypants here I do enjoy cat mysteries where the kitties play pivotal roles This series is like hitting paydirt All the characters are cats and they live in a world similar to our own,, sort of a parallel universe Hettie Bagshot is the owner of the 2nd Feline Detective Agency who, along with her room mate and assistant, Tilly and an older rambling tom who settles down and makes himself useful, takes up the murder of a pillar of the community At first, it seems impossible anyone could [...]

    This book was just awful I could not read it after the first few pages The anthromorphology of the cats was apalling I simply could not carry on.

    Doward Wilson
    A strange and unique adventure awaits as you venture into a world populated with intelligent cats and no humans Meet Hettie Bagshot of the No 2 Feline Detective Agency and her trusty sidekick, Tilly, as they work to solve the brutal stabbing death of Miss Mavis Spitforce Alerted by Teezle Makepeace, the village post cat, Hettie finds the body of Mavis sitting at her kitchen wearing a complete Halloween Witch costume Removing the cape shows an ornate dagger in the back of the corpse As Hettie s i [...]

    When there s crime in town, it s up to The No 2 Feline Detective Agency to pounce Hettie Bagshot, well known for her work in the famous Furcross case, along with her partner Tilly Jenkins, is on the case, and these two will paw through the clues, scratch at all the leads, and sniff out the answers A bit Sherlock Holmes, a tad small British hamlet from an earlier time, and lots of fur, and you ve got Cat Among the Pumpkins Mandy Morton s newest installment in her cat detective series yes, the cat [...]

    As others have said, this is a book about anthropomorphic cats who are detectives, not a tea cozy mystery about a human detective with a cat I love cozy mysteries, whatever form they take, library, bookmobile, amateur sleuths, professors turned investigators, I m not picky Animals are a plus So I really assumed this would be right up my alley, so to speak.The writing is fine and even the dialogue and pacing move the narrative along The part that I found really tough going were the utterly relent [...]

    Wit & Wonder Books
    ARC provided by the author for an honest review I am a huge fan of murder mysteries and Mandy Morton is an author that gives you an interesting twist on mystery novels In Cat Among the Pumpkins the second novel in her Hettie Bagshot Mysteries Series, she gives us a Halloween mystery to be solved by feline detectives.I didn t get into this mystery novel like I have with others in the past The premise of a detective that is a cat, threw me and I couldn t connect like I do with other novels For peo [...]

    Imagine a world populated by cats, cats who talk, have shops and even solve mysteries The world of Mandy Morton s No 2 Feline Detective Agency is charmingly feline centric This unique series focuses on Hettie and Tilly, two tabbies who operate a detective agency When Teezle the post cat brings news of the death of Mavis Spitforce, Hettie and Tilly realize it is time for action Mavis was murdered and the only lead is the story of Milky Myers, a young man who is believed to have brutally murdered [...]

    There are only cats in this book no people or other animals The cats live in what seems like a quaint English village, where our heroines Hettie and Tillie are moderately successful, running a detective agency Bruiser, an outdoor cat and an old friend of Hettie s, is down on his luck, but finds a home in the garden shed after all his years on the road, he can t stand to be in a house for too long When a former client of Hettie s is murdered, she s on the job, looking into her family connections [...]

    S,o on my first reading I gave up pretty early on I had expected a story about a detective with a cat, NOT a cat detective I think they should explain this in massive bold writing on the cover It was off putting and ridiculous at first However, on the second read I persisted and about 50% of the way though I realised I had grown use to it A little convoluted plot wise and I m still not sure of the world this may be unfair, but I felt the author may have chosen a world of cats so they didn t have [...]

    Linda Lassman
    I love cats, so when I heard about this one I was quite excited A number of years ago, I d enjoyed a book where a flock of sheep led the humans to discover the murderer of their shepherd, while still acting like sheep, and I thought this might be like that Unfortunately, it was a distracting mix of cats being mostly human, but with a few cat like mannerisms like living in fully furnished houses, but sleeping in chairs or on rugs or on chaises in front of a fire Ultimately, as hard as I tried to [...]

    I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley for free in exchange for an honest review Cat Among the Pumpkins has all the elements of a successful cozy mystery however, the elements never quite gelled for me The premise of the series is really fun an all feline world with the quirky Hettie Bagshot running the Feline Detective Agency with the help of her friend, Tilly.Hettie and Tilly s next big case has ghosts, mediums, legendary killers, and the Friendship Club While I had a hard time with the [...]

    This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters The story flowed very well and was very enjoyable This book will keep you reading long into the night and you will not want to put this book down until you finish This was such a great read and full of surprises I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader s copy of this book The free book held no determination on my personal review.

    I won this book I didn t realize that it was about a world of cats with no people It just seemed stupid to me Cats getting dressed, running businesses, cooking etc The two main cats run a detective agency and solve a murder.

    Liz Chapman
    Judging by other reviews people didn t like this book much It s just WIERD the book is set in a world populated by cats who talk and behave like humans CREEPY Like someone else wrote I expected an inspector WITH a cat What age group was this book aimed at Blah

    Cozy lovers who enjoy cats will love this book It was an ok mystery but I just couldn t picture Hettie and her feline friends and their world ever existing Rita Mae Brown s Sister Jane series has the animals that talk to each other and they are much believable.

    Marg Corjay
    I am a cozy cat mystery reader, but have trouble relating to the characters in this series Although I did love the Guy Fawkes figure and the Purring villages.

    Donna Foster
    An unusual cat s eye view that claws through clues to solve a feline murder mystery.

    A really entertaining and original murder mystery Well worth a read for fans of MC Beaton

    The supernatural elements were kinda unexpected and definitely among my favorite twists and turns Overall it was a little less exiting than the first book in the series, but really just a tiny bit.

    I won this book on a Giveaway A whole book of cat detectives

    When I bought this book, I thought it was going to be about a human detective and their pet cat I think that this is the trouble a lot of people have had with Cat among the Pumpkins it s actually about two cat detectives who live in a world where all cats live like humans One friend said to me, Are you sure it s not a children s book Well perhaps it could be, apart from the sometimes quite graphic murders happening throughout the story I would say this is a quirky, fun book that has enough of a [...]

    What is it with the cats There s a perfectly good mystery in here, albeit one with a dose of the supernatural, but the half hearted and poorly executed attempt to make the protagonists cats is just dismal.

    A 3.5 a bit strange at first but I then grew into it Great entertainment for cat lovers X

    Pauline Barlow
    This is a charming light read for mystery and cat lovers However, you need to suspend your disbelief and just go with it I think that at times the author tries to be too cute I had a hard time getting into the story though I m a cat lover and enjoy cat mysteries with humans and cats I wonder if the author will successfully continue the series.

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