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  • Title: The Swallow: A Ghost Story
  • Author: Charis Cotter
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  • The Swallow: A Ghost Story By Charis Cotter In 1960s Toronto, two girls retreat to their attics to escape the loneliness and isolation of their lives Polly lives in a house bursting at the seams with people, while Rose is often left alone by her busy parents Polly is a down to earth dreamer with a wild imagination and an obsession with ghosts Rose is a quiet, ethereal waif with a sharp tongue Despite their diff In 1960s Toronto, two girls retreat to their attics to escape the loneliness and isolation of their lives Polly lives in a house bursting at the seams with people, while Rose is often left alone by her busy parents Polly is a down to earth dreamer with a wild imagination and an obsession with ghosts Rose is a quiet, ethereal waif with a sharp tongue Despite their differences, both girls spend their days feeling invisible and seek solace in books and the cozy confines of their respective attics But soon they discover they aren t alone they re actually neighbors, sharing a wall They develop an unlikely friendship, and Polly is ecstatic to learn that Rose can actually see and talk to ghosts Maybe she will finally see one too But is there to Rose than it seems Why does no one ever talk to her And why does she look so ghostly When the girls find a tombstone with Rose s name on it in the cemetery and encounter an angry spirit in her house who seems intent on hurting Polly, they have to unravel the mystery of Rose and her strange family before it s too late.
    Charis Cotter
    Charis Cotter is a writer, editor and storyteller living in Newfoundland She grew up in Cabbagetown and Parkdale in downtown Toronto After taking a degree in English at Glendon College, York University, she went on to study acting at The Drama Studio in London, England After several years as an actor, she moved into publishing, where she has been working as a freelance editor and writer for than 20 years.In 2005 Charis won the Heritage Toronto Award of Excellence for her book, Toronto Between the Wars Life in the City 1919 1939 Since then she has written several critically acclaimed children s books, including a series of biographies about extraordinary children and an illustrated book about international ghosts Born to Write The Remarkable Lives of Six Famous Authors was a finalist for the 2010 Norma Fleck Award for Canadian Children s Non fiction Charis first toured schools as an actor in a Young People s Theatre production of W O Mitchell s Jake and the Kid Her favourite part of the show was interacting with the students during the question period after the play Today Charis is known for her lively school presentations, based on her books She has toured Canada from coast to coast, entertaining children with her alter egos Queen Elizabeth II complete with gown, crown and royal attitude and the Scottish Silky Ghost, who dusts everything in sight, including children Her fascination with ghosts has led her to many far corners of Newfoundland, looking for ghost stories.In 2013 Charis founded her own publishing company, Baccalieu Books, to publish The Ghosts of Baccalieu She created this book with the students from Tricon Elementary School in Bay de Verde, with funding from ArtsSmarts Students contributed drawings and traditional ghost stories collected from the community Charis has sold The Ghosts of Baccalieu to libraries, bookstores and the general public, with a portion of the revenue going back to Tricon Elementary Charis continues to do ghost storytelling workshops at schools, community centres and book festivals She reviews children s books for the National Reading Campaign, Quill and Quire and The Canadian Children s Book News.The Swallow A Ghost Story, was published by Tundra Books Random House in September 2014 This spooky gothic novel, set in Cabbagetown, Toronto, in the 1960s, is partially based on Charis s childhood experiences living behind a cemetery The German translation rights have been purchased by cbjVerlag Random House Germany, who will publish it as Das Unsichtbare M dchen The Invisible Girl The school presentation for The Swallow features a theatrical performance of an excerpt from the book and a ghost story writing workshop ArtsSmarts is sponsored by the Newfoundland and Labrador Arts Council and the Department of Education through the Cultural Connections Strategy.

    The Swallow: A Ghost Story By Charis Cotter


    4.5 starsRelease Date September, 9thArc provided by Tundra Books through NetgalleyThings you should know about this story Incredibly addictive, once you start it, I dare you to stop reading it.The beginning is pretty much perfect We are given a plot that starts with a very likeable heroine, and a small insight into her less than perfect life Polly is a young girl on the verge of teenagehood , and it shows There s no place for me I m getting squeezed out of my own house My parents want to save th [...]

    Melissa Chung
    Like every book that I drag ass on to read, this was pretty amazing I always have books that I m dying to read and then leave them hanging for a good 6 months The Swallow is a middle grade paranormal book about two little girls I think they are 12 or so One girl is named Polly the other is Rose.Polly is a feisty girl Out of 7 kids she is the one that feels left out She always feels invisible You would think in a household the size of hers there would be people to talk to Her older sisters are ob [...]

    This review and others posted over at my blog.Set in Canada in the 1960s, Polly and Rose meet after Rose s parents move to the other side of the two family home Rose attends private school, where she s largely unnoticed by classmates and teachers alike Her parents are almost never home, working hard for the sock company that her grandfather founded Rose deals mostly with the housekeeper, Kendrick, who barely speaks to her, leaving Rose feeling justifiably isolated and alone, seldom speaking or e [...]

    4,5 Sterne _

    Several books that I ve read recently promised ghostly content, but ultimately disappointed me I m happy to say that The Swallow is a satisfying ghost story that really delivers.The Swallow is the engaging tale of Rose and Polly, two girls growing up in Canada in 1963, sharing a preoccupation with ghosts The ghosts are creepy, and these girls are really brave as they try to resolve the spooky mysteries in their lives, whilst also exploring their new friendship.But while I adore the story, there [...]

    Rosanna Leo
    I loved The Swallow A Ghost Story It ticks a lot of my personal boxes I grew up adoring ghost stories, so I identified with the plucky Polly who wants nothing than to see a wandering spirit On the other hand, I was a rather morose child, so I also identified with the sombre Rose, who feels like a ghost because no one in her family seems to talk to her any I normally don t read children s fiction but this one drew me in right away It s set in Toronto, my home town, so I recognized many of the se [...]

    Diana Iozzia
    The Swallow was the second book that I had read by the middle grade author, Charis Cotter I was very eager to begin this novel after reading her The Painting Both premises of each book intrigued me as a twenty one year old, because these were eerie and creepy stories that I would have loved as a middle grade reader if they were around when I was that young I was explaining to someone yesterday that, of course I still love middle grade fiction, because I loved it years ago The Swallow follows ha, [...]

    Set in Toronto in the sixties, this book is about two lonely girls living in homes that attach to one another Polly has a huge family with foster siblings too She feels ignored by all of them, though she can t get away from her twin brothers and their noise That s how she finds her way into the attic as a safe place away from the bustle of her family Polly has always wanted to meet a ghost, which is why she thinks that Rose is a ghost the first time she hears her singing in her neighboring attic [...]

    Twas a bad case of cover love that drew me to this book In a world packed to the brim with covers that blend together, the beautiful simplicity of The Swallow A Ghost Story called to me Once I d read that it was set in the 1960 s, and rife with ghostly happenings, I was sold I love Middle Grade reads anyway, but this one in particular seemed something I d all but devour.Things started out well enough Although I wasn t completely in sync with Polly or Rose, I was fascinated by their shared abilit [...]

    Wart Hill
    You can read this and other reviews at Things I Find While Shelving I received a free ARC of this book via NetGalley This fact has no bearing on my review This was quite the page turner Polly longs to see ghosts, she devours ghost stories and dreams of one day meeting a spirit Rose does see ghosts, and it isn t a picnic They re everywhere and she has no idea why and she just wants them to go away.When Rose moves into the house next door to Polly, they meet by each initially believing the other i [...]

    Elizabeth (Miss Eliza)
    Polly and Rose live next door to each other Polly s house is too full of people and her macabre tastes make her long to see a different kind of person, one who is no longer alive, ie, a ghost Rose s house is the opposite of Polly s and is always empty and Rose has the dubious ability to see ghosts The two soon strike up an unlikely friendship and Polly is right jealous of Rose s gift Yet maybe there s a reason she can see ghosts There s a tombstone behind their houses with Rose s name on it perh [...]

    Pop Bop
    Friendship, Mysteries, and Lots of GhostsYou know, there is quite a range of experiences out there if you like ghost stories At one extreme you can have gore and horror At the other end of the scale, especially if you re in a British manor house, you get mood, suggestion and something odd moving the teapot in the old study This book, aimed at middle graders and younger YA s but interesting as well for older readers, falls in the happy medium Even then, though, the book is mostly a friendship tal [...]

    Though I enjoyed it, there are quite a few problems with this book the biggest being the way the 1st person narration switches between the two girls The POV change occurs way too frequently, jerking back and forth with intervals of a few paragraphs or even sentences the story would have flowed better, without losing any of the personal touch the author seems to be going for, had they stuck to chapter length intervals.However Despite my frustration with the structure, my eye rolling at the amateu [...]

    I purchased this book with the intent of donating it to the local library but decided to give it a quick read before doing so and I m so glad I did A great story about friendship, family, and acceptance Polly and Rose are both likable characters which most children pre teens will be able to find common ground Filled with fun, mystery, and a little spookyness too Hopefully a few young library goers will enjoy it as much as I did.

    a lovely story to get lost in

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I was interested in this book because it takes place in Toronto, Ontario and it sounded like a fun little ghost story and it didn t disappoint me It follows two 12 year old girls Polly and Rose who couldn t be opposite Rose is quiet, shy, awkward girl who s an only child and Polly is very outspoken, adventurous girl who is part of a large family including siblings and foster children The story is told from both girl s perspective, [...]

    Wow This book really got to me Not only did it satisfy my love of ghost stories and make me cry , but it also made me want to sneak away and read just a few pages whenever I could.Rose and Polly each suspect the other is a ghost after meeting by chance in the attics of their adjacent homes on an old street in Toronto Written from the point of view of both girls, we find out that each has very good reason to believe the other may not realize she s dead.Not for the easily frightened child reader, [...]

    Hannah Fullmer
    The Swallow A Ghost Story, is such a wonderful, special book that I would pretty much recommend it to anyone.This novel by Charis Cotter tells the story of the friendship between two 12 year old girls living in Toronto in 1963 Polly is outgoing, bubbly, and passionate, with a love for books and chocolate, and a huge, busy family Rose is introverted, pale, quiet, and loves to sing Rose lives in a house adjoining Polly s, and spends her time or less alone, as her parents work long hours, and thei [...]

    Vanessa Shields
    Charis Cotter knows ghosts After reading The Swallow A Ghost Story, I m a believer too This middle grade juvenile fiction book does all the things a ghost story is supposed to do it s spooky, tricky and fast paced What s she s managed to do is uphold these elements through the young yet scarily innocent voices of two young girls At first, the bouncing back between Polly and Rose, and the constant mirroring of their lives, was a bit jarring but as I continued to read, I understood this as a writi [...]

    Mary Ann
    A well spun mystery wrapped in a ghost story and tied together with friendship Polly and Rose are two 12 year olds who accidentally meet separated by a wall while hiding out in their respective attics They spend a fair amount of time trying to figure out if the other is a ghost and a greater amount of time developing a meaningful friendship Polly longs to meet a ghost and the Rose wishes she didn t see ghosts all the time The two team up to unravel a family mystery, sharing the narration in alte [...]

    Amanda Sheila
    An Advance Reading Copy of The Swallow A Ghost Story by Charis Cotter was generously provided to me via NetGalley in exchange of honest review.This book is about two girls who live next to each other yet have a very different life Rose, the quiet one, is basically live a nerd life ignored She also can see ghosts, which made her feel isolated and different than others Polly, the lively one, live a pretty happy life And guess what She s dying to see ghosts They find each other and create a friend [...]

    Vikki VanSickle
    If you ve read Summer Days, Starry Nights you know I love the sixties This period in Toronto is evocatively portrayed in this moody, unsettling ghost story by Canadian author Charis Cotter The atmosphere reminded me of Janet Lunn s old school storey Double Spell, peopled with well rounded Kit Pearson esque characters.It s hard to talk about this book without giving too much away The stuffy, cloying house was particularly vivid, as was Polly s large, rambunctious extended family I will say that a [...]

    Briana Rose
    A sad, sad book with some not very sad parts I was very sad for what Rose had to go through It was funny at the very start when Polly and Rose had an argument about who was the ghost I like that the ghosts are ghosts until someone helps them.At first I had a hard time reading from two points of view Then it got a bit easier and I liked getting to see two sides of the story I had to ask my mom what meningitis was, and it was a very long chapter book but it was so interesting and I did cry just a [...]

    Freda Mans-Labianca
    Best ghost story ever This is not a traditional ghost story where an entity is going around spooking everyone No, this is about two young girls and one is a ghost For most of the story, you believe one thing about the ghost and then all of a sudden, like a truck coming out of nowhere, the story becomes epic Everything you thought you knew becomes something totally different and it works This is such an intricately told tale that had me guessing, intrigued and in awe throughout I even got choked [...]

    A touching story of friendship, grief and acceptance.The Swallow started off somewhat weak and bland for me, and the constant switching between POVs only seemed to exacerbate that weakness by disrupting the natural flow of the narrative However, its mystery kept coaxing me forward, which really picked up around page 160 Ultimately, the friendship between Polly and Rose won me over, and I m happy I read this book.Recommended to middle graders who want a story with equal parts ghost and heart.3.5 [...]

    f r Charis Cotter Das unsichtbare M dchen Zur Rezension secretsofrock rezension Zusammenfassung Eine bewegende Geschichte ber eine Freundschaft von zwei ganz besonderen M dchen Das eine w nscht sich nichts lieber, als echte Geister zu sehen Die andere w nschte, die Geister w rden endlich verschwinden.Charis Cotter schafft die besondere Freundschaft, emotional und authentisch zu bermitteln Dazu tr gt vor allem der malerische Schreibstil bei, der diese Geister Geschichte auf einzigartige Weise zum [...]

    Sarah Sammis
    pussrebootsir blog 2015

    Robert Carter
    Like Doll Bones, this book is framed by a ghost story, but the real story is in the wonderful relationship between the characters.

    Janna Craig
    3.5 starsI m somewhat conflicted as far as how I feel about this book I really, really enjoyed But I also had some quibbles with it So I hardly ever do this, but let s do a pros and cons listOS It s eerie but not terrifying, just my kind of ghost story I ve pretty much always been obsessed with ghost stories, but they have to be the right kind, the kind that are sweet than scary Although I can now see that there were clues along the way, the denouement definitely took me by surprise Relating to [...]

    Polly and Rose, although coming from very different families, are uniquely alike They both perceive themselves as invisiblee only difference is that Polly comes from a loud, boisterous family and Rose is an only child Yet, no one ever really sees them, talks to them, or understands them That is, until they find each other Living in houses that are side by side, they find a connecting way into each other s house through an attic trapdoor Polly is convinced that Rose is a ghost, with her pale face [...]

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