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  • Title: Be My Reason
  • Author: Samantha Christy
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Be My Reason By Samantha Christy HE TOOK HER INNOCENCE.She gave it willinglyRight along with her heart.All the night before he vanished Brooklyn wanted two things.Her own bakery.And Nate Riley.Opening her own business was the easy part.Trying to forget about Nate when he disappeared was the hard part.Now, years later, she s running her bakery while engaged to the ideal man.Then the unimaginable hHE TOOK HER INNOCENCE.She gave it willinglyRight along with her heart.All the night before he vanished Brooklyn wanted two things.Her own bakery.And Nate Riley.Opening her own business was the easy part.Trying to forget about Nate when he disappeared was the hard part.Now, years later, she s running her bakery while engaged to the ideal man.Then the unimaginable happens.She is left shattered once and vows to never love again.An unexpected meeting with Nate has him back in her life, wanting a second chance.He ll do anything to win her back.But Nate must confront his demons before he sends Brooklyn s life into another tailspin.Can they reconnect and overcome their obstacles to be together If there is such a thing as destiny, does it win at all costs
    Samantha Christy
    Despite the fact that she is a romance writer, Samantha Christy s favorite television show of all time, like ever, is The Walking Dead.And contrary to the fact that her heroines drink things like wine and Cosmos, she prefers Bud Light She also loves fan mail and until she gets really really famous, she will answer it all.Yeah, yeah, she went to college and all that, getting a degree in something she never uses She s also got a gaggle of kids 4 and a pretty decent husband.

    Be My Reason By Samantha Christy


    I can t really wrap my head around my thoughts enough to actually form any kind of opinion that makes sense at the moment It was good was cute was sad was annoying as helle first half was good.I liked it, it seemed like it was heading in a good direction, then there was a period of time where it was pretty sadd then it seemed to pick up again, but the last little bitk, I didn t care too much for it It was too much drama and it seemed to drag on a bit, and I couldnt stand the male lead for a litt [...]

    Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡
    4.25 Trust in the Future Stars This story is of the journey of Brooklyn and Nathan that begins in high school They meet up at a party and of course they have cute puppy dog eyes for each other Leaving a party together to talk, their connection is strong and young hormones collide The declared love and happiness is short lived As a secret unravels Nathan s life, his family abruptly leaves to avoid the negative backlash of Nathan s mother being arrested Brooklyn is left heartbroken Trying to figur [...]

    ~`*Ella Lee*`~
    Yeesh This book had so much potential First off, let s get the premise outta the way boy and girl who, as the author writes it, are pretty much meant to be, start off in high school They both have always wanted each other from afar They finally hook up at a party one night and the next day bam The H has moved away with his family due to a crazy drama his mother created.Fast forward about 8 years later or so and h has never gotten over it She swears to her BFF that she never cared for him really, [...]

    Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson
    Brooklyn and Nate won t have it easy with trying to rekindle their once short lived romance It is going to take some work and at times you wonder if they will be able to work past their trust issues, insecurities and hurtful past And other times you see how wonderful they are together with such amazing chemistry I came upon this book when I was getting another off KU The cover was gorgeous and the blurb sounded great So I got it and quickly read through it This was another one of those second ch [...]

    This book was really, really good I got really caught up in it My emotions went up and down with this book It went from sweet to laughter to crying then back to happy again It was truly a captivating story I was really impressed reading it Captivating from the very beginning The Storyline was brilliant The blurb really made want to read it I loved the way it was written The way she told the highschool end of it Then fast forward 8 years later and it was all about her life now The whole second ch [...]

    4 Sometimes Stars What a great story I loved all the character s and their parts in the story Nate was amazing yet broken and Brooklyn was indecisive yet strong Their love story was captivating, real and breathtaking Amazing read.

    Anne OK
    I m making my way through Christy s backlog This is another very good read High school teenage romance on the verge of becoming when a secret separates the two Maybe a little too much angst without a solid reason for no try in reconnecting for so many years I still liked the characters and the banter between them Second chances to get something right when it s meant to be are among my favorite kind of stories Everybody deserves a second chance for happiness.

    If I never read or hear my inner goddess again it will be to soon

    I swear you gotta just love a good book When you have a bad day, grab a book, when you are down, grab a book, when you are stressed, grab a book When you don t know what to read next, grab this book.It s so refreshing The love that went away, got away or whatever way you want to view it Life goes in but you still hold that special place for that one person They never leave your heart or mind no matter what life brings into your path and to have to come face to face with it years later, well that [...]

    ★¸. • * ° * ༺*Blanka*༺*°°*•.¸. ♥★
    The story starts off with Brooklyn being 17 and having a crush on Nate.w they have never exchanged than 5 words he invites her to a party.e goes.me night she loses her V card to him.Now does that make me feel bad for the girl No it does not.I didn t like her throughout the book, I thought she was a ho bag when she was 17 she was a confused brat when she was with Michael and she was looney when she got back with Nate.I honestly just really really dislike her, and I can t pinpoint one thing there [...]

    Brittany B
    I really enjoyed this book The characters were likeable, well written and the story was paced really well I never felt like things were rushed along to the conclusion There s humor, angst, heartbreak and everything in between in this story It really is quite a journey and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a solid read Very refreshing and not something you ve felt like you ve read before

    Wow Talk about an emotional roller coaster I really enjoyed the journey, although at times it was frustrating Sometimes you just want to shake characters so they get it together already But in the end I love a book that I have to pace myself with It s a very easy read Didn t want to put it down even though I forced myself to sometimes, because I hate when the story is over too quickly Can t wait to read by this author

    Wow Such a great book Amazing chemistry A story that will make you laugh and cry Love love it

    Really enjoyed this book

    Monica Halverson-burke
    Such a great book Loved it

    4.5 stars A surprisingly great read Glad I found it.

    Sandra De Gouveia
    I started reading this amazing book last night and couldn t put it down I managed to get in a few hours sleep and 4 hrs later I finished it Samantha I don t know what to say except thank you again for this wonderful gift Be my reason The title says it all Perfect for the storyline Where do I begin Lyn is a 17 year old girl who has loved a 17 year old Nate from afar for as long as she can remember She knows he won t see her the way he and his baseball playing friends see other girls however she i [...]

    Billy J Stratton
    Another wonderful story from this author.This book packs so many feelings inside these pages Brooklyn finds love at a very young age to basically have it ripped away the next day The feelings from this encounter follows her for several years She finally tries love again and everything is good when she meets her past face on She tried to finally get some closure and go on with a wonderful life she has planned just to face tragedy again This book had so many ups and downs and so many emotions that [...]

    Cat Jones
    Format kindle ebookTissue warning you may need a tissue, but nothing gut wrenchingHEA yesTriggers vomitNarrative 1st person, following Lyn Brooklyn.My reviewer rating 2.5 out of 5Recommend read surePublished May 15, 2014This one was difficult for me to really like I couldn t get into Brooklyn and Nate s relationship It just felt too clingy Like, they were infatuated rather than in lvoe And Nate coming out with this wicked jealousy streak was awful They didn t feel healthy together to me They are [...]

    3.75 5 The author seems to have something against contractions because she hardly used them It was kinda annoying Brooklyn and Nate met in high school She always had a thing for him and he finally asks her out She loses her virginity to him and the day after he moves away with his family She was crushed Fast forward 8 years and they have a chance encounterwhile she s engaged Old feelings are rekindled or never really went away Her fiance is an accident and passes away which devastates her Overal [...]

    The story of Nate and Brooklyn was a struggle at times to read I was so frustrated with them that I was beginning to question if they would find their happily ever after So many things stood in their way time and time again From the age of 17, they knew they were connected, but damn they couldn t catch a break Although I stayed frustrated a lot in this book, it was a good read Samantha Christy is an amazing author Although I enjoyed this book, her Mitchell Sisters Series is my favorite If you ha [...]

    Stephanie Collins
    Moving on with love.I loved this story It hit home on so many levels Any relationship is hard if it s dealing with first love, jealousy, heart break , or grieving But at the same time happiness, love, hopes and dreams This story of Brooklyn and Nate touched my heart personally as a widow, dealing with the feelings of moving on and finding happiness again I would recommend anyone who wants to read a hot romance, and second chances to read this.

    Sue Moss
    I m a fan of Ms Christy but this book was not up to her usual standard It has tons of potential The story was very interesting and moved well but a times the writing turned juvenile This may have been one of her first books because you can seen her writing style developing This is still a decent book Check out her other book because get very good.

    Samantha Bunce
    UghLet s be honest, Nate was obnoxious And I don t think he redeemed himself He was manipulative and abusive simply because she had a friend I don t care what his past was like he broke stuff in anger over her having a friend That is not okay And he fact that her friends went behind her back to set them up No Just no Swing and a miss for me.

    Jacqui Foster
    GreatThis was the first book by Samantha, it wont be the last, the story of Nate and Brooklyn was great from the start, her relationship with Michael was good but it wasn t meant to be So when he died Brooklyn didnt think she could be happy again, but some things are meant to be.

    Marsha Wright
    Thank you, Samantha Christy The first part was weak on character development Would have enjoyed getting to know them better Once the characters moved to next part of story it esse tter.

    Shasta Hope
    There will be ground rules.Sweet second chance romance It was a little sideways when Nate turned a little or a lot bipolar However, love us love and no one is perfect If everyone was perfect, this world would be a boring mess

    Rhonda S Powell
    Warts allLove isn t always easy things happen w o rhyme or reason Be My Reason is that example I laughed cried throughout the book I identified w Brooklyn too often to count This is a book I definitely will keep on my reading list to be read over over.

    A very enjoyable read I love all of Samantha Christy books The characters and the story was great.

    Rosa Ascenso
    Cute love story R ALoved itIt s a must read They went through so much but they found there way Loved it when they first seen each other again.

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