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  • Title: Solomon's Whisper
  • Author: Sandra Brannan
  • ISBN: 9781626341197
  • Page: 353
  • Format: ebook

  • Solomon's Whisper By Sandra Brannan Trying to convince Liv Bergen from resigning from the FBI to return to mining after nearly losing her nephew, Streeter Pierce asks Liv for one condition to wait six months before making her resignation official or public.Five months into the condition, Streeter becomes desperate to keep Liv, so he bends the rules and assigns her a seven year old cold case Brianna KellerTrying to convince Liv Bergen from resigning from the FBI to return to mining after nearly losing her nephew, Streeter Pierce asks Liv for one condition to wait six months before making her resignation official or public.Five months into the condition, Streeter becomes desperate to keep Liv, so he bends the rules and assigns her a seven year old cold case Brianna Keller, a young girl taken from her bedroom during a slumber party and found dead along the road in the desert near Vegas Streeter believes if Liv sees how she can help her family, help avenge a child s death, she may not feel as if she s endangering them So what better way than to assign her Brianna s case After all, Brianna is Liv s niece, her sister Barbara s youngest child.
    Sandra Brannan
    Sandra Brannan has created a heart pounding mystery thriller series around Liv Bergen, a woman who embodies the spirit of South Dakota Much like her character Liv Bergen, Brannan has spent her career in the mining business.Working her way up from day laborer in the company her grandfather founded to a top executive in the family business wasn t easy, as Sandra often received threads from those opposed to mining These life experiences gave her a first person perspective into the high stakes scenarios of which she writes.In response to the overwhelming success of In the Belly of Jonah 2010 , Lot s Return to Sodom 2011 , Widow s Might 2012 and Noah s Rainy Day 2013 , Brannan prioritizes her time first to the librarians and booksellers for nominating her to earn two ABA Indie Next List Notables, to book clubs and fans who have described Liv Bergen as the love child of Sue Grafton s Kinsey Milhone and Lee Child s Jack Reacher, and to teachers for all the gratitude she has for their role in her success Her books have landed on the Denver Post best seller list and reached the top 10 for e book mysteries and top 5 for women s mysteries She celebrates the launch of the fifth book in the series, Solomon s Whisper, in September 2014.Named one of the top 25 most fabulous women by Black Hills Magazine, Brannan lives in her hometown of Rapid City, South Dakota, with her husband Their budding family consists of four boys and three grandchildren.2010 In The Belly of Jonah2011 Lot s Return to Sodom2012 Widow s Might2013 Noah s Rainy Day If you d like to know when Sandra will be in your area for a signing, interview or speaking event, please check her website or email sandra sandrabrannan for appearances or book clubs.

    Solomon's Whisper By Sandra Brannan


    Maxine (Booklover Catlady)
    I had not read any of the other books in the Liv Bergen Mystery series until this one and it worked fine as a good stand alone read, but I would like to now explore other books in the series also This was a really enjoyable read for me, I read a lot of crime fiction and this stood out as being a bit different for me, it s got a lot focus on internal affairs, relationships, and procedural matters than many crime books I read I was craving a bit in the field action I have to admit, that might ha [...]

    Marika Charalambous
    4.5 stars review at mysterysequels solomons whLiv Bergen is an ex miner turned FBI agent, who is now thinking of leaving the FBI to return to her old calling and be closer to her family again This would greatly put her mind at ease about placing her family in danger by working with the FBI against heinous criminals.I m pretty sure her decision has to do something with what happened in one of the previous books in the series, which I am not privy to as I haven t read any of the prior books.Liv s [...]

    a most excellent 5 star read, Liv is back Liv is back this is number 5 in this wonderful series Liv who used to be a miner and is now an FBI agent and in love withwhoops better not tell, you can find out for yourself Some wild and crazy things have happened to Liv and her family lately and Liv thinks it has been a little too much and maybe her being an FBI agent has put her family at risk While contemplating this she is offered a cold case by her boss Streeter love the name a cold case involving [...]

    Having been lucky enough to be allowed to read this courtesy of the publisher and netgalley in return for an honest review Iam delighted to say how much I enjoyed it The Liv Bergen mysteries are compelling works if you are a fan of crime fiction and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

    I should admit this book was just a shot in the dark for me I ve been spending too much time getting too many books on a number of different platforms for quite some time and for me, Solomon s Whisper was just another thriller I thought I could like My hopes were nowhere near high since I neither read the first four books nor have ever heard about the author before Now, I m glad I tried my luck with this.Liv Bergen is an FBI agent who is planning to resign and get back to her old job, mining, be [...]

    4.5 starsIn reaction to her nephew s involvement in her last case Liv Bergen has given Streeter Pierce her resignation, with the proviso that she ll give it six months before making her final decision Five months in Streeter gives the Brianna Keller cold case to Liv Brianna was Liv s niece, the daughter of her sister Colonel Barbara Bergen Seven years ago, ten year old Brianna was abducted from her home during a slumber party Brianna was found two weeks later along highway 95 between Hawthorne a [...]

    For the first time since I started this series, it s actually been tough for me to write a review It s no secret that I m a huge fan of both Liv Bergen and her creator I love Liv s vibrant personality, and the fact that she s such a down to earth person In fact, I don t even bat an eye at this point when one of these books is offered to me for review I m a fan of Liv Bergen, and I m not afraid to admit it This time around though, I have to say that it took me a long time to fully settle in Solom [...]

    Diane Coto
    Special Agent Liv Bergen is almost ready to resign from the FBI and go back to limestone mining From an earlier case i.e Noah s Rainy Day , in which a kidnapper had grabbed her nephew, she s afraid she is actually bringing trouble to her family members if she stays with the FBI Special Agent Streeter Pierce, a maverick in the field, tries to get her to stay she s got great instincts What better way to get her to stay than offer her the opportunity to try a cold case, that of her niece, Brianna, [...]

    Solomon s whisper by Sandra Brannan is book 5 in her Liv Bergen mystery series Liv is a former miner from a large family who has become an FBI agent She is concerned that being an agent puts her family in danger and is thinking about quitting the FBI She agreed to 6 months as a sort of trial period during which she would decide if she wants to continue working there.As enticement, her boss gives her a cold case to examine the murder of her niece from several years ago Then again she is made lead [...]

    Cristina Isabel
    Let me just start off by saying, Mind Blown In a very good way.There, and now, the review In this fifth installment of the Liv Bergen mystery series a lot is going to put Liv in a spiral Liv is pulled into another case involving family, particularly her niece, Brianna Keller, but it s not just any case It s a cold case, given to her by Streeter Pierce, mentor and friend, in hopes of convincing her to stay with the FBI and motivation for her to know she is keeping her family safe As the case star [...]

    Kristin (Kritters Ramblings)
    Check out the full review at Kritters RamblingsAnother episode in the Liv Bergen series and I loved this one maybe just a little than the previous ones and I can t believe I can say that Liv is now full on FBI and completely involved with catching the bad guys In this book a bunch of cases involving children who were murdered and then their predators end up in the same boat are all on her desk and eventually she finds an interesting link that will bust all of the cases wide open As always, I ca [...]

    I hope there is a sixth book because the ending of this one was AWFUL Talk about leaving you hanging On the other hand, it was most definitely well written, and you thought you had everything figured out That is until the author sent you a curveball that was out of nowhere

    Another fast paced reading with a great twist for the ending It was hard to put down for sheer want of knowing if Liz gets the bad guy and puts a peace of mind back into the lives of her family Can t wait for the next one

    Brannan did it again I thoroughly enjoy this series Early on I had an inkling that a major character was involved, but had no idea about the outcome Brannan weaves an intricate set of details that I can t skip a word.

    Astounding and amazingSandra Brannan s writing continues to evolve and amaze This book especially had great character development in which the ending will leave you with your jaw on the floor and counting till the next book release.

    I love not being able to figure out who killed whom.

    Jaci Worth
    Loved this new book by Sandra Brannan I wasn t expecting the ending though Can t wait for the next one, keep them coming

    Just finished I have goosebumps as I could not stop until the end OMG

    Deanna Richardson
    Great book Can t wait to see what happens next

    OH NO SHE DIDNT Hurry with next one please.

    I loved this book just as I have loved all of them in the series Ready for the next one already

    Ms Brannan thanks again for a fine tale Luv the Liv looking out for .

    Love Liv

    William Davis
    Can t go wrongAs always a great mystery featuring a believable Black Hills character, and the people, places, and times that make her, like the author , a fascinating person to get to know

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      Sandra Brannan