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  • Title: The Assassins
  • Author: Oliver North Joe Musser
  • ISBN: 9780805425529
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Assassins By Oliver North Joe Musser With this suspenseful, action packed finale, Oliver North concludes the trilogy that has included his best selling novels Mission Compromised and The Jericho Sanction Years after the September 11th attacks on America, the world awakes one morning to the news that Islamic Jihadists have assailed multiple targets in Saudi Arabia, destroying oil pumping equipment, cripplingWith this suspenseful, action packed finale, Oliver North concludes the trilogy that has included his best selling novels Mission Compromised and The Jericho Sanction.Years after the September 11th attacks on America, the world awakes one morning to the news that Islamic Jihadists have assailed multiple targets in Saudi Arabia, destroying oil pumping equipment, crippling pipelines, and assassinating most of the royal family Inflation rocks the world s financial markets The normal rules no longer apply In a closed session of Congress an Assassination Bill is introduced General Peter Newman is assigned to head a new Threat Mitigation Unit, and he is given authority to recruit and train up to 100 specialists for the ominous task at hand to assassinate terrorists Soon, intelligence shows Iranians are planning to attack America, and as Newman and his team are dispatched, a chase around the world ensues But the enemy s backup plan involves hijacked airplanes with nuclear weapons targeting major American cities.
    Oliver North Joe Musser
    Oliver North Joe Musser Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Assassins book, this is one of the most wanted Oliver North Joe Musser author readers around the world.

    The Assassins By Oliver North Joe Musser


    Nathan Schrock
    Generally I really like Oliver North s writing, but for some reason, this one didn t work out The plot was detailed, the story was interesting, it is was a great book until the last chapter, when the whole story tanked in a predictable, anti climactic ending It was a little depressing, but I ll get over it.

    Very exciting novel in the middle east and Central America Lots of action that started first in Mission Compromised and Jericho Sanction I recommend that you read the first two books before you read the Assassins This way you can see how God works through his servants and even in the lives of the unsaved.

    Linda Goudreau
    Awesome book.I thought this book was extremely well written The characters were right on The dialogue was interesting and kept my interest for the whole book Was sorry we lost a superior character ,Really liked the last of the book that gave us a heads up for what the main character s did with the rest of their lives Thanks,Amarillo Turtle

    Sam Foster Couch
    Amazing ReadThis book carried on the continuing story of Peter Newman It was full of action entwined with Christianity I recommend it and the other 3 Peter Newman stories And now on to 4.

    Excellent book that read surprisingly fast Wasn t sure if it would be my kind of book, but it definitely was The characters were admirable and the storyline was believable I rate it 4.8 stars.

    Johnny Rush
    Can t wait to read the final book in the set.

    Mike Shaw
    Great novel with realistic military and political suspense.

    A nice action political intrigue read.The first hundred pages of The Assassins establishes the Iranian Russian connection that has triggered trouble and panic in the US and around the globe Oil fields and resources have been compromised, and now nuclear devices from old Cold War stockpiles are in play It s nothing we haven t seen in numerous other thrillers, from The Fifth Horseman to The Faithful Spy, but North and Musser provide enough details to make it believable on the political and militar [...]

    I am torn as to how many stars to assign to this book and it was a difficult decision because, what I liked, I liked For example, author Oliver North is so knowledgeable, and the story itself is riveting and so applicable But the parts that I did not like overshadowed the rest of the book, for me, anyway I really, really dislike it when so many quotation marks are used, and they were in nearly every sentence in The Assassins Many individuals whom I previously worked with that were ten or years [...]

    Since I have been watching re runs of 24, this was a good book for me to read o Took me a bit to get into it because of the military jargon, but once I was introduced to all the characters and understood the plot line, I was hooked Picked this book up on a whim at a library book sale a year or so ago Didn t realize Ollver North had written three fiction novels Now that I have read this one, I would like to read the other two he wrote Very interesting, especially with what our country is facing t [...]

    This book is the third book in the Peter Newman series, has usual for me When I decide to start a new book, with a new author I m pleasantly surprised This book by col Oliver North is no exception Oliver North delivered everything I look for in a book A great cast of characters, a military operation full of action, a foundation built on faith, yet it was not so overpowering to push away those that don t have a relationship with God And a deep impact on the reader leaving them to think that this [...]

    Baze Nash
    For fans of high concept political and military intrigue, Ollie North scores huge with this harrowing tale of a SpecOps unit assigned to mitigate the disastrous after effects of a terrorist attack on the American oil bastion in Saudi Arabia North provides the most intimate details involved with a complex military campaign that spans several continents, and involves many different players From the gritty U.S commandos vying to execute the mission, to the Washington brass that seek political clout [...]

    Al Warner
    Was this a look from the inside I really enjoyed the book I reserve five stars for those one in a hundred so the four stars is what would be five for many Having grown up around and been in the military I recognised the same type of authenticity I saw in Clancy s books Great development of a complex plot but without spoiling it I think the ending was a bit soft You gotta wonder how much of the view was truly from Col North s time in the inner circle I was certainly never anywhere near that level [...]

    Don t read the first 15 pages at bedtime to go to sleep I missed details and had to repeat the section There is a 6 page glossary of acronyms as a preface This is written like a movie It is a fast paced story about terrorism described in short clips of global scenes The reader has to build the story from the clips This is an easy read once you adjust to the byte type glimpses of events.

    Jerry Bauman
    Best book in the series this far A page turner from the very beginning Extremely well written, with the exception of the ending which cost this book 1 star in my rating The progression of the final battle was terribly predictable and the plot too sewn up It would have been much better with a little mystery left as to how things concluded Having all of the bad guys receive justice, and the good guys canonized as heroes, regretfully lacks depth.

    This book was a disappointment after reading the first two in what I guess is a series The first book Mission Compromised was excellent The second book The Jericho Sanction was still good but not quite as well written as the first I think he wrote this one quickly to capitalize on whatever success he may have had with the first two.All three are very similar in nature political thriller action with a main character that bears a striking resemblence to LTC Oliver North.

    Perhaps I shouldn t have rated this one, seeing as I never read it all the way through, but I know I don t like it First of all, at the time I read it, it was futuristic Second of all, it had a far out story that kind of went back to the first book.Maybe if I read it now I would like it, but somehow, I don t think my mind will change.

    The Assassins , the final volume in Oliver North and Joe Musser s action adventure espionage trilogy, is every bit as good as its predecessors There s plenty of intensity, some admirable heroes and easily despisable villians, and even a bit of family drama thrown in there For those who enjoy military suspense tales, this is a good one.

    One of the better military spy action books I ve ever read Seriously makes you wonder as I d bet quite a bit of the fiction is not so fictitious Very well written super hard to put down and the author was able to craft a superb read without using a ton of cuss words Highly recommended if you are in the mood for a great action story with heroes worth emulating.

    The third in the ongoing study of General Peter Newman Here the U.S Senate has decided that a few people just need killin and authorizes a squad of mixed military types to do it Pretty good story.

    It took me awhile to get into this book The second half of the book went much easier than the first though I read the first two books in the series several years ago and enjoyed them This third installment, however, just wasn t as good.

    Great Story Once again Oliver North has written a nail biting, keep you on the edge of your seat story True to life it has a high probability of becoming reality I highly recommend this book.

    A very good book It is great to read a great thriller espionage book with a Christian base and not all the swearing and sex and other stuff Mr North wrote a great three book series, Mission Compromised , Jericho Sanction , and The Assassins and I enjoyed reading them all.

    Fredrick Danysh
    The Iranians destroy Saudi Arabia s oil industry and kill the royal family A Russian arms dealer sells nuclear warheads to Iran The American Congress approves an assassination organization and Marine General Peter Newman is tasked to put it together.

    3.75 StarsEnjoyed the book and Oliver North did help explain the war overseas much better by placing it in a story Also he definitely knows how the Marines work As a Mom of a Marine, I liked this Eye opener for those who do not know what is going on.

    So far, an interesting read Historically discriptive, and most of all, thrilling Based on events during the oil crisis in Saudi Arabia, Oliver does a good job of giving his characters the perfect qualitys.


    Dan Rowling
    Makes you wonder just what does and has gone on over there More to come I m sure.

    Gordon Wulff
    An insightful perspective on decisions that have affected our lives monumentally and continue to do so.

    I like international political thriller novels and this is a good one It s similar to Clancy, Coonts, Deutermann but a little cleaner.

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