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  • Title: Blessed are Those Who Weep
  • Author: Kristi Belcamino
  • ISBN: 9780062389404
  • Page: 156
  • Format: ebook

  • Blessed are Those Who Weep By Kristi Belcamino Nominated for a 2016 Barry Award for best paperback mystery San Francisco Bay Area reporter Gabriella Giovanni stumbles onto a horrific crime scene with only one survivor a baby girl found crawling between the dead bodies of her family members Reeling from the slaughter, Gabriella clings to the infant When Social Services pries the little girl from her arms, the enormNominated for a 2016 Barry Award for best paperback mystery San Francisco Bay Area reporter Gabriella Giovanni stumbles onto a horrific crime scene with only one survivor a baby girl found crawling between the dead bodies of her family members Reeling from the slaughter, Gabriella clings to the infant When Social Services pries the little girl from her arms, the enormity of the tragedy hits home Diving deep into a case that brings her buried past to the forefront, Gabriella is determined to hunt down the killer who left this helpless baby an orphan.But one by one the clues all lead to a dead end, and Gabriella s obsession with finding justice pulls her into a dark, tortuous spiral that is set to destroy everything she loves
    Kristi Belcamino
    Kristi Belcamino is a Macavity, Barry, and Anthony award finalist, a newspaper cops reporter, and an Italian mama who makes a tasty biscotti.She writes books featuring strong, fierce, and independent women facing unspeakable evil in order to seek justice for those unable to do so themselves.Her first novel in the Gabriella Giovanni Mystery Series, BLESSED ARE THE DEAD, was inspired by her dealings with a serial killer during her life as a Bay Area crime reporter.

    Blessed are Those Who Weep By Kristi Belcamino


    Blessed are Those Who Weep by Kristi Belcamino is a 2015 Witness Impulse publication I was provided a copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review Wow This series is just getting deeper and better as it goes along The story starts off with a shocking murder scene which sends the already fragile Gabriella into a tailspin When we last touched base with crime reporter, Gabriella Giovanni, she was in a place I never expected to find her I was curious as to how th [...]

    Blessed are Those Who Weep is a gripping mystery by Kristi Belcamino From the opening scene of a grisly multiple murder, heroine Gabriella Giovanni pulls you into a story that goes full throttle from start to finish While dealing with her own personal struggles, she races to save the life of a baby before time runs out Using all of her investigative skills, Gabriella follows a trail that leads from seedy nightclubs to the halls of the Pentagon The characters are vivid and interesting The story c [...]

    John W.
    Kristi Belcamino delivers a gripping story as she brings Gabriella Giovanni to life on the pages of BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO WEEP She gives her main character the instincts of a seasoned newspaper reporter and also shows personal feelings regarding work, love and family The drama of Belcamino s story unfolds when Gabriella arrives for an interview and finds 5 dead bodies and a small child Belcamino shares Gabriella s history and explains how her past affects The author delves into her main characte [...]

    Kelly Hager
    A lot of my friends are into mysteries, and all of a sudden, it seemed like everyone was talking about this book When that happens, I tend to pay attention.This is the third book in a series, but it functions really well as a standalone I do want to go back and read the first two books, though the first one especially tends to ricochet all through the events of this one it didn t make me enjoy this any less, but it made me very curious to read it I tend to really like books with journalists and [...]

    I love Gabriella Giovanni with each of Belcamino s books She s a crime fighting Sophia Loren and I can t get enough of her Every time I read a new book in this series I find myself cooking up a pot of pasta fagioli, pouring a glass of red wine, and wishing I could afford a plane ticket to San Francisco This installment doesn t disappoint An especially dark crime scene leaves Gabriella in the midst a complicated and messy murder investigation Uncovering the mystery forces her to confront her per [...]

    In the third Gabriella Giovanni mystery, Kristi Belcamino takes the reader on an intense hunt for both a vicious killer and the innocent child that may fall victim to his cruelty As the danger grows for Gabriella and those who are trying to identify and apprehend the murderer, she courageously risks her life, as well as her relationship with the man she loves, in order to stop the carnage The story is gripping and the characters are genuine The interplay works well between Gabriella s personal h [...]

    Douglas Cronk
    Buy this Book Why The third novel in the Gabriella Giovanna lives up to the great promise of the first two novels in the series All three are can t put down, page turners.In this third installment, Gabriella is haunted by the past, to the point of jeopardizing her relationship with her fianc , and her health.Through it all, Gabriella perseveres, to an exciting conclusion.I can t wait for the next novel in the series.

    Literati Literature Lovers
    4.5 StarsAt first I think she is a doll Sitting there so still on the floor in her pink dress, chubby legs sticking out from her diaper, big black eyes unblinking, staring at something I can t see A ribbon hangs loose in her hair Something that looks like chocolate is smeared around her mouth and one cheek Are you in there, Mrs Martin It s Gabriella Giovanni from the Bay Herald We spoke yesterday Silence As if my voice has flicked a switch, the child moves and talks, babbling Mamamama Maaamamama [...]

    In the third book of the Gabriella Giovanni series, author Kristi Belcamino gives us a quite different Gabriella Although this amazing character is someone I quickly came to love in books one and two, Gabriella has from the beginning had ghosts and demons that tore at her happiness She has the job she loves as a crime reporter on a major newspaper in the San Francisco area, and she has a partner who is the man she wants to spend the rest of her life with But, hanging on to her past has cost Gabr [...]

    Victoria Colotta
    Kristi Belcamino delivers a riveting and suspenseful mystery that will bring you right down into the darkness that lies within human nature and the consequences of actions both good and bad.For reporter Gabriella Giovanni, staying away from a good story is not something that she wants to do However, when she stumbles upon a gruesome scene and sees a baby sitting there as the only survivor, those close to her want her to step back from this one But can she really let this go As the story progress [...]

    I thoroughly enjoyed the first two books in the Gabriella Giovanni series where she makes a living as a reporter on the crime beat in San Francisco Both told a good and entertaining story, the writing was excellent and developed the characters well I made a connection with Gabriella and cared about what happened in her life I realized that she was deeply flawed and that made her character all the appealing.In the author s third book, Blessed Are Those Who Weep, Ms Belcamino reaches new heights [...]

    Ruby Bibi
    All great elements for a great story and executed very well You start with a driven female reporter who is having issues because of a miscarriage, and mix in a horrific murder scene where a whole family was killed with a samurai sword a clandestine military plot a rogue elite soldier a Chinese martial art club along with a mysterious suicide , and excellent writing, and this makes for a great read Gabriela Giovanni, a reporter for a local newspaper in San Francisco receives a call to meet a woma [...]

    Opening with a gut wrenching scene, author Kristi Belcamino quickly pulls readers into her latest release, BLESSED ARE THOSE WHO WEEP, the third installment in her Gabriella Giovanni Mystery series.Seasoned journalist Gabriella Giovanni finds than she bargained for when she goes for an interview She discovers five dead bodies and a baby sitting in the blood.When the baby girl is taken out of Gabriella s care by a social worker, she is determined to get to the heart of the tragedy She follows le [...]

    Emily Goehner
    Blessed are those Who Weep by Kristi Belcamino is a Witness Impulse publication I was provided an advance copy of this book by the publisher and Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review This book, the third featuring San Francisco area newspaper reporter Gabriella Giovanni, is a headline maker in its own right from the very first words The action unfolds immediately, evolving deftly into twists and turns that wind their way through a myriad of physical locations as well as through the minds an [...]

    Katie Sholty
    Blessed are Those Who Weep is than a crime novel, it contains an undercurrent of postpartum depression and PTSD that is so real that in its description that you yourself will feel the effects Kristi Belcamino captures the mental state of a woman who has lost a child, and slips you into her shoes Gabriella is struggling You see it in her appearance, her thoughts, her obsessions, and her diet At times, you will want to scream at Gabriella to get a grip, but that s the catch, PTSD and postpartum d [...]

    Alexis Tanner
    Kristi Belcamino has done it again In her third novel in the Gabriella Giovanni crime reporter series, Blessed Are Those Who Weep, Belcamino knocks it out of the park All of the novels in this series are deep, intense, addictive stories that have you begging for the next one to drop soon And they do How Belcamino keeps banging out these novels so fast and having them be so good is beyond me but I am not going to question this gift horse Belcamino s heroine, a beautiful, quirky, witty Italian cha [...]

    David Pennington
    In this third installment of her Gabriella Giovanni mystery series, Belcamino continues to up the ante, creating even tension and page turning suspense than ever While perfectly suitable to stand on its own for the uninitiated reader, Blessed Are Those Who Weep rewards readers of the first two books with Gabriella s continued development as someone whose painful past serves as motivation for her pursuit of justice It starts out with a bang of a gruesome scene, which pulls at the heartstrings e [...]

    Kristi has given us another gift with a smart, exciting story, in her highly anticipated third installment of her Blessed series, Blessed are Those Who Weep Kristi keeps true to main character, Gabriella Giovanni, who is intelligent, dedicated, personable, complex, and perfectly imperfect Gabriella becomes likable with each book, and makes you want to join her at Nana s house for Sunday dinner Kristi weaves the story through a series of twists and turns with ease, and you are along for the ride [...]

    Gabriella frustrated me this time aroundI thought the mystery in this book was entertaining, but I found Gabrielle s behavior to be all over the place Contextually, it made sense, but knowing that there were reasons for her to act the way she did didn t make me like it any better I groaned aloud as she said and did all the wrong things time and again I liked the note the book ended on much better, and hope that I enjoy the next release in this series than I did this outing.

    Book REMARKABLE Author Now on my favorite list Well written, edge of you seat read You will want this book on your list to read if not pick it up down and start reading Once you start you will be stuck in the book not wanting to do anything You will want to put whatever else off for the day just to keep turning those pages and to keep trying to figure it all out If you haven t read this book yet, you re missing out on a great one This is also the 3rd in the series Received for an honest review

    I loved this book The third in her series was yet another non stop read for me I finished it in one sitting Not by choice It was such a page turner I HAD to finish before I could sleep.This novel went a bit deeper into the characters and I felt I got to know them all even Great character development with a fast paced plot is a winning combination for me I can t wait to read by this author I am a huge fan This is a must read

    Another exceptional book in the Gabriella series I was sucked in with the first sentence and raced through to the end The descriptions are so life like, it is like I am there And that poor baby I just knew Gabriella would become attached I love Gabriella and Donovan and really enjoy getting to know them and watching them change and grow I am excited to start 4 which just arrived in my mailbox

    Kristin Boldon
    A thumping good read I enjoyed the story as well as the characters, and tore through this book in under 24 hours It has a tremendous need to know what happens factor, both for the baby and for Gabriella I m very much looking forward to the next book in the series, and to seeing what Gabriella is up to in the future.

    This book centers on Gabriella getting her life on track For a while I found her to be very aggravatingbut it seems Donovan helped her straighten out Book was not as nerve wrecking as the other books,but I still found good reading I am now going to read 4 which is the last book in the series.Maybe author will write books with Gabriella and Donovan They make a good pair.

    Cindy Boepple
    What a great series Gabriella is a great character and I love how real she seems as a person.This time Gabriella has a case that is really close to home for her due to the loss of her baby Then at the end when you know who the killer is and find out what it went through, it was almostHeartbreaking as to find out what his story was This one definitely had a lot of emotions in it.

    Michael Maynard
    Absolutely amazing addition to the series, I can not wait for the next installment The third installment of the series has by far surpassed my expectations set previously by the other two installments not that it was an easy feat to accomplish I am impatiently waiting for the fourth installment.

    I loved the beginning of the book but thought it slowed for a bit I m so glad I finished reading the book I started to realize all that the main character was going through A very good mystery I m going to purchase the next book in this series.

    Connie Cartwright
    What a fantastic bookI ve read all three books This is by far the best I couldn t stop reading I had to finish it The beginning grabs you and you are sucked to a wonderful story I recommend this to all Good job to Kristie Belcomino

    Kim Jamieson
    Good suspense novelInteresting read good characters keeps you guessing Enjoyable story Would recommend Kristi makes characters believable Would read other books by this author

    Belcamino weaves an engrossing story I loved her first two books in this series The third installment does not disappoint I would recommend this series for casual and avid readers alike.

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