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  • Title: Uprooted: A Canadian War Story
  • Author: Lynne Reid Banks
  • ISBN: 9780007589432
  • Page: 204
  • Format: Paperback

  • Uprooted: A Canadian War Story By Lynne Reid Banks From the author of The Indian in the Cupboard and The L Shaped Room comes a fascinating story of a wartime childhood, heavily influenced by her own experience In 1940 as war rages across Europe, ten year old Lindy waves goodbye to England and makes the long journey to Saskatoon, Canada, along with her mother and her cousin Cameron They may be far from the war but they arFrom the author of The Indian in the Cupboard and The L Shaped Room comes a fascinating story of a wartime childhood, heavily influenced by her own experience In 1940 as war rages across Europe, ten year old Lindy waves goodbye to England and makes the long journey to Saskatoon, Canada, along with her mother and her cousin Cameron They may be far from the war but they are also far from home and everyone they know and love Life in Canada is very different but it is also full of exciting new adventuresThis captivating story is inspired by Lynne Reid Banks own childhood experience and her time in Canada.
    Lynne Reid Banks
    Lynne Reid Banks is a British author of books for children and adults She has written forty books, including the best selling children s novel The Indian in the Cupboard, which has sold over 10 million copies and been made into a film.Banks was born in London, the only child of James and Muriel Reid Banks She was evacuated to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada during World War II but returned after the war was over She attended St Teresa s School in Surrey Prior to becoming a writer Banks was an actress, and also worked as a television journalist in Britain, one of the first women to do so Her first novel, The L Shaped Room, was published in 1960.In 1962 Banks emigrated to Israel, where she taught for eight years on an Israeli kibbutz Yasur In 1965 she married Chaim Stephenson, with whom she had three sons Although the family returned to England in 1971 and Banks now lives in Dorset with her husband, the influence of her time in Israel can be seen in some of her books which are set partially or mainly on kibbutzim.

    Uprooted: A Canadian War Story By Lynne Reid Banks


    Loved it Captivating read about a woman, her daughter, and her nephew, as they brave a new home in Canada during wartime, leaving their homeland of England Author was able to relay the insecurities of relocating under such circumstances I especially enjoyed the story, told from the daughter Lindy s viewpoint, unfolding from the very beginning when they set out on the sea voyage and concluding at the very last pages with accounts on how it all turned out years later Terrific historical fiction ab [...]

    Diane Close
    This book started off so slowly that I almost abandoned it I stuck with it and it picked up about a third of the way through, but it could best be described as a day in the life of type story It follows a young British girl, her slightly older male cousin, and her mother as they are forced to make their way to, and live in, Canada, after they are evacuated there due to the German bomb threat in England They end up living in Canada until the end of the war, but this book specifically follows thei [...]

    I got about a third of the way through this book and despite other reviews mention it picking up in a small bit, I ve DNFed this book The beginning is just so horrendously slow that I can t help but feel like it won t get much better, even with the twist that I ve seen mentioned in other reviews And for a children s middle grade book I feel like the beginning can t be slow, otherwise you ll have kids putting it aside.I really liked some of the themes mentioned in the portion that I read, mainly [...]

    Shirley Freeman
    I really liked this charming middle grade novel British author Lynne Reid Banks based the novel on her own experiences of being evacuated from London to Saskatchewan, Canada At first, the British government forbid families from sending money to evacuees fearing that too much money would leave the country so not only did the evacuees have to adjust to a new culture and a new life, but they often had to depend on the largess of strangers There is tension and drama to keep it interesting but it is [...]

    Susan Csoke
    It was the summer of 1940, the first summer of World War 2 It was a very sad day as Lindy said goodbye to her father, grandfather and aunts She was leaving England with her mother and cousin Cameron It was a long rough ship ride out of war torn Europe to Montreal where they would begin their lives anew, Through hardships they endeavor A fantasy visit to New York lifts their spirits And mystery man Hank makes this book a warming novel THANK YOU FIRSTREADS FOR THIS FREE BOOK

    Sarah Smith
    This book really captivated me After a rather slow start the book got going and occasionally tugged at the heart strings Following a young girl, her elder cousin and her mum to Canada as war evacuees the book shows the trials they faced and the emotions they felt in a very cleverly told story For use in the classroom this book would be fabulous for older children who wanted to explore evacuees or how it would feel to move away into the unknown A great story to develop empathy and understanding t [...]

    Great historical fiction Somewhat about author s childhood.

    Megan Ringrose
    Engaging for a sort of memoir, but upon finishing it I feel like something was missing Don t know if it was visual description or character introspection or what.

    3.5easy and interesting read, probably that is why it was in the children s section at the library LOL

    I m really not sure what the point of this book was There was no story.I have not read any of the author s other works, such as the popular The Indian in the Cupboard, so I have nothing to compare this piece to The premise of the book sounded very interesting I don t believe it s looked at too frequently within the WWII genre Instead of children and moms being sent out into the countryside of England, some made the trek across the Atlantic to having their world turned upside down The author had [...]

    Cindy Hudson
    At the start of World War II, many women and children left England to live with relatives or sponsoring families in Canada and the U.S The idea was to keep them safe from the bombing and hardship that was sure to come Against this backdrop, ten year old Lindy, her mom, and her cousin Cameron set off for Saskatoon, Canada, where a great uncle lives Although the uncle lives in too small of a space to welcome the three himself, he finds a family they can live with.The transition isn t easy Canadian [...]

    This book needs to be edited The grammar and sentence structure are very poor Maybe it has a decent story line, but I am looking for educational historical books for my children to read I would not give them a book containing so much I would mark incorrect in their own work Here are a few quotes taken directly, with spelling and punctuation, from the book All are found on one page in the prologue He was quivering Dogs sense things And there was a lot to sense But I knew then he was thinking of B [...]

    Alison Gates
    I m interested in reading Middle Readers, and this was a good book for the age group This was another ARC, but the first one I ve read that felt like it was complete and ready to be published.The story wasn t exciting, but interesting enough to keep reading and moved forward at a good clip I also found the subject matter interesting English WWII evacuees residing in Canada as I haven t read much about this topic I also enjoyed reading about Canada and the descriptions of the Canadian wilderness [...]

    Murielle Cyr
    A charming look back at the experience of a British evacuee family who takes refuge in a Saskatchewan home to escape the bombings of WW2 We follow Lindy, a ten year old girl, her mother, and a twelve year old male cousin as they try to adjust to life in Canada The generosity of the Canadian hosts who housed, clothed,entertained, and fed the evacuee families was impressive and a revelation to me Narrated through the eyes of both the younger, and then the elderly Lindy, it made for a simple and fa [...]

    Alison Evans
    10 year old Lindy, her mother and cousin, Cameron, are evacuated to Canada in 1940, leaving her doctor father and Cameron s parents behind in London At the time, nobody was allowed to take than 10 with them so, once in Canada, they had to rely totally on the kindness of their Canadian hosts This is based on Lynne Reid Banks own experiences, and the problems and pleasures seem all too real Eventually the British were allowed to send money, so they could live in their own place and be independen [...]

    Scott Kennedy
    I read this thinking that it might be a good book for my daughter to read It is a really good read, however I feel that it would be better suited to young teens rather than primary aged children There were some themes that I was not comfortable with introducing to her For example the Lindy s mother ends up leaving England during the war and staying with a Canadian family, leaving her husband to hold the fort in England The man of the house becomes infatuated with her and this is hinted at quite [...]

    It is a wonderful story, but rather for younger audience Despite that the novel is captivating and interesting It is told from the perspective of 10 years old girl Lindy.The story is inspired by author s childhood experience, when she left England during a war, as 10 years old girl and came to Canada with her mother and cousin She is sweet and smart and she tells us the story from the moment they left London, traveled on train and took ship Her honest observation as a child, make a reader smile [...]

    My rating 3 1 2 out of 4 stars.This was of a series of vignettes about Lindy s experience as an evacuee based on the author s own story from what I can tell than a story in the traditional sense Although I did enjoy the book and would recommend that young adults or even non young adults read it to get a different World War II perspective than you usually get first I ve heard of evacuations to Canada though I d heard of evacuating to the British countryside , I could see the story not holding th [...]

    Nancy Shepherd
    I received this book free through I am so glad Even though I was a child of the 1940 s, I remember very little of the war This book really brought home the anxiety and the fear of both adults and children during this time Because the narrator was a young girl, the story really held my interest.Years ago, I read Goodnight, Mr Tom a book about an English boy who came to the U.S during WWII I had not heard of the children being sent to Canada The Canadians who took in the families really gave a lot [...]

    Great insight into Canada s war, the plight of evacuees and the beauties of Saskatchewan The characters are very real, the writing is delightful I learned a lot about the difficulties in leaving Britain that I hadn t known before This is the author s own story and it is wonderful how she follows up in the end Thank you to Harper Collins for sharing an advanced copy with me in exchange for an honest review.

    Cate Wakely
    The thing that made me absolutely love this novel was simply the fact that it was written modernly but from a different, formal era It was clean and refreshing and easy to read.At parts I felt like the author could have used better descriptive words but for the most part this was a wonderful novel.

    Loved this I liked the style of narration, enjoyed seeing a different perspective, loved the colloquialisms and presentation of the cultural challenges the family faced Particularly liked all the little details like the rhymes and games they used, the language issues even between 2 English speaking countries Thoroughly charming.

    We really loved this book Besides giving a children s view of what it was like to be evacuated to Canada, it reminded us how fortunate we are to be Canadian and for the genuine kindness of people everywhere Ironically, I bought it in the UK and haven t seen a copy here so I think I will donate it to the library for others to read.

    This book was very interesting and sometimes I was unable to put it down There was a lots of twists and turns And very sad parts A lot of the unexpected happened But overall it was a very good book and I recommend it to anybody who likes good detailed receipts

    The storyline was interesting and creative, but the perspective and telling of the story left much to be desired It felt disorganized, caught between the retrospective grown woman and the child s in the moment perspective.

    Good story and an interesting setting for a WWII historical fiction.

    I enjoyed this book about a girl, her cousin and mother who escape London during WWII in Saskatoon.

    I loved this book The characters were real to me, the adventures were delightful but I still felt the difficulties each character faced.

    This Book was amazingly emotional and I loved every single piece of it.

    pleasantly surprised at this book in the end, it was slow at first but it picked up the pace and turned out to be an enjoyable read

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