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  • Title: Hung the Moon
  • Author: BurnItAllClean
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  • Hung the Moon By BurnItAllClean Author and Story No Longer Available on archiveofourown Website of 6 15 2015SterekSlowly Stiles got control of himself again His heart calmed His breathing evened out The anger was gone In it s place a bone deep weariness settled He couldn t do this He wouldn t survive this.Words 83,016 Chapters 8 9 WIP as at Jan 4th 2015Art by ka_jo
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    Hung the Moon By BurnItAllClean


    Rosa, really
    WARNING This is most definitely a if Stiles is sad I am sad fic And Stiles is sad.And I am sad There was one scene where Stiles wants to play with the alive Hales under the full moon everyone s a werewolf btw , but he can t cross into their pack lands without express permission and they re not giving it to him Okay, yes, they have reasons but Stiles is so fucking sad and I CRIED.That was the only point that moved me to actual tears, but for a large portion of the fic I had a huge lump in my thro [...]

    2nd read 24 03 2015 It s still really good 3rd read 14 05 2015 must stop re reading ETA 24 05 2015 BurnItAllClean has deleted her account on AO3 sobs 4th read 26 09 20155th read 15 11 20156th read 24 02 2016This was awesome Everyone s a werewolf and alive Sounds too good, right Well,And it s not someone you would want to see dead.Stiles is an Omega, Derek is an Alpha and he s two years older than Stiles The story starts when they re kids and ends for now one chapter to go when Derek is about to [...]

    R * A Reader Obsessed *
    5 StarsOMG this was amazing but fuck, did it hurt Scuze my language I want you to look at that gif and keep it in mind when you read this because you re going to need that to reassure yourself that everything will be ok.For me hands down this was the best A B O fic I ve read so far This really delved into the world of those dynamics, explaining what an alpha, a beta, and an omega is More importantly, it truly shows what it means to be an alpha s omega and in turn, an omega s alpha.Stiles and Der [...]

    1 4 2015 ETA All eight chapters completed 1 5 2014 ETA It says 8 9, but I can t imagine what will be accomplished with one chapter It is entitled, The End of a Chapter So either it s done or the next chapter is a lead in for subsequent work So this is a slow and painful journey from the joyful frolicking of youth to the pain of great loss to burden and finally FINALLY Yes, the story comes full circle and that which was promised in the beginning is realized The slower start makes the rush to the [...]

    This was possibly just a tad too much Too much Pack politics and honestly, too much pain I hurt the entire time I was reading.That being said, I didn t dislike it, I just wanted to scream and have things be so very different For every moment of hope there was a moment of pain or stupidity or misunderstanding to wipe it away I just feel like it took too long and I needed from everyone regardless of stupid, stupid, stupid politics It was written in the stars for God sake Who cares about anything [...]

    Lilia Ford
    I really liked what there is of this, but I only realized in the final pages that it s not finished Unfortunately it s not been updated since May so it may be that the author has abandoned it for some reason I ll hold off on reviewing except to say that it s a total angst fest, but the opening scenes of Stiles and Derek claiming each other as little kids were beyond adorable.

    3.5 starsAll werewolves in this one, nu humans Everyone can fully shift into a wolf.This story starts with Derek and Stiles being 5 and 7 years old It is clear from the start that these boys are meant to be together Stiles is Derek s Omega and Derek is Stiles Alpha.But before the two of them can be together they have to overcome several problems Stiles is still very young when his mom dies and he is in his teens when his dad dies as well Being an Omega without a pack or an Alpha that has claimed [...]

    Adrianamae, Marco's fan
    Soooo good Come on, muse, give this author a shove of encouragement to finish this story Cuteness and feels of Sterek as pups is unbelievably high and satisfying.Updated 1 5 2015Author updated this story The boys grow up, and Styles has a lot of trials to go through He s still the stubborn fool, keeping things to himself as he suffers and struggles over and over and over Did I say he did this over and over But still it doesn t matter because at the end, love triumphs and all is well Styles and D [...]

    The premise is just interesting enough to keep me reading, but the balance is off Overall the story feels too info dumpy and reptitive, I felt I was getting retold the same facts over and over again which pulled me from the story With a good editor it has potential.There s a lot of pack politics, made me think of a regency harelquinn is some respects with the great debts to pay Don t understand why Stiles didn t get help, everyone seemed to be hovering around him yet at the same time ignoring a [...]

    BWT (Belen)
    A B OThis definitely dragged in places for me and I ll also admit I wasn t crazy about the whole debt storyline But, I liked how the author tied everything together in the end It was an interesting take on the TW universe.I promise I will never leave his side I will support him I will fight for him I will fight with him I will spend every second of the rest of my life making sure he never has to spend a second of his alone.I will be his pack, his family I will give him children, and a mate that [...]

    This was an uneven read There was a lot of good feelz and Derek and Stiles interaction and THEN There were misused words and infodumping and some biological determinism uncomfortable to me that threatened to pull me out of the hurts so good feelz The author has a lot of good instincts and ideas, but I really wish that s he had a good editor to help them shine Overall, though, I give this a thumbs up Especially if you love your hurt comfort feelz.

    Fifi LaFleur
    This one hurt a bit Stiles just can t catch a break Tragic and heartbreaking and full of simple misunderstandings that ache Stiles and Derek as kids was a hilight It kinda ended abruptly After all that pain I could have really used a chapter or two of full on happy sexytimes just to balance it out a bit.I hear there is a chapter still to come This is great news

    One of the best abo fics I have read Stiles is suffering, but never a victim In fact he is just so strong and resillient and I just feel for him The writing is also very good and I couldn t stop reading even late into the night Love, love, love this fic.

    I started out loving this, it was so sweet and heartbreaking and Stiles was so hurt that I literally sobbed at one stage I had great hopes for the wonderful comfort that Derek would show Did that happen Well yes and no By the end I just couldn t cope with the constant not worthies and we can t mate yet s because to be frank I think the reasons were bullshit and Derek needed to man the fuck up and shut that shit down I got frustrated and annoyed with the green light , yellow light insanity and Ka [...]

    I really liked thister I view spoiler got over my broken heart from the Sheriff dying hide spoiler I love the Stiles Derek dynamic in this story Stiles is so full of pride, so determined, so self sacrificing should drive me mad, but it didn t It just made me love him harder and want him to have his HEA all the A wonderful, wonderful Stiles Derek relationship 3

    Wandering Reader
    Novel length Sterek, very angsty, Alpha Beta Omega world, Stiles family faces trials rather than the Hales, good writing, most of the story occurs in High School, unique story and a hard won HEA well, for most everyone.Highly recommended for my fellow Sterek lovers.Thank you, R, for this story recommendation.

    DNF at 64%Stiles and Derek as kids were really enjoyable So much touching and cuddling and nuzzling But then, the plot rapidly started to lack logic and every line of dialogue was interspersed with endless introspection or description Add to that the boring characterization of both Stiles basically a sad and anxiety ridden teenager without any of his usual snark and Derek no personality whatsoever and The story started to drag really soon The final nail in the coffin Stiles being super happy tha [...]

    This was too too sappy I will be in the minority of people who did not enjoy this view spoiler I hate it when everyone and everything is set against the main character who is so weak he can t defend himself and must rely on the kindness of those around and said kindness is barely there, and only from the other MC.This started pleasant enough with Stiles and Derek being infatuated with each other since they were very young It was nice to read about the small and big ways in which they revolved ar [...]

    Thanks to a little help from my friends Extra star for being free.

    Loong Sterek, but wish I had known it wasn t complete Hope it will be at some point.Very detailed build up of Derek and Stiles, right from babies Lots of sads.

    4.5 stars Holy crap this was so amazing, and also sooo hard to read Talk about an emotional firestorm The first chapter is sweet and amazing with kid feelz as Derek and Stiles grow up together It hits on a bout 1 major event per year, doing a very good job of showing us their connection and large moments in their life together Claudia s death is obviously a tipping point of when things start to change, although it doesn t all go downhill immediately But from then on is when the torture starts I [...]

    Incomplete but still awesome.


    I really liked this one

    I m really hoping the typo in the blurb the writing isn t a reflexion upon the quality of the fic


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