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  • Title: Heat
  • Author: J.M. Walker
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  • Page: 189
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  • Heat By J.M. Walker WARNING Book contains adult content Not for readers under 18 years of age Remember Safe Sane Consensual He is my light My darkness The heat that creeps along my bones.He controls me Captivates me Owns me.He needs me just as much as I need him.He teaches me to love, to want To heal.He breaks me down only to make me whole.He gives me a reason to fight To mov WARNING Book contains adult content Not for readers under 18 years of age Remember Safe Sane Consensual He is my light My darkness The heat that creeps along my bones.He controls me Captivates me Owns me.He needs me just as much as I need him.He teaches me to love, to want To heal.He breaks me down only to make me whole.He gives me a reason to fight To move on from the nightmare that was my past The life before him.He introduces me to a world of trust, empowerment and pure utter submission.He unleashes an inferno, a raging fire inside of me that burns only for him.He is Parker Reed.When Keely Price is hired at Reed Industries, she takes on than just an assistant job Having to deal with Parker Reed s unconventional lifestyle choices while also trying to subdue her own demons, she looks to him for guidance and protection in a world unlike her own.Can they conquer their own demons before they take control and break them apart forever
    J.M. Walker
    J.M Walker is an bestselling author who loves all things books, pigs and lip gloss She is happily married to the man who inspires all of her Heroes and continues to make her weak in the knees every single day Above all, be the HEROINE of your own life Nora Ephron

    Heat By J.M. Walker


    DNF 25%I m sorry but I tried, I swear I did, I didn t want to think that I had two books back to back that I couldn t get through.This went from like 0 to 60 in a flash I pushed on since I couldn t really give up after the first chapter I can appreciate a insta relationship, but it was the combination of the insta ness, the bad boy CEO billionaire theme, and a heroine that says one thing but does another that didn t work for me Her position at the company was questionable for the very beginning, [...]

    Allison ❤️Will Never Conquer Her TBR❤️
    DNF at 38%WellWhen I read the book blurb to Heat, I was pleasantly intrigued It promised to be a bit dark and everything hot Unfortunately, none of that was delivered for me.Every erotica cliche that is out there is in this book Let me count the ways 1 Rich yet young billionaire CEO2 Meak woman enters for job interview Gets hired after basically two or so questions Her name, her age Asks her to stand Asks her to sit You re hired Hmm3 Hired position is for his assistant aka his submissive.4 Gay B [...]

    DNF 20%I feel bad bailing on this so early, but it s doing nothing for me I m not connecting to the characters I keep reading about their connection yet I m not feeling it so the insta lust they have going on is leaving me cold On top of all of that, the echoes of fifty shades and Crossfire are too obvious to ignore As much as I love those books, I m craving a original twist on that whole billionare Dom plot.I thought this was going to be an affair with the boss story, where the boss is a hugel [...]

    5 Heat filled stars J.M Walker is one of my new favourite BDSM romance authors This is a new to me author but in so glad I gave this book a chance Parker Reed is all kinds of wonderful He s a smart, incredibly sexy Dom with a dark side I loved this book The sex was super hot and became kinky as the book went on The last 25% of this book was super exciting and it become like romantic suspense.I d love to read in this series and by this author I received a review copy of this book from the publ [...]

    I was given an ARC by the author for an honest review.Okay first off, this book was sex sex sex Lots of sex, so if you like that you ll love this book Unfortunately, I m not so into that I feel like there are books out there about sex with a story in it then there are stories with sex scenes in them, if that makes sense lol I felt that this one was one of those sex with a story book Which there is nothing wrong with that for those who like it, just not my cup of tea The story itself I loved Ther [...]

    Please Note that this book is pretty dark and contains a lot of abuse Not for faint heart This book has a lot of insight into BDSM Shibari and Kinbaku I read the Blurb of this book and I knew I had to read it This is the 1st book of the Author I have read and I must say its a well written book Parker Loving Tattooed Dom Protective Fierce Alpha Master I loved the way Parker is characterized in this book He is such an amazing hero full of warmth but beware ladies a Dom to the core The scenes betwe [...]

    ★ Belle The Bibliophile ★
    This book is fucking ridiculous I wanted to rip my hair off Since this book s gotten so many rave reviews, I m guessing this will be one of thoseunpopular opinion.Meh Sorry not sorry.I m gonna have to be clear here I didn t finish this one There s only so much bullshit I can take First of all, the characters insta attraction is fucking ridiculous Real talk Hands down ridiculous.This book started with our girl, Keely who was interviewing for a job at Reed Industries , which was a stupid interview [...]

    This is the first book that I m reading from this author I have some of her other books But I just hope they are not like this bookWow First thing that came to my mind when I started reading this book was that it reminded me so much of Fifty Shades Of Grey A little But way darker The author didn t mess around with the timeline either.Keely meets Parker Reed in a job interview Then like two hours later she was already fighting her feeling for him I mean I m all for instant love But I want the ma [...]

    Constance Pebbles
    If you love a man that just oozes male dominance and embodies the true meaning of an alpha male then this book is a must read This book jumps right into the story from the very first page There was no slow escalation which I truely appreciated This story has so many different twists and turns, it always leaves you guessing as what is going to happen and wow the storyline I never would of expected it to go in that direction.Keely and Parker are two truely remarkable people and I am so happy that [...]

    Gracie Wilson
    This author did something to me that doesn t happen to often in this genre, if at all I got teary I felt ever pain the main characters were going through like it was my own, which left me on an emotional roller coaster I was wanting my own Parker Reed from the very beginning I had to finish this in one sitting I just couldn t put it down Now that doesn t mean I wasn t screaming and having melt downs Maybe even the odd hate mail to the author P What can I say the emotions got to me and hate was d [...]

    Dusti Hanrahan
    ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 3.5 4 HEATED stars For starters I very much enjoyed this book, as a lover of BDSM stories this one did not disappoint The scenes were hot and it was clear the author did some research into the lifestyle The storyline itself was very good, it was hot and intense yet the unexpected twist will keep you guessing It was focused around Keely Price and Parker Reed Keely has escaped an abusive relationship and was rebuilding her life insert Park [...]

    LorenaGarcia -- Brittany's Book Blog
    Received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review First I would like to say that this is the first book I read from this author and I am not the least bit disappointed I enjoyed this book starting from beginning to end I just couldn t seem to find myself putting it down This one was a little different for me It might have been the sexy millionaire but he was different, very different When do you read a book that has a tattooed pierced alpha millionaire Never, at least I haven t Yo [...]

    Scorching hot Parker Reed is a filthy mouthed, tatted up, green eyed Alpha and he is perfect Jm Walker has the best love scenes in all of her books, but this one was off the charts hot Keely and Parker s chemistry jumped right off the pages This is a very intricate story and it has many twist, turns, and plenty of angst, this is not for the faint of heart Keely s indecisiveness worked my nerve a bit, but by the end of the book I was starting to understand her better And I know you are supposed t [...]

    Parker and Keelywhat an interesting couple A dark craving, a seductive need and secrets make this story a must read Once you start you won t be able to put this one down Desire, love, emotional turmoila whirlwind of Heat.

    3.5 STARSReviewed by Sharon Th r se Nuttall on behalf of Kindle Friends Forever.This is the first book I have read by this author and my first impression regarding this story was a little conflictive to say the least I carried on reading Fortunately, the plot is a solid one I give a lot of importance to this as too many steamy scenes, and believe me when I say they abound tend to bore me Is this the case Read on Her characters personalities are strong, the setting is perfect, and even though I f [...]

    Melinda ~ Twinsie Talk
    I received this book by the Author for an honest review I love JM Walker s work I have read most everything she has written and she has never let me down I was hooked from the beginning and I had a tough time putting it down Between the Dominant Alpha Male and the broken female I had to know what was going to happen between them These two were the perfect match you would think she needed him to fix her but he needed her just as much Keely Price had a horrible past and she was finally moving on S [...]

    Strong, beautiful, independent, survivor and natural submissive are all words you can use to describe the young, damaged Keeley Price In Keeley s teen years she fell in love with the wrong guy So wrong that he left her broken and shell shocked Never once did she think that she would ever again allow anyone, let alone a man, control her Never did she think she would be able to find comfort or love from man Oh how wrong she was Enter the young, ber rich, tatted and pierced Parker Reed Keeley only [...]

    Twinsie Talk Angie J
    check out this review and others atTwinsietalkFacebook Twinsietalk TwinsietalkI received this book from the author for an honest review.HOLD THE PHONE This book was hawt and sooo rawr worthy because Parker Reed is some kinda broken alpha male wipes brow Man oh Man, did he make my heart jump and make my panties explode He is soooo delicious that if you like erotica then this is a jackpot for you.Parker Reed is a player, player, player He plays for him and doesnt really care about the woman They a [...]

    Simply Just Jen
    OMG I am hereby staking my claim on PARKER REED Yep its officialHe s mine I loved this book from the first page JM Walker can certainly write a fabulous dynamic alpha male This story drove me nuts with anticipation on what was going to go down next I couldn t put the book down I loved the excitement and whirl wind guessing I was doing the whole time I was reading it Of course, I was wrong most of the time LOL That just goes to attest to JM Walkers ability to allure her readers into a fabulous jo [...]

    I just finished Heat and I just loved it If you know J.M Walker than you know that she can write some hot men Brett for the Torn Series was my fav of hers For me though, Parker was one of the hottest most sexiest man that I have read about and I think I am in love Keely has some secrets but she has to move on in her life so she goes for an interview at Reed Industries She has the interview with the man himself Parker Reed highers her on the spot She doesn t understand why and doesn t question it [...]

    Sue L
    This was the hardest book for me to read because the writing was just all over the place Although it was a good story I just couldn t enjoy it because of the way it was written It was so cold, almost like reading a comic book is the only way I can think of to describe it Things happened in the story that could have been very good but there was never any build up for what was going on It went from one scene to another with no story in between It was such a cold, lifeless read The sex scenes were [...]

    Christine Stanley
    OH MY LORD Could there be a better title for this book I don t freaking think so This is absolutely by far the best work to date by J.M and that s saying an awful lot as I absolutely devour all of her books This book was SO insanely hot I wouldn t have been able to put it down if I wanted too However it wasn t just a really good sexy story but so much than that The plot line behind this story will leave you reeling You will never in your wildest dreams be able to guess how it ends, and with the [...]

    Tanya Rae ~ TaSTy WordGasms
    Heat was HOT This book was recommended by a blogmate from TaSTy Wordgasms and she told me that Heat was a MUST read Heat was not an ARC, I bought it and it still received an honest review I loved Parker s Keely s story There were a couple of shocking moments that I did not see coming No I won t tell you what they were because then this review would contain spoilers which it does not Keely is submissive from the first meeting with Parker and Parker is a very sexy, tattooed pierced hunk of a man T [...]

    Serena Kett
    J.M Walker never fails in writing a fantastic story I look forward to each and every one of the books this Author blesses us with.Her latest book HEAT is fantastic Yet another book I couldn t put down but didn t want it to end either sobbing dramatically.The title HEAT says it all as it s sizzling HOT Gripping amazing The twists and turns in this book leave you gasping on the edge of your seat When Keely Price is hired at Reed Industries as the assistant to Parker Reed She gets than she bargain [...]

    Advance Readers Copy ARC given to me by the lovely author J.M Walker for an honest reviewRating 5 Title HeatSeries YesPlot 9Cover 7Heroine 6Hero 9This book has been the death of me I need book two NOW J.M Walker told me I would fall in love with Parker Reed by the end of this book and I DID with no regrets, like a good little pet would do I can t tell you how much I loved this book.But I felt like this book was way to similar to Bared To You and Raw The plot wasn t original but I still loved it, [...]

    Deyanira Camacho
    HOLY CRAP ON CRACKER PARKER REED IS HOOOOOOOOOOT J.M did it again The book flows naturally, not your typical business man, he s covered in tats and has piercings YUMMY in my book The heroine is damaged but she tries to move on in life with the help of her lovely friend Troy I would eat him whole just cause he s so freaking sweet The plot thickens and u wanna cry I must admit I cried, laughed and had all the emotions in between yup she s THAT good.Its not ur typical Dom Sub relation but the flow [...]

    Tara Marie
    Holy hotness, I didn t want to put this book down, I needed it, I devoured it You need to read it and fall in love with Parker Reed and all his alpha dominating hotness.Keely applies for a job she may have zero qualifications for or even know what the job entails but she needs a job and a paycheck and Reed Industries is the perfect place to start What she doesn t know is Parker Reed will change her life in ways then one Parker is a beautifully broken man who everyone thinks they know but no one [...]

    All I m going to say is HOT I love Parker Reed We ve got lots of twist and turns during this story that had you guessing what was going to happen Then chemistry between Parker and Keely is just plain hot You could tell from the start it was going to fast and strong The sex scenes had me fanning myself and putting the book down for a second to get it together I truly love Author J.M Walker work and will continue to read and support her always I can t wait for the second book to come out Thanks ag [...]

    I was lucky enough to receive an ARC from the author J.M Walker s books just get amazing This story had my emotions everywhere I even got teary eyed I felt ever pain the main characters were going through like it was my own, which left me on an emotional roller coaster I couldn t put this book down It was such a roller coaster with a lot of curve balls Just when I thought I knew what was going to happend I was left Cursing, freaking out I loved Parker Reed though at times he pissed me off LOL T [...]

    FMR Book Grind
    ERIN S REVIEW4 StarsThis story was somewhat dark, heart wrenching, and yet uplifting The characters are complex, secretive, and passionate They have dark and sordid pasts, but are determined to be each other s light I love the support structure that Keely and Troy have with each other The story has several twists that I did not see coming Parker is an enigma to me He is unlike most characters I read about You can t help but feel drawn to Keely I am very excited to see where this story will lead [...]

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