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  • Title: Death of Wolverine
  • Author: Charles Soule Steve McNiven
  • ISBN: 9780785193517
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Death of Wolverine By Charles Soule Steve McNiven All roads must end somewhere, and every hero s story eventually comes to a close For Logan, the century old mutant known as Wolverine, that time is now The loss of his healing factor and the traumatic events of Three Months To Die have all led to this, the single most important X Men event of the decade Over the years, Logan has been a warrior, a hero, a renegade, a sAll roads must end somewhere, and every hero s story eventually comes to a close For Logan, the century old mutant known as Wolverine, that time is now The loss of his healing factor and the traumatic events of Three Months To Die have all led to this, the single most important X Men event of the decade Over the years, Logan has been a warrior, a hero, a renegade, a savage, a samurai, a teacher and so much Logan has spent decades being the best there is at what he doesbut even the best fade away eventually And now, the greatest X Men hero will play a role he s never played before in this solemn special event brought to you by industry superstars Charles Soule and Steve McNiven.Collecting Death of Wolverine 1 4
    Charles Soule Steve McNiven
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    Death of Wolverine By Charles Soule Steve McNiven


    Sean Gibson
    In the grand tradition of War and Peace, The Social Contract, and The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, Marvel gives us another narrative whose title tells us pretty much all we need to know about its contents The question is should you read it Brief rant it would be impossible for this to be a 5 star book Why 5 star books are not created as a result of editorial driven attempts to induce a massive sales spike and foster interest in the long, multi titled buildup to a beloved character s inevitable ret [...]

    Captain Kirk Bones, can you do anything for him McCoy I m a doctor not a sheet metal worker Besides he s dead, Jim.Spock Captain, if I may interject an opinion Wolverine s death is highly illogical You said it, you pointy eared Vulcan bastard The build up to this final volume has been spotty but entertaining in spurts Wolverine loses his healing factor, becomes mortal and brushes aside any of Marvel s resident genius s attempts to help him recover In the meantime, he s a marked man and it s open [...]

    Will M.
    If anyone were to ask me what was the most underwhelming graphic novel I ve ever read, Death of Wolverine would be my straight out answer It always sucks when your favorite superhero of all time got a not so good plot Not so good in a way that the ending ruined it all, or let me change that, the length ruined it all.Wolverine started to lose his healing powers, so that means he s not the immortal mutant we ve gotten used to He has to fight mano a mano with the people hired to capture him for a h [...]

    Scarlet Cameo
    La muerte de Wolverine se presenta como una consecuencia de una explosi n at mica que da o su poder regenerativo, provocando que el adamantium lo envenen Enrevezado Si Cre ble No, que yo recuerde Logan ya hab a estado en alguna de esas explosiones Entretenido Si, al menos lo suficiente como para continuar leyendo.Esta historia puede resumirse en una frase todos est n tras Wolverine, en serio parece que una vez que de alguna forma se que Logan ahora puede morir todos quieren llevarlo y ni siquier [...]

    Sam Quixote
    Remember Jason Aaron s Punisher MAX run a few years ago That series killed off the classic Punisher, the Vietnam vet Frank Castle, and subsequently resurrected him as a thirtysomething vet of an unnamed war so as not to date him But the way Aaron killed off Frank was glorious a heavily beaten Frank managed to kill his way through his greatest enemies before finally falling himself It was so perfect it remains my favourite character death storyline ever So now it s Charles Soule s turn to kill of [...]

    This is a really weird way to send out a character like Wolverine It basically just reads as four random issues in the middle of a regular Wolverine run, not like the major event that will send out one of Marvel s best known characters As a death event, it s kind of blah.But the weird thing is that if you read the first three issues as just plain old Wolverine issues, they re actually quite good Soule could have turned in a really nice Wolverine run, if given the chance He s got Logan s personal [...]

    Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    I thought this was a very good graphic novel I ve become a huge fan of Wolverine I guess my buddy has rubbed off on me, because he s the biggest Wolverine fan on earth This has everything you might like about the character You see inside his soul and you see how sucky his life is in the sense that he has to fight, it s not an option Wolverine has lost his healing factor, and that is a very bad thing for a person who has to fight as often and as hard as he does Death is literally right around the [...]

    This comic was better than I thought it was going to be The artwork is great the story is quite slow really I am sure that everyone reading this was knew Wolverine was going too especially with the 3 months build up to it Just as I am sure everyone knows he will be back The book is a lot shorter and quicker read then it looks It has big panels of artwork which I think suit Wolverine perfectly The last 5th of the book of the book is the director s cut pages of the book I have to say I am not real [...]

    I find myselfunderwhelmed.Don t get me wrong, Steve McNiven s art was bang on Charles Soule has Wolverine s mannerisms, character, and way of speech down better than anyone since Rick Remender s X Force Logan Hell, I even understand what they were doing with the actual death, and what it was supposed to mean represent.I just thought was kind of an insult to Wolverine in some ways I know you can t all go out like Butch and Sundance, but Logan seemed to be destined for some great end, and I think [...]

    I cared about this event enough to actually buy the single issues so I could read it sooner, and let me say that as an adult with a career, it is a real pain in the ass to hump over to the comic store four separate Wednesdays knowing that by Thursday they d be sold out Of course, afterward, when a friend of mine just asked why I didn t buy the single issues digitally, I could only shake my head that I didn t think of that beforehand It s a brave new world we live in Anyway, as for the comic, it [...]

    Wolverine lost his healing factor some time ago He checked with all the smartest people he knows to restore it to no avail Now a capture contract for Wolverine has been put out for Wolverine, but he s not going anywhere without a fight.So Wolverine is the latest victim of the trend of killing characters in Marvel He ll undoubtedly return at some point, but for now he s dead This sort of thing would be a spoiler if not for the title Death of Wolverine Could there be a lazier way to go about killi [...]

    Wow Flabbergasted with that ending I was genuinely engaged throughout and then that s the ending I mean, come on I expected a shock an awe conclusion I m still giving it 4 stars because I still enjoyed it and really liked the series of sketches included Ending just feels like a bit of a let down.

    I would probably give this a one star rating if I were a bigger Wolverine fan and had some sort of nostalgic attachment to the character As far as a regular comic story goes, this is a 2 star book It has some nice action, good artwork, and cool characters The story itself is alright Really, it s nothing special The ending, where Wolverine dies is really disappointing As a fan, I would be pissed It s silly, contrived, and unsatisfying I would rather have Wolverine die in battle with a vicious foe [...]

    Fun fact, my parents actually named me after Wolverine, hence my name Logan Not sure what to say, I m pretty sad after reading this, he s really gone and now they replaced him with X 23 to boost their sales, with the female demographic Artwork was pretty good, story is good, even though my second favourite super hero is gone I know we have Old Man Logan running around, but its just not the same Wolverine has always been the hero you cheer for no matter what, comics and movies alike This book was [...]

    Trevor Frazier
    Yikes was that underwhelming, to say the least.It has a few good testosterone pumping scenes Would you even be allowed to put the name Wolverine on the cover if you didn t but it is such a shallow story, especially for what is the death of one of the most beloved characters in comics Logan has lost his healing ability and people are now hunting him, so he decides to take the fight to the main baddie who keeps putting the contracts out It doesn t go down well for Ol Canucklehead That s the story [...]

    Thomas Edmund
    In honour of Jackman hanging up his claws from playing movie Wolverine I thought I would grab the much talking about Death of Wolverine Spoiler Alert I was surprised at the relatively short run, I guess I m a bit cynical, I love comic books but so often the sagas become bloated, cross over overblown stories Death of Wolverine was a clipped succinct almost rushed tale with almost zero fat to trim While the movie Logan isn t based on this story Old Man Logan there were a few themes and nods that [...]

    David Dalton
    I loved it Caught up on Old Man Logan by reading Vol 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Then from issue 25 on Now I am back tracking via digital comics to see what happened to our current timeline Logan Very good ending storyline But please, no one really thinks Logan is dead do they Cannot wait until Old Man Logan meets Wolverine Now which post Wolverine series will i move onto Maybe the Weapon X one

    Shahjahan Shourov
    Superb Outstanding illustration, not to mention.Light Shadow over drawing s alluring.

    If you re hoping for a thrilling yet fittingly emotional send off for one of Marvel s most beloved characters, then look elsewhere The Death of Wolverine is a rushed, hatchet job of a requiem, managing to do little except retread story points from Logan s past we ve seen a million times and completely botch any moments of meaning or finality I really can t believe Marvel even went through with this It feels so utterly unearned.I mean, for MONTHS leading up to this, Paul Cornell was writing Wolve [...]

    Neli Krasimirova
    zg n m Hay r, Logan ld diye de il, Wolvarine gibi bir karakter b yle bir sona lay k g r l p yaln zca 2 y ld zl k bir r n kar ld diye ok zg n m.

    I simply loved it, every panel, every page, every letter It was just great I m a huge Wolverine fan and I m currently picking up the Wolverines singles I couldn t start reading those before I read this could I So I read this in one sitting, extra s and all the extra s are great by the way, but I ll get to that in a bit.The book opens with the cover and a full black page with big white capital letters spelling THE END , then we get a beautiful shot of Wolverine after battle Bloody and exhausted w [...]

    James DeSantis
    You Smell That That s this pile of shit.Crazy part is I enjoy most of Soule s stuff This reeeeeeeeks editorial interference like no other Marvel Know what would be cool Soule Hm Marvel Kill off Wolverine Soule You mean the guy who nearly can t BE kill Marvel YES Soule Why Marvel BECAUSE IT S BIG NEWS Soule But Marvel I dunno Who cares Let s sell it That s what this is Throwing four separate issues that somewhat contact but have no heart, emotion, or ANYTHING to give us a reason WHY we should car [...]

    David Church
    The death of Wolverine is getting a lot of hate I actually liked it, let me explain myself I grew up reading comics in the 70s when you were lucky to get Wolverine once a month in Uncanny X Men Before Marvel decide to make the market oversaturated w Wolverine being on every team and guest starring in every book, the character was a loner even on the x men team and mysterious I guess the geniuses at Marvel never took a business class to learn about the laws of diminishing marginal utilities, beca [...]

    For what it s worth, it was a good ending I honestly love Wolverine for his one shot or shorter stories Logan doesn t need to be epic He just needs to be a broken man trying to make things right Sometimes with his claws, sometimes with honor, sometimes with his heart.

    So I read this and felt like it was over before it started, and then I decided to pick up Wolverine, Volume 1 Hunting Season to get a sense of how Wolverine lost his healing factor, leading up but not really to his death but not really in this book.Basically, Wolverine got infected by microscopic bioengineered viral warrior aliens who wiped out his healing factor, and rather than dealing with that at all, he s been spending his final days killing things and defending himself from the whole world [...]

    مصطفي سليمان

    Bueno este fue un evento muy avisado por Marvel y la verdad politizado, todos piensan que fue por la perdida de derechos de Marvel sobre los X Men y eso hizo que la compa ia decida la muerte de Wolverine, la trama en si tampoco llama mucho la atencion, el objetivo de la mision aunque caritativo no es el fin que merecio un personaje tan importante de Marvel, aunque no sea de mis favoritos.Algo de nostalgia y simbolismo, pero creo que luego de perder su factor de curacion Wolverine merecia un fina [...]

    4 stars because of the awesome ending Otherwise, a rather slow, rushed story, which emphasizing on explosive splash pages, rather than story I thought the reason for Wolverine s disease was pretty interesting and I wondered if he really was a failed genetic experiment Neverthlessa beautiful bookwith interesting momentsd dull ones.

    Liz Janet
    Wolverine deserved a better death, this one was an insult to his character.

    Darko Šunjić
    Odli an Wolverine je car Ba me zanima kako e se odvijati dalje bez njega

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