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  • Title: Chocolate: Sweet ScienceDark Secrets of the World's Favorite Treat
  • Author: Kay Frydenborg
  • ISBN: 9780544175662
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Chocolate: Sweet ScienceDark Secrets of the World's Favorite Treat By Kay Frydenborg Chocolate hits all the right sweet and bitter notes cutting edge genetic science whisked in with a strong social conscience, history, and culture yield one thought provoking look into one of the world s most popular foods Readers who savored Chew on This and Food, Inc and lovers of chocolate will relish this fascinating read.
    Kay Frydenborg
    Kay Frydenborg Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Chocolate: Sweet ScienceDark Secrets of the World's Favorite Treat book, this is one of the most wanted Kay Frydenborg author readers around the world.

    Chocolate: Sweet ScienceDark Secrets of the World's Favorite Treat By Kay Frydenborg


    Richie Partington
    Richie s Picks CHOCOLATE SWEET SCIENCE AND DARK SECRETS OF THE WORLD S FAVORITE TREAT by Kay Frydenborg, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, April 2015, 272 p ISBN 978 0 544 17566 2 He came dancing across the waterWith his galleons and gunsLooking for that new worldIn that palace in the sun Neil Young, Cortez the Killer In fact, a nutritional analysis of dark chocolate reveals that it looks a lot likeod A 1.5 ounce bar contains nearly 2 grams of protein, 2.6 grams of fiber, 210 calories, 28 grams of carb [...]

    Julie Williams
    Seriously who wouldn t want to love this But I think this is a case of not knowing the intended audience and a failure to focus the topic There was a lot of great research but it was all over the place with random facts that really didn t fit cohesively I love chocolate but I found myself skimming certain parts and glazing over I am sure there will be some who will appreciate it but I can t picture my students sticking with it.

    Ms. Yingling
    At 272 pages, this has information about chocolate than anyone could ever want I liked that this started out with an event with which I was unfamiliar a campaign by children to keep chocolate bars from rising in price from 5 to 8 cents back in the 1940s From there, the entire sociopolitical, economic and philosophical history of chocolate is delineated This makes it great for reference for a report, but unwieldy for pleasure reading There are a decent amount of pictures, plenty of science facts [...]

    This is the story of chocolate from its beginnings in South and Central America to its trip across the pond into Europe It is the story of how chocolate went from being a bitter, ceremonial and medicinal plant to the candy we all love today The history of chocolate is complex with ties to colonialism, slavery, the industrial revolution and climate change I really enjoyed the history of chocolate, but was less than thrilled by all the scientific information packed into the book This is geared tow [...]

    As a self proclaimed chocoholic, I was unable to resist this book It did not disappoint It is chock full of interesting and useful facts The book was written with non adults in mind and the author wisely began the book using the kids of Vancouver Island, Canada as an example of the power of chocolate In 1947, the price of a chocolate bar increased from five cents to eight The kids took to the streets to protest the price hike Within days, the sales of that bar had dropped by 80%, and the strike [...]

    Amy Formanski Duffy
    Great info on the history of chocolate production, from the ancient Central American cultures to Milton Hershey to modern fair trade companies But it feels like the publishing company had a Common Core checklist when they created the table of contents The author crams in history, environmental impact of cocoa plant growth, slave labor and the science of reproducing ancient cocoa plants It doesn t all flow naturally but all of it is fascinating The subject matter has great kid appeal and adults c [...]

    The history of chocolate, very interesting

    Amelia Bloom
    Do you have a sweet tooth and a craving for chocolate If so, then this book is for you I have just finished reading the nonfiction book Chocolate Sweet Science Dark Secrets of the World s Favorite Treat by Kay Frydenborg Let me tell you, you are going to want to consume a mountain of chocolate by the time you are finished reading this book First off, this book is all about the history of chocolate It explains where chocolate came from, who found it and its purposes back in ancient times Moreover [...]

    Chocolate is one of the world s most favorite treats Today, it is used in desserts like cookies, brownies, ice creams, and Chocolate has been around since 1800 B.C, which is nearly 3,000 years ago Ancient tribes such as the Cort s, Mayas, and Spaniards, perfected their own special foods and drinks, containing chocolate, by creating new technology to aid in the process These tribes found special ways to tame the flavor of the cocoa beans, they all had their own technology that was specific to th [...]

    While not the most exciting book, Chocolate does present an engaging exploration of the science of history of its namesake Wisely, the author starts with the story of the 1940s children s boycott of rising chocolate prices, which should draw in her target middle level audience, before launching into the history of chocolate s use in ancient Central and South American cultures Each chapter includes detailed sidebars with timelines, recipes, and biographies Frydenborg also included black and white [...]

    Trevor Redd
    Chocolate Sweet Science and Dark Secrets of the World s Favorite Treat is a wonderful addition to a classroom, an office, or home Although grounded in fact and research, the writing style reads like a novel, telling the history of chocolate almost as if it were a bedtime story This work of nonfiction connects the legends, lore, and history of chocolate to national movements and events, like the history of slavery I was fascinated to read how intertwined slavery and chocolate have been since its [...]

    I usually enjoy non fiction books, but this one disappointed me I was intrigued by the title, but I had a difficult time plowing through this book once I got past the early story of the 1940 s children s attempt to keep the price of chocolate bars at the affordable price of 5c After that, I found the text erratic and difficult to stay interested in I was also reading it from a middle school student s perspective and I felt it would not keep their interest with so much factual science embedded in [...]

    The introduction was so promising that it had me really excited to read this book However, despite so many great facts and obvious research, I think it lost steam early on and never regained Kind of disappointed.

    I really enjoy learning about the history and development of chocolate from this book It was enlightening and fun.

    Syvoun Evelyn Sanders
    To start off this review, I would like to mention that I LOVE chocolate and if you do too, then keep reading This book is a non fiction kind of book because it states true facts about chocolate You should read this book because it tells you about chocolate that you might have never known about before With no further a do, if you think you may like this book, or might not, I still encourage you to read this book This book tells you about chocolate back in the ancient times Well not that ancient, [...]

    Andrea Lorenz
    Picture this you have in your hand a candy bar It s a dark chocolate, sea salt Lindt bar, with smooth sweet chocolate with just a hint of bitter and a hint of salt Perfection in a candy bar, right But how did this bar get to be made Where did the chocolate come from That s the premise for Chocolate Sweet Science Dark Secrets of the World s Favorite Treat In this relatively short nonfiction, Kay Frydenborg outlines the history of chocolate, from its Mesoamerican origins to its current snack statu [...]

    This advanced reader copy was of a did not finish than a couldn t get into I tried to finish it but was completely frustrated half way through The reading app I used had a hard time loading the next page when it contained a picture, the first time that has happened with any book I have read, but I kept reading and dealt with it And even though it was an ARC I had expected a lot fewer typos than what I kept stumbling across including missing words The most frustrating part and why I decided to w [...]

    This book was fine until the author decided to delve into the scientific aspect of chocolate Since this book is categorized for an audience of the YA pursuation, perhaps it would have been better to focus on the history and stories surrounding the chocolate trade rather than get heavy handed on the science I d rather my chemistry teacher show me how the chemistry of chocolate works than read it in a book where i have no idea what i m supposed to be imagining.I don t usually complain about the p [...]

    Melissa Mcavoy
    Most of us love to eat it But, few know chocolate s history of discovery, greed, piracy, secrecy, exploitation and innovation Even fewer know of the threats that imperil cacao or the remarkable recent discovery that may save the world s supply of chocolate In a well balanced and crisply written account, Frydenborg traces the origin of chocolate from the indigenous peoples of south and central America through the violent European conquest of that region and the eventual scientific and economic re [...]

    BAYA Librarian
    Frydenborg researched and tells chronologically the history of chocolate as we know it currently She begins in Mexico where native peoples are known for their extensive uses of chocolate in cuisine, medicine, and rituals She ends in South America where the bean is thought to have originated and where, quite appropriately, modern research has brought scientists new insights about it In between she visits other parts of the world that have been touched by chocolate cultivation including Africa, Eu [...]

    This book is aimed at older kids and tweens, but is very readable for teens and adults as well.Part of the book is about the history of chocolate, which extends much farther back than we once thought Part of the book is about the cultures which produced chocolate, and which do so today Part of it is about the science and food chemistry of chocolate Part of it is about the agricultural techniques, both good and bad, involved in the production of chocolate.There are even a handful of recipes, all [...]

    Packed with information, this book could be the textbook on chocolate Its format would probably be appealing with photographs and a contemporary layout than just straight text, although an insert with color photographs is provided The complicated history of chocolate and the case study of the scientist studying the cacao tree will be interesting to the reader who likes a myriad of details about many different topics the average reader may be either bored or overwhelmed by the sheer amount of [...]

    The history of chocolate involves science, culture, geography, ecology as well as eating and drinking styles There is alot of information and insight packed into this book which includes maps, a timeline, biblography as well as websites However, there is no index which might be helpful for those doing research Middle and high school age readers as well as adults will find this account interesting as well as fascinating Climate change having an impact on supplies of cacao trees and beans as is cu [...]

    Julie Barrett
    Chocolate Sweet Science and Dark Secrets of the worlds favorite treat by Kay FriedenboardHistory, science and culture make chocolate an important part of all our lives.Liked learning of the history and science behind it all as we have experienced Hershey in PA ourselves Book also includes many recipes using chocolate Liked the story of the first strike by kids in Canada when the price rose from 5 cents to 8 cents.I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD Braille Audio Readin [...]

    Who knew there was so MUCH to know about CHOCOLATE Frydenborg does a wonderful job fleshing out chocolate s history, politics, nutrition facts, and challenges In fact, we who take chocolate for granted may be in for a jolt if it were to go the way of the dodo, which it could There are a few select recipes which correlate with the chapter topics, a guide to how to eat chocolate, a summary timeline, and a bibliography that entices the enthusiast to even reading.

    Great information Adequate writing and organization Horrible copyediting I did NOT read an ARC of this book it was a final copy that I borrowed from the library I found multiple typographical and syntax errors Dozens of them Do publishers hire copyeditors nowadays Or do they just depend on the computer program to copyedit the book If it s the former, someone should have gotten a better copyeditor, and if it s the latter, shame on them.

    I would recommend this book for young adults grades 6th and up, due to the reading level and brief description on the making of chocolate The chapters are brief and it describes each time frame of the discovery of chocolate Each chapter has a guide so that young adults will be able to understand key terms and factual information on the making of chocolate Overall I thought it was okay and good resource for any young adults assigned for a book report or project.

    The history, production, dark side pun intended , health benefits and biology of chocolate We think of it as a candy, but over the centuries it has been considered a food, a medicine, a drink and a sign of status It is than a guilty pleasure, but a nearly perfect food Recipes, sidebars and a timeline included Read this as you savor a fine piece of chocolate melting slowly in your mouth.

    Lisa Urso
    It took me SO LONG to get through this book Boring narrative, hardly engaging at all I just wanted to get through it and get it over with If you really want an excellent book about chocolate, check out The Emperors of Chocolate by Jo l Brenner It is well researched and, just as important to the reader, engaging This book I just finished, however, reminds me of a college lecture where the professor just reads from the textbook in a monotone fashion.

    Gwen Kaplan
    I enjoyed this book It contained an interesting blend of scientific and historical information, and was written at a level that explains things clearly without dumbing anything down perfect for both young adults and adults looking for an informative pleasure read It was not possible to read without going shopping for chocolate to savor along the way Plan ahead

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