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  • Title: Strange Son
  • Author: Portia Iversen
  • ISBN: 9781573223119
  • Page: 137
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Strange Son By Portia Iversen Part memoir, part detective story, this is the powerful story of how two mothers from opposite sides of the world united in an effort to communicate with their severely autistic sons, discovering breakthroughs that challenged prevailing theories about autism Tito Mukhopadhyay, an autistic boy from India who spends most of his time flapping his fingers in front of his eyesPart memoir, part detective story, this is the powerful story of how two mothers from opposite sides of the world united in an effort to communicate with their severely autistic sons, discovering breakthroughs that challenged prevailing theories about autism Tito Mukhopadhyay, an autistic boy from India who spends most of his time flapping his fingers in front of his eyes, has an IQ of 185 He favors the writings of Wordsworth and Ibsen He loves philosophy, reads People, and worries about conflict in the Middle East He also writes beautiful poetry That Tito can communicate at all is due to his mother, Soma, who single handedly developed a revolutionary method of teaching him in their one room apartment in Bangalore, a classroom that lacked even running water Portia Iversen, an Emmy winning art director whose life was turned upside down when her own son Dov was diagnosed with autism, heard of Soma s miraculous story in the course of her own desperate search for a cure Under the auspices of Cure Autism Now, the foundation she started with her husband that is now one of the largest funds for autism research in the world, Portia brought Soma and Tito to America to help researchers understand how Soma accomplished this amazing feat and to determine what can be learned from their success Together, Soma and Portia have made remarkable progress in teaching their sons how to break through the walls of autism And, in the process, they have assisted scientists in making astonishing discoveries about the nature of autism itself Strange Son is the extraordinary account of two families who redefined how autism and autistic people should be treated, all the while helping to answer some of autism s most baffling questions and prompting new research Iversen weaves the twin stories of Soma and Tito and how Soma s methods mystified experts together with her own story of how she and her family came to understand Dov The result is a book suffused with uplifting human drama.
    Portia Iversen
    Portia Iversen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Strange Son book, this is one of the most wanted Portia Iversen author readers around the world.

    Strange Son By Portia Iversen


    This is a hard book to review My review is VERY long On the plus side, if you read the entire thing much of which is quotes , you ll never have to read the book.There is excellent information in here about the autistic experience and stunning insights into how the autistic mind works much of it given by Tito and Soma, but a lot explained by Iverson herself But it must come with a strong warning.The entire book is horribly marred by the narrow minded intolerance with which the author approaches a [...]

    Soma and Tito were endlessly fascinating and the only reason s I read this book cover to cover Once he joked about Portia s name and her being a lady lawyer not unlike her namesake In fact I had to fight against how much I was growing to dislike Portia and her narrative voice to finish the book Some of the reasons why I found the author nearly intolerable 1 there is always a point when an activist or advocate becomes really ridiculously demanding, and Portia was at this point often.2 she seems t [...]

    There should be a caveat given before reading this book this will not be easy to believe If what this memoir written by a mother of a child with autism claims is true, there is so much to be done Portia Iverson is obsessed with learning as much as she can about her son s Autism, sets up a foundation and brings over a miraculous Indian woman, Soma, and her autistic son, Tito, who she has taught to communicate The implications are wide non verbal, severely autistic individuals may not be unintelli [...]

    This is a complicated book to review because I have so many conflicting feelings about it It is absolutely a must read however, for understanding autism You can learn in just this book that anywhere else Iversen, the mother of an autistic son, starts the foundation Cure Autism Now now merged with Autism Speaks with her husband She writes about her most important endeavor, that of bringing over Tito Mukhopadhyay and his mother Soma from India Tito is labeled as severely autistic, non verbal, and [...]

    Mi ha colpita molto il fatto che si parli relativamente poco del figlio autistico dell autrice Oltre a essere un saggio sull autismo e sulle sue implicazioni neurologiche, il libro si concentra su Tito, un ragazzino autistico indiano che rivoluziona ogni idea sul misterioso mondo dell autismo Tito ha comportamenti ossessivi, non riesce a stare fermo n a parlare, eppure sua madre gli ha insegnato a scrivere, e le sue frasi rivelano pensieri profondi, perfettamente comprensibili, e cos normali Tit [...]

    I knew next to nothing about Autism and the families that must learn to come to terms with these individuals limitations when I picked up this CD, but it looked interesting, so what the heck I was amazed at how insightful and captivating this book was I hope many people who work with Autistics have the opportunity to learn lessons from these families and are heartened by the knowledge that inside the un cooperating bodies and minds of their charges, probably lie intelligent, observant people who [...]

    Sue Bridehead (A Pseudonym)
    The cover and title of this book are in some ways misleading This is not a personal story or a memoir, though it has personal elements and is written from the author s direct experience Primarily, it s a medical mystery about autism, written for the layperson It s in the vein of Lorenzo s Oil showing how the sheer dedication and perseverance some might call it obsession of average parents can simultaneously save or drastically improve the life of a child and advance the cause of scientific inqui [...]

    Jamie Fairbanks
    Amazing book I was eagerly turning the pages dying to know about the mind of this boy A lot of her observations were not rooted in science but they seemed to poignant and insightful It was a shame that these ideas aren t accepted or explored unless they can be tested and accepted by the peer review science method It just goes to show there ARE some things that can t be explained by science alone I was very taken with this book What a wonderful world to explore I say wonderful, realizing that au [...]

    Elizabeth B.
    Been looking for Paul Collins, Not Even Wrong, but found Strange Son at library instead Very interesting story about how Portia Iverson made herself into an expert on autism for the sake of her son Dov who is diagnosed autistic Iverson combs the medical literature, meets researchers and starts organizations Cure Autism Now to tackle the problem of autism head on She meets Soma Mukhopadhyay who had been able to elicit communication and from her autistic son Their work today has resulted in new he [...]

    Somtimes I got tired of the repetition but by and large I found this as fascinating as I do most books about the human mind It s written by the mother of an autistic boy, who starts a foundation with her husband for research and the quest they undertake to discover about the mind of their son and of other children with autism The author discovers a boy in India and the method his mother has created to communicate with him and, just as importantly, with the world It is a method that seems to wor [...]

    Sally Ewan
    Excellent book about a mother s quest to understand her autistic son Her drive to find out about his problem and help him is amazing It made me happy to see that she and her husband held their marriage together deite the emotional and physical toll of dealing with their situation The information in this book about brain function in typical and autistic individualsnos fascinating I came away with a greater appreciation for the ability to communicate with others, especially with my children.

    Oi Yin
    While the author may not be the next literary genius, the passion she devotes to learning the way to break into her son s world is nothing short of obsession One that has opened up the doors to a whole new way of thinking about autistic individuals and their worlds behind the erratic behavior we ve been using to see the individual as a whole Ms Iverson opens our eyes to the potential and the heartbreak of mis communication in autism A definite must read for anyone interested in autism, or mental [...]

    Claire S
    Have been interested in Autism to an extent, at my daughter s K 8 school there was a great autism program and so she had 1 2 autistic kids in the main class periods all the way through And this in particular sounds excellent, since it relates to the severe instances of autism.Plus, I m always relatetively interested in the brain.Then add the India part, this Mom there who researched on her own and found a way to breakthrough to her son thereby potentially leading the way for everyone else Very [...]

    A complicated book, which was written to tell the story of one mom s method of communicating with her son, with a big scientific exploration in the middle Important to show some of the findings along the way, which due to the unique nature of each disabled child, and the rapid nature of their learning which can make scientific studies difficult to replicate, but the observations no less valid.Just another in a list of voices for me as I try to expand my perspectives.

    Mikki Shiu
    This book is a life changer for me I never have realized the true experience of every family who are experiencing this great challenges in life Hopefully this book would also inspire other families who are experiencing same kind of unique challenge in their life To be able to give them hope and light God wouldn t give us challenges that we can t face, because He knows that we can solve every problems in our own unique ways.

    A bit much about Portia, which is easy to forgive given the scope and depth of this book Encountering autism as a challenge to be met instead of marginalized, Iverson devotes her life to focusing the scientific community on the particularities of autism Profound consideration of the nature and effects of the disorder.

    I found this to be a VERY interesting take on autism how autistic people experience the world, how their bodies and minds work You get a peek into the mind of a low functioning but highly intelligent autistic boy It sets a very hopeful tone for other autistic people who have trouble communicating.

    Beth Ann
    Props to author Portia Iverson for convincing Soma to come to the U.S with her son, Tito and for recognizing the potential in Soma s method to coax language from non verbal children A recent and less chatty book about Soma s Rapid Prompting Method is Ido in Autismland Climbing Out of Autism s Silent Prison, which I would recommend over this book.

    A very insightful look at autism An in depth view of a child with autism and the way in which he communicates Also, discusses the possibilities that children with autism develop one sense much stronger than the other senses We typically look at children with autism as visual learner and force all kinds of pictures on them This book takes a different look Interesting read

    Crystal Marchand
    I m a little irritated that this woman spends time with another woman s son instead of her own She has totally neglected her kids, including her own autistic son to spend time with another autistic child.

    I found this book to be so interesting I can only imagine how hard it must be to raise a child with Autism The ways these women found to communicate with their children is so inspiring They never give up.

    This is the back story of how CAN Cure Autism Now foundation started I m not a huge fan of the facilitated communication approach used in the book, but if some of the research the children were put through had something useful to say for the autism world, then ok

    I enjoyed the background of Portia and why she started the company she did I had heard of it briefly in relation to work, but I really didn t know too much about it or what brought it around I enjoyed it.

    This book took me about a year to read I kept putting it down to read other books What started out as an interesting topic, eventually turned into a dragging descent into TextbookLand.I m really glad to be done I could have done without so much of the science.

    Mom of katie
    Fascinating topic, good information, helpful insight for my work with an autistic student Had to wade through every detail of every moment to get to it, though Half the size, and some editing would mean readers.

    Autism in the raw, amazing read, helped you to have a better understanding of autism The struggles and hopes are well discribed Most of the time I felt part of the families Prob will read again.

    This story is about two boys who suffer from autism and two mothers who connect One of these mother s teaches her son to communicate through a key board.It is the most amazing story I highly recommend it if you are interested in reading different treatments and communication systems.

    One of the best books I ve read on autism, from point of view of parent struggling to understand science and probing son s point of view

    Jean Brazil
    Gave up on this one.

    Really touching

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