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  • Title: The Death of Us
  • Author: Alice Kuipers
  • ISBN: 9781443424103
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Death of Us By Alice Kuipers A recovered friendship, a dark secret, and a love triangle with a deadly angle Callie is shocked when her friend Ivy reappears after an unexplained three year absence, but the girls pick up where they left off, and suddenly Callie s summer is full of parties, boys and fun Beneath the surface, things aren t what they seem, however, and when a handsome boy with a dark pastA recovered friendship, a dark secret, and a love triangle with a deadly angle Callie is shocked when her friend Ivy reappears after an unexplained three year absence, but the girls pick up where they left off, and suddenly Callie s summer is full of parties, boys and fun Beneath the surface, things aren t what they seem, however, and when a handsome boy with a dark past gets tangled up with Ivy, the girls history threatens to destroy their future.
    Alice Kuipers
    Free Online Writing Course Sign up here eepurl bA03lH I was born in London, England, and I moved to Canada in 2003 when I fell in love with a Canadian We live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, which took a while for me to learn how to spell I have four children, a girl and three boys.My first novel, Life on the Refrigerator Door, was published in 29 countries, won several awards and was named as a New York Times book for the Teen Age My second is called Lost For Words in the US, and The Worst Thing She Ever Did everywhere else It won the Arthur Ellis Award, was shortlisted for the White Pine and Willow Awards, and was published in eight territories 40 Things I Want To Tell You is my YA book published in 2012 The Death of Us, a CLA honour book, in 2014 My newest YA novel is Me and Me.Violet and Victor Write the Best Ever Bookworm Book is my first picture book It was published with Little, Brown Books For Young Readers in December 2014, and the sequel Violet and Victor Write The Most Fabulous Fairy Tale is available now.Find me at alicekuipers

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    A tragic romance A suspense novel An exploration of the complexities of family life A book about mean girling gone desperately wrong This tightly written novel is told from three different perspectives, and Kuipers manages to balance their stories with excellent pacing and humour It s a relatively quick read, and the twist at the end will make you want to re read it the minute you get to the shocking conclusion.

    Describe this book in one sentence A suspenseful young adult contemporary coming of age novel about being true to yourself Rating PG 13Why this rating LGBTQ references, kissing, drugs, and alcohol use.For ages Okay, so on the Harper Collins Canada Site they advise 14 and up, but I m going to advise this for readers 16 and older due to above listed content.Recommended to Fans of Amy Roger s Epic Detour and those who like not knowing what s going on.Stars Two and a half out of five.Why this number [...]

    I am usually not a fan of books written in multiple POVs, I usually do not like books that start off with the end cliffhanger and then start from the beginning But in The Death of Us, all of the above worked in such a way that made me love this book so much.POVs, or point of views, are always important in a novel and as a reader I always tend to gravitate to one than another, and that was no different in this novel Callie was my favourite I think because i was able to relate to her and what she [...]

    Callie is living her too good to be true life her mom s a successful writer and new mother to baby Cosmo her father works at the university Callie has great friends, is successful at school including writing serious articles for the school newspaper But everything is not as it seems Ivy materializes after a three year absence, poisoning Callie s relationship with her good friend Kurt, who is also editor of the newspaper When JK Rowling s Harry Potter series came out years ago, adult readers dema [...]

    I read an advance reader copy of this and really enjoyed it The sparing, poetic style is reminiscent of We Were Liars by E Lockhart as is the plotline, which combined present day actions with those of a few weeks before The three narrators have distinct voices, allowing you to really get to know Kurt, Ivy and Callie All that said, the action, mystery and suspense will make this a good pick for teens who like me will likely be so anxious to figure out all of the mysteries that they ll rush throug [...]

    This is not a long book, very quick read, but packs quite an impact It s a coming of age story of Callie, a good girl, whose estranged best friend Ivy comes back to town after a three year absence Despite her parents wishes because of things from the past, Callie finds herself unable to stay away from Ivy, Callie spreads her wings a little, has some normal teenage fun and discovers truths about herself A quick read, but definitely intense, spellbinding and worth reading.

    Indigo Wayworth
    Was not a fan of the writing style The characters were interesting, but not totally captivating I wasn t really invested in the story Review to come.

    Vanessa Browne
    I love how Callie Callie from grey s anatomy have the same name and are both gay

    Meaghan Taaffe
    2.5 starsThis kind of felt like one of the better free eBook novels Not terrible, but still A free eBook novel.

    Kathy Coe
    Not at all what I was expecting Minor issues, but overall very enjoyable.

    Whoa Did not expect that Review to come.

    Jen (Pop! Goes The Reader)
    Did you find this review helpful Find of my reviews at Pop Goes The Reader Police and ambulance workers are pulling a car out of the river The car is smashed up but not beyond recognition.It s Ivy s car.My stomach rolls.It s Ivy s car.Angel is frantic.Oh man, I think Callie Callie Carraway and Ivy Foulds Two best friends as inextricable and devoted as any two girls could be That is until a potentially deadly, disastrous discovery and a sudden separation make it appear as though that chapter of [...]

    Quick, easy read Didn t see that twist coming even though she did hint at it several times It was a gut punch I still haven t recovered from.

    Alice Kuipers does something very well in The Death of Us that few authors succeed at in my opinion She gives voice to several characters in first person narratives, and they each have a distinct and believable voice.I adore Callie s nerdy musings as she jogs I feel like Odysseus travelling to exotic lands, and I wonder where the Lotus Eaters are, or where the Cyclops lives 29 The way phrases pop into her head, the way she struggles to write down her myriad of ideas, and almost everything about [...]

    The Death of Us by Alice Kuipers begins with a sixteen year old teenage girl named Callie the protagonist She lives in Endenville with her family, which consists of her dad, mom and baby brother, Cosmo She has many friends and lives an average life, but her life starts to change when her old friend Ivy returns after a mysterious three year absence No one knows why she left Kansas City and returned to Edenville, but Callie is just happy to reunite with her best friend even though Callie s mom for [...]

    Jules Goud
    Definitely not what I was expecting from this book I feel like lots of people can draw connections with this book Both Ivy and Callie have characteristics and issues that are very real today They have issues that people deal with on a regular basis In this novel, we get to see what happens when you don t talk to people, and get help and when you do talk to people and get help Both sides of the spectrum is here for the readers to see I only wish that we had gotten to learn a little bit about Kur [...]

    5 STARS Holy shit I can definitely say that very few books have affected me as much as this one did The ending had me full out sobbing and shaking like a leaf Like wow I m really at a loss for words right now I don t think I ll ever be able to shake this story from my mind And Alice Kuiper s writing It was incredible so poetic and dream like throughout The entirety of this book had such a nostalgic, bittersweet feel to it, and the darker moments were so heart wrenching, it felt impossible to bre [...]

    Wendy Mihell
    Sort of a disappointment I ve been a huge Alice Kuipers fan ever since I read Life on the Refrigerator Door and The Worst Thing She Ever Did, but this one couldn t live up to the other two by far The way it was framed before and after the incident made it difficult to follow at points, especially with shifting points of view However, the plot was full of well disguised surprises and the characters of Ivy and Callie were both very well done Maybe I m just getting too old for teen fiction Sounds s [...]

    I didn t know this book was going to have wlw feelings at first but I was pleasantly surprised how it was handled though, obviously, it didn t work out Kurt s reaction to Callie s rejection of his feelings and then going on to confess her own feelings for Ivy, was received well He was cool, as he should be I m just so glad for that it could have gone so wrong But other than that, the novel was so short and I wish we could have explored of the Ana gallery arc And eventually on Callie s sexualit [...]

    This is a very quick read, well suited for young adults Seventeen year old Callie faces a full range of conflicted emotions when an old friend moves back next door and she is torn between remaining the good girl or ditching her current friend and adding some daring to her otherwise predictable life Having said that, it s not the usual teen after school special type of lecture and there s plenty of stuff happening for such a short novel The story is fast paced and has a nice little twist at the e [...]

    Ryley (Ryley Reads)
    I I don t know what to feel.This book was so bizarre and insane At first I enjoyed it, and then things started getting weird and then it ended.I definitely had no clue what was happening for most of this book There was a point where I thought that there was some sort of dissociative identity disorder going on and then I wasn t too sure.I m still not sure what happened The ending was so abrupt I don t really know why Ivy became the person she did And I can t believe what happened with Kurt

    The story progressed much faster than I would ve liked and the characters were younger than I expected them to be Also, the characteristics of the main girls were way too clich for my liking It just seemed to be the same as any other book I ve ever read where the gorgeous outgoing girl tries to make her average best friend like her so people will like her or whatever Very quick read but not really enjoyable.

    Alice Kuiper s newest YA novel is one of those unputdownable books, the kind that makes your fingers twitch to pick it up and keep reading The story is told from three different perspectives, counting down to the disastrous night where the story first begins The tension builds with every chapter, making it harder and harder to stop reading Filled with secrets and emotionally charged, it s the kind of read that leaves you with your breath caught in your throat A definite must read.

    Sylvia McNicoll
    Alice Kuipers makes me want to be a better writer More lyrical, poetic There s a lot going on here but I particularly liked the way she dealt with the relationship between two best friends Haven t we all had that friend our parents didn t like, the one we wish we could be like This novel shows us that Mom and Dad might have been right.

    Kristine Scarrow
    Couldn t put it down and had to finish it in one afternoon.It was a delicious read so layered and peppered with twists and turns I loved the relationship between Callie and Ivy and all of its complexities Terrific read

    Kelsey van Dillen
    NEE NEE NEE dit is zo niks voor mij Het boek was echt supervaag en 90% van de tijd heb je geen idee wat de fuck er aan de hand is Het einde is vreemd De rest ook Iemand die mij op een goede manier kan uitleggen waar dit boek over gaat en waar de zin ervan is, krijgt 10 euro.

    Christina Ruskjær
    Det er en udm rket bog, men til tider ret forvirrende Man ser historien fra tre synsvinkler og det skulle jeg lige vende mig til Uden at r be for meget af slutningen vil jeg godt sige, at den overraskede mig meget, men gjorde mig ogs forvirret.

    Jessica Hunter
    This is a book that I couldn t put down It seemed so real how it was written Like the story was very palpable sort of like this could or has happened in real life In my opinion this is a fantastic book that I would love to re read And that reveal in it was very good

    Rachel Seigel
    I d like to give this 3.5 stars there were aspects of this book that i really liked, and a bit of a twist, but other aspects could have been better developed i think there were too many themes, where fewer things going on would have made this stronger.

    I can see why teens like it Typical angst and relationship emotions I ve read similar stories recently also teen fiction so the Twist was not surprising to me however, it may be a shocker for some and may enhance their enjoyment of the novel.

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