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  • Title: The Bone Orchard
  • Author: Abigail Roux
  • ISBN: 9781626491809
  • Page: 200
  • Format: ebook

  • The Bone Orchard By Abigail Roux After leaving a trail of terror and death in his wake, the notorious Missouri Boone Jennings finally meets his match in San Francisco when US marshal Ambrose Shaw catches up to him The story of his capture, and the marshal s bravery, has already become legend back east by the time Pinkerton inspector Ezra Johns gets off the train from New York City to testify in the murAfter leaving a trail of terror and death in his wake, the notorious Missouri Boone Jennings finally meets his match in San Francisco when US marshal Ambrose Shaw catches up to him The story of his capture, and the marshal s bravery, has already become legend back east by the time Pinkerton inspector Ezra Johns gets off the train from New York City to testify in the murderer s trial.When Ambrose is unable to give witness to the evils he s seen, Ezra becomes their lone hope for putting Jennings in a noose But if Ezra thinks that s his biggest problem, he s got plenty to learn about life and the afterlife in the spirited West.Fortunately, Ambrose is there to assist, and than happy to oblige Ezra in the courtroom or the bedroom He spent his life bringing justice to the Wild West, and if he has a say in it, that s how he ll be spending his death too.
    Abigail Roux
    Abigail Roux was born and raised in North Carolina A past volleyball star who specializes in sarcasm and painful historical accuracy, she currently spends her time coaching high school volleyball and investigating the mysteries of single motherhood Any spare time is spent living and dying with every Atlanta Braves and Carolina Panthers game of the year Abigail has a daughter, Little Roux, who is the light of her life, a boxer, four rescued cats who play an ongoing live action variation of Call of Duty throughout the house, a certifiable extended family down the road, and a cast of thousands in her head.

    The Bone Orchard By Abigail Roux


    Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    This was a weird mash up of historical and paranormal romance, and it didn t quite work for me While I love a good old fashioned western story, this felt lazy and not particularly historically accurate Throw in some old timey phrases and some cowboys hats and call it a day I think the author didn t do a great job creating an atmosphere for this story It sort of just was, without any of that masculine, old fashion charm that westerns have However, my biggest pet peeve was the insta love GAH Why o [...]

    R * A Reader Obsessed *
    Pinkerton Agent Ezra has the help of US Marshal Ambrose whether he wants it or not Just when he thinks the execution of a notorious serial killer heralds the end of his reign of terror, that s when everything else goes wrong.Part western, part paranormal this was riddled with some action, romance, and suspense Fans of Abigail Roux won t be disappointed with her nice little twist at the end, something I m sure I will probably never tire of But I m biased because of reasons and I m not ashamed to [...]

    Montzalee Wittmann
    The Bone Orchard by Abigail Roux is a terrific ghost story set in the past A witness comes to testify against a serial kill and to watch him hang When he gets there, the saloon owner tells him he has one one room open but it is haunted and no one wants it, gives him a great rate He takes it It is haunted by the Marshall that is the last man killed and wounded the serial killer enough to catch him It is an fast paced, exciting story The new guy, Ezra, can see the Marshall They also see that the k [...]

    2 1 2 starsThis was a very weird book and I don t know how if I liked it or not Some parts like the little twist view spoiler with the Sidewinder boys hide spoiler near the end were good, but others like view spoiler the total lack of closure hide spoiler were unsatisfying, to say the least All in all, you could say that I m frustrated.

    The Bone Orchard it s a lovely ghost story or is that a ghostly love storyI m not a big fan of ghost stories but given that it s getting to that time of yearHalloween Folks, it s just a few days away I decided that it s good to have exceptions to every rule and besides this one s by Abigail Roux and seriously the woman knows how to write a story and Nick J Russo was the narrator so it had strong possibilities and my guestimate was correct.At just over 3 hours this works well for an evenings ente [...]

    I loved this wild mishmash of a western with a paranormal twist I think this is one of those stories that either you totally buy into, or don t like at all I got hooked and finished this novella in one sitting This story of Ambrose Shaw and Ezra Johns and their shared love and mission is beautifully woven together with San Francisco s history 4 stars.

    Rebecca ♥ Ash, Kishan, Magnus ♥
    This review can also be found on my blog A Match Made in HeavenThis was a pretty good western ghost story I don t read a lot of ghost stories, but this was really interesting Ezra and Ambrose are both lawmen hunting the same killer One a Marshall from California, the other an Inspector from New York They hunt Jennings across the country, until they meet in San Francisco where they have tracked down Jennings He is tried and hung, but continues to kill from beyond the grave I especially enjoyed th [...]

    Trisha Harrington
    This was pretty good I liked Ambrose and Ezra a lot I thought they made a sweet couple I also though they had some funny scenes at times.There is a mash up with some very popular characters that made me smile I knew about it before reading it and I was excited to see how it would be done I know a lot of people didn t like it, but I did shrug Recommended if you re a fan of Abi Roux

    Huh, I liked it It didn t knock my socks off or anything but it was enjoyable and different The little twist toward the end of the book I LOVED I will take anything I can get in regards to that Not a bad ghost story.

    3.5 stars.Would have been an average paranormal ghost story but then team Sidewinder made an appearance _ Nuff said.

    Okay this is going to be difficult How to write something close to a review without to much fangirling I don t think I can I mean view spoiler SIDEWINDER APPEARED IN THIS BOOK AND I WAS SO NOT EXPECTING IT hide spoiler How did I not know about this I mean I knew that this was about Owen s great great great uncle or something like that butI was not expecting to actually view spoiler see Owen and Digger and Nick and my baby Kelly there hide spoiler I almost feel from my bed.I laughed so much with [...]

    Tamika♥RBF MOOD♥
    Bumped up a star team sidewinder makes an appearance.I went into book with an open mind I m very hesitant reading historical romances featuring mm love It s hard for me not to compare books to K.J Charles Is it wrong Yes it is So what, I like what I like.Now it was western theme, meh who cares We start off with Ambrose Shaw going across country for Boone Jennings, a serial killer psychopath extraordinaire Upon catching up to him in a tavern, Ambrose has made the decision that he is willing sacri [...]

    Totally Original and a Total HootWhat a hoot This is one of Ms Roux s sleight of hand triumphs, a book which brings you into it by introducing characters you believe in, a scenario which is logical, and relationship potential which really doesn t arch an eyebrow and then all of a sudden, KABOW She just takes all your imaginations and twists them around into something so out of the box that it seems the only right way to go.The love story here is powerful, charming, sad, exhilarating and perfectl [...]

    Audio Review I ve come to the conclusion that I would likely read or listen to any books by this author The Bone Orchard was the last of the author s books that I hadn t encountered and I was supremely excited to receive the audio version because its a blend of historical western, romance, paranormal, and modern And, bonus, there is a fun crossover element with the Sidewinder characters I ll let fans discover this fun little gem for themselves.So, The Bone Orchard, was a novella length piece tha [...]

    Arpi !!!getting high on books!!!
    I don t know why everybody is making such a big fuss about a few pages of Sidewinder being a part of this bookI mean, seriously, what s the big deal guys Personally, I think, The book was doing pretty good with the MCs only Ambrose and Ezra made a good teamd they were great togetherere are some good funny times and some smexy times as wellThere is a ghosty ghosty thing going on here.I am not going to tell exactly what it isDon t wanna spoil it for the new readersBut I will tell you this That add [...]

    Roux, , Roux , , , , , , ,

    I wasn t sure about this book at first, since westerns are not my normal genre but I love Abi Roux s writing and thought I d give it a try and I loved it Ezra and Ambrose were a great team and a fantastic couple and Boone Jennings was a worthy opponent Their story kept my attention throughout and the surprise in the end was very unexpected

    Well that was interesting, and fun, I do love ghost stories And Sidewinders, I love them too

    LOVED this book Don t usually read paranormal but this one is by Abi, and I FLOVE her stuff This did not disappoint Short, sweet, and the surprise is perfect for fans Must read

    Certainly part of my enjoyment is its relationship to the other series.

    This was a good listen Great narration wich is one of my requirements to picking a audio.The storie was very entertaining and we ll written If you are familiar with the author, you going to enjoy it very much

    a href thebloggergirls 2014 09 12 Blogger GirlsI am not normally a fan of historical romances, but I am a fan of ghosts, so this one really worked for me The fact that Ezra Johns ends up being Owen Johns Sidewinder great great great uncle only added to my enjoyment.The story is fast paced and quite entertaining, but also a little depressing We meet Sheriff Ambrose Shaw when he is confronting serial killer, Jennings That confrontation doesn t end so well Two weeks later, we meet Ezra Johns when h [...]

    Pete W
    I enjoy reading it although I am not sure how to rate this against others in the ghost genre since it s not my cup of tea So here is my thoughts anyway.While I quite liked the story, it featured insta love couple with very little time to get to know each other before disaster strike I supposed it could be chalked up to this being a novella but I think some stuffs could have been cut to give time to somewhat realistic emotional progression between Ambrose and Ezra view spoiler Ezra wrote in his [...]

    Vanessa theJeepDiva
    Abigail Roux takes her readers to San Francisco in the 1800 s with this wild wild west tale of bringing a criminal to justice ghost story Ambrose Shaw is the US Marshall determined to see an end to Jennings Boone once and for all He doesn t care if he breaks every law there is to bring this man down Ambrose has seen first hand the horror and destruction this monster can bring Ezra arrives in San Francisco just two weeks after Ambrose Ezra has brought the case information that will see Jennings s [...]

    Ambrose Shaw is after a serial killer in the old west when he gets shot and ends up haunting the spot where he died, trying to bring the killer to justice.Ezra Johns follows Shaw to bring the killer to the gallows but then falls victim to the killer s ghost.In the time between the trial and his death, Ezra falls in love with Ambrose and then joins him in the afterlife, eternally fighting the ghost of the killer.With a nice cross over twist, we see some familiar faces as the relatives of Ezra fac [...]

    4.5 starsThis story was exciting and kept me hooked from the get go Ambrose and Ezra are sassy, funny, and adorable, while also exploring their serious sides I would certainly love to read about them.The cameo from Sidewinder was also thrilling, and I am beyond excited to have learned a little bit about my precious darling, Owen.

    It started off so great 5 star beginning 3 star middle 1 star ending For ME, this story ended at the first villain ghost burial wish I d put the book down there when I was still buying into the shaky world building, though I didn t last too long when hit by the narrative gobbledy gook and WTF plot derailment.

    Re reading this made me fall in love with Ambrose and Ezra even How they meet End up together Fighting through the years The ending Well that just made me smile even wider Nice to see them pop up here on a ghost huntLoved this book so much It had it all and loved the ending

    This was an enjoyable little ghost love story It was nicely written but was a bit too Instalove for my tastes The cameos from some of the author s other characters were a nice bonus Good but not great.

    Nisie draws

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