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  • Title: Her Unexpected Hero
  • Author: Melody Anne
  • ISBN: 9781476778549
  • Page: 363
  • Format: Paperback

  • Her Unexpected Hero By Melody Anne Would you recognize true love if it sat down next to you In this unforgettable new spinoff of the Billionaire books from New York Times bestselling indie author Melody Anne, two strangers must look past their painful memories to make way for everlasting love.Alyssa s modeling career came to an abrupt end when her manager boyfriend emptied her bank account and ruined her pWould you recognize true love if it sat down next to you In this unforgettable new spinoff of the Billionaire books from New York Times bestselling indie author Melody Anne, two strangers must look past their painful memories to make way for everlasting love.Alyssa s modeling career came to an abrupt end when her manager boyfriend emptied her bank account and ruined her professional reputation Now she s heading to a new town in Montana to rebuild her life if she can even get there stupid delayed planes But things are looking up when she s upgraded to first class and a mysterious stranger sits down next to her Jackson Whitman doesn t believe in love, or commitment, or forever not since he lost his wife and daughter But the beautiful woman sitting next to him at the gate has him rethinking that position Can he convince her to be his for the night Or will she convince him to be hers for a lifetime
    Melody Anne
    Melody Anne is a NYT best selling author of the popular series Billionaire Bachelors, Surrender, Baby for the Billionaire, Unexpected Hero s, Billionaire Aviators, and some solo titles I have a Young Adult Series Rise of the Dark Angel As an aspiring author, I wrote for years, then published in 2011, finding my true calling, and a love of writing Holding a Bachelor s Degree in business, I love to write about strong, powerful, businessmen and the corporate world When I m not writing, I spend time with my family, friends, and many pets A country girl at heart, I love the small town and strong community I live in and am involved in many community projects To date, I have over 7 million book sales and have earned a spot on multiple best seller lists, including NYT s, USA Today, WSJ, being an top 100 bestselling author for 3 years in a row, as well as a Kobo and iBooks best seller But beyond that, I just love getting to do what makes me happy live in a fantasy world, 95% of the time See my website and subscribe to my newsletter at melodyanne I make it a point to respond to all my fans You can also join me on facebook at facebook authormelodyanne, or at twitter authmelodyanne Also, follow my blog at authormelodyanne I look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your continued interest in my stories.

    Her Unexpected Hero By Melody Anne


    Claire Robinson
    4 I m game if you are Stars Melody Anne is fast becoming one of my favorite go to romance authors, Her Unexpected Hero is the first full length book in the Unexpected Heroes Series, and it was an absolute winner I ve had better, Jackson Whitman We are introduced albeit briefly to the Whitman brothers in the opening novella in this series Safe in his Arms Sexy, single, self made, and all with a little something about them that you can t help but be interested in and intrigued by, the Whitman s, t [...]

    I m a picky reader At times, I m a very picky reader Unfortunately, I think this book made my nit pickiness come to life with a bang and I was not expecting that at all At All This is going to be a huge rambling review I m sorry for that I just couldn t cut it down without taking important parts out least, important as I thought they were.Jackson and Alyssa meet on a flight from Paris to New York on New Year s Eve Alyssa is headed home after her former boyfriend manager ripped her off and left h [...]

    3.5 starsThis was a story centered around family and the notion that sometimes the best things in life aren t planned.Alyssa is sitting in the airport, waiting for her flight home from Paris, when Jackson takes a seat next to her He s sophisticated and downright delicious And he can t keep his eyes off of her There s something about Alyssa that makes Jackson want to get to know her better So he gets her seat switched next to his in first class.They spend the flight flirting and even have a sexy [...]

    I once read Melody Anne s novella, Safe In His Arms , and I liked it a lot But after I had finished Her Unexpected Hero , I was left feeling so disappointed This book didn t seem to meet my expectations.The story started out well, pretty intriguing and the chemistry between Jackson and Alyssa blew my mind But when their one hot night together was over, everything went downhill from there.The remaining story was so predictable and boring Both Jackson and Alyssa had me frustrated that I almost DNF [...]

    For the Love of Books & Alcohol Blog
    Sometimes we have to risk everything before we can find true happiness The prologue pulled me in and the first me kept meet there Jackson and Alyssa had chemistry from the beginning I really thought I knew how their story would go, but boy was I wrong These two had way surprises and turbulence than I expected The character development itself was fantastic We get Jackson s background first and it is a bad situation turned feel good story He and his brothers show their true colors at a young age [...]

    Her Unexpected Hero by Melody Anne is a 2015 Pocket Star publication I received this book as a XOXpert, XOXO After Dark s Official Street Team, in exchange for an honest review I recently discovered this author mainly through some book promotion sites and realized I really liked her stories In this one, ex model Alyssa Gerard discovers her ex boyfriend manager absconded with her fortune and most of it is just gone So, tucking her tail between her legs she leaves her lucrative career behind in Pa [...]

    Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews
    Shelly s review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsAlyssa s career came to an abrupt end when her boyfriend manager emptied her bank account and reputation Now she is broke and heading to a new town, where her parents moved Her life is in the dumps and after numerous plane delays an unlikely thing happens at the airport that lifts her up and leads to a one night stand or so she thought.Jackson doesn t believe in love after losing his daughter and ex wife But after his plane is delayed and he [...]

    Would have been so much better if it wasn t for that used time and again plot.

    Amanda Sheila
    3.5 stars, good but not really my favorite Mostly because I was hoping for drama But other than that Fabulous I ve been a fan of Melody Anne since forever Her writing is familiar and I enjoyed it I love how easy the interaction is between Allysa and Jackson and as I said earlier, I just wish there d be drama Overall I enjoyed this book and I look forward to read the next installment of the series 3

    2.5It started off really well that plane flight, the New Year s Times Square, their passion and one night stand This was all great Theennnn, the same old , overused Melody Anne plot Naive girl got pregnant after one night stand and hid the pregnancy from the father Not to mention the ridiculous, old meddlers This is HOW ALL HER BOOKS GO It is ridiculous HONESTLY, CAN THIS AUTHOR WRITE ANY OTHER PLOT THAN A VIRGINAL WOMAN GETTING UNEXPECTEDLY PEGNANT DURING A ONE NIGHT STAND AND THEN HIDING IT FR [...]

    Eh just ok.

    Three Chicks
    Review by Allison EastI really enjoy Melody Anne s novels The Billionaire Bachelor series is one of my favorites, so I knew I simply MUST have this new book in a new series And I was not disappointed From the prologue Melody definitely hooked me She told the story of three teenage boys who heard someone struggling in the water Spence, Camden and Jackson They lived in a foster home together and they saved the young boy from drowning They ended up being heroes, but no one cared about them ever, th [...]

    Social Issues Meet Personal Problems in Melody Ann s HER UNEXPECTED HERO fangswandsandfairydust 201 Touching on a couple of social themes, like unplanned pregnancy, foster children, and income disparity, Melody Ann s novel is a pleasant surprise in the quality of writing, complexity of the plot and completeness of continuity It is a fairy tale in the nature in its adoption scenario and a little nightmarish in its story of the life of an only moderately successful model In aspects of romance and [...]

    Angela Carr (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    Alyssa is on her way to her parents house to lick her wounds after a bad break up But one bad luck after another, she ends up at the airport for hours in a rut of delayed planes Call it bad luck, but this leads to an unforgettable one night stand with a very sexy, very rich man Maybe it s fate because, that night will not be the last she sees him.Jackson, a widowed work a holic still grieves the loss of his daughter and wife even after four years had past He has immersed himself in meaningless o [...]

    WTF Are You Reading?
    Her Unexpected Hero draws the reader in using the lure of the unexpected.Jackson never expected to meet the beautiful and vivacious Alyssa.Suddenly, there she is.Brilliantly snarky, witty, vivacious, beautiful, and under his skin.For her part, Alyssa is quite the worse for wear, both financially and romantically speaking As such, she knows that a relationship of any kind is not in the cards for her Even as the enigmatic stranger, Jackson Whitman, proves an attraction that she can t resist.This i [...]

    I have not read a single book by this author I haven t liked and this is no exception This is the beginning of a new series which is sort of a spin off because it has a few characters from other series In this book one, we meet three friends who are in foster care It s horrible but they don t complain because they re afraid they ll be split up At the ages of 14, 13 and 12 they figure no one will ever want them One night they rescue 10 year old Michael from drowning Michael s father, Martin, is s [...]

    Sandra Chambers Cunningham
    You need to hear what I m saying now, Alyssa You are even beautiful than the first night I met you The shape of your hips, the curve of your stomach, the fullness of your breasts, the sparkle in your eyes All of that shows me that you carried my child, that you delivered her I can t see a single thing wrong with your body, and it s taking every ounce of willpower that I possess not to sink deep inside you right this second The only reason I m holding back is because you need to heal It might ki [...]

    Elisa Hordon
    There really is nothing better than a true romance, I don t know how Melody Anne does it time and time again but I know I can never go past a book of hers she is a truly gifted story teller.Jackson is a man fighting his past and holding himself away from everyone.Alyssa is feeling broken and vulnerable until she meets Jackson in Paris and her world changes in just one night in so many unexpected ways.I love Jackson he is a strong character but he hides it behind a huge wall of past pain, where A [...]

    This was the funniest romance novel I have ever read in my entire life This guy has no chill and very limited social skills and no logic Everyone forgives this because he s rich, has a sad backstory, and is probably white idk just the impression the character leaves I like that Cam isn t a terrible awful gross character in this one but then I don t remember thinking Jackson sucked half as much in HFH Maybe they only suck as leads The theory will be proved either way in the next one I suppose bec [...]

    Slow, predictable Mostly enjoyable.

    I have read this story before it was a good read.

    Sweet and fluffy If you can get past grown men using the word bedded as a verb you ll be golden

    This is an enjoyable start to a new series featuring three sexy brothers who had a rough start in life The story centers around small town life with a cute premise and engaging characters.Alyssa Gerard is flying home to her parents in Montana, a little dishearten and very broke Her ex manager, ex boyfriend left her desperate, not only taking all her money but also tarnishing her reputation Although she is ready to make a new life for herself, she wishes it could have been on her terms When she m [...]

    Elle Christensen
    It s easy to go overboard and clich with the billionaire books, but Melody Anne always seems to make me love each one she writes Her Unexpected Hero is another fun, sexy, and intriguing story This book is loosely related to Melanie s Billionaire series starring the meddling and loveable Anderson Brothers Joseph even makes an appearance to help Martin marry off his boys Starting with Jackson Jackson has been through the ultimate tragedy, having lost his wife and infant daughter in a fire Despite [...]

    Blushing Reader
    3.5 starsHer Unexpected Hero was my first time reading a full length book by Melody Anne, I did read a novella by her in the Baby It s Cold Outside Anthology and it turns out I have several of her books in my TBR waiting for me on my Kindle so I know I will be reading from this author in the future While this is a new series, I am going to assume the vibe I got from reading this book that this is a spin off of another series While I enjoyed this book as a new series and a standalone there were [...]

    ☕ Kimberly
    In a prologue, we meet Jackson and his brother as children We glimpse a fateful night and I loved this insight into Jackson At this point, I am hooked and excited because it means this series will involve brothers and ya ll know how I feel about series involving brothers.The tale begins as Alyssa finds herself heading home from Paris Her modeling career and professional reputation is in shambles after her boyfriend manager left her high and dry She is heading to her parent s home in Montana A se [...]

    I received a copy of this story through NetGalley from the author publisher for an honest review thank you I have no idea why, but I love a good billionaire story Add in a secret pregnancy score As long as the drama isn t too much, I m a sucker for these types of stories and this one was great Both characters were very likable and it was interesting to see the changes in Jackson from when they first met The story is told in alternating points of view, so this gave me the added insight as to what [...]

    Catherine (The Sassy Bookster)
    Alyssa Gerard s modeling career came to an abrupt end when her manager ex boyfriend took off with all her money and left her to face the fallout Completely broke and tired, Alyssa leaves Paris and heads back home to regroup, rather than stay and try to salvage her career Several flights delays and an upgrade to first class lead to her meeting Jackson Whitman a meeting that ends in one night of pleasure after which they part ways Or so she thinks.Workaholic Jackson Whitman has had his fair share [...]

    Debbie Oxier
    I have to admit to having mixed feelings about this book as at first I really didn t like Jackson I thought him totally selfish and self serving Even so, he had a way of getting under my skin Maybe it s because he used to be a firefighter and he s not the first hot fireman named Jackson I ve read about and enjoyed Or perhaps it s due to the fact he suffered a terrible loss and was coping in the only way he knew how Actually, it s most likely because underneath all his jumbled up way of thinking [...]

    Her Unexpected Hero by Melody Anne is a spinoff of her Billionaire Bachelor series so if you have missed those you can pick this up with no problem I really enjoyed this book insta lust that leads to true love Melody Anne is such an easy author to read If you like your heroes rich, an accidental pregnancy and a reluctant heroine this is a book for you.Jackson Whitman sealed up his heart when he lost his wife and his daughter Changing from his hometowns Fire Chief to billionaire he has no plans t [...]

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