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  • Title: The Last Girl (The Slave Auction, #1)
  • Author: Riley Shasteen
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  • The Last Girl (The Slave Auction, #1) By Riley Shasteen The Slave Auction What the heck is the Slave Auction I ask Jenna Brown has just started her freshman year with her two best friends, Jessica and Daisy They hear a rumor about the school s fundraiser called the Slave Auction, where the seniors bid on the hottest freshmen girls and the freshmen get to stay at their house all week A whole week with the most popular s The Slave Auction What the heck is the Slave Auction I ask Jenna Brown has just started her freshman year with her two best friends, Jessica and Daisy They hear a rumor about the school s fundraiser called the Slave Auction, where the seniors bid on the hottest freshmen girls and the freshmen get to stay at their house all week A whole week with the most popular seniors sounds like anyone s dream Right Part One of The Slave Auction Trilogy First published on Movellas
    Riley Shasteen
    Riley Shasteen Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Last Girl (The Slave Auction, #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Riley Shasteen author readers around the world.

    The Last Girl (The Slave Auction, #1) By Riley Shasteen


    Erica Chilson
    Erica s donning her editor hat today be forewarned Prime borrow.DNF Automatic 3 stars out of respect Reasons for DNF the writing style lack of commas was jarring, especially missing after well yes no hey overuse of the word well as the first word in most dialogue, no matter which character was speaking The inner monologue flowed well appropriately comma ed in most cases , yet the dialogue was forced, stilted, sounding younger older than the character Also, I couldn t swallow the premise Maybe if [...]

    Heather Hardy
    If I could rate this as 0 stars, I would.Though this book is written well for the genre besides all the grammar errors I believe it has a truly terrible message I was asked to read this book by a friend She wasn t sure her feelings for it So when I signed up for kindle Ultimate and got it for free I decided to download it Not only is it unrealistic to have freshmen girls auctioned off to seniors for a week It s ridiculous to believe that parents, school officials, and students are okay with lett [...]

    Amber .:★Wild Heart Reviews★:.
    This book is a YA setting, not something I typically read For me, the plot long was different and intriguing, which is why I picked it up It jumps all over the place emotionally, at least, to me it did It s definitely high school setting in that these kids really have no clue what they want I did feel like the main character grew in it Some of the things in it made me laugh, and other times I had to force my attention to finish the book I don t know if I ll be reading the rest of the series or n [...]

    I understand this is a work of fiction but it would NEVER happen in high school Half the time I tried to believe they were in college but then the stupid high school drama started This book was a let down and implausible to the extreme.

    I can t even believe I finished it That was true persistence.

    Okay I gave it 2 stars because I did actually finish it I m not sure why I finished it, but I did finish it I have so many complaints about this story I can guarantee I will skip some because I ll just get tired of writing them down The first and foremost biggest issue, have you ever met those people that want to write but aren t really writers because they don t finish things If you are one you ll probably understand this, if you know one check out a notebook of theirs sometime, or their files [...]

    Heather Deluca
    I had to stop reading this book less than half way in because it was so ridiculous that it was redonkulous Young teenage girls are auctioned off to legally adult males to generate money for the school The girls then spend a week at the guys houses as their slaves No parents have a problem with this Really I find the idea that underage girls are being auctioned off as slaves creepy, and the fact that all the guys just use it as a means to hook up with the girls only reinforces that feeling In add [...]

    Barbara Griffin
    Really boring Such bad writing, was free but still a waste of time The story was so ridiculous, a slave auction Really where the parents don t even need to give permission I don t think so And she believed academic misconduct really no way people are that slow not even freshman No going to get started on the problem of everyone dating every one with in 2 weeks Such poor taste of a topic.

    5 starsI enjoy reading The Last Girl The Slave Auction Trilogy Book 1 and loved it It s so good fun book.

    Is a great book to read

    Very cute book from a young author Can t wait to read the next in the series.

    I couldn t belive that these were freshman, they weren t even 15 It was gross

    This is a really cute high school read.

    What a great read Full of high school drama It s funny the characters are fun, silly and oh soooo dramatic Jenna, Jessica and Daisy are freshman girls enough said.

    Carrie Adair
    Jenna, Jessica and Daisy are starting their freshman year of high school When they learn about the Slave Auction, a fundraiser where the seniors bid on freshman girls and the girls get to stay at the senior s house for a week, Jessica is thrilled but afraid to sign up alone She drags Jenna into the auction with her Watch as Jenna becomes involved in the high school drama known as dating and cheating.I dislike high school drama, and I don t like reading it in fiction I m surprised that a school w [...]

    Lady Entropy
    Paraphrasing the book What the heck did I just read I mean, seriously This was a terrible, unbelievable premise Maybe if it was something students did secretly in order to be accepted, but wow, this read like something a 13 year old wrote for both style, lack of skill and flawed view of how the world works.Not only were we given constant dialogue and exposition, but it read as incredibly immature and characters changed their minds every ten minutes from this is terrible, I m not taking part of i [...]

    Carmen M. Wynn
    The LastWow This book is really good and can capture the readers attention before they even get to the second page 1 One thing I find weird though is that the parents of the seniors seem to be okay with them Bringing girls home from an event called THE SLAVE AUCTION and the girls are freshmen.2 I love how in the end she ended up being with the guy she liked in the first place and that he liked her back3 I also love how this book shows how gullible people can be during first love and how the auth [...]

    14 YEARS OLD14 YEARS OLDit was a good book kept me going it was all around this center of freshman and another of seniors drinking was involved, no the dirtythe kisses but then theirs this grinding part and I m like your 14 omggg cause I m the same age I can t imagine that happening to me but u know this generation and the best friends their were kind of shallow like I will read it in a mean girls voice one time and it fit perfectly so that says something

    Emily Gebhardt
    this book was a holiday read it was about the typical high school setting with seniors hating the freshman, except for these two weeks that are called the auction the senior boys bid on the freshman girls and if you buy a girl they get to stay with for two weeks most of the girls want to bid on, except one, but her best friend puts her in the running she ends up getting picked, and turns out to love the whole idea so the boy and her become tight, then dating, then.

    This book is cute The story line is not believable, the fact that they would have a slave auction, but isn t that the point of young adult books There were errors throughout the text I enjoyed the characters and their personalities It was interesting to find out how much Jenna and Luke have in common I am looking forward to reading the next book.

    Jessica is a terrible friend for signing up Jenna and for kissing Hayden when Jenna was still getting over him I always liked Luke and I adored Hayden even when he was being stupid Daisy was ok Jenna was ok ,but she made me mad sometimes for being a good friend even when Jessica was being a selfish bitch Overall I give the book 2 stars.

    Amazing read This book is so interesting, it keeps you guessing what is going to happen next The Last Girl keeps you engaged until the very last sentence Perfect for long nights at home.

    Antayzha Tay tay
    GreatI Loved This Book Shasteens Mix Of Drama And In My Opinion Overly Controversial Characters As Well As New Spins On A Traditional Storyline Make It A Great Read I Strongly Recommend It.

    Not for meThe premise just seemed to unrealistic and I really did not care for the age difference that was going on Also, I found Jenna to be a bit of a brat The writing was ok.

    I already did a long review of this book I m not sure why it didn t save Jenna finds out she is on a list that says she is the prettiest girl in her freshman class Since she was chosen she has to be placed up for auction to be a slave for a week to the senior that bids the highest.

    I love this book I don t care what ANYONE say this is a awesome book I seriously can t wait for the second one don t listen to the bad comments who cares what they say there are a lot of people who love it just like me

    Alma Matias
    I partly enjoyed it even though it s unrealistic for freshman in high school, at first I was barely, even paying attention and thought they were in college, my mind just made it believable to get into So, in total it was ok ish.

    Ariana Mcgee
    Very dramatic I found this book to be fairly plotless The main character seemed really flaky to me There were some cute parts but this book is all about the drama So, if you re in the mood for something cheesy about relationships you might like it.

    While it s true that the events that set this story in motion would never really have happened in a high school, the drama that ensued kept me completely engaged Even the spelling and grammar errors that fill the Kindle version didn t detract.

    Amazing a must read from start to finish Once I picked it up I couldn t set it down, absolutely addicting.

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