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  • Title: Young Eliot: A Biography
  • Author: Robert Crawford
  • ISBN: 9780374279448
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Young Eliot: A Biography By Robert Crawford A groundbreaking new biography of one of the twentieth century s most important poetsOn the fiftieth anniversary of the death of T S Eliot, Robert Crawford presents us with the first volume of a definitive biography of this poetic genius Young Eliot traces the life of the twentieth century s most important poet from his childhood in St Louis to the publication of his rA groundbreaking new biography of one of the twentieth century s most important poetsOn the fiftieth anniversary of the death of T S Eliot, Robert Crawford presents us with the first volume of a definitive biography of this poetic genius Young Eliot traces the life of the twentieth century s most important poet from his childhood in St Louis to the publication of his revolutionary poem The Waste Land Crawford s depiction of Eliot s childhood laced with tragedy and shaped by an idealistic, bookish family in which knowledge of saints and martyrs was taken for granted provides readers with a new understanding of the foundations of some of the most widely read poems in the English language Meticulously detailed and incisively written, Young Eliot portrays a brilliant, shy, and wounded American who defied his parents wishes and committed himself to an artistic life as an immigrant in England, creating work that is astonishing in its scope and vulnerability Quoting extensively from Eliot s poetry and prose as well as drawing on new interviews, archives, and previously undisclosed memoirs, the award winning biographer Robert Crawford shows how the poet s background in Missouri, Massachusetts, and Paris made him a lightning rod for modernity Most impressively, Young Eliot reveals the way he accessed his inner life his anguishes and his fears and blended them with his omnivorous reading to create his masterpieces The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock and The Waste Land At last, we experience T S Eliot in all his tender complexity as student and lover, penitent and provocateur, banker and philosopher but most of all, Young Eliot shows us as an epoch shaping poet struggling to make art among personal disasters.
    Robert Crawford
    Robert Crawford Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Young Eliot: A Biography book, this is one of the most wanted Robert Crawford author readers around the world.

    Young Eliot: A Biography By Robert Crawford


    James Murphy
    It s been decades since the last biography of T S Eliot We forget or I forgot that a long time ago Peter Ackroyd published one and later Lyndall Gordon produced a 2 volume life Do you remember Of course you do and now you re realizing it seems a lifetime ago There s a reason Eliot didn t want a biography written, unrealistic as that wish seems today His wife Valerie, keeper of the flame after his death in 1965, acceded to that wish by withholding access to materials and limiting what Ackroyd and [...]

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    TS Eliot from birth to The Waste Land Hardly a detail has been left out, filling in many gaps usually ignored about Eliot s childhood, education, first sad marriage, and early poetry If you love Eliot as I do the first place I heard of a mysterious substance called curry or the elegant name Lavinia or the word scenario or the wonderful silly English repartee The only person I ever met who could hear the cry of bats Hear the cry of bats He could hear the cry of bats Buts how do you know he could [...]

    3.5 starsHonestly, the main thing that cost this the star was the fact that Crawford describes T.S Eliot as Tom Constantly Literally on every page Like, that s how he talks about him on every single page He has some bullshit reason, like making Eliot seem intimate to us or whatever, but this is bullshit because it just seems creepy, distracting, and weirdly voyeuristic, especially when you consider in this period up to The Waste Land , even Ezra Pound called him T.S.E , and the main people who c [...]

    Jee Koh
    Robert Crawford makes very good use of recently released materials, including letters by Eliot and by others to him, to show the vital importance of his growing up years in St Louis and Cape Ann to his poetry, not just his Unitarian and privileged upbringing, but also his social shyness and sexual self doubt Crawford is probably right that Eliot wrote his best poetry when he was in crisis, whether sexual or health wise The rest of the time he was too busy being the responsible machine to his wif [...]

    Ashley Adams
    Wow, this book is not great It picks up around the time Tom meets Ezra Pound and marries his first wife Be warned, though, that I had exhausted my library renewal opportunities before reaching the middle of the book The first half is a lengthy catalog of things Eliot read in his youth While filled with details valuable to the serious Eliot scholar, a abridged version of his biography would be suitable and enjoyable to most.

    From BBC Radio 4 Book of the Week A new biography of TS Eliot by Robert Crawford, and abridged by Katrin Williams, is published to mark 50 years since the poet s death.

    Nancy Brisson
    T S Eliot was a poet that I fell in love with the very first time I read his poem The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock, a poem with images and rhythms which did not exist in the sonnets and odes from our text, Norton s Anthology of English Literature, Volume 1 which had many poems I also enjoyed Recently I saw that a new book had been published by Robert Crawford with the title Young Eliot from St Louis to The Waste Land This book did not turn out to be an easy read It is an academic book It seems [...]

    Sandra Ross
    T S Eliot is one of my favorite poets, so reading Part 1 of this new biography, which promised detail on his life from the beginning in St Louis to the publishing of The Waste Land, intrigued me.The book delivers its promise the details are, at times, excruciating to the point of obscuring the bigger picture There is such a thing as a balance between detail and the big picture and the author doesn t achieve that balance as well as he should have or could have my hope is that Part II will be dif [...]

    David Withun
    One thing becomes abundantly clear when reading this insightful detailing and discussion of T S Eliot s life up to the first publication of his classic poem The Waste Land, and that is the waste land by which Eliot was surrounded In the course of this biography of Eliot s early years, you will be introduced to and must learn to endure some of the most unpleasant people that have ever lived, people like Bertrand Russell, largely remembered as a philosopher though a much greater philanderer, and V [...]

    Now that T S Eliot s letters have been published and much other archival material has come to light, Robert Crawford felt it was time to write a new biography of the poet and critic Young Eliot is the first volume of this new project, covering Eliot s life up to the publication of The Waste Land in 1923 The second volume, covering the rest of his life, is planned for after the release of his correspondence with Emily Hale, kept under embargo at Princeton until 2020 The biography relies heavily o [...]

    This is great if you accept going in that you re pursuing a rather scholarly endeavor T.S Eliot was a famously private person who absolutely did not want a biography written about him Well, t.s T.S because when you write some of the most profound poetry ever written, people are going to want to know about your life That said, there are massive gaps Eliot destroyed much of his personal records, which makes patching together a proper narrative difficult Robert Crawford has done his best, but he s [...]

    Very interesting insight into the early life of T S Eliot tough read at times due to the level of detail i hadn t realised Eliot was so young when he wrote Prufrock and The Waste Land great read for fans of the poet and the times he lived in

    Carl Rollyson
    T.S Eliot was never young are the first words of Robert Crawford s diligent biography, which charts the progress of the renowned poet from his beginnings to the creation of The Wasteland, a work that has done much to define the modern age In Young Eliot, Crawford offers a revisionist biography, debunking his own introductory sentence and the general impression of a dour and aged sage decrying the corruption and sterility of a secular epoch, populated by Prufrocks who lack courage and principle N [...]

    Excellent A first class literary biography which is indispensable for anyone seeking to understand the evolution and imagery of The Waste Land With a projected second volume, and one suspects a combined page total not far shy of 1000 pages this biography is probably for Eliot fanatics rather than casual interest but it s hard to see it being surpassed Crawford bemoans readers who rush from the Waste Land to the sources and not the biography and he puts a strong case for the personal circumstance [...]

    World Literature Today
    By tracing the arc of Eliot s life from his St Louis boyhood to the publication of The Waste Land, Crawford has opened the vaults of Eliot s memory bank, releasing his myriad influencesAlthough Crawford has tracked down Eliot s sources, he presents his findings in a conversational way, as if the reader were in his seminar, and Crawford is sharing his research with colleagues Bernard DickThis book was reviewed in the May August 2016 issue of World Literature Today magazine Read the full review by [...]

    The American Conservative
    is was someone who shocked and entertained his Harvard classmates in the early 1900s by writing dirty ditties about sex, poop, and European monarchs, all set to the tune of Yankee Doodle Dandy, and later in life would maintain a wry affection for what he liked to describe as Amurrican culchur, even as he moved about elite literary and intellectual circles in London and Paris, mixing it up with Ezra Pound and James Joyce and Virginia Woolf and the like theamericanconservative

    My favorite quote of Eliot was, For me philosophy is chiefly literary criticism and conversation about life Always try to continue to relearn and reread great authors and what they had to say about life through their art and about art through their life Now time to reread, The Waste Land and the The Love Song Prufrock.

    Andrea Engle
    This magnificent literary analysis and poetic biography charts the beginnings of T.S Eliot among the Eliots of St Louis, through his studies in philosophy at Harvard, to his metamorphosis in London as both poet and critic, despite the scarcity of background materials articulate and knowledgable the fulfillment of the author s promise of a second volume is eagerly awaited

    T.S Eliot s life, from birth to The Waste Land I got bogged down in all of his wife s many illnesses highly neurotic I didn t realize he came from such wealth You always hear worked in a bank, but that doesn t even begin to explain There is material not to be released on him until 2020 I hate when that happens You wonder if you ll be around to know about it.

    This book is thorough, well researched and nicely written I imagine it will be the authoritative biography of Eliot for a generation I do wish there had been at the end about the event that was the publication of The Waste Land I look forward to the next volume.

    I will return to this at some point but presently I ve tired of Eliot Great artists are often not the nicest of people.

    I am a huge fan of TS Eliot and was pleased to learn about the inspirations and influences behind The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock and The Waste Land.

    Joel Zartman

    This is a detailed biography of Eliot s early life up to the publication of The Wasteland.

    Most interesting and rewarding with LOTS of detail Well worth the time Highly recommended Now on to the poetry.

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