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  • Title: The Cat Dancers
  • Author: P.T. Deutermann
  • ISBN: 9780312933425
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Cat Dancers By P.T. Deutermann THRILL SEEKERDangling silently in front of a cave eighty feet down the cliff s edge, the man snaps a picture of the enraged mountain lion The furious beast lungesbut the man is gone, back up the rope JUSTICE DEALERWhen a judge releases two unrepentant killers on a legal technicality, North Carolina police Lieutenant Cam Richter knows facing the victims grieving familTHRILL SEEKERDangling silently in front of a cave eighty feet down the cliff s edge, the man snaps a picture of the enraged mountain lion The furious beast lungesbut the man is gone, back up the rope JUSTICE DEALERWhen a judge releases two unrepentant killers on a legal technicality, North Carolina police Lieutenant Cam Richter knows facing the victims grieving families is going to be tough But when Killer 1 turns up on the Internet riding a homemade electric chair followed a few days later by Killer 2 Cam thinks despair may have turned to vigilante justice MAN EATERBut it doesn t add up, especially when Cam becomes a target It looks like these vigilantes may also be cops, and he s quickly running out of people to trust The answers lie deep in the North Carolina wilderness, where Cam must track down this mysterious group of adrenaline driven Cat Dancers and risk losing everything he has left
    P.T. Deutermann
    P T Deutermann is a retired Navy captain and has served in the joint Chiefs of Staff as an arms control specialist He is the author of eighteen novels, and lives in North Carolina His World War II adventure novel Pacific Glory won the W Y Boyd Literary Award for Excellence in Military Fiction, administered by the American Library Association his other World War II novels are Ghosts of Bungo Suido and Sentinels of Fire His most recent novel is Cold Frame, a contemporary thriller set in Washington, D.C.

    The Cat Dancers By P.T. Deutermann


    William Bentrim
    The Cat Dancers by P.T DeutermannSometimes book titles can convey a sense of what to expect in the book In this case, the author s name provides much than the book title I have come to expect complex, detailed thrillers form Mr Deutermann and this book does not disappoint me A straight arrow cop is confronted with circumstances that cast aspirations on the ethical behavior of some of his comrades in Blue The ensuing conflict provides excellent entertainment as Cam, Frick and Frack face myriad d [...]

    Carl Alves
    A cat dancer, as in the title of this novel, is a mountain climber who get as close as possible to take a snap shot of a mountain lion It seemed that the author really wanted to write a novel that features these cat dancers, and built a story to incorporate it that sometimes works and sometimes doesn t work Linking the plot to the cat dancers is a man who gets electrocuted in a homemade electric chair by vigilante killers Lt Cam Richter is investigating the case and winds up in the mountains of [...]

    Nan Williams
    The plot started out well, but midway through the book veered off into the ridiculous It was one of those plots where the bad guy was always 2 steps ahead of the good guys and could thwart them at every turn.I had a hard time accepting the tenets of the plot as they were just too, too fantastic and became and so with each page To me, the Big Bad Guy was quite obvious from the introduction of that character Why in the world our hero, Cam Richter, couldn t see that, really dumbed him down.Deuter [...]

    I found this rather long and drawn out And mostly figured it out and kept wondering how this amazing deputy kept missing all the obvious So since I usually don t figure out the culprit very often I was not all that impressed.

    Cam is a character my husband understand better than I do It is sexist to say that but his viewpoint is very masculine.

    Upon seeing the title of this book, I was a little hesitant to start reading Now I have read it and happy that I did This an oustandjng Mystery novel and is extremely well written.

    This book has it all Action, suspense, romance, complex charactersI could not put it down.

    Career criminals Kyle K Dog Simmonds and his partner Flash Butts go on trial for a gruesome crime But unfortunatley for the D.A soffice Judge Annie Bellamy throws the case out of court on a technicality Protagonist Lt Cam Richter shortly thereafter receives an e mail with K Dog strapped into a makeshift electric chair A vigilante has taken matters into their own hands After K Dog is executed on line the vigilante promises Flash will be next Cam and his sidekick Kenny Cox are on the case trying f [...]

    Kyla Zerbes
    I m still listening reading so maybe my rating will go up but so far, this is super unbelievable Spoilers They probably should have done some investigating before deciding one person was the likely suspect 2 relatives plus others, the DA, and a couple of the cops were all possibilities And I m sorry but their computer expert is a huge conflict of interest and should have been a potential suspect so would not have been involved in potentially covering up her own crime WTF Especially when there w [...]

    An excellent mystery with many twists and turns, especially at the end When 2 minimart robbers who blew up the minimart, killing the clerk and 2 innocent bystanders are let off by a judge by a technicality, a vigilante group surfaces seeking justice Justice comes in terms of an internet video starring the minimart robber being electrocuted in a homemade electric chair with the executioner ending the video saying That s one Number two, the second robbers video shortly follows, ending with That s [...]

    Tom Tischler
    Two lowlifes rob a N.C gas station murder the attendant andincinerate bystanders They are quickly arrested at a nearbymotel A stubborn judge dismisses the charges because the suspects were not read their rights Now the sheriffs office and Lt CamRichter must face the anger of the victims families Soon a homemade video is on the internet showing one of the murderers being executed with a home made electric chair and a voice announcing That s one Facing intense pressure to find the vigilante Cam s [...]

    Mark Boyd
    Although I read the sequel to this series first, unknowingly , I still enjoyed Cat Dancers and was able to connect all the dots between this book and Spider Mountain Deutermann has a good style of writing and can carry the suspense and drama of the story without tipping any hands I enjoy his protagonist Cam Richter He is a blend of badass, intelligent sleuth with a touch of lonely boy looking for love in all the wrong places But his companions, Frick and Frack, trained attack german shepherds, a [...]

    Do yourself a favor and get the paperback version The Kindle version is full of conversion errors the die Don t they proofread them That aside, I have mixed feelings about this book The story is good, although a bit far fetched in places If I ignored the mental questions that kept bubbling up, then there were some gripping moments However, there were also parts that felt contrived Some of the dialogue, in particular, didn t come across well This is the first in a series, and after this, Cam beco [...]

    Perhaps because of my long time association with law enforcement officers, I had trouble accepting the basic premises of the conspiracy and found some of the characters unbelievable Without spoiling the plot, where would you find officers who not only motivated enough to participate but physically fit enough to pass the initiation Do cops not eat doughnuts in North Carolina At the end, don t ask how a handful of conspirators managed to pull off the ultimate abduction Still, except for a dull pat [...]

    Had some foul language and a few pages voiced by the extremely potty mouthed robber and two characters that got together for sex, but it was neither descriptive or graphic There was a few segments of significant violence that was graphic enough that I skipped over a few paragraphs The good part of this book was that it was totally unpredictable I also liked the realism of it, having months go by in the book for the investigation Of course the entire pretext of the book isn t very realistic, but [...]

    This is the first of P.T Deutermann s books for me and I will be reading In this suspense novel,Police Lieutenant Cam Richter is trying to solve multiple murders But are the murders cops or vigilantes, or both Friends become enemies and enemies become friends We are inside the law enforcement system This is a direct quote from the book and as Cam realizes he is in for the fight of his life, the reader realizes everything is not as it seems Who are the good guys Who are the bad guys And who or w [...]

    Joe Newell
    I thought this book was a good read It had an interesting plot that played itself out very well throughout the book Deutermann did a good job keeping me engaged the entire time My only complaint was that it seemed like it should have ended sooner Like the Author just added a few dozen extra twists and turns to the plot and finale that were to me perhaps a bit unnecessary Still, it IS A THRILLER, and so that s what we read for right Four stars Very worth your time should you be inclined.

    An outdoorsy police procedural which is somewhat superior than most other novels of its kind, albeit long winded When a gas station robbery turns ugly and results in the death of a mother and daughter who happened to be there at the wrong time, a group of vigilante cops comes to light who have been dispensing their own brand of justice Even though this one wasn t a top notch thriller, I am going to give a shot to other novels of Mr Deutermann, since he seems a very capable writer.

    Dick Hills reading of this book was very good.The book itself was good but not great Therefor the three star rating Got a bit too detailed and repetitive in spots which made me pay less attention to the story I will read the following books in his series to see if the story writing progresses as it goes forward Some writers John Grisham A Time to Kill start by writing their best work I hope this is not the case for this author.

    This is a fast paced thriller which was hard to put down A robbery gone wrong in which two civilians get killed The problem when the preps are arrested they are not read their Miranda rights They are set free, but a vigilant group picks up where the law left offuld the vigilantes be cops Looking forward to further adventures with Cam.

    I found this book author listed on another website This is the first in a series and halfway through I am very pleased with the storyline and the telling of the story Completed the book and was very pleased The story ending was not neatly wrappedwas to much story to to that Will be looking for the next book in the series Interesting story, believable characters Highly recommended.

    I really like Deutermann s US Navy WWII novels so I thought I d give the Cam Richter series a shotry goodminiscent of Ace Atkins Quinn Colson seriesral southern law enforcement, etc but set in North CarolinaRichter uncovers a group of thrill seeking, vigilante cops and will have to pay a price for his investigationsSolid

    After reading the fourth book in this series, I was intrigued enough to pick up the lst Cam Richter story to learn the back story of how it all began Definitely worth the read I m also new to Deutermann but I like his style, the pace he sets, and the characters he has created I ll no doubt start checking out his other books, outside of this series, as well.

    Deutermann is a new find for me He writes mystery thrillers, sometimes in the spy arena and sometimes cop stories I find he keeps me turning pages, but his fondness for a big twist at the end turns me off a little His characters are likeable and his plots intrigue me When I find his books in the library or used bookstore I grab them.

    Dan Smith
    WOW The first of the Cam Richter series it was outstanding P.T Deutermann has created an outstanding character I think there are only 4 books in the Ricter Series, but there needs to be I have read two of them Am looking forward to the third.I could not put it down Had the time to read and finished the book in just over a day.

    An enjoyable mystery to listen to on audio book, with enough plot twists to keep me going back Dick Hill s narration is a plus I am going to give the next in the series a try if the library has it.

    I love a mystery with surprise twists Even though I suspected the guilty, I was still surpised at how it played out This is my second Cam Richter novel,and while I liked both, I definitely preferred this one.

    I chose to listen to this book, because the reader, Dick Hill, is fabulous I am glad I did I can t wait to listen to the next in the series This is a high energy mystery just the right amount of twists and turns with lots of danger added in.

    This book started slow, with a scene that did not seem to fit in with the rest of the book it matched the title, though A little before pg 200, it all started to come together from then on it was pretty much nonstop I did enjoy it would read another book by Mr Deutermann.

    Debbie Golding
    What are cat dancers The scene is set in the beginning which gives the reader an idea, but you find out toward the exciting conclusion In the meantime, Lt Cam has his hands full with investigating some disturbing murders and it becomes very personal.

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      310 P.T. Deutermann
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