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  • Title: Your Brother's Blood
  • Author: David Towsey
  • ISBN: 9781782064336
  • Page: 177
  • Format: Paperback

  • Your Brother's Blood By David Towsey Thomas is thirty two He comes from the small town of Barkley He has a wife there, Sarah, and a child, Mary good solid names from the Good Book And he is on his way home from the war, where he has been serving as a conscripted soldier.Thomas is also dead he is one of the Walkin.And Barkley does not suffer the wicked to live.
    David Towsey
    David Towsey is a graduate of the Bath Spa and Aberystwyth University Creative Writing programmes Born in Dorset, he moved to Wales and managed to lose himself there for ten years He s now determined to see what the rest of the world has to offer.

    Your Brother's Blood By David Towsey


    Mogsy (MMOGC)
    4 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum 201I usually start off my reviews with an explanation of what initially drew me to the book, and in this case it was the words Zombies and Western used to describe it that had me tripping over my feet for the opportunity to check it out To date, I ve only read a few titles from relatively new speculative fiction imprint Jo Fletcher, but they ve already set themselves apart in my mind as a very special publisher, thanks to books like Your Brother s Blood [...]

    Liz Barnsley
    Really enjoyed this one a fresh take on a zombie story as we meet the inhabitants of Barkley in a world where not all the dead stay dead These zombies are not shuffling human eating beings however, they are simply people who do not lie still when they die Enter Thomas, newly awakened Walkin who would very much like to be reunited with his family However Barkley is not a place where he will still be welcome their belief system views the undead as wicked and they show mercy by ensuring a destructi [...]

    I often hear the cry Oh no, not another zombie novel Now I ll be the first to admit that there has been a glut of books over the last couple of years featuring everyone s favourite un dead shufflers, but if you ve read any of my other reviews you ll notice a lot of them are actually pretty damn good I ve read everything from historical zombie fiction The Viking Dead , to novels that are something akin to a ghost story Handling The Undead All the zombie fiction that I ve read has one thing in co [...]

    I received a copy of this book through the First Reads program.Sadly, I didn t enjoy this as much as I thought I would Granted, I still think it s an intriguing premise and the entire attempt of following the storyline is somehow impressive and a fresh take on the genre, but it simply didn t do it for me.My main problem was the writing There were several moments throughout the book where I felt that the author s style failed to keep me engrossed in what I was reading and unfortunately, that kept [...]

    Your Brother s Blood is set in the far future, about 900 years from now, but at the same time it feels a little like weird west fantasy, such as Lee Collins books As such I found it hard to classify the book ending up at dystopian fantasy Apparently this is a far common thing than I thought really, who knew Why doesn t anyone tell me these things but to me this was my first encounter with it in this way and an interesting one it was too Towsey mixes religion and zombies and a Western feel into [...]

    Coby Heitz
    This book took me through a bit of an emotional rollercoaster I really identified with Thomas as a father and his point of view was interesting to me This book had me feeling all sort of emotions The state of the world made me sad Some events made me angry I felt like it challenged me to think about the afterlife and look at things from a new perspective These are not at all things I was expecting to say about this book when I picked it up I wasn t expecting this book to cause me to be so intros [...]

    Originally posted at thebookplank 2013 09 your brothers bloodmlYour Brother s Blood is the debut book of David Towsey which was released last month by Jo Fletcher Books David Towsey is an MA graduate of the Bath Spa Creative Writing course and continuing his studies as a Ph.D student at Aberystwyth University The synopsis of Your Brother s Blood really got me curious With solely the mentioning of the Walkin you can pretty much guess the direction this story will go into, however it seemed to me [...]

    If you re wondering whether to read this book or put it back on the shelves in the bookstore, I d advise you to go to the cash register and bring it home with you It is a great book I am really so glad to have read it And I guess this is going to be a series maybe , so I am looking forward to seeing how this story will evolve Personally, I don t know much about the sub genre, but I enjoyed thoroughly this post apocalyptic novel It was so well crafted and entertaining, I d recommend it to anyone. [...]

    Set hundreds of years in the future, Thomas is a soldier in a type of Civil war against the Walkin and all he yearns for is to go home to his wife and daughter When he wakes up in a pyrepit, a pit the army digs to pile the dead and burn them, he realizes that he ll no longer be welcomed home with open arms He decides to take his chances though and heads towards the town of Barkley Sarah McDermott and her daughter Mary are in mourning for Thomas, husband and father, but than Sarah fears that he [...]

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    Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    Chapters read 1It became immediately obvious this one s not for me Too much talk about the good book and no connection with the writing or characters.

    E.A. Carter
    I really enjoyed this story of a small corner of society called Barkley after the fall of technology, which subtly explores the themes of fear, prejudice, dishonesty, zealotry, tyranny and what it means to be truly free There are so many keenly observed moments in this book, some of them so poignant and poetic, that they linger on long after the last page has been read and the book has been placed on the bookshelf The author has a voice that is hard to resist, and the layers within the book reso [...]

    Anita Radeva
    Walkin dead , 360 , , , .

    Manon Klaassen
    Unfortunately, this just didn t do it for me The family dynamics, the love and courage throughout this book was what kept me reading But the lack of precision writing and character flaws kept me sighing aloud I am glad I finished it for two reasons 1 The ending was the best part of the book 2 i can finally read something else Conclusion I will not be reading the next book.

    An enjoyable, quick little read Nothing profoundly original, but quite well written, with an unique take on several classic genre tropes I ll probably read the rest of the trilogy too.

    3,5 starsIf you re picking up Your Brother s Blood and expect it s just another zombie novel, then let me tell you it s not Though the Walkin , as they are called in this book, are basically zombies, this is not a usual zombie story So don t wonder if the zombie context has been used too many times or if this book will lack originality, because Your Brother s Blood will show you the theme from a completely different perspective.Different from many zombie novels, this one is psychological than a [...]

    Carla Araújo
    This book was sent to me as part of First Reads giveaways Summary After falling in a battle he was forced into, Thomas rises from his burning grave as a walkin and is faced with the desire to come back to his family in Barkley a town which does not take kindly to those who come back from the dead.Personal comment On the outside, this book has everything to attract all sorts of readers a captivating title, a beautiful westernesque cover and a delicious premise Unfortunately, in this case, a stron [...]

    3.5 StarsYour Brother s Blood might feature zombies called the Walkin but it s not a zombie novel in the traditional sense It s an ambitious debut, mashing up Western elements with a literary background into a readable adventure novel.Thomas should be dead Yet he can walk, think, talk He has become one of the Walkin , the abominations against God his pastor has always warned him about Meanwhile in the village of Barkley, the wife and daughter he left behind are in constant danger because of his [...]

    I wanted to like this book so much A futuristic zombie novel with an old timey Western feel I m in And I m disappointed Womp, womp.I struggled to finish it and even though I did, I m not sure I can tell you what it s about Strange, cult like religious leaders basically rule the town with an iron fist Any Walkin are quickly set aflame on the pyre, along with any offspring These zombies are different no blood thirsty desires, no mindless wandering around moaning They are dead, flesh pretty much ro [...]

    Your Brother s Blood is something special patient, unsettling and literary The main strand of the novel follows Thomas McDermott, recently deceased and now an undead Walkin While that might sound familiar enough territory, Thomas is far from a typical zombie In fact, the z word might be useful for marketing copy, but seems redundant once you re immersed in the story Thomas is the same man he always was, with fears, ambitions and love for his family The town of Barkley is well drawn, providing a [...]

    Ade Couper
    This is David Towsey s 1st novel it s pretty good.America in the 29th century An unexplained catastrophe has sent humanity back to a pre industrial age also, there is the threat of the Walkin What happens in a small town like Barkly when one of it s own becomes a walkin Several good points about this book firstly, the characterisation of all the characters is excellent people come across as rounded, flawed, and believable Even the Pastor his acolyte Like, both of whom firmly belong in the religi [...]

    Thomas Cools
    I really liked this one The story takes place in the distant future, in a world which seems a lot like the Wild West Now and then when describing buildings from years past , you get references to our present day I also liked the idea of the Walkin They are the living dead with a twist they are not brainless zombies but they are fully self aware human beings who happen to be dead I found this an interesting and mysterious concept This concept, together with the cowboy setting make a fun mix Don t [...]

    Brenna Johnson
    I was loving this book Until I got to the end The storyline, I thought, was an original take on a popular topic, and was really into it until I got to the end It felt like they cut the book was halfway over when it abruptly ends Did the author just get tired of writing and decided it needed a rather hokey, wishy washy ending So many questions left unanswered, the journey was really just getting started for our main character Thomas McDermott WHERE S THE REST OF THE BOOK

    This book takes place in a world enduring a new dark age hundreds of years into the future There isn t any technology and the only book allowed is the Bible People have started rising from the dead as walkin and the living have labeled them the spawn of Satan The people of Barkley kill the living children of the walkin , so a walkin named Thomas has to run away with his daughter to try and protect her I liked the surprise ending, so this was worth reading 4 5.

    Zombies, dystopian society, religious zealotry If you love both The Hunger Games and The Walking Dead, put this one on your Must Read list This was a book club pick for me I decided to force myself to read a chapter last night to get started and ended up staying up late enough to finish the book I was thoroughly engrossed.

    I received this book because I won a giveaway This is a new take on the zombie genre While there were some flaws in the story, the characters were well developed and the plot remained interesting throughout The book ended abruptly, but I suppose that s okay because it s part of a trilogy I will definitely read the next book.

    Elizabeth Rose
    I didn t really like this So far the concept of the zombies in this world aren t very different I thought that would change by the end of the book, but the plot is too insular for that The dialogue is stunted, the characters extremely one dimensional, and the question of right and wrong is extremely stereotypical.

    This book was an awesome read When the hook said a new twist on the zombie genre I was like yeah, we ll see And you know what It turned out to be true This was one of the entertaining books I ve read in awhile Definitely recommended.

    Snorri Kristjansson
    I was incredibly impressed with this book It is quite far away from my usual fare, but the prose is beautifully constructed and the storytelling is uncomfortably taut There is nary a word out of place here, and I hunted down the sequel immediately Definitely recommended.


    • UNLIMITED KINDLE ↠ Your Brother's Blood - by David Towsey
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