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  • Title: I've Always Kept a Unicorn: The Biography of Sandy Denny
  • Author: Mick Houghton
  • ISBN: 9780571278909
  • Page: 262
  • Format: Hardcover

  • I've Always Kept a Unicorn: The Biography of Sandy Denny By Mick Houghton I ve Always Kept a Unicorn tells the story of Sandy Denny, one of the greatest British singers of her time and the first female British singer songwriter to produce a substantial and enduring body of original songs Sandy Denny laid down the marker for folk rock when she joined Fairport Convention in 1968, releasing three albums with them in 1969 before her shock departureI ve Always Kept a Unicorn tells the story of Sandy Denny, one of the greatest British singers of her time and the first female British singer songwriter to produce a substantial and enduring body of original songs Sandy Denny laid down the marker for folk rock when she joined Fairport Convention in 1968, releasing three albums with them in 1969 before her shock departure just ahead of the release of the celebrated Liege Lief Her music went far beyond this during the seventies, driven by a restless search for the perfect framework for her songs, first with Fotheringay the group she formed but controversially left after recording just one album On leaving, she immediately collaborated on a historic one off recording with Led Zeppelin on The Battle of Ever the only guest vocalist ever to record with the group Four fascinating, mercurial solo albums followed as well as an ultimately misguided return to Fairport Convention before her tragic and untimely death, aged 31, in 1978, in circumstances still shrouded in hearsay and speculation.Sandy emerged from the folk scene of the sixties a world of larger than life characters such as Alex Campbell, Jackson C Frank, Anne Briggs and Australian singer Trevor Lucas, whom she married in 1973 Their often turbulent relationship is at the core of Sandy s later life and work, as she tried to reconcile a longing for the simple life and motherhood with the trappings of a rock n roll lifestyle and a fear of the fame and success which others expected of her.This is her story told with the help of than sixty of her friends, fellow musicians and contemporaries all of whom spoke with great candour, some with too much candour, and all with a mixture of joy and sadness when talking about Sandy.
    Mick Houghton
    Mick Houghton Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the I've Always Kept a Unicorn: The Biography of Sandy Denny book, this is one of the most wanted Mick Houghton author readers around the world.

    I've Always Kept a Unicorn: The Biography of Sandy Denny By Mick Houghton


    Pete daPixie
    Houghton s biography of Sandy Denny was published in 2015, the latest in a number of biogs on Sandy and her music Clinton Heylin wrote No More Sad Refrains The life and times of Sandy Denny in 2002, after his Gypsy Love Songs Sad Refrains The Recordings of Richard Thompson and Sandy Denny in 1989 Pamela Murray Winters wrote No Thought of Leaving A Life of Sandy Denny in 2000, which remains unpublished and Philip Ward came in with Sandy Denny Reflections on her Music in 2011 and Jim Irvin s Wildf [...]

    Sandy Denny s life was full of beautiful music, substance abuse, and tragedy This biographer does a good job of putting together her life s story through interviews with relatives, friends, and acquaintances This also includes some fun photos of Sandy that I ve never seen before The track list section at the back of the book is extensive and includes music she enjoyed, as well as all of her known recordings.

    The Guardian , February 2015.

    I ve been wanting to read this bio since I first saw it about 18 months ago in one of my fav culture shops in Adelaide as a hard back Earlier this year, I bought the paperback release I was am a huge fan of Fairport Convention, which how I first learned of Sandy Denny And I followed her first couple of solo albums post Fairport before I dropped away when punk and post punk penetrated my consciousness And only discovered of the early death of Ms Denny years after the fact This is a no holds barre [...]

    Allan Heron
    An excellent biography of the tragic life and career of Sandy Denny Incorporating interviews with most of the surviving players in her life, the book addresses all of the key areas and decisions in Sandy s life.As such, it provides a welcome nuanced take on many of these including her relationship with husband Trevor Lucas who has often been portrayed as the villain of the piece.As with many artists, Denny was a mass of contradictions and insecurities, and these helped to misdirect her career at [...]

    Comprehensive, informative, impeccably researched written Faultless.

    Peter Pinkney
    I never learn, I keep reading these type of biographies, and they never get any better with a few exceptions, they are all the same.I love Sandy Denny, and having read lots of positive reviews, I was really looking forward to it.It s well written, exhaustively researched, but but butke most of these books, they tend to degenerate into lists albums, songs, tours etc The subtitle is The Biography of Sandy Denny, but it isn t really, it s about the people who were her friends, or played in bands w [...]

    Ken French
    A hundred times better than Clinton Heylin s hyperbolic No More Sad Refrains Houghton s only flaw is that he lets too many people weigh in on Sandy, to the point where they often contradict each other But this is generally a biography written with a deep regard for Sandy s talent.

    Lionel Denny
    So sad this amazing singer passed away at just 31 yrs old without really fulfilling her potential Some of the best songs I ve ever listened to are either her with the great Fairport Convention or her solo works This book tells the story so well.

    Chris Meloche
    Read my review hererismeloche p 213

    The first time I heard Led Zeppelin IV, Sandy Denny s backup vocals were one of the highlights The emotional depth, the power that her voice conveys is magical and mesmerising, a quality so rare it leaves you dumbstruck After listening to her albums with Fairport Convention, the Swarbs, Fotheringay, and her solo efforts, I felt the urge to learn about her life, about her experiences and what led to her death This book really hit the spot I ve Always Kept a Unicorn is everything a biography shoul [...]

    Malcolm Frawley
    I first heard Sandy Denny on the Led Zeppelin track Battle Of Ever 1971 It was a beautiful cameo, and the only solo voice, apart from Plant s, ever heard on a Zep recording I have tried several times since then to get into her music without any success at all She has a great voice but the style of her music Fairport Convention, Fotheringay, solo stuff just never appealed to me But I was well aware of the high regard in which she was held within the music industry This biog provides a great insig [...]

    Adele Abrams
    The Real Sandy Denny I m an English folk music fan and always loved Fairport Convention, Strawbs, John Renbourne, John Martyn, and Richard Linda Thompson among others When I worked as a DJ I would slip this music in between rock and roll tunes The incredible voice of Sandy Denny, preeminent girl singer from that scene and best known for writing Judy Collins hit song, Who Knows Where the Time Goes, always drew me in She could write her own songs, and interpret the music of others from the heart a [...]

    Martin Hoogeboom
    Well, it s okay but it s no Sandy Denny is usually my standard answer when someone ask me what I think of a particular singer I ve Always Kept A Unicorn is a well written biography about the Queen of Melancholy Sandy Denny And as is often, the life of an artist admired by me is not at all what I had imagined Certainly when I was young I looked up at someone with so much talent making such wonderful records They have to live a rich and happy life But the harsh reality is unfortunately doom and gl [...]

    Andy Bryant
    Brilliant, didn t want it to end Actually, was surprised it did end given my Kindle said 58% the rest was the index and a playlist which is a brilliant idea a full chronological list of all Sandy s recordings along with other relevant releases that were influences and or records she loved The only bit I thought was lacking was the exploration of Sandy s relationship with her parents Neal Denny did not attend her wedding to Trevor Lucas and the situation with her parents is occasionally alluded t [...]

    Steve Gillway
    I enjoyed reading this while listening to her music I am struck by how strong her effect still is on female driven folk music in the UK This book takes us carefully through her life step by step at all times the author is aware of what the main players thought or said at the time and what they said later on It is quite incredible that she is not widely known, although she received much critical acclaim during her lifetime For some reason the commercial success eluded her, yet in a strange way th [...]

    Under Milkwood
    This well researched biography was a real insight for me In the late sixties, early seventies I was a devoted Fairport fan, and upon Sandy s initial exit from the band, I eagerly anticipated her solo projects, including Fotheringay Sadly, while I never admitted it at the time, I was always underwhelmed by the overall results Her 1974 return to the band at Festival Hall in Melbourne didn t feel right Mick Houghton has filled in all the gaps on a would be star who always remained obscured by cloud [...]

    Dragged out my reading of this because I didn t want her to die.Not as dry as reviews led me to believe it would be, but that s possibly because Sandy Denny is my very favorite It s so detailed and lacking in dramatic writing sadly unnecessary as drama came naturally to her anyway not a page turner that it s probably only about 3 stars for the general reader.And the title is my favorite lyric of my favorite verse of my favorite of her songs

    Andy Larter
    Despite Sandy Denny s colourful life, this is a rather dry biography I have no doubt that it is accurate and it certainly took me back to the albums I listen to less frequently than others But I couldn t help thinking that the writing lacked some zip.The story made me feel sad as well Sandy seems to have been lacking confidence in some aspects of her life, despite that wonderful voice and some superb songs The end of her life was certainly very sad.

    This bio flows beautifully The author researched the folk scene so well that you can really apprecaite the context that Sandy Denny performed in and evolved from Its such a sad story of wasted talent but well written and a joy to read you will find yourself hunting down obscure recordings after reading it, I m warning you now

    Derek Nudd
    This book needs to be read all at once because the avalanche of names, places, events and linkages between them will leave your head spinning if you don t keep going It still leaves a powerful impression of her towering talent and personal vulnerability One of the great voices, who could cut straight from the ears to the soul now sadly stilled.

    This authorised, official biography is meticulous, fair and dare I say it a little dry In so carefully and laudably eschewing sensationalism, it also leaves the mystery and drama of Sandy Denny s brief, tumultuous career largely unexplained Still, a good book with some nice extras, including suggestions for further reading, and a playlist covering each year of Sandy s life.

    George Barnett
    I have loved the music of Sandy Denny for many years I always knew her life was chaotic and her death tragic I hadn t been aware just what a mess her life was Her voice could be immensely moving This book was a good chronological account of her recordings The whole thing read a little like an extended record review but it s sent me back to some much loved songs.

    The life of Sandy Denny was happy, sad, triumphant, tragic, crazy and mixed up This biography follows all curves in the road, and taught me about a favorite singer and songwriter.

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