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  • Title: Captains Outrageous
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale
  • ISBN: 9780753816745
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback

  • Captains Outrageous By Joe R. Lansdale Hapless chicken plant guard Hap Collins gets into trouble when he takes his best friend Leonard on a Caribbean cruise The two find themselves abandoned in Mexico, saved from armed attackers by a geriatric fisherman and his lovely daughter, who s currently having to fend off a Mexican mobster who is also a practising nudist Trying for once to stay out of other people sHapless chicken plant guard Hap Collins gets into trouble when he takes his best friend Leonard on a Caribbean cruise The two find themselves abandoned in Mexico, saved from armed attackers by a geriatric fisherman and his lovely daughter, who s currently having to fend off a Mexican mobster who is also a practising nudist Trying for once to stay out of other people s business, Hap returns to East Texas but is overwhelmed when he learns of the senorita s murder He then persuades Leonard to return with him to Mexico to even the score.
    Joe R. Lansdale
    Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R Lansdale is the author of over forty novels and numerous short stories His work has appeared in national anthologies, magazines, and collections, as well as numerous foreign publications He has written for comics, television, film, newspapers, and Internet sites His work has been collected in than two dozen short story collections, and he has edited or co edited over a dozen anthologies He has received the Edgar Award, eight Bram Stoker Awards, the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award, the British Fantasy Award, the Grinzani Cavour Prize for Literature, the Herodotus Historical Fiction Award, the Inkpot Award for Contributions to Science Fiction and Fantasy, and many others His novella Bubba Ho Tep was adapted to film by Don Coscarelli, starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis His story Incident On and Off a Mountain Road was adapted to film for Showtime s Masters of Horror, and he adapted his short story Christmas with the Dead to film hisownself The film adaptation of his novel Cold in July was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, and the Sundance Channel has adapted his Hap Leonard novels for television He is currently co producing several films, among them The Bottoms, based on his Edgar Award winning novel, with Bill Paxton and Brad Wyman, and The Drive In, with Greg Nicotero He is Writer In Residence at Stephen F Austin State University, and is the founder of the martial arts system Shen Chuan Martial Science and its affiliate, Shen Chuan Family System He is a member of both the United States and International Martial Arts Halls of Fame He lives in Nacogdoches, Texas with his wife, dog, and two cats.

    Captains Outrageous By Joe R. Lansdale


    Hap and Leonard go south of the border, and there hasn t been a trip to Mexico end this badly since The Wild Bunch As Warren Zevon once sang, they ll need lawyers, guns, and money to get out of this fix.The guys have new careers as security guards at the local chicken processing plant As Hap is leaving work one night he breaks up an attack on a young woman by a drug crazed maniac The fight scene is Lansdale at his best I didn t know whether to laugh or scream as I read it Usually good deeds don [...]

    Dan Schwent
    When Hap comes into some money, he and Leonard go on a vacation and wind up stranded in Mexico True to form, they end up helping a fisherman and his daughter with a problem they re havingThis is my third read of Captains Outrageous but the first time in over a decade so it was like a completely new book.Captains Outrageous sees Hap and Leonard going up against a Mexican loanshark and his goons It also brings the crew back together with Jim Bob Luke, Marvin Hanson, Charlie Blank, and Veil Unlike [...]

    I ve been listening to these Hap and Leonard books on audio and it s been quite the experience If you ve never listened to the audio versions I recommend buying or borrowing copies Narrator Phil Gigante does a terrific job of bringing these guys to life in all of their over the top glory and has a friendly, humorous, comforting southern drenched voice that I could listen to all the live long day Captains Outrageous is book 6 in the series I recommend reading them in order because this book does [...]

    3.5 Stars Hap and Leonard have been in some pretty bad situations over the years but nothing can prepare them for the open seas After Hap gets a sizeable reward for saving a teenage girl from a tweaked out murderer, he decides to go on a cruise ship vacation with Leonard But rather than the restful trip they had planned, they end up on the cruise from hell and find themselves balls deep in trouble as usual, when their ship leaves them stranded in a Mexican beachtown One weird thing that stood ou [...]

    Michael Fierce
    A lot of suspense, a shi load of fun, a slew of horribly good one liners, unending thrills, enough action for even the most impatient of readers, beatings galore, tons of shi talk and a worthy addition to the series.Just a butt hair short of being as outstanding as the 5 previous books in the series though no one and I mean no one writes like Lansdale or as good as Lansdale.This one s got Hap Leonard heading to Mexico on vacation after Hap receives a large sum of money from circumstances surroun [...]

    Holy crap I bought this book on Sunday night and finished it in about 3 days This I think is quite possibly my favorite Hap and Leonard novel to date It has EVERYTHING, romance, rescuing of young ladies from drug crazed psychopaths, a cruise to Mexico, women of loose morals, machetes, giant prison rats, even vengeance This series is about two great guys from East Texas who are tough as nails and attract trouble like a magnet attracts iron shavings This one is no exception We see the death of a b [...]

    Lee Thompson
    The first half of this was really, really slow for me, but the second half roared I love Hap and Leonard Lansdale is a hell of a writer.

    Scott Firestone
    This is a just okay entry in the continuing misadventures of Hap Leonard Hap saves a chicken plant mogul s daughter from getting killed, and as a reward he and Leonard are set up on a Mexican vacation Of course things go wrong, and the vacation turns bloody Really bloody Lots of dismembered and tortured bodies There are almost no quirky characters here, and it s not until they re missing in a Hap Leonard novel that you realize how integral they are to your enjoyment of the series So I missed tha [...]

    After six books, Hap and Leonard are starting to wear a little thin This doesn t mean I didn t like Captain Outrageous I am still enthralled with the East Texan odd couple and Lansdale s visceral style continues to make me laugh and horrify me at the same time But this time it reads a bit formulaic I think the main problem is that Lansdale himself may be tiring a bit with this series After this book, he took a eight years hiatus from the series only to return to write a last one Vanilla Ride due [...]

    Domenico Cinalli
    Arrivati al sesto volume delle loro storie, anche HapLeonard cominciano ad accusare un po di stanchezza il soggetto non dei pi scoppiettanti, la sceneggiatura si regge col mestiere ma pare a volte dover spingere un po troppo il pedale sul becero per tenere su tutta la baracca La lettura sempre di quelle piacevoli, ma la serializzazione riscuote pegno.

    Edward III
    Another awesome Hap Leonard tale Already looking forward to my next ride with the boys, Vanilla Ride.

    Captain Outrageous is fifth in the hilarious and off beat Hap and Leonard series by Joe R Lansdale If you ve caught the recent TV series you ll know the set up Hap is a working class white man living in East Texas Leonard is his gay, psychotic, African American best friend Together they wind up raising merry hell, righting wrongs, taking names, and kicking ass all kinds of ass To a degree all of the Hap and Leonard stories can be seen as part of one long picaresque novel Events are references th [...]

    I finished Rumble Tumble, Lansdale s fifth entry into the Hap Leonard series, earlier this year as part of my Unfinished Series project Given that the books weren t really part of a series as the rest of the books they really just feature recurring characters, and aren t books that comprise a single story , I didn t see the need to track down the rest of the books in that series to finish them out I figured I would get to them as I had the time, but then I was at the library picking up another b [...]

    Con questo libro ho terminato il mio weekend lansdaliano Dopo le correzioni sentivo il bisogno di una lettura rilassante, gioiosa, un po trash, piena di scazzottate e lieti fine Mi c voluto un po a capire che era di Hap e Leo che avevo bisogno, ma quando ci sono arrivata e mi sono sparata in rapida successione una stagione selvaggia e capitani oltraggiosi mi sono sentita rianimata A volte si legge per scombussolare l anima, altre per sciogliere quei nodi di tensione che l hanno resa instabile Io [...]

    i try to keep my reviews short and not spoil anything that said it is hard to discuss this one without ruining some of the wonderful surprises briefly Hap and Leonard go on a vacation, when something happens then something worse happens, they are stranded in mexico, where some even terrible things happen, and some people die horribly, perhaps the goriest book in the series, with a satisfying conclusion we are in B Traven territory here folks, and Lansdale even references THE TREASURE OF THE SIE [...]

    What a crazy, and dark book I really enjoyed it These guys really have a talent for trouble The fight passages are nicely written too I also like the fact that they talk a lot about various subjects, like religion, relationships, sex

    In love this author and the Hap and Leonard series but this one was the weakest one so far Even if they ve jumped the shark I will continue reading about their adventures.

    A Hap and Leonard book, but not one of my favorites in the series Still it s pretty good.

    I enjoyed this one a bit than the last one, even with the slow start.

    I really liked Hap and Leonard when I first started this series but now that I am in my 6th book in, I ve started to like it less and less Mostly Hap, he just annoys me now For example he goes on about loving Brett but really doesn t bat and eye or have much remorse when another woman is willing to offer sex to him I was really saddened about Charlie but I m glad Jim Bob was in this story I didn t like the plot so much in this one I was hoping for mystery solving but I swear I felt like it was [...]

    Great entry in the HL series Lots of moments of excitement, wonder, a couple of sad moments in there, but again, Hap and Leonard are truly characters that I have come to love and cherish in literature They re brothers like I ve never seen in like, their banter is exceptional, and I will continue to read their stories because, honestly, they re so fun to read and go on adventures with Two thumbs up

    Enjoyable as usual to visit with Hap Leonard but this book just didn t grab me as much as the previous ones in the series The story was predictable the characters didn t give me enough to ignore that I love reading these books because they are just fun rides truly make me laugh out loud This one didn t quite meet up to usual expectations.I see by reading other reviews that I am not alone with my disappointment.

    Compared to other things I ve read lately, this one was light in almost every detail Hap and Leonard are working security at the chicken plant when Hap interrupts the rape murder of a local student Consequently he receives a large sum of money as a reward, and by turns Hap and Leonard end up on a cruise to Mexico They re booted from the cruise in a backwater town near Cancun, and it s there that the story really picks up, or something.

    by Ax
    Mezza crociera meglio di niente ForseHap e Leonard finalmente possono concedersi una vacanza Vada per una crociera, si dicono.Il problema che quando quei due decidono qualcosa, finiscono sempre nei guai Sempre.Un Lansdale fiacco per fortuna ci pensano i due protagonisti a prendere le redini della situazione.

    Captains Outrageous seemed like two or three H P stories meshed into one and, for some reason, I thought that it worked well The usual buddies vs the world vibe kind of took a back seat so that Hap could ponder deeper issues mortality, marriage, ande Mexican mafia Lots of fun and chaos.

    Alessandro Pontorno
    Un buon libro, in cui trama e svolgimento si attestano nuovamente sui livelli cui le storie di Hap Leonard ci hanno abituati Alcune battute sono veramente esilaranti, tuttavia il finale pur caricato a dovere di tensione si risolve in fretta e senza pathos Peccato.

    Deb Noack
    I think this will be my last visit with Hap and Leonard The violence is just too gory and too omnipresent.

    Spencer Abbott
    Probably like a 3.75ish, give or take The start was a little sophomoric, heavily laden with dick jokes and the like not uncommon for a Hap Leonard novel, mind you, but here it felt a little forced and pointless That said, once our heros heed the call to adventure, well, the adventure begins It s fast moving, pulpy, and an easy read I must say that the set up had me anticipating a much different ending, but the one Mr Lansdale serves up, while different from the one I d imagined, was no less eng [...]

    Jürgen Zeller
    Machos und Macheten ist ein sehr am santes Portrait ber zwei M nner die auf den ersten Blick sehr unterschiedlich sind aber sich bei genauerem hinsehen so perfekt erg nzen wie die sprichw rtliche Faust aufs Auge Im Mittelpunkt des Romans stehen zwei Anti Helden die sich nicht im geringsten um gesellschaftliche Konventionen k mmern sondern ihr Leben so Leben wie es gerade auf der Fussmatte vor der heimischen Haust r steht, klingelt und um Einlass bittet Sie haben weder Ziele noch Pl ne sondern be [...]

    Hap Collins and Leonard Pine aren t the kind of guys who ever have good luck They ve been best friends and sidekicks for a long time, and they are usually involved in some sort of situation that isn t going to end well As the book opens, Hap and Leonard have a job guarding a poultry processing plant You wouldn t think that would be fraught with danger, but Hap hears screaming in the nearby woods and interrupts a maniac who is brutally assaulting a young woman For once, there is a positive outcom [...]

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