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  • Title: Stone Hotel: Poems From Prison
  • Author: Raegan Butcher
  • ISBN: 9781499119
  • Page: 495
  • Format: Paperback

  • Stone Hotel: Poems From Prison By Raegan Butcher A moving, spare collection of poetry on life behind bars All encased in the usual lavish, beautiful CrimethInc production.
    Raegan Butcher
    Poet, novelist, punk rock singer, actor, former prisoner and underground cult figure, Raegan Butcher had his first collection of poetry, End of the World Graffiti, published in 1991 at the age of 22 In 1994, he appeared in the Seattle indie film The Year Of My Japanese Cousin In 1996 he was convicted of armed robbery and spent seven years in prison, during which time he composed the poems that would appear in his next highly regarded book of poetry, Stone Hotel In 2017 he released A Fistful of Pesos,the first installment in his six book crime series, Common Criminals A life long horror and science fiction fan, Butcher is also the author of the sci fi horror novels Siege of Station 19, Fury of the Chupacabras, Revolt of the Chupacabras, Rise of the Chupacabras and Invasion of the Chupacabras, all for Necro He lives in the Pacific Northwest with a growing collection of rescued animals.

    Stone Hotel: Poems From Prison By Raegan Butcher


    Janie C.
    An intrepid and honest book of poetry by a man who did the crime and then did the time Plainly spoken and unsparing, these poems guide us through the experiences of armed robbery, consequent arrest and eight years behind bars What I found interesting in this poetic narrative was the author s trepidation to re enter the outside world In his words i am so afraid i ll have to go back to the same shitty jobs the same failed relationships endless nights filled with loneliness and frustration While li [...]

    One of the best books of poetry I have ever had the pleasure of reading, it is such a shame only 2000 copies were produced, I would love to get my grubby mitts on a copy, it deserves wide spread release.Butcher tells his life on these pages, from committing the crime, being captured, sentenced, doing the time and finally his release.When you read this you can pick up easily on his feeling, you can sense his regret at what he has done and most of all you can feel the tedium he experiences being s [...]

    Harry Whitewolf
    I can t remember the last time I read a poetry book so quickly I mean, sure, it s short, but that s not the point I m making I ve just flown through Stone Hotel in half an hour of frenzied, captivated reading Why had nobody told me about Raegan Butcher before I feel like I ve been let in on a great secret of a work despite the author s well known presence to many others.Stone Hotel Poems From Prison simply tells it how it is The short almost beat like stanzas and simplicity of words are highly l [...]

    Rupert Dreyfus
    This was a fantastic read which I have stumbled upon by chance It moves like a 7 year sentence in prison with all its ups and downs The anxiety the boredom the people the personalities the danger the corrupt system the worry the reflections the honesty the lack of personal space the expectations of release It s all there I m personally not big in to poetry so I think this has broader appeal It was like reading profound musings than poetry You could probably return to it an endless amount of tim [...]

    Here s the review that I wrote for this book that appeared in Slingshot 82 and a variety of other places I encounter a lot of trite crap posing as poetry Often I read or hear poems that are so bad I squirm in embarrassment on behalf of the author Having been subjected to many poorly contrived pieces, I was surprised and exhilerated when I began reading Stone Hotel Poems From Prison by Reagan Butcher I was sucked in, immediately hooked by the dramatic pictures painted by Butcher often in few word [...]

    Arlene Sanders
    STONE HOTEL is a collection of poems by a man who was sentenced to eight years in prison.The first poem details the crime Nowhere in the book did I find any attempt to excuse, minimize, or deny the crime The poems simply tell us what happened, how he was apprehended by dogs, their nostrils full of my fear and what followed as he served his time I am surroundedby men who livein cagesand blink in the sunlike psychotic molesconnoisseurs ofhatreddisguised as racial pridethe tattooed husbandsof batte [...]

    Awesome collection of poems Straight to the point and raw like prose Some of the most honest accounts of prison life read No bravado or bullshit Makes me want to read from this underrated author.

    J.A. Carter-Winward
    A Look Inside the InsideAfter finishing Raegan Butcher s poetry collection Rusty String Quartet, I was eager to read his other book, a gift at Christmas, Stone Hotel Poems from Prison The only comparison I ll make is it took me a long time to read RSQ because there was so much So much depth I read Stone Hotel in one sitting because there was so much well, depth But in a totally different way.Stone Hotel is much of a story to me It took me not only to a foreign place, that place being the other [...]

    I am beingstrangledby the handsof a clockchoked by the curledfingersof a calendarendless passive waitingin a numbered boxd I only touch women in my dreams Raegan Butcher spent almost a decade in prison for armed robbery and this collection contains snippets of observations of prison life, other inmates, and some beautiful reflection In the style of Charles Bukowski, the writing is sparse, gritty and packs a punch The words stay with you Butcher observes how the clock and the calendar are a convi [...]

    Something happens to poetry when it is written from a hard undeniable life, a hell or some bitter tangle, when written by blade in the the flesh of the poet something happens to poetry,It becomes readable SNITCHthe cops foundhimhanging fromthe light fixturea bedsheetaround his neckface purpleeyes filled with bloodlike bright red eggspiss shitdripping down his legsand no onecould figureouthow he managedto tieboth of hishandstogetherbehind hisback same old storyeveryone has a nameno one has a fath [...]

    Kent Winward
    Stone Hotel fits nicely in the prison memoir genre, recounting the tales of prison life from crime to release Butcher, always the moral convict, recounts the acute morality of our criminal class in short, direct prose placed in poetic format After years of criminal defense work, I had to stop because the power of the State to crush the will of a human far surpasses most criminals ability to harm the public and it is a painful thing to watch Butcher s poems are an ode to human resiliency and rede [...]

    its the jeet kune do of poetry that is the best way to describe brutally honest with himself and the rest of the world excellent.

    Here is my review of Stone Hotel from Verbicide issue 9 Fall 2003 It should be obvious that everyone who works with Verbicide is a huge Raegan Butcher fan from his prose to his poetry, the guy can write, and I m really proud that some of the poems included in Stone Hotel were published in Verbicide issue 7 Among the most touching aspects of the poetry of Butcher written during his recently ended six year stint in prison for armed robbery is his lack of self pity and prisoner rhetoric overt misgu [...]

    Edward Diesel
    Powerful stuff

    Phil Volatile
    Originally, I attained a PDF copy of this book At the time the Kindle version wasn t yet available, but for the price, it s a waaaaay less expensive option than trying to attain a paperback copy not that it wouldn t be awesome to have a print version, but the prices some people are willing to part with theirs are relatively high I drink a lot of coffee and it makes my mind race I was on my usual coffee fit when I read this book for the first time, and it really made me think It was actually a bi [...]

    Meg Tuite
    I heard about this collection from a recommendation HOLY SHITE This is a collection for anyone who is all about life death no subterfuge, full on vulnerability in a place where that must be hidden to survive prison yes, but LIFE yes Butcher absolutely takes us into the cell, but he also reminds us that what we consider a safe and comfortable life in a house with a lock, is just as much a cell Marriage another cell Safe job, pension Really This is not to be missed This is also not for those who w [...]

    Binary Press
    Stone Hotel fits nicely in the prison memoir genre, recounting the tales of prison life from crime to release Butcher, always the moral convict, recounts the acute morality of our criminal class in short, direct prose placed in poetic format After years of criminal defense work, I had to stop because the power of the State to crush the will of a human far surpasses most criminals ability to harm the public and it is a painful thing to watch Butcher s poems are an ode to human resiliency and rede [...]

    This collection of Poetry will definitely put you right into the mix of prison life and all of the emotions that go with it Haunting, and Raegan Butcher s words will stay with you long after the last page is turned.I was one of the fortunate few to receive a complimentary copy courtesy of GoodReads FirstReads and the author.

    I have often thought I would enjoy teaching poetry in a prison If I ever did, I would hope to have results like the poems in this book by Raegan Butcher.

    danadickerson Dickerson
    how not to become rich famous christmas shopping is over for the nihilist in your life.

    Christina Borgoyn
    I won Raegen Butcher s Stone Hotel Poems From Prison in a Giveaway I am a writer myself, and poetry is how I choose to explore that creative part of myself Butcher s personal journey is ever present in this cold, straightforward body of work There s a spark of life caught behind those prison walls How such a soul survives is beyond me, but he did to share some rather amazing words with me If I had grown upablewell adjustedd lived happily ever after, what in the hell would I have to write about T [...]

    I m not really one to judge and critique poetry too much it feels a little too odd to me to offer comment on something so personal to the author I will say, however, that the poetry I prefer comes from the darker side of life, and this collection of Butcher s poems falls squarely into that wheelhouse.

    His poetry speaks with power and intelligence Prison is not for everyone, yet the picture he emphatically conveys is one of humor as well as insight, the course of events that have led up to all he has experienced is a slight glimpse into the brilliant mind of a man who marches to the beat of his own drum and makes it work for him in his favorAVO

    Stark and powerful I could tell from a glance that this was a book of poetry I would enjoy This collection is great, but all too short.

    That not all poetry sucks.

    S. M. S
    Beautiful, honest, and sad.

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