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  • Title: The Drive-In
  • Author: Joe R. Lansdale
  • ISBN: 9780553274813
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • The Drive-In By Joe R. Lansdale Imagine a jam packed drive in on a Saturday night You re kicking back in your car with the popcorn and enjoying a good old fashioned scary monster movie when, suddenly, the drive in itself becomes the movie, with all its attendance thrills And dangers.When a group of friends decided to spend a day at the world s largest Drive In theater horror fest, they expected to seeImagine a jam packed drive in on a Saturday night You re kicking back in your car with the popcorn and enjoying a good old fashioned scary monster movie when, suddenly, the drive in itself becomes the movie, with all its attendance thrills And dangers.When a group of friends decided to spend a day at the world s largest Drive In theater horror fest, they expected to see tons of bloody murders, rampaging madmen, and mayhem but only on the screen As a mysterious force traps all the patrons inside the Drive In, the worst in humanity comes out Filled with Lansdale s razor whit and black humor, The Drive In is a darkly humorous masterpiece
    Joe R. Lansdale
    Champion Mojo Storyteller Joe R Lansdale is the author of over forty novels and numerous short stories His work has appeared in national anthologies, magazines, and collections, as well as numerous foreign publications He has written for comics, television, film, newspapers, and Internet sites His work has been collected in than two dozen short story collections, and he has edited or co edited over a dozen anthologies He has received the Edgar Award, eight Bram Stoker Awards, the Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award, the British Fantasy Award, the Grinzani Cavour Prize for Literature, the Herodotus Historical Fiction Award, the Inkpot Award for Contributions to Science Fiction and Fantasy, and many others His novella Bubba Ho Tep was adapted to film by Don Coscarelli, starring Bruce Campbell and Ossie Davis His story Incident On and Off a Mountain Road was adapted to film for Showtime s Masters of Horror, and he adapted his short story Christmas with the Dead to film hisownself The film adaptation of his novel Cold in July was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival, and the Sundance Channel has adapted his Hap Leonard novels for television He is currently co producing several films, among them The Bottoms, based on his Edgar Award winning novel, with Bill Paxton and Brad Wyman, and The Drive In, with Greg Nicotero He is Writer In Residence at Stephen F Austin State University, and is the founder of the martial arts system Shen Chuan Martial Science and its affiliate, Shen Chuan Family System He is a member of both the United States and International Martial Arts Halls of Fame He lives in Nacogdoches, Texas with his wife, dog, and two cats.

    The Drive-In By Joe R. Lansdale


    Dan Schwent
    Jack and his friends live for one thing the Friday all night horror show at the Orbit Drive In When a comet with an eye visits, the drive in is cut off from the rest of the world and things quickly degenerate to a no man s land of cannibalsConfession time I read this way back in the Stone Age, pre and early in my Lansdale love affair When I saw how cheap the trilogy was on the Kindle, I figured it was time for a reread.The Drive In is Bizarro fiction from back before such fiction had a name Jack [...]

    Kelly (and the Book Boar)
    Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum Let s all go to the movies, let s all go to the movies Think about it for a moment Set your mind clear and see if you can imagine a drive in so big it can hold four thousand automobiles I mean, really think about it Four thousand The Orbit is the biggest drive in movie theater in Texas It s also the destination for Jack and his buddies one Friday night The fellas plan on chowing down on candy, cookies and bloody corn while watching such classics as these d [...]

    With a new Hap Leonard book out and the TV series based on their adventures coming soon it seems like Lansdale Fever is sweeping these days I blame Dan for infecting me with this particular strain of the virus I d read the first two parts of The Drive In saga way back in the 90s when I first discovered the Champion Mojo Storyteller, but I d forgotten most of the story and never even gotten around to checking out the third installment Then Dan spread his contagion all over the place, and I found [...]

    Daniel Bastian
    A generation or two ago, Texas was known for its sprawling drive in cinemas and zany monster flicks playing out over the cool summer air In his 1988 cult classic, Joe Lansdale taps into this nostalgia, turning a lightsome night out at the theater into a grungy galleria of claustrophobic terror What begins with frights and screams beaming from the sparkling screens ends with panic stricken mobs dancing to the tune of the B movie gods Jack and his three friends dash off to the movies, only to beco [...]

    Per lettori ortodossi lettura molto strana, difficilmente classificabile Definirlo semplicemente splatter mi sembra riduttivo, estrapolarne chiss quale significato nascosto mi sembra pretenzioso Strappa parecchie macabre risate e qualche riflessione sempre amara Per non un libro che si dimentica Il mio voto 3,5 stelle.Per lettori eterodossi non ci sono spoiler, ma preferisco proteggere i lettori sensibili view spoiler Prendi un sacchetto di pop corn, grande Mettici dentro una quantit a piacere d [...]

    Brian Keene is one of my favorite horror authors he is one of many peoples favorite horror authors So when Brian Keene says that THE DRIVE IN by Joe Lansdale is one of the best horror stories ever written, you go and read it Which is exactly what I did And I must say, Brian Keene was rightE DRIVE IN is pure 80 s horror Written in the golden era, this story is an homage to classic cult horror movies I m not even sure how this one escaped my notice when it was first published I guess I was too muc [...]

    Mariaelena Di Gennaro
    No, le lacrime non sono per Randy e Willard, sono per tutti i bei sogni che ho fatto, per tutti gli d i buoni che non esistono, per tutto il bene che c nell uomo e che solo un condizionamento sociale che impedisce al pi forte di spaccare la testa al pi debole Si, era per quello che piangevo per la specie umana Per il fatto che l uomo non per niente buono Poi capii che era solo un bluff e che in realt piangevo per me stesso, per la mia solitudine, la mia delusione, la presa di coscienza della mia [...]

    Quentin Wallace
    This was a ride I m a big fan of Lansdale, but this was out there even for him So you have a Drive In Movie Theater in Texas, a huge one, potentially the biggest one in the world And then someone it gets separated from reality, or taken into space, or something The drive in becomes its own post apocalyptic landscape Then two guys get fused together and become a creature known as the Popcorn King who vomits cola and eyeball popcorn for the masses to eat There s also cannibalism, crucifixion, and [...]

    Cheap fun, like a B horror movie Lots of gore and cussing with an insensible plot with some funny observations thrown in by the narrator in a detached way In one word Bizarro Good for killing off an hour or so if you are in the mood to read something with an over the top plot like this.

    Lia Bonnibel
    Forever one of my favorites.

    Frank Errington
    Review copyThose were the days Heading to the drive in on a Friday night If you were lucky, it was with the girl with whom you were hoping to get past second base But then, it could be just as much fun with your friends Maybe with one or two of you in the trunk to save the admission fee.The Orbit Drive In off I 45 is the largest Drive In in Texas with space for four thousand cars With two or occupants per car, that makes The Orbit bigger than many small Texas towns.The Orbit shows B string and [...]

    Just discovered I still have this inscribed novel in my collection Totally frigging bizarre Bizarro before Bizarro fiction existed A different side of Lansdale I m giving it four stars based on my original read in 1988 but I think it is ready for a re read.So I read it again and am upping my rating to four and a half, maybe ever four and three quarters Just don t get that five star feeling but it is awfully close This was written when Lansdale was the shining star of Splatter Punk, a sub genre o [...]

    My love of horror was born at the drive in movies my parents would take me to when I was little Since then my love has turned away from films and focused on books instead, so this short novel was a perfect pick for my Year of Lansdale challenge The Drive In takes place at a somewhat of a super drive in with 6 huge screens and thousands of people Something comes down and covers the place and all hell breaks loose This story is just plain fun, that s all there is to it There s not much thinking ne [...]

    If you remember drive ins, and like horror movies, then you must read this book Very funny, but with a fair share of horror and sci fi, and probably a bunch of other stuff as well There s a second part to this I just couldn t get into But this is, to date, the best book I ve read by Lansdale.

    Maxine Marsh
    Great fun Loved the ending.

    This short, brutal novel ranks with the best of Lansdale s short fiction The premise sounds like something off The Twilight Zone , in which moviegoers at all night horror movie marathon at a Texas drive in theater find themselves trapped there by forces beyond their comprehension, but Lansdale eschews the heavy handedness most authors would resort to with such material This is an author equal parts folksy storyteller and hard bitten misanthrope, and he depicts the banality of day to day life in [...]

    Well, that was one strange little trip into bizarro land Lansdale takes us on a wild ride into a nightmarish landscape of B movies and grinning comets In any other hands this formula would likely end up in an unintelligible mess, but Lansdale pulls it all together with his own unique voice into a tale that s as fun as it is twisted

    Evans Light
    Meh Probably a lot better when it was first released Almost any story in BUMPER CROP or HIGH COTTON is superior to this.

    Very strange.

    Chris Eng
    I read a piece by Lansdale where he talked about how some of his fans think this book is light and funny I have no idea what book those people were reading, because The Drive In is DARK AS FUCK.I read this back when it first came out and it appealed to the splatterpunk edge of my teenage brain, and y know what I still enjoyed it now It s a little thin in places and you d best not go looking for much motivation from the characters, but it held my attention from page to page and I couldn t put it [...]

    marta caulfield
    juvenile, poorly written

    Camilla (ReaderintheAttic)
    Trovate la recensione anche sul mio blog lasoffittadiameliaNon sapevo che cosa dovessi aspettarmi da questo romanzo ma posso dire che, nonostante io preferisca un genere molto diverso, rientri entro la cerchia dei soddisfatti La notte del Drive In , in lingua originale A B Movie with Blood and Popcorn , incarna una delle particolarit di questo scrittore ma andiamo per gradi.Il narratore, il cui nome verr svelato solamente grazie ai dialoghi fra i vari protagonisti, l adolescente Jack Assieme a B [...]

    Jason Bradley Thompson
    Nihilistic splatterpunk horror distinguished by Lansdale s trademark folksy, country, gorily poetic writing style Four teenage guys are among those watching late night horror movies at the Orbit drive in a giant multiple screen drive in capable of holding 4,000 cars when some alien force view spoiler apparently literal space aliens, though we never see them in person hide spoiler traps the theater and its customers in a dome of black ooze Stuck at the movies in perpetual darkness with nothing to [...]

    Sci Fi, Horror, and a Drive In make up this story, which for Lansdale, is just another typical story when he feels like writing wacky stories It tells of a meteor that hits earth, and somehow takes the whole of a Texas drive In, and places it in some sort of alternate dimension, with no escape for the people at the drive in What happens is a Lord of the Flies scenario, where the humans eventually degrade into animals Everything though is tinged with the absurdity of horror movies, and the drive [...]

    Alex Budris
    My first taste of Lansdale was a wild experience I was taken totally by surprise The Drive In was absurd, quirky, scary, and very funny I don t think I ve laughed out loud at a book since I was in high school reading Vonnegut and Thompson Very few authors could make a scene depicting the cannibalization of a baby as funny as something from Catch 22 The book is a pastiche of B Movies , an absurd, deadpan comedy, and a horror novel Mix in just a little bit of social satire What a unique ride And t [...]

    Val O. Morris
    This was my first entry into the world of Lansdale and what a wild one to start with Many of us monster kids have fond memories of growing up with the local drive in and this story definitely has that feeling at its heart Along with some wacky B movie staples, violence, humor, and otherwise twisted debauchary I really enjoyed the first portion of the book learning about the characters friendships and their excitement about the drive in However, I wasn t that stoked about the ending, but I am som [...]

    Jesse Bullington
    As with Landsale at his best, this one s a real shitkicker horror yarn and I mean that in a good way One thing he does excellently, and he does it here, is mingle the gruesome with the humorous to grand effect He s also the king of the first person narrative, as once again our storyteller is a decent guy swept up in strangeness yet who s so genuine, so grounded, that he seems real in a way many first person protagonists don t Like it says on the in my case perfectly horrible cover, a B Movie wit [...]

    Lansdale s cult novel, The Drive In, reads just like a gore filled B movie, complete with insanely unbelievable scenarios, off beat characters, and fantastic one liners Part horror, part sci fi, part totem to the savagery of mankind, this is an incredibly fun book to read and a darkly satirical romp though the pop culture wasteland of 80s Americana Popcorn, cannibalism, and crucifixions, oh my

    It runs Super weird throughout Happy to find out this is a first parter of a three part series About a group of people that get marooned at a drive in by sadistic aliens A Pac man comet The Popcorn King Beef jerky Lansdale is simply a great writer Great at detail Constantly witty Every weird turn the story takes and there are many was a pleasure to read I am not great at reviews.

    Selina Lock
    When four teenage lads go to the B Horror Movie Night at the massive Drive In the last thing they expect is to end up living in what seems like a b movie when the entire place is surrounded by a lethal cloud of darkness.This is one weird tale which mainly horrifies by examining what happens when the veneer of human civility is stripped away People fight over the supplies of popcorn and soda before turning on each other in violent ways, and letting their inner urges animals out.

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      332 Joe R. Lansdale
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