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  • Title: Moshe Dayan
  • Author: Moshe Dayan
  • ISBN: 9780306804977
  • Page: 427
  • Format: Paperback

  • Moshe Dayan By Moshe Dayan Moshe Dayan is the autobiography of a soldier who never forgot his roots as a farmer, a loner who rose to the highest echelons of government Here he describes his kibbutz childhood, his involvement in the Jewish underground, the battles he fought as the head of a commando unit in the War of Independence, his experiences as chief of staff and mastermind of the 1956 Sinai CMoshe Dayan is the autobiography of a soldier who never forgot his roots as a farmer, a loner who rose to the highest echelons of government Here he describes his kibbutz childhood, his involvement in the Jewish underground, the battles he fought as the head of a commando unit in the War of Independence, his experiences as chief of staff and mastermind of the 1956 Sinai Campaign, and his tenure as Minister of Defence during the Six Day and Yom Kippur wars One of the greatest generals in modern history, Dayan was also a man who hated the suffering that war brings, and who loved the land of Israel than himself He writes of his heroes, friends and enemies, providing candid portraits of Kissinger, Ben Gurion, Golda Meir and other notables This is a story of a brilliant soldier who grew up to be one of the most respected and heroic figures in the Middle East.
    Moshe Dayan
    Moshe Dayan Kitaigorodsky Hebrew 20 May 1915 16 October 1981 was an Israeli military leader and politician He was the second child born on the first kibbutz As the fourth Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces 1953 58 , he became a fighting symbol to the world of the new state of Israel He went on to become Defense Minister and later Foreign Minister of Israel.The Telem party won two seats in the 1981 elections, but Dayan died shortly thereafter, in Tel Aviv, from a massive heart attack He had been in ill health since 1980, after he was diagnosed with colon cancer late that year He is buried in Nahalal in the moshav a collective village where he was raised Dayan willed his personal belongings to his bodyguard.In 2005, his eye patch was offered for sale on Ebay with a starting bid of 75,000 U.S dollars.Dayan was a complex character his opinions were never strictly black and white He had few close friends his mental brilliance and charismatic manner were combined with cynicism and lack of restraint Ariel Sharon noted about Dayan He would wake up with a hundred ideas Of them ninety five were dangerous three had to be rejected the remaining two, however, were brilliant.He had courage amounting to insanity, as well as displays of a lack of responsibility I would not say the same about his civil courage Once Ben Gurion had asked me what do I think of the decision to appoint Dayan as the Minister of Agriculture in his government I said that it is important that Dayan sits in every government because of his brilliant mind but never as prime minister Ben Gurion asked why not as prime minister I replied then because he does not accept responsibility.Dayan combined a kibbutznik s secular identity and pragmatism with a deep love and appreciation for the Jewish people and the land of Israel but not a religious identification In one recollection, having seen rabbis flocking on the Temple Mount shortly after Jerusalem was captured in 1967, he asked, What is this Vatican On his religious views, Dayan was an atheist.Dayan later ordered the Israeli flag removed from the Dome of the Rock, and gave administrative control of the Temple Mount over to the Waqf, a Muslim council Dayan believed that the Temple Mount was important to Judaism as a historical rather than holy site.Dayan was an author and claimed to be an amateur archaeologist, the latter hobby leading to significant controversy, as his amassing of historical artifacts, often with the help of his soldiers, seemed to be in breach of a number of laws Some of his activities in this regard, whether illegal digging, looting of sites or commerce of antiquities, have been detailed by R Kletter from the Israel Antiquities Authority.In 2005, Moshe Dayan was voted the 73rd greatest Israeli of all time, in a poll by the Israeli news website Ynet to determine whom the general public considered the 200 Greatest Israelis.More britannica EBchecked thistorylearningsite spartacushoolnet

    Moshe Dayan By Moshe Dayan


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    Asmaa Elwany

    Moshe Dayan was one of Israel s greatest military heroes and political leaders.He commanded the Israeli forces that won the Suez War of 1956, and directed the Israeli victory in the Six Day War forced on Israel by Arab nations in 1967.Dayan served as the Israel Army Chief of Staff from 1953 to 1958, Minister of Agriculture from 1959 to 1964, and Minister of Defence from 1967 to 1974.He was blamed, and reviled, by many Israelis for Israel s disastrous lack of preparation before being attacked by [...]

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    Ahmed Shurafa
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    Nermeen Elbek
    he was fond of Israel, lived his live chasing and protecting land which he didn t belong to he believed the lie and lived to protect it but once and for all, Palestine will forever be PalestineI liked to read the book because Moshe dayan s life is in a way or another goes on the same pattern with the birth of what is called Israelbut those horrible lies and justification to all of their bloody acts, robbery, taking over lands and lives, fraudulence and awful pretending,without any feeling of sha [...]

    Mohammad Gad

    أسدالدين أحمد


    Aleksandr Sahakyan

    Abdel Fattah

    The life of Moshe Dayan is indeed very interesting By reading it one gets to understand much better the historical and political issues involved in the isralei palestinian question and how this matter got entangled with most of the 20th century geopolitical evolution Moshe Dayan was a natural born soldier, being involved with the zionist undercovered military machine since his teens His rise to power was connected to the clear leadership he exerted on his soldiers, and not to political arrangeme [...]

    Moshe Dayan shares his account of early life on a kibbutz, of joining the Hagganah at age 14, his time as a political prisoner, the Israeli Independence War, the Suez Crisis, his relationship with David Ben Gurion, his observations of the Veitnam Conlflict, the Six day War, and Yom Kippur War Toward the final fifty pages it seems that Dayan is presening his side of the story , due to the criticism he came under after the Yom Kippur War.I really liked this book s philosophy of avoiding attack on [...]

    The story of the life of Moshe Dayan parallels the story of modern day Israel They are essentially one and the same.Born in Palestine in 1915, Moshe Dayan has complete understanding of the history of the region and very ably relates that information to his readers.This book recounts the bitter struggle for nationhood and for the survival of the young fledgling nation of Israel from Arab enemies all around it who would like nothing than to utterly destroy Israel and the Jews.It s been several de [...]

    This is an excellant biography of a man whose destiny is linked to the survival of the State of IsraelHe was instrumental in the creation of the Israel Self Defence Force which defeated the Arabs forces in the six Arabs Isreal wars A native of Israel from a Russian Jewish immigrant parentage No formal education and he raised from a radical youth to become an army general, a defence minister and a statesman A shrewed and charismatic figure in world diplomacy and yet misunderstood by many especial [...]

    Mohammed AbkarenoO

    This is a top notch excellent book on the story of the modern day Yisrael Well written and I have the much respect for this remarkable man I finished this book about a month ago, and than ever understand the precarious situation in the middle east Moshe Dayan was there from day one and if you want to know the true story and how events unfolded in Yisrael, this is a must read Actually everyone should read this book With all of the unrest going on in the Muslim dictatorship countries and how it a [...]

    It was good to finally hear from the horse s mouth My opinion of Dayan prior to reading this book was secondary and ambivalent, based on what I had read from others primarily the Isreali historian, Michael Oren now Israel s ambassador to America , and other sources.I would say Dayan displayed an independent mind concerning issues that affected his people and the region they occupied this could be quite frustrating for a region where bipolar views on most issues are mainly held and a person is ex [...]

    Thomas Blake
    The first 2 3 of the book is really, really good It shows a first hand account of Israeli history from early Zionism in the early 1900 s through the Yom Kippur War If you want to understand the history of modern Israel through a personal and very influential lense then the first 2 3 of the book is for you The book tells how he was the first child born on a kibbutz and eventually became the Minister of Defense during the Six Day War and the Yom Kippur War.

    A little long on details is the only downside of this book MD is a man to be admired and remembered And if you want to learn the history of Israel from someone who played an integral role from the very outset, and who is spiritual, and tempered in his assessment of the various controversial factors involved in Israel s existence, then this is the book to read.

    a very good bio and good history of the jewish arab wars interesting to hear his side of things and compare them to what I read in the Washington Post between the years of 1972 to 1976 A lot of the pre 1972 history was before I started to have an interest in that part of the world Reading the book ,helps me to understand the Palestinian problem better.

    It is not in our hands to prevent the murder of workers and families but it is in our hands to fix a high price for our blood, so high that any force will not be willing to pay it .

    Abel Caine fiji
    Moshe Dayan was a man s man leader, warrior, poet, Casanova, and writer You can feel the desert heat and dust, the political and diplomatic tension, laugh and cry at the dual Palestinian and Isreali tragedy.

    عمـر المصري

    Allan H. Goodman
    Dayan , the man, from his own point of view.

    Gotta understand that which you disagree with Seemed like a special man, deserving respect from all sides.

    i wnat read this book

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