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  • Title: The Power of Positive Dog Training (Howell reference books)
  • Author: Pat Miller
  • ISBN: 9780764536090
  • Page: 136
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Power of Positive Dog Training (Howell reference books) By Pat Miller The Power of Positive Dog Training is the best book yet on explaining how and why purely positive training works Inside, you ll find easy to read discussion of the philosophy of positive training followed by training tips and exercises This book is geared toward the dog owner who wants to develop a relationship with their dog based on friendship and positive reinforcemenThe Power of Positive Dog Training is the best book yet on explaining how and why purely positive training works Inside, you ll find easy to read discussion of the philosophy of positive training followed by training tips and exercises This book is geared toward the dog owner who wants to develop a relationship with their dog based on friendship and positive reinforcement, not fear and punishment You get 30 chapters with instructive illustrations, including an easy to follow, step by step, six week basic training program with diary for any dog.
    Pat Miller
    Pat Miller Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Power of Positive Dog Training (Howell reference books) book, this is one of the most wanted Pat Miller author readers around the world.

    The Power of Positive Dog Training (Howell reference books) By Pat Miller


    Tim The Enchanter
    If anything, this book has convinced me that Positive Dog Training is the method to employ It provides a very detailed look at the reasoning and effectiveness of positive reinforcement training This is helpful for someone who wants to know than the method of training but wants to know why they are doing what they are doing It also give some very detailed information on teaching specific commands and a suggested order.In my case, I was reading this on my Kindle While I love my ereader, I need pa [...]

    I think this really is the go to book for learning about positive training and how to implement it with your dog I ve never beat around the bush with indicating that I m very pro positive training and I think Pat Miller is one of the best.The book begins with a little bit about Pat s history of training, namely that she was a traditional trainer at one point, which many were Traditional trainers focus on aversives and punishments leash pops, choke chains, and the like It tells briefly of her di [...]

    Justin Podur
    I thought this book was quite good I have always been opposed to and appalled by the use of punishment in teaching and training so, I am a natural sympathizer of the positive school of thought The training methods and ideas in this book are specific, and solid, and seem to be proven in the field too My only question about the behaviourist framework, which I am going back and forth about, is, to what extent does behaviourist training, even the positive kind, waste the innate potentials of the ani [...]

    Benji Young
    This book was recommended to me many years ago when I asked for advice on a dog forum for training my corgi mix myself without a dog trainer I was told that Pat Miller really is one of the best in the field, and when I purchased the book I was not disappointed I found it at a used bookstore for a dollar or so, and was told I was really lucky to find it there and so cheaply, too Upon reading it, I understood why This book guided me through my early years with my corgi mix, and because of it I was [...]

    Barb S.
    A lot of this was familiar to me because my dogs had the benefit of a positive trainer This book not only told you how to train your dogs without punishment but why you should It was a lot of preaching to the choir for me, but I did learn some new things and discovered some things I m doing wrong The narration was good but this is a book I wish I had a paper or kindle copy of so I could refer back to it easily.

    This book has excellent insight into how dog brains work and how they process things, which I have found extremely useful in training my second dog, who was far difficult than my first It has a premise, that positive training is effective than other methods, which exploit fear and pain avoidance behavior to achieve the same result This premise makes sense to me, since pleasure seeking is complex and involves of the brain than pain avoidance But some of the suggested methods are impractical to [...]

    I think every dog owner in the world needs to read this book My family has had dogs for pretty much all my life None of the dogs have been well trained, and as a result, we ve had many problematic behaviors in our dogs We ve had 1 A big mutt who lived in the yard and never listened to anybody2 A dachshund who would pee a little whenever he got attention and was afraid to go on walks3 A medium sized mutt who would pull really hard on walks and occasionally get aggressive towards strangers4 Anothe [...]

    I really liked this book and am sure I will refer back to it many times I think the way she discusses both shaping and luring with the clicker as a marker is very useful because it both gives the distinction between the two clearly and gives you options for which one you d like to use.I liked how the exercises were laid out and made into games, I think that would make things accessible to people who may be less experienced with training I will probably recommend it to people for that reason Its [...]

    I am 100% convinced that positive dog training is not only effective, but fun for you and your dog This is a great book for people who are not familiar with positive training, as well as for people who have some experience with it but need want guidance.I can t wait for the second edition to come out

    Sean Howard
    If I had to recommend a book to someone on how to better train their dog, and I could only recommend one, this is it In fact, I give this book to my clients Clear, concise, easy to follow and the most powerful methods for truly dog friend, positive reinforcement training.

    Very informative and really helped me with my dog There is a new edition published 2008

    Excellent resource Not certain one is ever really finished with it.

    Kit A
    Wonderful practical advice and sanity saving encouragement I would recommend this book to anyone with a dog in their life.

    As a veterinarian, it continues to alarm me how many trainers feel qualified in their books to give nutrition advice as if they were veterinarians or had advanced degrees in animal nutrition In this case it was recommending raw bones and meat without any allusion to the possible significant health risks to people in the house from secondary exposure which is echoed by the CDC This kind of advice is probably the 1 that disqualifies me from being about to recommend good training books without rese [...]

    This was a really great book on dog training using behavioral conditioning I think that s what it s called I read this a while ago Don t Shoot the Dog is a better book if we re going to compare the two but this one is specifically geared towards dog training, and is quite valuable You should read and own both.The first third if I recall correctly describes the concepts involved It was useful, but man, this lady is SO into positive training that it is a little crazy Like, she beats herself up bec [...]

    If I could only recommend one dog training book, this would be it The first part of the book is organized into a 6 week training program appropriate for any age dog , with each chapter representing one week of training Pat Miller suggests Core Exercises and Bonus Games for each week, and she explains how to avoid or deal with common problems The rest of the book is divided into common problem scenarios, such as Housebreaking, Aggression, Socialization, etc If you want a fuller explanation of ope [...]

    Michelle Greene
    This is a wonderful book if you want to get results and get them quickly I use all of the methods in this book and I have 4 great dogs There is some negative reviews on regarding giving treats and not giving negative reprimands I feel like these are from people that are still using the old ways of training they grew up on that only result in fear.This book not only talks about positive methods but explains why negative methods don t work or work poorly She also demonstrates all the basic command [...]

    Excellent book explaining the concept behind positive reinforcement based training It is written clearly and simply without any unnecessary information that makes you want to nod off The author also explains a bit about other training styles and how they differ, and includes a 6 week program that just about anyone can follow to teach their dogs several useful things via positive reinforcement I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn this method of training, and it s even good fo [...]

    I love this book Prior to it I did use traditional training methods I hit my dog when she would go on the floor I really hated doing it but everyone said it was the only way It didn t really work, she went on the floor when I wasn t around her and she was afraid to go on walks or if I was in the yard I started positive dog training and she no longer goes on the floor, she will go on walks, and she doesn t eat my books any so I don t have to hide them

    This book had a lot of good information about training with rewards and treats It also gave some good psychological profiling of what dogs think want It was a little heavy handed at times about every 3rd page the author noted, After all, humans are suppose to be intelligent then dogs Overall I liked it, agenda setting put aside.

    I have only scanned through this book, but my husband has read it completely He says it is an excellent book with great techniques I have to agree because he has taught the techniques to me and I have been using them When I have time I plan to read the book for myself other than the parts I really, really needed.

    This covers a whole bunch of territory regarding dog behaviors What is especially valuable is learning about the clicker method of training, and also understanding what human gestures behaviors mean to an animal and how they can negatively influence training Pat Miller seems very capable and knowledgeable and I would think many dog owners would find this valuable.

    Celine Lind
    Really good I love the book, and it really gets the owner started on training the dog or other pets Its doing a great job, but is very repetitive for the first 6 chapters to prove the point Great if you are convincing the reader, but as one who is already using the methods and want to learn , well, it gets repetitive.

    The best step by step guide to positive dog training I d recommend it as a manual for every dog owner My full review here thedoggerel.wordpress 2011

    This is pretty much how I have taught things to my dog for the past year It s worked pretty well, but she still has a long way to go There were a lot of new games teaching tips in here that I will try This was a little dry but still very readable.

    Good book, easy to understand and fun for the dog

    Very, very useful positive training book with a curriculum to work with your canine pal.

    The positive reinforcement dog techniques were discovered to be highly effective in training animals for motion pictures.This is an important must read for pet owners.

    Great book I highly recommend it It is helping me a lot with Envy and offers great advice for both puppies and adult dogs

    Paula Lancaster
    Simply Excellent

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