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  • Title: The Lost City of Faar
  • Author: D.J. MacHale
  • ISBN: 9780743437325
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Lost City of Faar By D.J. MacHale Fourteen year old Bobby Pendragon is not like other boys his age His uncle Press is a Traveler, and, as Bobby has learned, that means Uncle Press is responsible, through his journeys, for solving interdimensional conflict wherever he encounters it His mission is nothing less than to save the universe from ultimate evil And he s taking Bobby along for the ride.Fresh fromFourteen year old Bobby Pendragon is not like other boys his age His uncle Press is a Traveler, and, as Bobby has learned, that means Uncle Press is responsible, through his journeys, for solving interdimensional conflict wherever he encounters it His mission is nothing less than to save the universe from ultimate evil And he s taking Bobby along for the ride.Fresh from his first adventure on Denduron, Bobby finds himself in the territory of Cloral, a vast world that is entirely covered by water Cloral is nearing a disaster of huge proportions Reading the journals Bobby sends home, his friends learn that the desperate citizens of the endangered floating cities are on the brink of war Can Bobby suburban basketball star and all around nice guy help rid the area of marauders, and locate the legendary lost land of Faar, which may hold the key to Cloral s survival Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found here CLORAL
    D.J. MacHale
    D.J MacHale is a writer, director, executive producer and creator of several popular television series and movies.He was raised in Greenwich, CT and graduated from Greenwich High School While in school, he had several jobs including collecting eggs at a poultry farm, engraving sports trophies and washing dishes in a steakhouse between playing football and running track D.J then attended New York University where he received a BFA in film production.His filmmaking career began in New York where he worked as a freelance writer director, making corporate videos and television commercials He also taught photography and film production.D.J broke into the entertainment business by writing several ABC Afterschool Specials After moving to Los Angeles, he made the fulltime switch from informational films, to entertainment As co creator of the popular Nickelodeon series Are You Afraid of the Dark , he produced all 91 episodes over 8 years He wrote and directed many of the episodes including the CableAce nominated The Tale of Cutter s Treasure starring Charles S Dutton He was nominated for a Gemini award for directing The Tale of the Dangerous Soup starring Neve Campbell.D.J also wrote and directed the movie Tower of Terror for ABC s Wonderful World of Disney which starred Kirsten Dunst and Steve Guttenberg The Showtime series Chris Cross was co created, written and produced by D.J It received the CableAce award for Best Youth Series.D.J co created and produced the Discovery Kids series Flight 29 Down for which he writes all the episodes and directs several His work on Flight 29 Down has earned him both Writers Guild of America and Directors Guild of America award nominations.Other notable writing credits include the classic ABC Afterschool Special titled Seasonal Differences the pilot for the long running PBS CBS series Ghostwriter and the HBO series Encyclopedia Brown, Boy Detective for which he received a CableAce nomination for writing.In print, D.J has co written the book The Tale of the Nightly Neighbors, based on his own teleplay and penned the poetic adaptation of the classic Norwegian folk tale East of the Sun and West of the Moon.The book series Pendragon Journal of an Adventure through Time and Space marks D.J s first turn as a novelist He plans for this series of Young Adult adventures to span a total of 10 books.D.J lives in Southern California with his wife Evangeline and daughter Keaton They are avid backpackers, scuba divers and skiers Rounding out the household are a Golden Retriever, Maggie and a Kitten, Kaboodle.

    The Lost City of Faar By D.J. MacHale


    Giselle (Book Nerd Canada)
    Yep still just as good, several re reads later

    Azadeh sharifi

    I actually have mixed feelings about this book It s full of adventure very detailed But I just wasn t excited to read it like I was in the first book.Don t get me wrong, I m going to continue to read the series but I don t think I ll be reaching for the 3rd book anytime soon SPOILER ALERT I was very upset that Uncle Press had to die He is the character that I felt held the story together I m not sure how the author is going to go on without this character, i know I am going to have a hard time w [...]

    Ahmad Sharabiani
    The Lost City of Faar Pendragon, 2 , D.J MacHale 14 .


    Pendragon on his second adventure is still an oddity He has been trained from early childhood to be a Traveler, hopping between worlds via a gate similar to the Stargate familiar to television viewers Now, he has reached the ripe old age of 14, and is being thrust into the role without being fully ready In the first adventure, he was about 14 and a half, and this adventure picks up shortly after He is traveling to a water world this time, and finds it to be nearly a paradise The descriptions sou [...]

    Pendragon The Lost City of FarrBy DJ MacHaleA Book Review By Chase Pixley Prepare for another surprising and dramatic journey through Halla with Bobby Pendragon The second book in the series tells about what happens after Bobby s win over Saint Dane on the territory of Denduron Malos AKA Saint Dane escaped to a territory called Cloral This oceanic territory has no land and is the home of Vo Spader, an Aquaneer think life guard police officer and traveler There is only one problem though Spader d [...]

    I love throwback audiobooks While I wouldn t recommend this to any adults to read for the first time, if you read them back in middle school, have another quick flip through It s quite fun From an adult perspective, I think they re GREAT for transitioning kids to longer books There s lots of reminders about what s been going on, and the author explains every turn of events and what different things mean in the bigger picture shortly after they happen so I could have figured it out by then, but a [...]

    Aghhhhh yet another amazing book that my boyfriend told me to read No surprise with how amazing the first book was, but aghhh it was absolutely amazing.I loved the world in this one so much, knowing that all the land is gone and there s freaking floating cities and a myth come to life and it was amazing.MacHale introduces another amazing supporting character and I just absolutely loved that they re all so unique and that all the worlds have been so intricate I m so excited to keep reading this s [...]

    Right in the kokoro.

    Jaden V.
    Pendragon The Lost City of Faar The Lost City of Faar continues from The Merchant of Death where Bobby Pendragon travels to Cloral in search of his nemesis Saint Dane But in doing so, risking his life He faces challenges he hasn t faced before and overall puts you on a roller coaster of emotions and you can almost never guess what s coming next.

    I liked the idea of this book a lot even if I was disappointed with the series as a whole when I found out that Pendragon had nothing to do with King Arthur come on , and I would love to live on Cloral MacHale does a pretty good job of balancing description of the world excuse me territory with things actually happening, and he doesn t give us any information than he does Bobby, which really gives the reader a chance to empathize with Bobby s confusion.That said, the main story just didn t hold [...]

    This book review is about someone is writing about someone s book that he or she have already read,so I ll tell you about my book review that I have already read about my favorite book or the series so here it is The book is called Pendragon Book Two The lost city of Faar, I have already read the first book of series, which is called The Merchant of Death.It s about a fourteen year old boy named Bobby Pendragon who went with Uncle Press to help some people in Denduron and Saint Dane can shape sh [...]

    This book is the second in the series about Bobby Pendragon, who is a Traveler that goes to different territories basically other worlds and saves them from the brink of disaster I love the sci fi elements of the book The Territory that Bobby travels to in this book, Cloral, is awesome I love hearing about all the adventures Bobby goes on and the other worlds The Bobby storylines are very engaging and exciting.What REALLY drags this book down in the side storyline that takes place in Bobby s Ter [...]

    Cortlyn Matney
    I started reading this with high hopes and I was not let down Press and Bobby have parted ways with fellow traveler Loor, a strange decision since Bobby is a terrible fighter and Loor is a warrior Off they go to the territory of Cloral, which all we know about as readers is that it has some huge sharks as its quigs We re dragged back into the adventure, and plunged into it full force Literally We re taken from a land where it was considered normal to walk and interact on land, and suddenly we re [...]

    Cherie (Myst)
    Synopsis Fourteen year old Bobby Pendragon is not like other boys his age His uncle Press is a Traveler, and, as Bobby has learned, that means Uncle Press is responsible, through his journeys, for solving interdimensional conflict wherever he encounters it His mission is nothing less than to save the universe from ultimate evil And he s taking Bobby along for the ride.Fresh from his first adventure on Denduron, Bobby finds himself in the territory of Cloral, a vast world that is entirely covered [...]

    The Lost City of Faar picks up with Bobby s second adventure thwarting the evil Saint Dane, whose goal is to destroy all worlds and all times This time he journeys to the water world Chloral, where he teams up with a local named Spader and his Uncle Press Together, they must identify the turning point Saint Dane will attempt to exploit and counter his attempt to throw this world into chaos This book is the sequil to the first Pendragon book In this book Bobby Pendragon has traveled to a slightly [...]

    Joel N
    The Lost City of Faar is a great book It is the second book in the Pendragon series The main character of the story, Bobby Pendragon is a traveler travels around territories using flumes and travels to theses territories to stop the enemy, Saint Dane from causing chaos in the territory and destroying it Bobby, and his uncle Press go to a territory called Cloral and meet up with Spader, a boy who was soon to be the next traveler of that territory, and try to find the turning point of the territor [...]

    The Lost City of Faar is the second book in the Pendragon series It follows Bobby Pendragon, a time traveler of the mythical universe Halla After the events of the first book, Bobby returns home from Denduron, a world in Halla, to find his house, family, and records gone He has no choice but to return to Halla with his uncle Press and help another world from the clutches of the evil St Dane, also a traveler This time, he must go to a planet dominated by water, Cloral Cloral s citizens live on pl [...]

    Okay, it s official I am now fully hooked on the Pendragon series.Bobby Pendragon, fourteen year old new and confused Traveler of space and time, is headed to his next territory This time, it s Cloral, a water territory where dry land is unheard of and the people have discovered all kinds of cool ways to use and overcome their aquatic surroundings But Cloral is also at a tipping point, thanks to the evil Traveler Saint Dane, who seems to have a diabolical plan for destroying Cloral s peace and p [...]

    So it was a three right up until the very end Fantastic but annoying.Bobby talks way too much The book could be half the size if he d just cut down on the endless commenting I also didn t enjoy Spader that much, and I felt like Bobby was telling me to like him because of what the character was supposed to be, rather than just showing me his awesomeness Which, he wasn t The world is a good idea, but it wasn t, I dunno, random enough It could ve been way out there And the plot was pretty straight [...]

    Chris Johnson
    I really, really enjoyed this book In many ways so than the first Bobby is much mature than he is in the first adventure and he seems to have accepted that he is a Traveler and that is the way things are meant to be The story was very well paced, and I was actually bummed when the writer went back to discuss how things were going on Second Earth I will say this thoughI hate Andy Mitchell I mean truly I can t stand that annoying kid For a writer to have me display this much emotion toward a cha [...]

    Jack von Quilich
    This book was amazing It is about a kid named bobby, who is a traveler, going to a place called cloral On this place him and his uncle press meet a kid named Spandler He is the traveler from cloral, but he doesn t know it yet Then saint dane arrives and turns everything into chaos The food of chloral is poisoned and Uncle press, bobby, and Spandler have to figure out how to save it Spandlers father, The current traveler of chloral is found dead Spandler is in shock He finds a piece of paper with [...]

    After Pendragon s feat on Denduron, Saint Dane travels to Cloral to attempt to destroy the territory Bobby and his uncle follow, upon ariving they are attacked by wild sharks, and saved by a fellow traveler His name is Spader Spader, Press, and Pendragon set out to find out Saint Dandes plot to destroy this planet totally covered by water They live on floating barges, the size of cities Spader is going to another barge to reunite with his father, Pendragon and Press follow along, what they find [...]

    Brista Drake
    The Lost City of Faar is the second installment in the Pendragon series, and one of my favorites I m sure after I read the first book, I begged my mom to buy me the second and third because at the time, books were still coming out and I sat down and read this one in two or three sittings All of these books are fast reads, I m telling you.The premise is just amazing in itself It s a world of water Come on people I love the details D.J McHale puts into his world building, from the transportation, [...]

    Sharon Ryan
    Picked up right where the last one left off Still kinda like a Doctor Who mash up with something else I haven t checked, but I hope there are too many books in the series than what I already have cuz I might have to read them at least once.

    5 1937 view spoiler hide spoiler

    Great pre teen to teen series I wouldn t be surprised if the author was Mormon It s about this kid who s Uncle is a traveler and takes him to another world to save it from the St Dane who is hell bent on making war on each of the planets Each book takes place on a different planet It s very fun and entertaining All about sticking to your values to achieve good.

    Halley Hopson
    Reread 2016 This one has always been one of my favorites in the series simply because I love the Territory of Cloral and I enjoy the introduction of the newest traveler, Spader The ending of this always kills me but it s such a good story Can t wait to get on with the series

    Orion Mullen
    Very interesting, nice plot twist at the end NOOOOOOO not Uncle press WWHHHHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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      386 D.J. MacHale
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