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  • Title: Summer Solstice Summer
  • Author: E.J. Squires
  • ISBN: 9781492725275
  • Page: 398
  • Format: Paperback

  • Summer Solstice Summer By E.J. Squires Ailia and Soren have finally found each other, but their war against Eiess has barely begun In order to save their lives, Soren and Ailia must escape to the Southlandic Kingdom with the rest of their family But before they leave, they discover that the Aesira Jewel the key to returning the seasons back to normal has been stolen by darkelves Despite her reluctance to sepAilia and Soren have finally found each other, but their war against Eiess has barely begun In order to save their lives, Soren and Ailia must escape to the Southlandic Kingdom with the rest of their family But before they leave, they discover that the Aesira Jewel the key to returning the seasons back to normal has been stolen by darkelves Despite her reluctance to separate from Soren again, Ailia sails for the Southlandic Kingdom to safety while Soren chases after the thieves Lucia s alliance with Eiess is proving a powerful one, but Lucia s hunger for revenge and supremacy grows stronger every day Unexpectedly, Lucia meets and falls in love with a Viking who is determined to give her whatever she wants, no matter the cost Having been taken prisoner by the darkelves, Soren must find a way to escape their realm and find his way back to Midgard with the Aesira Jewel before it s too late But with deadly storms raging in the Southlandic Kingdom, and war waging in the Northlandic Kingdom, it seems impossible for Soren and Ailia to win the battle against eternal darkness Summer Solstice Summer is the second book in the Viking Blood Saga Fantasy Historical Romance Saga series and picks up where Winter Solstice Winter left off.
    E.J. Squires
    Evelyn J Squires was born in Asker, Norway, the second of eight children Her father, being an entrepreneur, moved the family back and forth from the US to Norway, ultimately settling in Utah in 1992 After high school Evelyn entered Brigham Young University to study Comparative Literature and Ballet among other things, and in 2007 she opened a ballet studio in Florida Having a lifelong love of for reading, she has written poetry, lyrics and short stories In 2012 she began writing as a new career and has never looked back.Evelyn will gladly send you a complimentary ebook of any of her novels in exchange for an honest review Please email request to evelynsquires75 gmail

    Summer Solstice Summer By E.J. Squires


    I finished reading Winter Solstice Winter not that long ago and I was anxious to read the second book when it came out When I learned that it had I simply had to get the book and start reading right away I was definitely not disappointed I was really excited with the characters continued to change and develop along the storyline I felt as though I was right there with Ailia and Soren on their quest and I couldn t help hating Lucia and Eiess right along with them I was amazed by the way the story [...]

    Summer Solstice Super It really was super and leads on from the first book The novel is a mythical marvel, I love the plot and the story itself is just something that I can jump right into I loved the character Ailia, her whole character is the one that has stuck with me over time, she was a very well made up character that endures many twists and turns throughout the book If you are looking for Vikings, love and mythical wonders leading on from the first book then really get this The overall [...]

    This is an epic tale with dragons, shape shifters, darkelves and conquering Vikings If you ve enjoyed the history channels Viking show and the Lord of the Rings series you ll love the world that E.J Squires has created The story is filled with action and heart breaking moments but a passionate love story is at the heart of it all In the start of book two, Ailia and Soren are together finally All is happy and right in their world But the cloud hanging over them is ever present They must defeat Ei [...]

    Lori Hendrix bucarey
    Intriguing Storyline This is the first book in a series and I was very impressed and left wanting to read the rest of the series I love this type of book, with fantasy, magic, adventure, and of course romance I also love that it is set in the Viking era Things were so different then and I find it fascinating to read books set in this era, especially if they involve the supernatural Each chapter brought with it a new surprise, which makes one anxious to read the next The constant new discoveries [...]

    Megan Gibbs
    E.J Squires has created a masterpiece with this epic sequel to Winter Solstice Winter From start to finish the audience has front row seats to all of the action in the story Squires ability to capture the full range of human emotion, as well as their capacity for both good and evil can be witnessed in the transformations experienced by her main characters From eternal darkness and cold, to the sweltering heat of an unending summer, her magnificent visions never waver One never knows what to expe [...]

    The story continues with Ailia and Soren as they fight to save the people they care about This book was well written and you felt connected to each character There were a lot of twist and turns though out the story Lucia and Eiess were the perfect villains and made you want Aillia and Soren that much I found that Lucia falling love very different from most book i have read, usually the bad guy doesn t find love and i enjoyed reading it Again this book has everything i like fantasy, love, and ad [...]

    The Second book in the Viking Blood Saga is just as intense and exciting as the first I love watching my favorite characters continue to grow and develop as the story unfolds This author definitely knows how to write an entertaining and intriguing book that will keep you up well past your bed time just to finish one chapter I m excited to read book three in the series

    Angela Lew
    This well written book of fiction leaves you wanting and I would highly recommend this book It is definitely a real page turner to say the least.

    Michael Freer
    After a short wait for this sequel, I devoured the book in just two weeks, counting down the hours each day to my nightly reading time , and turning each page desperate to follow the adventure and read the action unfold in Midgard and beyond The plot has definitely thickened, as I am sure it will continue to do as we move forward What seemed to be a story of Hunt and Destroy Ailia has evolved into many stories, where everyone has their own agenda and dream.The book didn t disappoint as we got to [...]

    I love this sequel I don t usually read books like this I don t fall for book series nor do care about them, but Winter caught my attention and after thatI just had to read Summer.While Winter focuses a lot on things like the characters, the details, the atmosphere and has some romantic flair, Summer brings action Winter is important to read so one gets to know the characters, the plot and the conflict Summer flows faster, and so much happens Because of this, Summer is a refreshing read The pl [...]

    Michelle Randall
    Reviewed for Readers Favorite.Soren and Ailia, along with their family are heading to the Southlandic Kingdom to escape from Eiess and her minions Just as they are set to leave the Aesira Jewel is stolen, Soren takes off back north after the jewel while Ailia and the rest of the family heads south Summer Solstice Summer is set mostly in the warm Southlandic Kingdom where most of the family is staying Even this far away they are not out of reach of Eiess and her wicked ways She send the Nukkern t [...]

    Aliree Paul
    I was a big fan of the first book in the Viking Blood Saga called Winter Solstice Winter and was on pins and needles waiting for Summer Solstice Summer to arrive.Is it possible that a sequel is better than the original Well maybe in this series it may be true Summer Solstice Summer continues the story started in the first book and takes you on a wild ride I really like that you get to know about the back stories of some of the main characters which helps you to relate even to the story As with [...]

    The Summer Solstice Summer starts right were the Winter Solstice Winter end The evil Empress has taken over the Northlandic castle and she is just starting to take all the power in her hands Next up her sleeves is to control the seasons with the help of the queen, Ailia s sister But the objective won t be as easy since we have an array or characters filled with personality and duty that are not easily taken down Throughout the book we can see that the main character, the Light, and Soren, her et [...]

    I received this book through a give away here on good reads.This is the first book of this series that I have read, therefore I had read through the reviews on the first book beforehand to make sure I wouldn t get confused that much But I didn t really need that, this book stands quite well on its own, and that is one of the things I like about series Of course there are things that would probably add to the story if you had read the first book first, but it was not necesssary.That being said, I [...]

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review I did not like this one as much as I liked the first book in the series, Winter Solstice Winter There are a couple reasons for that this time it felt like a lot of short stories that related but didn t quite connect completely I also felt like parts of the story didn t really need to be there for the plot to be understood and sometimes those parts that weren t necessary took away from the overall plot and made the story drag o [...]

    Book two of the series and things are coming into focus In the first book, Winter Solstice Winter, we were just learning who the heros are and who could be trusted Now it has been established Separated at birth, Lucia and Ailia remain distant in the fight for Midgard Lucia, a petty and jealous princess, sides with the Empress Eiess, while Ailia is revealed as the true Sentinor with all the gold heart and reluctance a hero archetype is meant to have.I was surprised by how much graphic this book [...]

    This book is great and at least as good as the first book, but I personally think it is better We are still following Ailia and Soren around, and their journey keeps getting dangerous and important to the whole of humanity I found myself reading this book as fast as I could to see how the story worked out because it seemed like it wouldn t This book is basically an edge of your seat roller coaster ride to see who comes out on top, Ailia or Lucia I would recommend this book to anyone that loved [...]

    I got a copy of the book through a First Reads giveaway I didn t read the first book in this series but I didn t have a problem following the story It was an interesting read and I want to know how it will evolve in the next two books The author did a great job and it was a true page turner I almost disliked Ailia in the beginning but it changed toward the end Lucia may be a villain but I really love her love story with Erik It may be related to my Eric Northman obsession the sexy Viking and all [...]

    Kristen Pettersen
    This series just continues to get better and better There are so many twists and turns, and the author continuously pulls me in, making it hard to set the book down I love all the characters and they all make this book so unique Can t wait for

    Loved this book

    Bridgett Sandeovic
    Great readI can not wait for the next book this story has brought out many emotions anger, excitement, frustration, relief can t wait to see what happens next.

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