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  • Title: For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Teens About Sexuality, Values, and Health
  • Author: Alfred Vernacchio
  • ISBN: 9780062269515
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Hardcover

  • For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Teens About Sexuality, Values, and Health By Alfred Vernacchio A progressive, effective, and responsible approach to sex education for parents and teens that challenges traditional teaching models and instead embraces 21st century realities by promoting healthy sexuality, values, and body image in young peopleSex education today generally falls into one of two categories abstinence only or abstinence based education both of which tenA progressive, effective, and responsible approach to sex education for parents and teens that challenges traditional teaching models and instead embraces 21st century realities by promoting healthy sexuality, values, and body image in young peopleSex education today generally falls into one of two categories abstinence only or abstinence based education both of which tend to withhold important, factual information and leave young adults ill equipped to make safe decisions Al Vernacchio, a high school sexuality educator who holds a Master s degree in Human Sexuality from the University of Pennsylvania, has created a new category sex positive education In For Goodness Sex, he refutes the disaster prevention model of sex ed, offering a progressive and realistic approach Sexuality is a natural part of life, and healthy sexuality can only develop from a sex positive, affirming appreciation Curious yet fearful of being judged, young people turn to peers, the Internet, and the media, where they receive problematic messages about sex boys are studs, girls are sluts real sex should be like porn hookups are better than relationships Without a broader understanding to offset these damaging perceptions, teenagers are dangerously unprepared intellectually and emotionally to grow and develop as sexual beings For Goodness Sex offers the tools and insights adults need to talk young people and help them develop healthy values and safe habits With real life examples from the classroom, exercises and quizzes, and a wealth of sample discussions and crucial information, Vernacchio offers a guide to sex education for the twenty first century.
    Alfred Vernacchio
    Alfred Vernacchio Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Teens About Sexuality, Values, and Health book, this is one of the most wanted Alfred Vernacchio author readers around the world.

    For Goodness Sex: Changing the Way We Talk to Teens About Sexuality, Values, and Health By Alfred Vernacchio


    Very interesting read This book is written in a pretty conversational style which makes for easy reading I liked the structure where he introduces topics through exercises he leads his Sexuality and Society classes through Coming from a very conservative orthodox faith background with sex negative messaging ranging from clothing choices to eternal consequences for acting out of bounds, I read this to provide myself a sex positive paradigm to hold conversations with my five children.I love the a [...]

    I saw a TED Talk by Al Vernacchio Sex Needs a New Metaphor and was so impressed that when I learned he also wrote a book, I didn t waste any time tracking it down I ve been doing a lot of reading about human sexuality over the last 1 1 2 years to prepare myself as a parent for what s ahead as my child approaches her teens And I ve been really pleased by the vast majority of the books I ve read, as they have been honest, informative, and helpful to me as a parent This one is no exception, and I h [...]

    Morninglight Mama
    I ve never so much agreed with a book s guidance and advice as I did with this incredible resource for parents Vernacchio conveys respect and candor in this guide, and his openness is refreshing, and so damn necessary I think this is helpful reading for parents of children of all ages, and perhaps it deserves a re read every once in a while as a reminder of how to keep communication lines open with our teens I ve never felt so validated in my parenting perspective as I did when reading this book [...]

    Riley Johnson
    This book had a lot of straightforward information I liked that it emphasized values and self image, and urged parents to take an active role in helping their kids navigate adolescence The addition of an LGBTQ perspective was also pretty helpful Some of my patrons will be happy to know we have this

    This is OWL only better I loved how the author uses the questions asked in an average class, and answers them How refreshing, and instructional Loved it

    Laurie Gray
    For Goodness Sex Changing the Way We Talk to Teens about Sexuality, Values, and Health by Al Vernacchio invites parents, students, educators and everyone, really, into Vernacchio s Sexuality and Society class in a private Quaker school near Philadelphia, PA In Mr V s classroom, students are safe to sort out all of the negative and exploitive messages they ve received about human sexuality and begin to build an accurate and positive image of themselves, which will in turn allow them to form healt [...]

    Carolyn Fitzpatrick
    I had no idea that there was such a thing as a MA in Human Sexuality Education Or high schools that offered a year long course in sexuality This book is not a teacher s manual for Mr V s course, but it definitely makes me want to teach a class like this The recommended exercises are excellent, and he offers lots of suggestions to parents in talking to their children as well Key features of the course Pretty much the whole first half of the course is about defining your own values and learning ho [...]

    I m starting a series of teen talks at my library and wanted to get some ideas on broaching the subject of sex in a down to earth kind of way Vernacchio being a teacher definitely made the difference in this book He seems to have the right rapport with teens that allows him to be frank and informative There was a lot of information in here for parents, which doesn t apply to me, but some of the things he writes talking to parents is good to reiterate back to them Vernacchio definitely knows how [...]

    Excellent book for advice on how to talk to teens about sex Lots of good information that is relevant to the times The author is a sex educator and the book gives you a good overview of the details of his high school course on sex education Highly recommended This is a great guide for parents My 12 year old son enjoyed it too, and my 14 year old daughter is reading it now Most of what he advocates in the book I believe we already as parents put into practice, and the book would be great for a co [...]

    Such a great book You should read this book if 1 You re a teacher2 You re a parent3 You may ever have the occasion to talk to a young person about sex and society4 You had less than stellar sex education So really, everybody should read this book.

    Robyn Carr
    This book is a great resource for parents looking to instill positive attitudes about sexuality in their children Also a resource for people who work with kids Easy to read and provides practical ideas and information.

    I love this book, I love Al s approach to teaching kids The only reason I don t give it five stars is that I don t think the book is that accessible for those who aren t high level intellectual geeks who think about sex ed all the time like me This book was written for me It offers people deep thoughts to think about, which is important It challenges gender norms, and societal priorities about perfect bodies and perfect relationships, but it takes time to get through each section and Al fails to [...]

    Kristi Benedict
    I can t recommend this book enough This isn t a book about teaching your child about sex it s a book about helping your teen in figuring out who they are and what their values are and how to approach relationships from that perspective Mr Vernacchio stresses communication in a way that even made me reevaluate how I communicate Well done

    Michael Richart
    A thorough examination of the things teenagers need to know about relationships, their bodies, and sex sexual identity, that they never learn in today s sheepish sex ed curriculum.Though written for parents, Vernacchio s history as a sex ed teacher provides an easily digestible almanac about sex that anyone can understand and learn from.

    Will need to re read this one at least every couple of years for the foreseeable future Fantastic ideas on having ongoing conversations with kids not just birds and bees but identity, body image, sexuality.

    A really positive way of framing sexuality with the lenses of values, pleasure and well being.

    Kathrine Edwards
    Another important sex book for parents of teens This guy is amazing

    Elizabeth R
    Great review of teen sexuality and common questions that come up I knew a lot of this from my days as a health educator but it was a good refresher Watch the author s TED talk.

    Brooke Smith
    Review posted on my blog, BB Reads.Before I read this book, I had no idea who Al Vernacchio was or that he had a blog of the same name of this book I was a complete virgin aren t I punny to his style of thinking My kids are not teenagers either the oldest just started kindergarten But this book, especially if you grew up in American public schools with its fear mongering, abstinence only education, is revelatory to adults of all ages, parents and childfree alike.The focus of this book is sex edu [...]

    All these positive reviews are extremely well deserved and there isn t much for me to add I found this book by accident no idea the author has a TED talk and a blog I was at the library looking for something up to date that would help me to continue to talk with my two sons not really so much about sex but about intimate relationships of all kinds The author s continuing experience teaching at a Friends school means that he is up to date about how kids are currently trying to make sense in a wor [...]

    Nicole Gathany
    This book did a lot for me Now that I have read this book, I have a better understanding of sexual agency, informed consent, and the sexism that exists within sex education in this country I also didn t know that there was a difference between gender and sexuality one can be trans and not gay or trans and gay before reading this book However, I will say that although Vernacchio spoke a lot about healthy sexuality and what blocks us from developing it, he did not really explain what it means.None [...]

    Sharon Rosenberg-Scholl
    What a great book This man is clearly a gifted teacher and his school and students are very lucky to have him And I feel grateful that he put his wisdom into this book.This is a sex positive, shame free and very real look at teens and sexuality and how to help your teens know what they need to know, interspersed with stories from the author s own life and his time in the classroom teaching sexuality to high schoolers His sense of humor literally had me laughing out loud at several points This bo [...]

    This is a thoughtful and sweet book written by a high school teacher who teaches a sex ed class I really appreciated the way he conveyed his values to teens while talking about tricky subjects He puts a big emphasis on equality, respect, and communication in relationships I also liked his idea for moving away from baseball as a metaphor for sex and instead talking about pizza He has a quick video TED on this that s worth googling.

    Joyce Eisenberg
    Both of my kids took the author s Sex and Society class when there were in high school and thought Al Vernacchio was an awesome teacher By reading his first book, I feel like I took the class, too The book is clear, engaging, and offered points of view that were new to me It also answered questions both ones I knew I had and ones I never even considered Whether or not you have teens, it s a worthwhile read, and it makes for some great dinner conversation

    Borrow it, buy it, just read it Go on Do a favor to yourself Whether you have kids or not, we are all in a position to be a positive role model to someone younger than we are It could be the twenty something fledging intern in the office who is clearly confused about their values and what they want from relationships Reading this made me remember, question, laugh, share and groan If only we all found communicating as natural as this author does, the world would be a better place.

    Every parent should read this book and use it to start conversations, accurately answer questions, and convey their own personal values so that their kids can have the tools to make decisions that are right for them and consciously develop their own sets of values I think most high school aged teens would benefit greatly from reading it as well.

    Loved this, and the push for better communication with kids and teens about their whole sexuality Good tips, and ideas for practicing talking about this If you haven t seen his TED talk on the pizza model of sex find it and watch it Then watch it again with your kids All parents should read this.

    As an educator working with teenagers this book defined how to address sexuality and sex in a way that is healthy, informative, inclusive, and safe This is a must read for anyone with children or for those who work with them regularly Reading this book has given me models and frameworks that will make having the important conversations a little less awkward or difficult.

    Brenda Lee
    Such an important topic I appreciate that Alfred Vernacchio took the time to share his ground level experience of working with teens and how to talk with them about sex Well worth reading before you have teens, as it helps to set the stage on how you may approach the subject when the time does come.

    Laura Jane
    Pretty good book Read is for Lisa s Adolescent Sexuality class Written by a high school teacher at a Quaker school who teaches two year long courses on sexuality, one for freshmen and one for seniors Talk about a comprehensive sex education

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