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  • Title: Aurian
  • Author: Maggie Furey
  • ISBN: 9780099270713
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback

  • Aurian By Maggie Furey To the city of Nexis, where Magefolk rule uneasily over a race of mortals, a young girl named Aurian comes to learn the magic arts Her dormant powers are coveted by the corrupt Archmage, who intends to possess her When she rejects him for a mortal, the enraged Archmage plans his revenge.
    Maggie Furey
    Maggie Furey was born in North East England She is a qualified teacher, but has also reviewed books on BBC Radio Newcastle, been an advisor in the Durham Reading Resources Centre and organized children s book fairs She now lives in County Wicklow in Ireland.

    Aurian By Maggie Furey


    Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    Wowjust wow It may be slow in the beginning but this is full of adventure, heart ache, and love

    Shera (Book Whispers)
    Sounds like any number of fantasy books out there Aurian had the potential to be another boring A typical book in the Fantasy genre Before rereading this book, I had wondered how come this book had stuck in my mind for so long after reading it probably about six years ago I was fairly young and thought maybe the impression was left from the inexperienced mind of a young reader However, Furey has created one of the best epic fantasy books I have read Taking the same old tale and turning it into a [...]

    I have had Aurian by Maggie Furey sitting on my shelves since 2004 I know this because I pulled the receipt out of the book It took me seven years to pick it up and seven days to finish it Oh, the humanity.I haven t been in the mood for High Fantasy for a long time having converted to Urban Fantasy for the past few years For those out of the loop, High fantasy has chicks with chain mail, or robes, and Dragons on the covers Urban Fantasy leans towards leather and midriffs, and guns, or swords sw [...]

    When my sister in law, Felicia, first recommended this to me, I was a little hesitant I ve read a lot of fantasy, and even though there are a lot of authors I haven t read, I m pretty well versed in fantasy And I d never heard of this book, or the author I figured if it was good, I would have heard of it.But it was good Excellent, in fact and here I sit, trying to figure out why this book isn t well known I would put Maggie Furey on par with some of my favorite fantasy authors Robin Hobb, Lynn [...]

    Sarah Mac
    Here s another fantasy I read many moons ago, so I can t speak to quality aside from nostalgic value But I really liked it at the time enough that I tucked it into the keeper box, regardless of not having any other books in the series I m not sure why I didn t finish the saga I distinctly recall researching at the library to jot down titles because who needs study hall to work on term papers Bite me, Crime Punishment , but for some reason they never materialized Since I was a teenager, it s like [...]

    Sophie VERStand
    Wie viel Nostalgie beim Lesen wieder aufkam sch n.Aurian begegnet uns im ersten Band als ungest me 12 j hrige, die mit ihrer zauberkundigen Mutter in einem Tal weitab von anderen Menschen Magiern lebt Der Schwerk mpfer Forral, der sie sp ter in der Waffenkunst unterrichten wird, b ndigt ihren st rmisch trotzigen Charakter und legt den Samen f r Aurians sp tere Vertrautheit mit den Sterblichen.Ihre Mutter Lady Eilin und Aurian selbst sind zwei der letzten acht menschlichen des Maguschvolkes, die [...]

    Ok, I m DNFing Aurian s bad and reading about women hating on each other so easily while being so indulgent towards men is painful to read I know this was written in the 90s but really, I can t force myself reading further than 250 pages that were already painful.The villains I ve seen to far are so over the top evil and bad it s laughable and also painful to read It actually made me cringe than once This book has been laying on my TBR pile forever and as many others recently, I feel disappoint [...]

    David - proud Gleeman in Branwen's adventuring party
    Before Harry Potter, there was this series featuring a young wizard who is brought to a magical school to realize her potential The biggest difference between Aurian Harry Potter Aurian s case, the greatest evil in her land just happens to be the headmaster of the school So basically, this series would be like if Hogwarts was run by Voldemort Overall, Aurian was a great read Aurian is a very compelling heroine, and her enemies are deliciously evil However, the book does suffer from some pacing p [...]

    This was a fun book to read and a very good start to a series Definitely has a feel of 90 s fantasy novels to it sort of Aurian and her merry band of friends out to save the world.It isn t all 4 friends cheering about friendship and plans in a tavern with tankards of ale though there is some of that , there are darker elements to the story, but the story does progress at a good clip and it doesn t feel as dark and gritty as a lot of recent fantasy I suppose there are good and bad sides to this, [...]

    Regan Norris
    I only finished this book because I wanted to see how bad it could get I do not understand how this got published The last 50 100 pages seemed to be an endless loop of the heroine and her lover arguing and then getting depressed And the singing whale mages no There may be a way to sell those, but this author didn t do so I kept my copy for years to remind how low the bar can be, should I ever actually write anything.

    Amber Silver
    One of my first steps into the realm of fantasy, Maggie Furey s Aurian is a book filled with dynamic characters woven around a plot riddled with magic and intrigue I recommend Aurian to anyone with a fondness for fantasy.

    My mum introduced me to this series years ago and I read it probably four times in two years Very addictive, fantastic characters, loved every second Unique ideas but enough common fantasy elements wizards, dragons, etc to keep it within the ideals of lovers of the fantasy genre.

    Tara Foley
    Nope i disagree with some of the reviews strong female lead good book the series itself thou did lose steam toward the end

    Yusuf Motara
    It s OK Straight up mindless fantasy, linear sort of a plot with few surprises It s just competent enough to be entertaining, even though you can pretty much see how Book 4 is going to look like after you ve gone halfway through Book 1.

    Maggie Furey s writing is erratic She has a great storyline, but the books lack imagination and detail Rather than describing actions, she tells you exactly what happened Nothing like, She reached her arm out towards the dancing light, fingers stretched forth, to gently clasp it in her hand You get, Aurian reached forward and grabbed the light Not taken word for word, but an example She is brilliant with describing places, except she often forgets to let you know how it all fits together Sure, t [...]

    Andreia Nuno
    One of the reasons I like to browser in my local library is because you never know which little treasure you might find hidden on the shelves This book was definitely a hidden treasure I have to admit that the cover was the reason why I grabbed it I have a thing for old books This fantasy novel is refreshing and the old fashioned tale was very engaging Aurian tells the story of Aurian, a female mage growing from a young age with magic, trained in the art of the sword by an old friend of her dead [...]

    Fantasy al femminilePrimo libro della Saga dei Manufatti del Potere Protagonista Aurian, giovane maga e spadaccina alla ricerca di quattro famosi manufatti che la aiuteranno a combattere il male I personaggi sia principali che secondari sono ben delineati psicologicamente e seguono una propria strada da individui, le loro scelte sono giustificate e non solo finalizzate ad una trama fantasy specifica Generalmente i personaggi femminili risultano i pi interessanti, anche perch rivelano tutti, nel [...]

    It s been a long time since I have read a pure fantasy novel and really thought it was good But this one bucked the trend It has a lot of the usual fantasy stereotypes the poor boy who finds out he can do magic, the warrior protecting a child, an evil wizard corrupted by the power he wields and ancient thingamajigs that will make it all better again But somehow they are all muddled up and make a story that is a very refreshing read.The fact that the author isn t scared to kill off main character [...]

    Ward Bond
    Review I sat down to read AURIAN in the early evening, and was surprised when the dawn came up Rich, colourful and infinitely enchanting it is a work that will give enormous pleasure to fantasy readers I loved it DAVID GEMMELLProduct Description In ages past, there had been four magical weapons, fashioned to be used only by the Magefolk But their history had been lost, together with the Artefacts themselves, in the Cataclysm which had wrought changes on land and water alike Lost also had been th [...]

    When I was a teenager, back around the time this book first came out, I was IN LOVE with the entire series I d even written out a letter to the author never sent Coming back to it as an adult, I still really enjoy it, but GOOD LORD, the Mary Sues For those who don t know that term, a Mary Sue is someone who s justrfect And here s the thing Aurian s only flaws are her random bouts of Magefolk pride, and a fear of heights Other than that, everyone just lurrrrrrves her because she s so kind and pro [...]

    I originally read this book a long time ago, before realising it was part of a series of books It is the cover art of a book that usually draws me in enough to want to read it and the cover picture of the first Aurian book allured me all those years ago to pluck it off a shelf in Barnes Noble and buy it I liked the book then and ploughed through it My favourite part in the entire book is when Aurian finds the Golden Dragon who guards the Gem of the Staff of Earth Dragons hold a special place in [...]

    Sarah-Jayne Briggs
    This review may contain spoilers.Since I ve been quite young, I ve always enjoyed fantasy stories Aurian wasn t the first book in the series that I read, but it s the one I ve read now in my re reading phase.I liked the characters in the book They seemed to all have moments where they were good and bad well, except for the really bad ones, but I d be interested to see where their ideas and that came from I couldn t say a favourite character though I always particularly liked Anvar His growth as [...]

    This is my second time through the Aurian series by Maggie Furey I first read this about a decade ago Back then, I absolutely loved the series of four books Rereading, I find the characters are a bit unrealistic, but the storyline and setting are excellent Despite the unrealistic character reactions, I still absolutely love the book.Aurian is very confident and strong, so this fits well into my very narrow feminist fantasy magic with slight romantic twist category.Other books I liked that fall i [...]

    Not bad for a first time author, however I felt that in comparison to some of the popular fantasy books out there that it s a little weak It s somewhat predictible, the characters offer little in the way of surprises, and we get alot of repitition in character thought processes It sometimes feels a little abrupt in how details are outlined where did THAT conversation come from and wasn t that a little convenient I d say that I d recommend it for younger audiences, however there seems to be a fa [...]

    I read this series The Artefacts of Power some years ago and whilst revising and tidying my bookshelves found all four books again, so I have just re read the first book in the series The genre is fantasy based on the basic good versus evil theme It an easy to read book with lots of twists and turns and an engrossing, enchanting and exciting plot Aurian is a red haired Mage and she is the main protagonist in a book full of strong female characters Her characters are always interesting Magic and [...]


    This is a book for very young readers especially girls because of the annoyingly cheesy romantic subplots and the female super hero , who don t mind simplicity of characters, language, world building, and a totally unrealistic plot the protagonists are made to say and do the most implausible things, and get away with it, just to move the plot along.On the plus side Lots of action, very fast paced You might like it if you are able to suspend belief, if you love heroes who behave like innocent chi [...]

    This book is one of my favorites, and surprisingly hard to find I only found the second book of this series in a thrift store a couple of years ago it is a lengthy book at almost 600 pages, but well worth the read The main female character Aurian is amazing, and there are several other memorable characters as well It shows fairytale creatures in a way I d never seen before, which was really interesting This is a book that I ve read before, and I m sure I will be reading it over and over and over [...]

    I liked the plot and the characters, if it is possible it would be a 3.5 5.The beginning seems a little awkward to my liking but as the story continues it becomes better Would be better if magic could not conveniently solve all the problems at crucial junctures A little challenge would have been nice, though i am not saying i do not like how the author employed magic in the series Cant wait to read the last book of the series.

    c 1994 Furey b1953 is was a teacher The Magefolk Miathian, the archmage, Eliseth the Weather Mage, and others The story features four Artefacts, one for each of the four elements The grail made from a fragment of the Cauldron of Rebirth uses water to resurrect the dead, the Staff of Earth, the Harp of Winds and the Sword of Flame and a couple of telepathic great cats manage to successfully oppose both Miathan and Eliseth Well I wasn t riveted but it was a nice enough read

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