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  • Title: When Asia Was the World
  • Author: Stewart Gordon
  • ISBN: 9780306815560
  • Page: 443
  • Format: Hardcover

  • When Asia Was the World By Stewart Gordon While European intellectual, cultural, and commercial life stagnated during the early medieval period, Asia flourished as the wellspring of science, philosophy, and religion Linked together by a web of religious, commercial, and intellectual connections, the different regions of Asia s vast civilization, from Arabia to China, hummed with commerce, international diplomacWhile European intellectual, cultural, and commercial life stagnated during the early medieval period, Asia flourished as the wellspring of science, philosophy, and religion Linked together by a web of religious, commercial, and intellectual connections, the different regions of Asia s vast civilization, from Arabia to China, hummed with commerce, international diplomacy, and the brisk exchange of ideas Stewart Gordon has fashioned a fascinating and unique look at Asia from A.D 700 to 1500, a time when Asia was the world, by describing the personal journeys of Asia s many travelers the merchants who traded spices along the Silk Road, the apothecaries who exchanged medicine and knowledge from China to the Middle East, and the philosophers and holy men who crossed continents to explore and exchange ideas, books, science, and culture.
    Stewart Gordon
    Stewart Gordon Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the When Asia Was the World book, this is one of the most wanted Stewart Gordon author readers around the world.

    When Asia Was the World By Stewart Gordon


    How could this book not be entertaining with chapters entitled Monasteries and Monarchs , Ingots and Artefacts , Treasure and Treaty etc The first tells the story of the Chinese Buddhist monk Xuanzang 618 632 and his travels to India in search of original Buddhist sutras Ingots and Artefacts tells the story of the Intan shipwreck circa 1000 CE with its amazingly diverse cargo, and Treasure and Treaty the story of the great treasure ships of the Ming Dynasty early to mid 15C that carried an army [...]

    When Asia Was the World Traveling Merchants, Scholars, Warriors, and Monks Who Created the Riches of the East by Stewart Gordon is a book that encompasses the whole of the ancient Asian culture in a way that is different from other books This book uses nine different stories of specific ancient Asian peoples as examples of life in the entirety of the continent at the time What amazed me about this book was that the author didn t necessarily use famous ancient figures, with the exception of a few [...]

    Great book that explores the lives of merchants, doctors, monks, leaders from 600 to about 1500 throughout Asia Most of them are regular people except Babur, the conquerer of Kabul and Afghanistan and their stories survived to depict life in Asia This is a book about regular people With the exception of Babur, these people didn t kill or do any of the deeds usually glorified in history except travel and keep a log of their travels Ibn Fadlan s trip to nowadays Russia, Ibn Battuta s trips through [...]

    It was reassuring to see that Xians, Jews, Muslims and Buddhists agreed that travel is a necessary part of becoming an educated person.Shira DestinieMEOW Date Saturday, June 9 12014 H.E Holocene Era

    R Helen
    This was a very well organized introduction into the history of the Asian world For Westerners I think this book is an eye opener to the fact that the Asian world was far sophisticated and advanced than we give it credit for, and far advanced than Europe itself I found each of the chapters intriguing and I particularly liked that the author consistently reminds us of similar instances from previous chapters It is much easier to follow his thesis and strengthens the reader s understanding of th [...]

    Amy Dance
    Fascinating started the book to learn about Ibn Batutta, but also learned much about others who travelled through Asia in the Middle ages, religions, trade, customs of the region.

    Sweta P
    This book is very informative and entertaining If you care about history, you will adore this book.

    3.5 stars.

    When Asia Was the World is a book that brings up a lot of interesting concepts, but in the end, is somewhat unsatisfying Gordon presents 9 narratives of travelers throughout Asia between 500 and 1500 His subjects travel for a wide range of reasons political, economic, religious, diplomatic, military and while separated in time, their journeys overlap and show how interconnected the vast area of land and water actually was Each traveler is interesting, although some are certainly interesting tha [...]

    Hosam Diab
    1 2 750 1500 .

    Rating 4.5 out of 5 starsGenre Non fiction translated biographiesAge Recommended 13 and upIt s this time of year again summer assignments This book wasn t as boring as I expected it to be, and I enjoyed reading the accounts of people who lived many centuries ago However, the author could have done a better job linking the different chapters of the book to each other, as they were all independent stories, and the only thing similar about them was the fact that they all took place in Asia and were [...]

    This book was great for students new to the subject of Medieval Asia although I suppose that label is too Eurocentric Gordon s greatest strength is also his greatest weakness The book is very readable, and, in focusing on just a handful of themes throughout a work spanning several centuries, Gordon keeps the material relatable However, it was almost too easy, if that makes sense I mean, no reader wants the work to be so obtuse that you can t grasp the fundamentals especially for someone like me, [...]

    The quick summary of this book is that it looks at what is going on in the Asia, from the Middle East to China, from the equivalent period in Europe between the fall of Rome and the Age of Exploration That time in Europe, frequently referred to as the Middle Ages sometimes derisively as the Dark Ages , there s a gap in political and philosophical thought, work in mathematics and sciences, and writing of literature Essentially, in the West, you skip nearly 700 years between the writings of August [...]

    When Asia was the World revisits, through the lives of traveling monks, traders, and warriors, the extraordinary vistas and cultures of greater Asia from 500 to 1500 A.D It is not a conventional history of Asia before the ascendancy of Europe, but allows the reader to play the part of historical tourist, tagging along with various men traveling circuitous routes from Iran to China Some are traders, bringing to life a robust economy that nearly covered a hemisphere, Others are pilgrims Buddhist m [...]

    this is a good pop history book that i had from a world history class in college most history books are so dry that i wonder how historians are capable of sucking the story from history but this is a collection of stories about particular asians merchants, religious folk, ambassadors, nobles, that kind of shit it s no history from below, but it s not like peasant insurgents left us detailed accounts of their lives, and if they did bother to right it down i m sure the books would be burnt alongsi [...]

    Grace Tjan
    A clear and concise survey of several historical personalities that represent medieval Asia It is a rather quick read as none of these figures are covered in depth Perhaps this book is better read as an introduction to the subject Interested readers can learn from the books quoted in the bibliography.The author emphasizes the idea of inter connectedness between Asian nations based on shared institutions and customs, especially those inspired by Buddhism and Islam, the two great Asian religions [...]

    Akmal A.
    A brilliant history book The way how Gordon wrote the story according to timeline from every country range from the Peninsula Arab, across the steppe and mountains area in Central Asia, sailing through the great Java kingdom in South East Asia untill the Great land of China was simply beautiful Although it was not written in details, but it gave the readers some idea what was the Asia looks like before the era of colonialism As what Gordon said, before the era of colonialism, trades happen among [...]

    Overall, a very euro centric view of Asian history Mostly focusing on Western Asia, and the elements with the biggest impact on European history e.g Islam , with only token mentions of of the events in East Asia South East Asia Indian subcontinent It s fitting that the last account given is of a European trader, as if to drive home the point that all of the history given in previous chapters only matter in the context of how they eventually came to affect Europe.Gordon tries to use the memoirs o [...]

    An excellent review of various sources of major travelers throughout the early Asian and Muslim worlds There have been many comments here that describe the nature of the book being without much analysis which is entirely correct This book does not seek to defend a thesis or argument, but rather to simply combat the Eurocentrism so common in world history The best way to do this is to show the incredibly broad and diverse world that was found in Asia prior to the Renaissance In this it does a won [...]

    Robert Stevenson
    Are empires the driving force behind world history or are the edges of empires When Asia Was the World implies that the conflicts, trade and religious exchange going on at the edges of empires that are well worth a closer look This is not ground breaking hardcore history but a great compilation of nine case studies that are well considered and sourced Ibn Battuta is usually where this story starts and stops, maybe with Zheng He and Marco Polo thrown in for good measure Here we ve got a shipwreck [...]

    Jean Dory
    This excellent history of Asia takes a very human tack nine people, each from a different time and culture, are spotlighted The lifestyle, environment, religion, economy, and cultural surroundings of that person are explored in depth The reader feels closer to these people and times than he she might with a distant, text booky approach Still, this is a scholarly work, and entirely worthwhile reading Also, this work delves into India and Southeast Asia than the typical Silk Road text the reader [...]

    Kelly Delph
    I found this book fascinating We think that the world has became small in the 20th century with plane travel and satellite TV But than 1,000 years ago travelers crossed continents and because there were similar traditions and cultures across the globe And it s readable because each chapter is about the travel of one person, from 500 to 1500 You can read a chapter and put it down and not have lost any particular narrative But I think I would have gotten out of it if I had read the last, summary [...]

    A series of Traveler s tales , describing people and cultures and the flourishment of trade in the East during 500 to 1500 Each chapter focuses on a different period of time, a different traveler, and frequently, different races and cultures But the vast amount of inter connection during that time period, the overlapping of cultures and products is still fascinating Part of the Muslim Journeys Bookshelf.

    A nicely designed introductory book to the Asian world during a period that tends to get short shrift in most Western curricula It s not complicated or difficult to engage, but in offering the reader a story of Asia told through the individual histories of interesting yet accessible characters, Gordon makes a foreign time and place come alive Perfect material for a world civilizations course.

    Margaret W Heinbaugh
    Insightful and straightforward This book gave a great perspective on the Asian world from 500 to 1500 CE It follows different people, mostly traders, on their travels traversing most of Asia It can get a little boring at times when the author decides to include an ancient recipe for meat or something, but otherwise it s pretty easy to follow and gives a lot of detail I particularly enjoyed the chapter describing the contents of a sunken ship.

    Quite a nice discussion of Asian culture in the Middle Ages, told through a series of stories about particular individuals, whose stories are used to reflect the culture of their time The history of trade is probably the pre eminent dimension that shapes these stories, and this provides a very informative and interesting lens through which to view these cultures Well written, well documented, well chosen representative stories.

    Gene Doucette
    I was reading this book for research purposes I needed to fill in my understanding of the historical period in Asia from around 500 AD to the 1500 s 1600 s That s exactly the period covered here, and it provided an excellent overview from the perspective of various individuals in history An extremely useful introductory text.

    GODS I FINALLY FINISHED THIS BOOK This was such a struggle to read that I don t even feel like talking about it Ugh This isn t really my type of book the print was too small, the information too dense, my interest level too low.I m just really happy I got through it at this point Ah, the joys of reading books for school.

    I think two stars is generous Not near as well written as other books on the same subject Chapter 7, Tresure and Treaty is a partial coverage of Mu Huan For a much better book that tells it as a great story, read 1421 about the Chineese Treasure fleets that sailed the world long before Columbus.

    Filippo Sottile
    Un buon punto di partenza per salpare alla ricerca delle storie dell Asia Molto interessante in un ottica antropologica la scelta di seguire gli itinerari dei diari dei viaggiatori transasiatici.P.s quando trovi i refusi in un libro che hai pagato 32 euro viene un po il nervoso

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