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  • Title: Newes from the Dead
  • Author: Mary Hooper
  • ISBN: 9781596433557
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Newes from the Dead By Mary Hooper WRONGED HANGED ALIVE AND TRUE Anne can t move a muscle, can t open her eyes, can t scream She lies immobile in the darkness, unsure if she d dead, terrified she s buried alive, haunted by her final memory of being hanged A maidservant falsely accused of infanticide in 1650 England and sent to the scaffold, Anne Green is trapped with her racing thoughts, her burningWRONGED HANGED ALIVE AND TRUE Anne can t move a muscle, can t open her eyes, can t scream She lies immobile in the darkness, unsure if she d dead, terrified she s buried alive, haunted by her final memory of being hanged A maidservant falsely accused of infanticide in 1650 England and sent to the scaffold, Anne Green is trapped with her racing thoughts, her burning need to revisit the events and the man that led her to the gallows Meanwhile, a shy 18 year old medical student attends his first dissection and notices something strange as the doctors prepare their tools Did her eyelids just flutter Could this corpse be alive Beautifully written, impossible to put down, and meticulously researched, Newes from the Dead is based on the true story of the real Anne Green, a servant who survived a hanging to awaken on the dissection table Newes from the Dead concludes with scans of the original 1651 document that recounts this chilling medical phenomenon.
    Mary Hooper
    British children s and young adult author Mary Hooper was born in 1944, in Barnes, South West London She left school at fifteen, and went to work as a window dresser, and then as a secretary She eventually returned to school, as an adult student, earning a degree in English from Reading University Hooper began her writing career with short stories, publishing in women s and teen magazines Her first book, Jodie, was published in 1978 She is married, has two children, and one grandchild, and lives in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire.

    Newes from the Dead By Mary Hooper


    This is kind of an odd little book It wasn t very suspenseful to me, because I pretty much knew what was going to happen In fact, I actually found this book by reading up on Anne Green in Mary Hooper did an excellent job of writing the story out Hooper has an amazing prose which is simple and fast paced like every good AU should be but it s also nuanced and captures the time period perfectly Hooper s characters do not feel like modern people stuck in the past They are fully fleshed out with all [...]

    The premise is intriguing a young woman is hung for infanticide, even though her baby is stillborn She is put in a coffin and sent to Oxford, where she will be dissected for medical research However, we soon find she is not really dead.The story is told in flashbacks, between how she got in her predicament, and her semi conscious state after being hung Normally, these kind of setups really move you through the story.But I found there was somewhat of a lack of suspense I never feared she d be cut [...]

    Das Buch beruht auf einer wahren Begebenheit, denn Anne Green hat es tats chlich gegeben Die 16 j hrige wurde im Jahr 1650 zu Unrecht zum Tod durch den Strang verurteilt und sollte danach auch noch seziert werden Doch als sich die namhaften Mediziner versammelt haben und mit dem ersten Schnitt beginnen wollten, flattern die Augenlider der gerade erst Geh ngten.Erz hlt wird die Geschichte aus zwei Perspektiven zum einen ist es Anne, die in Gedanken noch mal Revue passieren l sst, was eigentlich g [...]

    Based on real historical events, this is the story of a scullery maid named Anne Greene, who was placed on trial for infanticide in 1650 England According to the Author s Note, this was a common charge at the time for women who gave birth to stillborns or newborns that suffered crib death The circumstances presented in the trial are challenging due to the fact that she was involved with the grandson of the estate owner.What makes Anne s tale even interesting is that after she was hung by the n [...]

    From the back of the bookIt is 1650 and a baby lies dead before it even drew breath A young servant girl, terrified and alone, is accused of its murder and sent to the gallows Protesting her innocence in the chill air of a December morning, Anne Green is hanged Moments later her lifeless body is lifted down from the scaffold and carried to the College of Physicians for brutal dissection.But as Anne s corpse lies on the table and the doctors assemble, a strange rattle is heard in her throat.Could [...]

    Lady of the Lake
    I loved that this is based on the factual story of Anne Greene who at About 22 years of age found herself pregnant after having false promises made to her by the grandson of the master of the house she was a servant at Anne was convicted of infanticide after giving birth to a child that she swore never drew a breath and by written a count of mid wife that examined the child, stated it could never have been a viable birth being only 9 inches in length and not well formedAnne was sentenced anyway [...]

    Newes from the Dead Book Review 2By Doja QaraqeWhen I first saw Newes from the Dead by Mary Hooper, I ll admit, I judged it by its cover I expected this novel to be a horrifying tale that will blow my socks off Instead, I read a gruesome, foul and suspenseful book that kept me at the edge of my seat Newes from the Dead is about a girl named Anne Green main character who finds herself in darkness, unable to move, blink her eyes or scream Immobile, Anne is haunted by her final memory of being hang [...]

    Anne Green was just your average English maid in 1650 She worked for a noble family and didn t get along well with her other servants, when the grandson of her master began to show her some extra attention Poor Anne was not used to being an object of desire and eventually gave into the grandson, wooed by promises that he would raise her up out of poverty and make her a lady Anne s situation worsened when she found that she was pregnant She tried to hide her pregnancy but eventually gave birth to [...]

    A top dollar children s historical packed with information about the 16th century but never seeming overly educational or preachy Mary Hooper has taken a real life snipping of history the account of a young woman hanged for infanticide who somehow survived the hangman s noose and crafted an enthralling, wonderfully enjoyable read from it.The author takes the unusual step of having two strands throughout the narrative depicted in alternating chapters One set are set in the novel s current time, d [...]

    A truly gripping read I must say I was rather surprised when I read it It most certainly offered up than you would expect something that every review prior to mine has managed to explain perfectly.Written in a beautiful way, the book itself is a real eye opener filled with the emotions needed to keep you gripped from the start until the end It really has you thinking as you work your way through the book, thoughts of what life must have been like back then Dealing with a difficult topic, it isn [...]

    Anne Osterlund
    Anne is dead Convicted as a murderess and hung by the neck for half an hour until pronounced dead, her body selected for medical research in the year 1650 And then she wakes up on the autopsy table.How can this not be good Add to that one stammering medical student, an illicit affair, and the fact that the entire premise is TRUE Brrr.

    Cindy Mitchell *Kiss the Book*
    Hooper, Mary Newes from the Dead, Pages 263 Publisher Roaring Book Press Language PG 13 Sexual Content PG 13 Anne s master used her six different times for his own pleasure not described just mentioned and where it happened Violence PG 13 Based on the true story of Anne Green, an innocent girl hanged for a crime she did not commit in 1650, thought dead she woke up on the dissecting table The surgeons who were supposed to be dissecting her helped resurrect her and she soon lived and was finally a [...]

    Amy (Turn the Page)
    Mary Hooper is an author I should love Her stories always sound like the perfect combination a historical setting, romance, and a strong female protagonist This one in particular caught my interest because it is about a girl who is hanged, but somehow survives and it is based on a true story I m always so excited to read a novel by Mary Hooper, but so far they have never quite delivered for me, and I don t think it is due to Hooper s skills as a writer.As a fast reader, these feel like short st [...]

    Newes from the Dead is a fictional account of a true story Anne Green hanged for the infanticide of a stillborn baby awakens on the dissection table I found the concept to be quite intriguing and the author does a good job of recreating 1600 s England particularly with regard to the daily life for the servant class I also appreciated some of the comments about what was happening in the wider world Cromwell etc which helped me to place the events in context The story of Anne s downfall is an all [...]

    Anne Green, a maidservant in 1650 England, was wrongly accused of infanticide The punishment for her crime was death by hanging Anne knows she dropped from the gallows, but now she exists in a strange darkness where she can t move or speak Left alone with only her thoughts of how she got to be at this point, she isn t even sure if she s dead or alive But dead women can t think, can they Anne isn t sure what this means, if she s been buried alive or worse What she doesn t know is that her body is [...]

    Tami Traylor
    A riveting retelling of the true tale of Anne Green, who, in 1650 is hanged as a murderess for the death of her infant, who was really stillborn Freshly plucked from the gallows and prepped for dissection, Anne is trapped in her own body, paralyzed, unable to speak, move or see Unsure whether she is dead or still alive, she slowly retraces the events in her life that led up to her hanging, the manor where she was a servant since childhood, the spoiled grandson and heir of the master who cajoles [...]

    I liked this book The author did a good job of recreating what might have happened to Anne, what her thought process may have been The original document at the end of the book is an interesting read, both because of the language differences from then to now and because of the way a news article from then differs from now It would have been even better to be able to see the trial transcripts Product DescriptionAnne can t move a muscle, can t open her eyes, can t scream She lies immobile in the da [...]

    I think that Newes from the Dead by Mary Hooper is a very interesting book because its filled with mystery, suspense, and drama It begins with a girl,Anne Green, who cant move a single muscle in her body, also she thinks she is in purgatory, or hell, or buried alive she thought she was dead because she opened her eyes and all she can see is pitch black She doesn t know where she is at so she starts thinking about her life Like how she worked as a maid in Sir Thomas s house and how she cleaned ev [...]

    Izzy Sieveking
    I saw this book once in the library at school and read a little at the beginning, but didn t really get into it In year 10 and a few months later, I saw it again and was so glad I chose to try once A young servant girl, in a past histrorical setting, perhaps a few centuries after the Tudor reign , is sentenced to death by hanging for infanicide You are able to witness what happened how she eas accused for the murder though her baby was really a stillborn , awaiting trial and the actual exucutio [...]

    YA Hooper historical fiction, 1650 England, domestic underclass, sexual moralityBased on the true story of Anne Greene, who was hanged for infanticide but lived The chapters alternate between her memories leading up to the hanging, including being duped into a sexual relationship, her ensuing pregnancy and still birth, time spent in jail, and her hung jury trial and the observations of a sympathetic medical student set to watch Anne s dissection but who instead witnesses her miraculous recovery [...]

    Newes From The Dead is a book I judged the cover of before picking it up I thought, wow this looks like a great book, there s a creepy girl on the cover so it has to be a creepy story.I really shouldn t judge books by covers because this one was a lot different to how I thought it would be.I m not really a historical fiction fan, but Newes From The Dead was pretty interesting At first, I wanted to know about Anne, about why she was hung Then when I found out I thought it was a little boring.If [...]

    It took a lot of self control to not just flip to the end of this book to find out how Anne Greene survived being hanged And the story itself didn t even answer that question that was left to an author s note at the end of the book.The story is told from two points of view the chapters alternate between Anne telling the story of how she ended up being hanged, and Robert a young scholar who is preparing to observe the dissection of Anne s corpse Neither story had very much going for it Anne s sto [...]

    Kyla Rue
    This was a very good book Wonderful way to describe what Anne Greene would think and say.You feel lik your there, In Anne s world The reason I picked up this book on my weekly trip to Books A Million, was not because of the cover But the wa ythe noose stuck out with the words on the spine it was lik a loner there on the shelves.I picked it up flipped it open And was hooked from tht moment.I couldnt believe they would hand a 22 year old woman for hte death of her stillborn child I recommend this [...]

    News from the Dead recounts the true story of Ann Green who survived a hanging.Hmmm sounds interesting right Well come to find out it was a bit complicated than that True she did survive being hanged, but how she get to the hangman s noose is pretty gruesome.I wouldn t recommend this book because there s a lot of mention of adultery Ann was a house maid who was somewhat forced into committing that crime, which led to her being falsely accused of infanticide I think Hooper could have made a bett [...]

    This book was okay It was very interesting in the sense that it was based on a true story Anne Green was charged with infanticide even though her baby was stillborn and sentenced to death by hanging Anne, however, survived the hanging and was spared dissection I didn t find the book all that compelling, since we already know what s happened and the story was merely filling in the finer details Overall, it was an okay book but nothing spectatular.

    Cynthia Egbert
    I found this book to be fascinating and the subsequent study that it sent me on has been a delight This is a quick read and I recommend it highly I read about the law passed in 1624 prosecuting women intended to apply to unmarried women of the lower classes and the language is so clearly filled with disdain for women, essentially calling them natural born liars, due to Eve s role in the Garden and I am so grateful that I live when and where I do.

    This was a quick and thrilling read I fell in love with Robert s awkward and sensitive character but it s a shame Mary Hooper chose not to develop an actual relationship between Anne and him I love stories like these where the main character s life becomes a hopeless hellhole right before complete redemption Makes the ending that much sweeter.

    I didn t know till almost the end of this book that it was based on true events I found this remarkable and made the story that much better for me It was an easy read but kept you wanting to know what was going to happen next in the storyline Great YA novel.

    This was a great book I couldn t put down And there aren t many of those books for me.

    Newes From The Dead id a very good read once you get past the old english.I suggest all of you read this.

    • [PDF] ✓ Newes from the Dead | BY ☆ Mary Hooper
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