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  • Title: The Unsuitable Secretary
  • Author: Maggie Robinson
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  • Page: 299
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Unsuitable Secretary By Maggie Robinson From the author of In the Heart of the Highlander, a romance proving that inappropriate desires can provide the most passionate encounters Harriet Benson takes her work at the Evensong Agency seriously, but lately, between convalescing from an illness and tending to her father and two young brothers, she s had to shorten her hours So when a promising position opens up forFrom the author of In the Heart of the Highlander, a romance proving that inappropriate desires can provide the most passionate encounters Harriet Benson takes her work at the Evensong Agency seriously, but lately, between convalescing from an illness and tending to her father and two young brothers, she s had to shorten her hours So when a promising position opens up for part time work, she immediately accepts, despite the fact that her new boss is scandalously indecent and dangerously appealing.Though his reputation paints him as a scoundrel, Sir Thomas Featherstone is proper than anyone would guess But Harriet s wit and luscious curves are driving him to distraction She s the perfect woman to fill his office requirements, and other desperate needs he s been ignoring Harriet has always held firm to the rule that a secretary must never fall in love with her employer Only Thomas is determined to win her affections and he s willing to risk any cost to make her his
    Maggie Robinson
    Maggie Robinson is a former teacher, library clerk and mother of four who woke up in the middle of the night, absolutely compelled to create the perfect man and use as many adverbs as possible doing so A transplanted New Yorker, she lives with her not quite perfect husband in Maine, where the cold winters are ideal for staying inside and writing hot historical romances She also writes erotic historical romances as Margaret Rowe.

    The Unsuitable Secretary By Maggie Robinson


    3.5 starsThis month s prompt for the TBR Challenge is a recommended read , so I headed for my recommendations page to see what my friends there had sent me Sometimes when fulfilling this prompt, I ve already had a book in mind, but I didn t this time, so it was a case of scrolling through the pages to find something that matched up with a book I already owned.The Unsuitable Secretary, the fourth book in Maggie Robinson s Ladies Unlaced series set in Edwardian England fit the bill it was rec d to [...]

    The Unsuitable Secretary is Robinson s fourth Edwardian historical romance While I had mixed feelings towards the previous book, book four reminded me why I like this author This romance was light and full of wit quite frankly it put a smile on my face, so I am inclined to like it Our hero and heroine are an unlikely duo Thomas is a man about town, known for pointing out the Next Thing and possessed with a gift for gab Harriet is a spinster determined to work despite her traditional father s obj [...]

    Rashika (is tired)
    Actual Rating 2.5As I try to think of something clever to open this review with, I come up with a blank To be honest, this book isn t all that memorable It s a fast paced romance that isn t much else aside from that Everything happens over the span of a couple of weeks and so the story itself isn t as well developed as it could be It opens with Sir Thomas looking for a secretary that will help rein him in a little but also help him develop his ideas He doesn t expect the secretary to be a female [...]

    Ah Sir Thomas il vient de rentrer dans mon top 3 des h ros adorables Sinon, j aime vraiment beaucoup la romance Edwardienne, parce que souvent les h ro nes travaillent logique dans les Evensong et qu on a un questionnement sur le r le de la femme qui rejoint notre poque Et quand on voit que dans cette s rie qui se passe il y a 110 ans, une des grosses questions des h ro nes c est pourquoi m me quand une femme bosse c est encore elle qui doit tout faire la maison on se dit que sur certains points [...]

    A captivating, sensual historical romance Taken from my review at RomanceJunkies Harriet Benson enjoys her work with the Evensong Agency, but she is still recovering from her recent surgery and is feeling tired Between struggling to get her strength back and taking care of her father and brothers, she is unable to return to the agency full time Additionally, she has to contend with her father s anger at her for working, even though they need the money So she agrees to a promising part time posit [...]

    Dans l ensemble, ce nouvel opus se lit avec grand plaisir On retrouve avec joie l univers de Maggie Robinson ainsi que ses personnages truculents Cependant, la romance entre Harriet et Thomas m a quelque peu laiss de marbre J ai eu du mal avoir de l empathie pour eux, notamment Thomas qui ne m as pas donn de grands frissons Ceci dit, il y a quelques sc nes assez cocasses entre eux que j ai beaucoup appr ci Quant au sc nes pic es si elles sont peu nombreuses, elles restent toujours bien men es et [...]

    Very unusual character driven romance with two virgin characters There is not much going in the story besides two people from vastly different backgrounds slowly recognizing each other as sole mates but the writing, the wonderful characters, the unexpected humor that what win this story I loved both characters with all of their insecurities, quirkiness, self depreciation, and honesty.

    Patty McKenna Van Hulle
    Eversong Agency s motto Performing the Impossible Before Breakfast Since 1888 And if Mrs Eversong could be the Fairy Godboss along the way, England always needs peers with strong wives Sir Thomas Featherstone is a man with a million ideas going thru his mind, a great patron of the arts artists, always in the papers as a scandalous scoundrel, has tons of female friends has a man of affairs, Thurton, who is like Scrooge takes all the funny out of all his ideas That is why he is staring that the re [...]

    I haven t read much romance during the early 1900s, and so I don t know what s particularly popular or typical in this segment of romance novels However, I did like this The Unsuitable Secretary It had a certain almost irreverent tone to it possibly because Thomas was soThomas.Basically, Thomas is a very wealthy patron of the arts given to indulging his whims because he has money than well, not so much sense as just the ability to spend it Though he does put in quite the effort to burn through [...]

    Tracy Emro
    Loved it Harriet and Thomas were really great leads that will stay with me for quite awhile Thomas was such a sweet hero He is a very nice man and has a heart of gold Harriet was smart, sensible and loyal She was also under appreciated by her family I loved the way Thomas was blown away by her from the beginning and did everything he could to make her feel cherished and to improve her self image I loved watching these two interact They were perfect for each other Did things move fast Yes but nev [...]

    Maggie Robinson s Ladies Unlaced has become one of my favorite historical series While the first one, In the Arms of the Heiress remains my favorite, I have read each of them with joyous appreciation The Unsuitable Secretary gives romance readers two tropes we see too seldom the Virgin Hero and the Over Size 10 Heroine But both characters are greater than their tropes they are not types but individuals, the kind who capture the reader s interest and affection and make it easy to root for their H [...]

    DNF at 16%A few reasons I stopped1 I don t care for reads where there is little dialogue and mostly stream of consciousness 2 I don t care for unattractive heroines3 I was put off by the fact that the hero is a vigin but has done other things I mean, then why stay a virgin Makes no sense At least in this case.4 The dialogue of the hero was tooiched I say Certainly not By Jove I just couldn t get into it Therefore no rating this time.

    Sir Thomas soupirs il est chou, il fait gaffe sur gaffe mais il se rattrape toujours et puis il adore Harriet, m me si elle est born e parfois, il viendra toujours la calmer coup de bisous xD

    TiresomeThis book was kind of tiresome Some parts seemed to drone on and on, when I was hoping it would get to the point I ended up having questions that were never answered, or even disclosed to Harriet And I still wondered what the reason behind her brothers ran away And the epilogue added nothing to the story Was just a bunch of rambling in my opinion.

    Things that go bump in the night.No, no, no The Unsuitable Secretary does not have any supernatural ghosts bumping into things during the night The Unsuitable Secretary presents us with a virgin couple who make up for lost time They are the ones that did all the bumping.Sir Thomas Benedict Featherstone, aka Tubby, needs help Digression time I eventually grew tired of the name Tubby Anyway, he has grand plans Grand ideas He was filled with an abundance of excitement when it came to these grandios [...]

    Harriet and Thomas are complete opposites So when they say, opposites attract, this would be a very good example Harriet is studious, serious, responsible and poor Thomas is witty, gregarious, grandiose and wealthy At the end of the novel, Harriet thinks Thomas reminds her of a Labrador dog This is probably the most app description of him He runs circles around people, yapping about all sorts of things some of it nonsense and wanting to be loved When I first started reading this book it reminded [...]

    It is 1905 and Sir Thomas Featherstone is a wealthy baronet and art patron in London He is come to the Evensong Agency is search of secretary that will help him organize his business affairs, and help him launch an artist colony and art foundation Ms Evensong the wily proprietor of the agency, manages him deftly and before he quite realizes he has hired or accurately Harriet Benson has agreed to work for him at an exorbitant salary.Harriet is an experience and hardworking secretary, who trying [...]

    London, 1904 and Sir Thomas Benedict Featherstone a.k.a Tubby , an intelligent philanthropic supporter of the arts, is determined to establish an art colony so artist can concentrate on their craft and not have to concern themselves on mundane things like working Sir Thomas arrives at the Evensong Secretary Agency searching for the perfect secretary to assist him as his other associates passive aggressively discourage this expensive ideas Enter Harriet a.k.a Harry Benson, a tender Goddess, but f [...]

    Yeah J ai lu ma premi re romance historique a change de la chick lit et la romance contemporaine retenter

    I didn t think I would, but I liked this book.Robinson is one of those romance authors I can always trust to provide a good read, but initially the hero in this book, Thomas Featherstone, gave me pause I didn t think he d measure up or prove very interesting He s a bit of an eccentric, and a little flighty Yet, he ended up being quite the hero Also, Thomas has a big secret and I won t tell you what it is.What else did I like about the hero He reminds me of my husband, in all the good ways My hus [...]

    Amy Alvis
    This is book 4 in the Ladies Unlaced series.Harriet Benson loves working at the Evensong Agency, but after a recent illness she needs to shorten her hours Her employer finds her a job, requires less hours, working for Sir Thomas Featherstone It seems the perfect solution until she finds herself attracted to her employer.Sir Thomas Featherstone was attracted to his new employee the moment he laid eyes on her He does his best to hide his attraction, going so far as to avoid eye contact Unable to f [...]

    This was a fun, exasperating yet oddly unique historical romance set in the early 1900 s The Unsuitable Secretary puts a new twist in the old trope of getting involved with the boss Thomas, a blue blooded young man, fancies himself a patron of the arts and wants to take it further But in order for his plans to proceed he needs a good secretary to keep everything organized He expected all his requirements to be filled by the well respected agency of Mrs Evensong What he didn t expect was to be pr [...]

    After reading the initial blurb, I was certainly intrigued A scandalous hero and a virtuous heroine sounded like the perfect combination for a great story In the beginning, I was captivated with the plot and turned each page eagerly Unfortunately, that eagerness did wane slightly in the middle as the story slowed down and my attention started to drift The pace in the latter part of the story did start to pick up again which helped me to finish the book.I absolutely adored Thomas character He was [...]

    ARC received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.The Unsuitable Secretary is a turn of the century romance between an employer who happens to be a Baron and his secretary average commoner The plot peeked my interest and I loved the book cover so I decided to give it a go I liked the H a lot He was funny and had a quirky way about him I was not fond of the h She was just too conservative, with a low opinion of her physical attributes and stubborn I get that she was trying to protect h [...]

    3.5 Harriet is a secretery, living with an oppresive father and taking care of her two brothers Thomas is super rich and wants to build an artist commune He needs a secretery to help keep him organized and on track with his project It s love at first sight for Thomas when he meets Harriet, he is tongue tied and mesmerized by her beauty Thomas was an interesting hero, an origami master, daydreamer, disorganized but lucky for him, really rich He would think in circles and arrive at conclusions tha [...]

    Review copy by NetGalley.This was a wonderfully straightforward story I had so much fun reading it because I really liked the characters Harriet is a simple woman who has been living her life to please her father and brothers She is working to provide a secondary income, even though her father doesn t want her to work The father was over zealous in protecting her Anyhow, she starts working for Thomas Featherstone, an eclectic millionaire who is a true patron of the arts Harriet brings much neede [...]

    Heather andrews
    Thomas that boy has to remind his girl about some things from time to time, that s the governess s daughter speaking Remember, you are my mistress now, and mistresses are indecent by definition He s also a bossy one, and I ll buy you whatever I feel like, whenever I like I ll have you know all my friends think I have impeccable taste He tries to fix what he can for his girl, Thomas ducked the flying fountain pen, though a few drops of ink splashed on his sleeve Now, Harry, you re overreacting Th [...]

    A cute period piece, if just a smidge far fetched The juxtaposition of the ditzy, flighty hero with the sensible, clear headed heroine was an enjoyable twist The idea of a virgin hero that everyone assumes is a rake is a bit of an unexpected take on the genre Although I must say, his reasoning for his untouched state are somewhat preposterous.There is an odd mixture of modern and historic feel here, which is a little perplexing at times Even so, there is quite a lot of detail accurate to the tim [...]

    Jessica Cale
    Lovely I always love Maggie s books and this one was no different Thomas is a delightful hero a somewhat silly but kind hearted art collector and trend setter with a reputation rather bigger than his experience Harriet is practical, frighteningly competent, and built like an both, along with the Edwardian setting and their unusual love story, are a refreshing antidote to the paint by numbers historicals you see so often This was funny, sexy, and very sweet Another lovely story from Maggie Robins [...]

    Sir Thomas is an art lover and rud to be a rake, he needs a good secretary to help get his world organized That is where Harriett comes in, she is highly organized and very proper, until now Desperate to get away from her father she makes and agreement with Sir Thomas to be his mistress for one week The attraction is there but will they find true love Funny, sweet and sexy story Highly entertaining, I was laughing out loud Very Enjoyable Read

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