[KINDLE] ↠ Bear and Duck | BY ↠ Katy Hudson #2020

  • Title: Bear and Duck
  • Author: Katy Hudson
  • ISBN: 9780062320513
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Bear and Duck By Katy Hudson Debut author illustrator Katy Hudson brings to life characters Bear and Duck in this hilarious story about a bear who is fed up being a bear and wants to be a duck.Bear is sick and tired of being a bear Who wants to sleep all winter His fur feels so hot in the summer And the bees there are just too many angry bees Bear is done being a bear But when he sees a linDebut author illustrator Katy Hudson brings to life characters Bear and Duck in this hilarious story about a bear who is fed up being a bear and wants to be a duck.Bear is sick and tired of being a bear Who wants to sleep all winter His fur feels so hot in the summer And the bees there are just too many angry bees Bear is done being a bear But when he sees a line of happy yellow ducklings, he has a thought What if he could be a duck With a few duck lessons from Duck, Bear learns that being a duck is fun but as it turns out, Bear realizes he makes a really good bear and he makes a really good friend along the way Young readers will delight in the hilarious relationship between Bear and Duck.
    Katy Hudson
    Katy Hudson Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Bear and Duck book, this is one of the most wanted Katy Hudson author readers around the world.

    Bear and Duck By Katy Hudson


    Bear doesn t want to be a bear any He s sick of sleeping during the winter, his fur is too hot in the summer, and there are all of those angry bees Then Bear notices a family of ducks walking along and decides that he could be a duck instead So he joins their line and starts acting like a duck But when the adult duck notices Bear in the line of ducklings, he gets sent away Bear does get a book on how to be the perfect duck So he starts to work on it The first step is building a nest and sitting [...]

    Sandy Nosse
    A funny and sweet story with adorable illustrations A good lesson for teaching children to be themselves.

    Erik This Kid Reviews Books
    Synopsis Bear is tired of being a bear He s tired of sleeping all winter He s tired of his warm fur He s tired of the bees So, he decides to be a duck Being a duck looks much easier All they do is waddle and quack Duck decides to help Bear be a duck But is there to being a duck than Bear thinks What I Thought This was a funny book I like how Bear is convinced that he can become a duck overnight I also like that on his list of complaints is his fur That made me smile Duck is a great friend Ms Hu [...]

    I think I ll start a new list of bear stories after reading this I d create a Bears That Are Sad list, but that s just depressing I ll stick with Interesting Bears, which is what the bear in this book is He starts out not liking his beariness, then he wants to be a duck and then I won t tell you the end, but it s a nice ending Not exactly what you d expect to happen I m thinking too hard about it It s a cute children s book The only problem I had is with the closeups of the bear that look like w [...]

    This is Katy Hudson s debut as both the author and illustrator of a picture book The illustrations are lovely as Bear who is tired of being himself wants to take duck lessons And indeed Bear gets instructions on swimming, walking, and flying like a duck Enjoyable story, but the first few pages are a bit wordy, however, the text does then settle into just enough to be of interest to a preschooler Will look for work from Hudson as I did enjoy her illustrations And who in this world at some time h [...]

    This is a cute and gentle book The illustrations are adorable and the narrative is sweet Also, the message we are perfect as we are is lovely.Pros Hug this book Inside you ll find a sweet story and great illustrations Don t be surprised by the cute characters and a nice message.There s to our review Visit The Reading Tub While you re there, add a link to your review.

    Heehee the bear wants to be a duck Hilarity ensues.

    It s SO CUTE and the instructional section reads like the narration of a Wes Anderson film in my head.

    When Spencer s beloved books disappear, he creates a plan to catch the thief Ohi s brilliant combination of art and text will capture the imaginations of her intended reader.

    Karyn The Pirate
    Great story about accepting yourself just the way you are.

    Mary Kay Davidson
    target audience Ages 4 8 years oldsummary Bear and Duck in the meadow, Bear is tired of his thick fur coat and the buzzing bee s he hears ducks playing and decides to join them and be a Duck He struggles with some of the duck skills like swimming and flying, and eventually decides to be a good friend of a Duck while still being a Bear This is a cute story, that encourages children to be themselves and friends will appreciate them strengths weaknesses The scenes are is fanciful, and the colors so [...]

    Adorable illustrations complement a very sweet story about friendship, fitting in and being who you are.

    A Such a sweet story.

    In Bear and Duck, Bear, the main character, is uncomfortable in his own skin and doesn t want to be a bear any Even though bears are big, mighty, and strong, he notices the ducks waddling around and really wants to be like them instead The loud QUACK they make is music to his ears Plus, ducks build nests, swim in water, they walk funny, and they can FLY This review will be presented in the form of a booktalk for my Kindergarten class Bear s fur is too hot and he doesn t want to hibernate Worst o [...]

    This review was originally published at The Children s Book and Media ReviewBear is a bear, but he doesn t want to be He is tired of sleeping all winter and fighting off bees, so he decides that he is done with being a bear He sees a line of ducks so he joins them, doing his best to be a good duck Duck tells him that he doesn t belong, but Bear asks her to teach him how to be a duck Bear tries nest building, swimming, and flying Things don t go as he hoped, but Bear learns that he makes a really [...]

    Anastasia Tuckness
    Bear is tired of his hot fur and having to sleep all winter, so he decides to be a duck Things go okay until he starts trying to hatch an egg, swim quietly, and fly His friend Duck is very patient with him as he attempts to be a duck Even than the clever storyline, the illustrations really make this book The book is large and Hudson keeps most of the backgrounds simple, so the bear really stands out The ink and watercolor illustrations are so well done it is a joy to look at this bewildered bea [...]

    Bear s problem was that he wished he weren t a bear at all Bear tries to join the duck line And he thinks he s a good duck, until he lets out his first quack Then mother duck tries to shoo him away You don t belong But Bear pleads with Duck to teach him how to be a duck And with the help of the book How to Be the Perfect Duck, the lessons begin What Bear realizes is that being a Bear isn t so bad after all And Duck assures him you make a really good bear and a really good friend Cute illustratio [...]

    I like the concept of an animal not wanting to be what he she is and wanting to be something else And the trouble the m.c goes to to become another animal not in his species.The illustrations are simple and funny to see what one does to become like another animal The ending dialogue is nice and so is the animal friendship A good read aloud and cute story of friendship between two different animals.

    A bear becomes frustrated with the downsides of being a bear i.e bees, hibernation, fur so when a family of ducks cross his path, he decides to learn how to be a duck.Each lesson goes about as well as a bear masquerading as a duck could go, which is to say not very well at all, so the duck decides to point out all of the ways in which the bear is a really good bear in this fresh friendship tale.Ink and watercolor artwork PreK 2.

    Whole And
    A sweet simple story about a bear who is trying to be a duck because he is done being a bear A friendship develops as duck tries to help bear become a duck and quickly find out that bear s just can t do what ducks do Duck reassures bear that he makes a really good bear and that duck could never be a bear.A great read for a young one appreciating and finding themselves and trying to be something they are not.

    Stephanie Croaning
    The illustrations in Bear and Duck are absolutely adorable Bear is tired of being a bear, so he decides to try being a duck When the whole flying thing doesn t work out, he comes to the realization that he is good at being a bear and instead forms a strong friendship with Duck.Young children will like this story of friendship and being who you are meant to be.

    Ann Haefele
    Children will love these bright, large illustrations of bear learning how to be a duck But in the end, bear decides to just be himself, and has learned that good friends don t have to be exactly alike.

    An unobjectionable little story about learning to appreciate your unique self Children will likely enjoy Bear s humorous attempts at acting like a duck flying, of course, turns out to be an epic fail.Cute especially with Bear s amply proportioned pudge but ultimately forgettable.

    Bear was a bear Best opening sentence ever This would make the perfect read aloud Kids will roll on the floor laughing at this fat, goofy bear who tries to waddle, and swim, and fly like a duck.

    I chuckled all the way through this story of a bear who wants to be a duck The illustrations are just too cute Who can resist the illustration on the next to the last page And you make a really good bear

    Cute picture book.

    Love the illustrations Typical storyline of a creature wanting to be a different creature and it not working out, but story was still cute.

    Sweet story about wanting to be something other than what you are, friendship and recognizing the great things about yourself.

    Love love love

    My daughter has a thing for ducks and this is lovely Could pair with The Bear Ate my Sandwich.

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