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  • Title: At Year's End
  • Author: Sandrine Gasq-Dion
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  • Page: 467
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • At Year's End By Sandrine Gasq-Dion Book 2 This book contains characters from the Assassin shifter books and is not meant to be read as a standalone Warning This book contains scenes of homosexuality, crude language and violence Ever since he set eyes on Jaxon Salvatore at Camp Pride, 16 year old Elijah Newman knew who he d be spending the rest of his life with The tough guy, on the other hand, was notBook 2 This book contains characters from the Assassin shifter books and is not meant to be read as a standalone Warning This book contains scenes of homosexuality, crude language and violence Ever since he set eyes on Jaxon Salvatore at Camp Pride, 16 year old Elijah Newman knew who he d be spending the rest of his life with The tough guy, on the other hand, was not getting that message Rebuffed at every turn, Elijah does his best to make the middle Salvatore brother understand that their lives were meant to be connected Suddenly, odd things begin to happen and Elijah becomes and convinced that there s a demon inside him All he can do is try to keep his friends and the man he s beginning to love safe from his secret Two long years have passed since Jaxon Salvatore first laid eyes on the boisterous, beautiful and much younger Elijah Newman Fighting off the teenager with the huge blue eyes has been torture from day one Now, Elijah is about to turn 18 and Jaxon finally sees light on the horizon for a life with him But strange things are happening the teenager doesn t flirt with him like he used to, he rarely hangs out with his buddies and he talks about having a boyfriend A boyfriend Things are NOT good When awful things happen to Elijah, Jaxon struggles to keep the younger man safe and himself sane From the coast of Washington, to the peak of Mount Olympus, Jaxon will stop at nothing to keep what s his.
    Sandrine Gasq-Dion
    I have been blessed in this life to not only have parents that support me, but kids that do as well I grew up in a loving but Old School French household My parents worked for the airlines TWA so I was able to see a lot of Europe as a kid I moved to Seattle Washington at the age of 22 and stayed there for twelve years before moving to Alaska for a little over two Fairbanks, AK was one hell of an experience and I wouldn t hesitate to go back I spent a little over a year in South Carolina before moving back to Arizona I then left for Kansas for five years and now reside in Arizona I ve been connected to the military in one way or another for over half my life and wouldn t change a thing about it Writing has become my full time job and I ve never been so happy doing a job I love and being able to do it in my jammies I plan on writing until I dry up and die Hopefully, that won t happen soon

    At Year's End By Sandrine Gasq-Dion


    I m going to make him mine At Year s End, is full of surprises and sweet glimpse of the yummy characters I love, from the Assassin Shifter series Its sweet, heartbreaking and an enjoyable read Mates, I definitely recommend this book and any series related to it Do you know how hard it s been for me to keep you at arm s length Jaxon whispered huskily into Elijah s ear, I ve wanted you so much There will never be anyone else for me but you, Jaxon A lovely and special treat from my bud, IngelaThank [...]

    3.5 stars

    Valerie ❈M/M Romance Junkie❈
    I have been waiting for Elijah and Jaxon s story for, what felt like, forever I was not disappointed There was enough action, giggles, and unexpected plot twists to keep me completed engaged throughout the story Though there were a lot of the same cast of characters, this truly was rather different from the other books of the Assasin Shifter and this series I m glad I read this.

    Yeah for Jaxon and Elijah Another good book moving us forward in the series I love the Salvatore brothers and Jaxon didn t disappoint I m really looking forward to finding out about Killian Of course, I will read each and every one that comes out

    I m not sure I even know how to make sense with what I want to say First thing I can think of that bothered me is Elijah worrying that he is a demon and afraid to tell anyone about what is going on with him The problem here is two fold He already knows about Skylar, and now he has something similar going on but it doesn t occur to him to talk to Skylar about it, or that Skylar would accept him being different Secondly, I can only believe that the reason no one has bothered to inform the boys abo [...]

    Not feeling focused enough for than rambling notes If you want something coherent, plus stuff I forgot to mention, you may want to look at Riayl s review, but be aware that it s tagged entirely as a spoiler Anyway, here ya go.It s funny but not in a happy way how Jaxon bullies the headmaster to make him magically stop bullying at the school Hypocrite, yay Seriously What kind of school forces its students to procure a college educated parent for an exhibition That can t possibly apply to everyo [...]

    3.5 StarsEEK I ve been waiting for Elijah s story for what seems to be a long time now While I liked this, I wanted of Elijah using his powers I wanted him practicing that we could have seen I wanted of Elijah and Jaxson together They were apart too much of this story and I was REALLY bummed about that I guess I didn t really feel the excitement that I normally get while reading a book about cool elemental powers Come on, Elijah and the god of fire USE IT Show me Also, why not just tell ALL t [...]

    this book was an amazing read it was an emotional roller coaster and I totally loved it can t wait for the next one.

    Caroline Brand
    REVIEWED FOR PRISM BOOK ALLIANCEIf you are going to read this series I would recommend reading the Assassin Shifter series first This is where we first meet Elijah and lot of the other youngsters that I am sure will be featured in upcoming books These young men are children of the gods and as they all reach their 18th birthdays their powers mature.We first meet Elijah when he is 16 and he attends Camp Pride He is a quiet and reserved young man in all but one respect As soon as he meets Jaxon Sal [...]

    I know I probably will be the odd one here that does not like the book but at the risk of being boooed by the fans of these series, I have to be honest with my opinion on the book so far I m Soooo disappointed with this book the previous one as well I had been looking forward to reading these series for such a long time that it feels like such a let down now that I m reading book 2 Yes I know is a spinoff of the original assassins series which i read a few was honestly not so impressed by them s [...]

    This one was kinda rough Jaxon is such a sweetie and to see him hurt like that was so rough

    I read the Assassin Shifter series last month, one book each day till I had finished all that was available, I could not put the books down When I started reading this the second book In The 12 Olympians series it was like reconnecting with old friends family, I got that warm, coming home feeling Although there is many characters connected with both series in this book I instantly knew each person was connected too, I was so excited to read what had been happening to each one of them since the l [...]

    I liked that the Salvatore brothers all finally found their mates and that we found out about the necklaces they all wear I also liked the references to the other Salvatore brothers.What I didn t like was the way the character interactions often jumped around The continuity just seemed off in parts.I reread Forbidden and Justice For Skylar before reading this one, as I read them so long ago I m glad I did because there are just so many characters and situations to keep up with view spoiler I re [...]

    Lorraine Lesar
    Very mixed feelings about this offering in the wonderful Assassin Shifter series Yes, the title is a bit confusing with the 12 Olympians title, but I can assure you that this book is part of the original series Now to the reasons of only three stars the saying of love conquers all certainly applied to Jaxon and Elijah storyline, I was OK with that What I wasn t OK with, is why nobody told Elijah what the hell was going on it just made no sense to me and because I was so frustrated over this deci [...]

    I think this may be my first 5 star rating for a Sandrine book I find them highly entertaining no matter the fluff involved Only this one didn t seem fluffy at all It was heartbreaking God, the crap Jaxon had to go through to be with Elijah was just too much I actually got very teary during one part Had to get a tissue and everything Solid story line and love story with angst thrown in The last five percent threw me back into the stuff I expect with these books but the rest was so freaking good [...]

    Sorry but this wasn t my favourite Too angsty if u know what i mean But i will still follow these series no doubt about that


    Rachel Richardson
    Another great add to the series Elijah Newman and Jaxon Salvatore are the sweetest couple I have been worrying about Elijah for awhile now so this book had me on the edge of my seat and in knots wanting to know what was going on Yet again another surprise and exciting story for the couple More questions pop up and I can t wait to know .

    This was a good addition to the series.

    singsong voice Jaxon and Elijah are together giddy dance happy dance dancing all around Jaxon and Elijah are together So Elijah s been one of my favorite characters for bloody well ever and I ve been on pins and needles waiting for Jaxon to claim his man Finally I get to put these two in my happy place.Elijah Newman fell for Jaxon Salvatore the minute he first met him at Camp Pride almost two years previous Since then his life has gone a little crazy, his foster parents are awful, theirs a seemi [...]

    Centoria Coffil
    OMFG I TOTALLY LOVED IT I cried so much, but I incredibly pleased with the outcome.

    T.M. Smith
    Elijah Newman has known that he wanted Jaxon Salvatore since he first laid eyes on him at Camp Pride when he was 16 years old But the sexy Salvatore has done nothing but push him away Jaxon knew Elijah was his mate as soon as he saw him But Elijah was so young that Jaxon wanted him to live first, have a life and have friends his own age With Elijah s 18th birthday fast approaching, Jaxon makes a plan to make his move, only to learn that Elijah may have taken his advice to find someone his own ag [...]

    I am really disliking the main plot of The 12 Olympians series so far Book 1 was a meh 3 star read for me And this book is barely making a 2 It s such a huge disappointment The characters dialogues are juvenile, stinted and lack detail I also really hate it when characters act illogical and in a clueless manner when faced with obvious FACTS If the reader can figure out what s going on but the characters are running around like idiotic fools, it doesn t make for an enjoyable read For instance, vi [...]

    I was waiting for this book from the moment I first met Elijah and saw how he felt about Jaxon I admired Jaxon for waiting and trying his best to allowing Elijah to have some freedom and experience life Not everyone would have done that Both characters really affected me on an emotional level and I am relieved and excited to finally see them come togther.Having read the previous books and seeing their relationship progress, a lot of things came to light and I understood what was happening finall [...]

    Monchari S
    I wished this Olympians series was set as a complete new series well, considered I m one in Percy Jackson s world I d be so happy in reading But along side with the shifters s a bit too much for me.The gap between the Shifters and the Gods is too big.As much as I love assassin shifters series and its extended stories series I couldn t help feeling the story has gone a bit too far.And now our beloved assassin shifters status and jobs seem to be only watchdogs and bodyguards Cause there s no way S [...]

    Mocha Haven
    Wow Thus far, The 12 Olympians series has me coming back for Who can resist elements such as gods, werewolves, shifters, bonds, titans, warlocks, assassins, love, justice, and family all typed up in one little book shrug I can t Although, same as in the Assassin Shifter series , I m find it difficult to digest the aspect where men are attracted to boys I realize the we have discovered that Skylar and Elijah were actually a year older than they knew and that desires are suppressed until the 18th [...]

    Alma Pagan
    There are so many ways to be abused, for years Elijah Newman has sampled up front and personal some level of hell on Earth The worst is the feeling of being trapped and knowing that no one absolutely no one in your home, wants or loves you Even though he is a teenager he knows what his heart wants and that he would do anything for it Jaxon Salvatore is tough, kind and just way to cool the fact that he is also gorgeous and sexy as hell riding his motor cycle never came to his mind Much Sometimes [...]

    Book Junky Girls
    We ve all grown to love Elijah and his over the top attempts to get Jaxon s attentions for the last two year Something else has been going on with him though and now we get to find out just what that is as he finally gets his story told.Jaxon has wanted Elijah for 2 years but has been waiting for him to turn 18, now that he has though somethings now right and suddenly Elijah has a boyfriend Is he too late to get his guy or is there going on than he knows Elijah has been beat down in spirit but [...]

    Ruthie Taylor
    I received a free copy of this book to read and review for Wicked Reads This is the second in Ms Gasq Dion s Olympian series It really needs to be read after the first in the series, and probably even better if following the Shifter Assassin series as many characters start their story there The story picks up where Justice for Skylar ended This time it is the middle brother, Jaxon and Elijah that take centre stage It is another lovely tale of protective love, misadventure and reconciliation Add [...]

    Lisa J.
    I ve skipped around in this series It took me a minute to get reacquainted with the 2 million characters that make up this assassin shifter gods universe, but once I did, the book flowed easily The books in this series have been hit or miss for me This one falls squarely in the middle I d read a couple of the previous books that introduced Elijah and Jaxon, so I was familiar with their back story and was curious to see how they d finally get together Elijah is only 17, and he seems very young to [...]

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