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  • Title: The Girl, the Doctor, and the Texas Ranger
  • Author: Sue Lyndon
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • The Girl, the Doctor, and the Texas Ranger By Sue Lyndon After witnessing a car crash outside his ranch house, Dr Daniel Anderson rushes to help the girl behind the wheel He carries her inside and tends to her wounds, all the while wondering what brought her out this far in the middle of the night The young woman soon breaks down and confesses that her name is Emily and she s on the run from the police after fighting back agaAfter witnessing a car crash outside his ranch house, Dr Daniel Anderson rushes to help the girl behind the wheel He carries her inside and tends to her wounds, all the while wondering what brought her out this far in the middle of the night The young woman soon breaks down and confesses that her name is Emily and she s on the run from the police after fighting back against a vindictive cop who tried to take advantage of her Daniel and his brother Trevor, a Texas Ranger, feel protective of Emily and offer to keep her safe and help clear her name They agree to let her stay on the ranch, and in return she promises to help out with chores and obey their rules The prospect of real consequences if she misbehaves is exciting to Emily, and when she shyly approaches Daniel with this confession, he decides to give her a taste of his discipline He takes her over his knee and spanks her bare bottom, and the love she feels as he cradles her in his arms afterwards is unlike anything she s ever experienced She quickly discovers that Trevor is almost as strict as his older brother, and just as loving Though she is twenty years old, Emily becomes their sweet little girl Daniel and Trevor delight in buying her cute frilly dresses, taking care of all her needs, and disciplining her when she s been naughty She thrives under their attentions and falls hopelessly in love with both brothers It isn t long before they claim her, first each on his own and then both at once Trevor is confident he ll have her name cleared in no time, but once he does, will Emily have to leave the men who ve changed her life and stolen her heart, or can she stay their little girl forever Publisher s Note The Girl, the Doctor, and the Texas Ranger is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, anal play, exhibitionism, sexual scenes including threesomes, age play, medical play, and If such material offends you, please don t buy this book.
    Sue Lyndon
    USA TODAY bestselling author Sue Lyndon writes steamy D s romance in a variety of genres, from contemporary to historical to fantasy She s a 1 bestseller in multiple categories, including BDSM Erotica and Sci Fi Erotica She also writes non bdsm sci fi romance under the name Sue Mercury When she s not busy working on her next book, you ll find her hanging out with her family, watching sci fi movies, reading, or sneaking chocolate Sign up for my new release newsletter and get FREE reads Copy paste this URL into your web browser eepurl bV2Ek5

    The Girl, the Doctor, and the Texas Ranger By Sue Lyndon


    I have mixed feelings over this story Young woman, Emily pulled over by an ex school peer, now police officer, who then abuses his position to pull her over for speeding and commit a serious sexual assault, and I have no doubt he would have raped Emily if she hadn t stopped him as did It shows how for most of us our deference to police authority opens a door to rotten cops pursuing an agenda of their own and who, like Emily versus the police would be believed unless fortunate.Much I liked, the i [...]

    WellI have read some really KINKY OFF THE WALL BOOKS When you see the authors warning that there is age Play you don t expect to see a 20 year old playing with my little ponies, drawing pics for the fridge, having a bedtime of 9 00 getting put to bed in a diaper and hello kitty pj s This was just pushing it a bit Quite a bit LOL

    Jennifer Finn
    3 1 2 STARS This book was short but I kinda struggled to get through it because it was pretty boring I m sure that sounds crazy with a stranded woman on the run, a hot ass doctor and his Texas Ranger brother but it just didn t do it for me I would ve really liked it if they weren t brothers but instead friends with benefits and she stumbled onto their land, that would ve been AMAZING.

    Possibly some spoilers, but really, you know what is going to happen once you read the synopsis, so nothing really revealed.OkayI approached this book knowing that there would be some elements I didn t like, judging by what else this author has writtenIn the beginning, you have a heroine who is naive, makes stupid choices, and recognizes that about herself, and knows she needs to grow and make better choices in the future So far, I liked it Characters can be stupid at parts, that is fine by me i [...]

    The publisher mentions age play among other codes when describing this book Age play is not my thing, but I can accept a scene when we are talking about someone fulfilling a fantasy However,the relationship in this book was solely based in age play and spankings Two thirty something men find a 20 year old girl with abandonment problems and create a relationship where she is treated as a kid not even a teenager, a young kid who is dressed undressed, bathed, read stories like Cinderella her daddy [...]

    Katherine Deane
    Loved this story It was my first AP, so I was a little nervous about mixing sex and the little dynamic But actually, it was very well done, and I liked it A lot With this being my first AP, it also helped that Emily did not ever call Daniel, Daddy That helped me enjoy the sex scenes without me having to worry about and incestuous feeling The sex scenes ranged from sweet romantic to scorching hot They also included a few menage s, between Emily, Daniel and Trevor, which were well done and sexy I [...]

    This book was boring and not really an age play book it was domestic discipline and there was no BDSM The ending was drawn out and is the only place you see much diapering and it seems like the author knew nothing about any of the life styles she writes about I would give it no stars if I could If you want a good age play book try Ally and Jake or The Haley Chronicles by Laylah Roberts, and if you want good BDSM try The Dom s Dungeon by Cherise Sinclair.

    3.5 4 stars This book had a little of everything in it Mostly DD, but some BDSM, age play, medical play and a plot thrown in for good measure I enjoyed this book even though there were a couple of skeevy spots for me I think it would have been better if the author had focused in on a couple of lifestyles rather than throw in everything I will watch read this author again.

    A good read, really 3.5 stars but not 4 so to keep GR happy it comes at 3.

    It started out fine the premise was good Just a young girl getting rescued by two older men then all of the sudden they were giving her curfew and she was wearing a diaper I was out after that.

    Loved itI read some other reviews and was shocked at all the 1 reviews because people don t like age play books It s clearly stated in the description that this is age play, so if you don t like that genre do not read it That being said, I enjoyed this book Emily really needed someone to be on her side and stand up for her Daniel and Trevor were amazing and so loving They made a sweet little family as neither Daniel or Trevor had the time individually to devote to a relationship but the two toge [...]

    Yummy I like a little kink and naughty Knowing your desires being ok with them is great This author delivered it very tastefully without making it degrading.

    Not my kind of story.Who wants to be treated like a little girl And wants to be spanked so hard I did not care for this story I taught the way these men treated this girl was so stupid

    As others have mentioned, this book was just weird and frankly, disturbing Ostensibly, this is a BDSM book, although the word term BDSM was never uttered in the story There were no safe words, explanations about the lifestyle, etc which leads me to believe the author wasn t writing BDSM book at all, just a strange baby fetish book I mean, it s one thing to act out a scene or play kinky games on occasion There were no scenes here Just 24 7 spanking, 9pm curfews, coloring with crayons etc, etc It [...]

    Cheryl (Gwyneiira's Book Blog)
    I am quite amazed I finished thisI am very very picky about my kink reads and I am quite fond of the whole caregiver little thing but this story isn t one bit safe, sane or consensual It felt like they pretty much took advantage of a lost, confused little girl who is also desperately looking for love No safe word, no explanations Just them pushing her limits Treating her like a baby and giving loads of spanking Not one guideline of bdsm followed So I shall assume the author wasn t planning on wr [...]

    Not really my thingI just couldn t get into it The spanking was just cover for two older men who enjoyed an got off on beating a younger girl The writer tires to cover this off as showing love an trust but it goes horribly wrong as Emily is viewed as a little girl their daughter who is dressed, bathed an even taken to the toilet about cleaned up by these men who then have sex with their daughter wasn t how the intro into the book read as I said not my thing

    Amy Nankervis
    Just okAt the heart I think this is a good storyline but executed somewhat poorly I think some of Emily s reactions were just flat unbelievable and made her seem weak Good scenes, with a bit of taboo which were written well.

    Meh I expected the story to be a lot hotter I was sorely disappointed I thought there were going to be some sexual elemens, but all there was to it were a few spankings That s it Well, I don t think this story is worth wasting your time on if you have something better to read.

    Katy Beth Mckee
    Very powerful story of a young lady who has seen some of the worst She finds herself in a safe place full of love for the first time in her life Daniel takes the lead but Trevor is right there to help out With their helps she is set free from her past in all kinds of different ways.

    A superficial light weight read, but enjoyable Extremely predictable, but fantasy worthy in several places.

    Amanda Kern
    ReallyI don t k ow what to say about this book I can not believe it I have read several by this author I don t know what I really think about this one.


    The initial story was good and the sex scenes throughout the book were hot However the heroine was too naive to make their dynamic feel consensual Instead of naughty, this story felt wrong.

    Okay but too much telling rather than showing.

    2 3 Jaksi to nebylo ono, asi jsem t mhle t matem p ehlcena.

    Not really age play but on father daughter affair Not my cup of tea

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