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  • Title: Dare to Surrender
  • Author: Carly Phillips
  • ISBN: 9780989982412
  • Page: 413
  • Format: ebook

  • Dare to Surrender By Carly Phillips Isabelle Masters is doneDone with her cheating boyfriend.Done with his domineering ways.Just done.Taking off in her leased Mercedes to start over turns out to be the best decision she s ever made despite being arrested for grand theft auto and hauled off to a local police station Being rescued by the most unlikely person possible, Gabriel Dare, makes it all worthwhilIsabelle Masters is doneDone with her cheating boyfriend.Done with his domineering ways.Just done.Taking off in her leased Mercedes to start over turns out to be the best decision she s ever made despite being arrested for grand theft auto and hauled off to a local police station Being rescued by the most unlikely person possible, Gabriel Dare, makes it all worthwhile After all, she s yearned for the sexy man for years yet now is her chance to finally take the plunge and dare to become the independent woman she s always wanted to be But can she be in control of her life if she surrenders to a man like him The DARE TO LOVE books consist of Miami siblings halfsiblings and NY cousins hotter books and the books ran in consecutiveorder It makes sense for the books to be divided by family and so I have split up the series as follows The Dare to Love Series Miamisiblings and the NY Dares NY cousins Please note ALL BOOKS CAN BEREAD ALONE but if you enjoy your stories in order, below is the newseries order I hope you enjoy
    Carly Phillips
    New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips N.Y Times and USA Today Bestselling Author Carly Phillips has written over 40 sexy contemporary romance novels that today s readers identify with and enjoy After a successful 15 year career with various New York publishing houses, Carly is making the leap to Indie author, with the goal of giving her readers books at a faster pace at a better price Her Serendipity books will still finish up in January February 2014 via Berkley as planned Carly lives in Purchase, NY with her family, two nearly adult daughters and two crazy dogs who star on her Facebook Fan Page and website She s a writer, a knitter of sorts, a wife, and a mom In addition, she s a Twitter and Internet junkie and is always around to interact with her readers You can find all information about Carly at her website and other social media sites Follow Carly on the web Carly s Website.Carly s Blog.Carly on Twitter.Carly s Facebook Fan Page.

    Dare to Surrender By Carly Phillips


    SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    FREE on US today 8 21 2016 Stand alone book 1.BLURB After ending a relationship to a cheating, domineering man, Isabelle Masters takes off in her leased Mercedes, only to be arrested for grand theft and hauled to a local police station To her surprise, she is rescued by the most unlikely person possible, Gabriel Dare, a man she s been attracted to for far too long Gabe offers Isabelle freedom along with an invitation to Eden, an exclusive island resort where everything and anything is possible.A [...]

    Man, I hate it when something starts out with a bang and thenJust starts to kinda fizzle Like it lacks the staying power Setting Time Genre New York, some weird island called Eden and current time setting Let s call this Toddler BDSM at best Series YesSexy times Yea I mean the heroines thighs had stuff trickling down them constantly But the first time was interesting The second time ok The third, I skipped Plan on reading by the author Yes, because I usually like her stuff It s not usually a fi [...]

    ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    25 year old Isabelle just left her cheating and controlling boyfriend Lance.Without money and clothes, she has nowhere to go.That s when Gabriel Dare finds her and asks her to come home with him Home to his amazing NYC penthouse He s basically a stranger Not really though.Both Gabe and her ex run in the same social circles and she met Gabriel lots of times And most of those times were spent flirting and looking and dreaming and wishing.And now he s asking her to move in with him o.OShe s not sur [...]

    4 Stars Another enjoyable addition in the Dare to Love series Gabe Dare was a character I wanted to know about when he first made an appearance in Dare to Desire, the second book in this series Initially when the story started out I thought it was going to mirror so many typical romances that seem to be today s trend insta love between rich guy and submissive girl, kink in the bedroom, and so on In some ways that was the case, but Carly Phillips had the good sense to add depth to the characters [...]

    Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    Kindle freebie 1 29 16

    2.5 5.0Although the writing is tight and the story keeps one turning pages, there were just too many situations that were a little too far fetched to be believable for me.

    4 Stars Contemporary Erotic Romance

    This is a series about the cousins of another book series by the author I quite liked this one although it s very, very heavy with sexual content I didn t connect with the characters as easily as in the other series but I did like it.

    Nikki Brandyberry
    Another winning erotic romance from the incredibly talented Carly Phillips In my review of book two, Dare To Desire I noted how hot these books were progressively getting and Phillips definitely delivered the goods this time around Isabelle just wants to stand on her own two feet after leaving her domineering ex boyfriend behind Needing to prove to herself and everyone else that she doesn t need anyone to take care of her Yet from the moment she sees acquaintance Gabe while sitting in the police [...]

    Jeannie Zelos
    Dare to Surrender, Carly Phillips Review from jeannie zelos book reviewsThis is a stand alone novel, hurrah although part of a series about connected characters and places I ve not read any of the other books but that didn t affect the way I understood this book It s a fun read, easy to follow, sexy and sensual, with a decent storyline and a HEA I love those At 230 pages its quite a short read, but its not filled with fluff anf waffle but with people and events that fit the storyline, and add to [...]

    I m a huge fan of Carly Phillips I ve absolutely fallen in love with her Dare to Love series and loved Dare to Surrender so much Dare to Surrender is part of the Invitation to Eden series of stories that have been coming out since the beginning of the year.Gabe Dare is currently my favorite member of the Dare family from this series I loved him from the very first time he appeared on the page I also loved Isabelle and knew she and Gabe were perfect for one another from the beginning The chemistr [...]

    Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews
    How do you explain attraction to another individual whom you have met a few times and talked to even less From the moment Gabriel met Isabelle and vice versa the attraction to each other has been palpable One problem Isabelle is Lance s girlfriend When Isabelle finds out Lance is not who she thinks he is, she dumps the douche bag well done Only one problem, she leaves the house without much money, no cell phone, no clothes or jewelry, and in a car Lance will not let her keep.Carly Phillips has g [...]

    The New York branch of the Dare family may consist of only three siblings but they are as charismatic as their cousins and just as physically appealing as well.Gabriel and Isabelle s whirlwind romance is at once poignant as it is hotter than a summer night.

    Cyndi Marie
    Listened to the Audiobook This book was a little to insta love for me While I enjoyed the story and the writing, I just couldn t feel the love between the characters I loved that she was strong and wasn t going to put up with anything any Steamy book for sure.Narration was good.

    Tina "IRead2Escape"
    Hotness Rating 3 out of 5Review to come

    Well that was disappointing I didn t care for the MC s or storyline I enjoyed the first two in the series .

    Meh I am not really a fan of the Dom Sub story lines, even though this one was pretty mild compared to some I ve suffered through Normally the moment some H starts bossing the h around, I m all STEP OFF, BUCKO And then the h goes along with it and I m just like So yeah I went into this one knowing I might hiss and spit a little To be fair, Gabe was better than some I ve read And at least Iz had enough caljones to walk out on him for a while The Pros It was short Iz really did exert her independe [...]

    Margreet Asselbergs
    ripeforreader 201My rating 4 of 5 Oh how I am enjoying this slightly kinkier side of Carly Phillips In this third novel of the Dare To Love series, Carly also needed to fold the book into a joint series Welcome To Eden a collaboration of 27 authors with at the centre an exclusive island resort where fantasies come alive And I say she was able to do so quite seamlessly Where the previous two books have circled around the same characters, this one moves to a different branch of the Dare clan, intr [...]

    Sharon Moritz-rosenthal
    To start I am a Carly Philips fan and I have read the previous 2 Dare books in her series I was a little iffy on this title as I have not read any of the other Eden books and I didn t really like Gabe in the previous book Plus I am not a fan of love triangles and the character of Isabella is originally with another guy when she meets Gabe.That all said, I read excerpts of Dare to Surrender and it sounded so good I decided I needed to read it as well Let me tell you I rated it a 10 but if I could [...]

    April Hollingworth
    Review Courtesy of April HollingworthDare to Surrender is part of the Invitation to Eden series and the Dare to Love series This book can be read as a standalone I must admit that I enjoyed this fabulous story and look forward to reading in the series.Opening Scene PrologueGabriel Dare eyed the beautiful woman with the bright smile that didn t reach her eyes, hoping his bland expression concealed the intense emotions she roused inside him.The Review Isabelle has had enough with the way her boyf [...]

    Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers)
    Dare to SurrenderI am a huge fan of Carly s I ve read the other Dare books and I LOVED them We met Gabe in Dare to Desire and I was very intrigued He was broody and snarky and I love that in a man He has a thing for Isabelle but she s taken He decides to sit back and just wait for her An accidental meeting in a police station, he finds her handcuffed and penniless He sees an opportunity and he takes it Gabe wants to own her and she s too independent for that but she can t deny the pull to this h [...]

    Angela Ruble Scott
    This is my 5 star review for Dare to Surrender by Carly Phillips for Eskimo Princess Book Reviews.Isabelle Masters is a beautiful young woman but she hasn t had the best of luck when it comes to life and love She is strong and determined but it takes a good push for her to find herself Will she be able find herself before it s too late Will Gabriel Dare be the one person who breaks down her defenses Gabriel Dare is young, rich, and extremely sexy He has a powerful business and works very hard to [...]

    One of my top books for 2014 I received this book as a prize in a FB release party.I have been waiting anxiously for this book since I found out it was to be an Invitation To Eden release This is cousin Gabe s book and I adored it I fell in love with Gabe a little in D2D He s rich and bored with life and lonesome Then walks in Isabelle and he s no longer bored but intrigued But she belongs to another so he must bide his time Eventually her life explodes and he s there to help gritting his teeth [...]

    I am in love with this series These Dare men know how to butter you up and then melt you I ve already read and reviewed the first 2 books and loved them both So, when I got the opportunity to read and review this one, I knew I had to get it on my schedule ASAP The characters and the story easily pulled me in from page one.Isabelle and Gabriel are drawn to each other even before their available to be together but the refrain and go about their separate lives Once Isabelle finally ditches her crap [...]

    Heather andrews
    I love the Eden series and I love Carly so I was so excited when I heard she d be writing a book for the Eden series Gabe he s just so damn sexy, you look good cuffed, he said in a deliciously low voice He s fiercely protective, any man who lets a woman leave his home in the dead of night with nothing but the clothes on her back, a small stack of bills, and no cell phone deserves it He cocked an eyebrow my way, that possessiveness there in his blue black gaze That he did it to you merely compoun [...]

    Boundless Book Reviews
    This is an extremely erotic tale about a woman with very low self esteem caused by years of feeling unloved and unwanted, compacted by being in a horrible relationship, which ends with her fleeing Isabelle doesn t really know herself in the beginning of the story, and only knows who she let her ex turn her into Gabe helps her realize she isn t the frigid woman her ex berated her into believing she is with a firm hand in the bedroom, time and space, she discovers the passionate, independent, and [...]

    I detest men like Lance and I am just glad Celeb was able to do something about him without himself getting into troubleI absolutely really liked the book but there s a few place where s there s nothing but a blank page, that s weird also I would have liked a little preview into what happened at Izzy s party when they showed up That was just totally forgotten about and writer just moved on, her seeing everyone that ment something to her after being estranged from her for so long would have been [...]

    Dare to Surrender is part of the Invitation to Eden series and the Dare to Love series This book can be read as a standalone.Welcome to Eden, where reality is whatever you wish it to be.This is a sweet often heartbreaking tale of two lost souls finding each other This is an intensely erotic tale that will have you reaching for either the tissues or the ice water This story sucked me in from the first page and didn t let me go until the very end I ve not read the other Dare to Love stories yet bu [...]

    Lani ⚔⚔the Destroyer ⚔⚔
    I kind of liken this series to be like the Mills and Boon category romance, only better It isn t a big emotional investment, it moves quickly without too much back story or angst I was in the mood for something quick and light with likable characters and Dare to Surrender fit the bill Overall I prefer my romances to have substance but if you are looking for something a little lighter that is still well written, I d recommend the series.

    What a great third edition to the Dare to Love series following Dare to Love and Dare to Desire The perfect length for a day at the beach Before reading checklist 1 icy beverage 2 body of water to cool off in 3 lifeguard to save you Gabe is a super rich and dominant man, Isabelle is a damsel in distress in who just needs to clear her head Gabriel s family comes to meddle just enough to keep the book real and honest.

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