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  • Title: Оръжейните майстори
  • Author: A.E. van Vogt Иван Златарски
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 308
  • Format: Paperback

  • Оръжейните майстори By A.E. van Vogt Иван Златарски , , , , , ,
    A.E. van Vogt Иван Златарски
    Alfred Elton van Vogt was a Canadian born science fiction author regarded by some as one of the most popular and complex science fiction writers of the mid twentieth century the Golden Age of the genren Vogt was born to Russian Mennonite family Until he was four years old, van Vogt and his family spoke only a dialect of Low German in the home He began his writing career with true story romances, but then moved to writing science fiction, a field he identified with His first story was Black Destroyer, that appeared as the front cover story for the July 1939 edtion of the popular Astounding Science Fiction magazine.

    Оръжейните майстори By A.E. van Vogt Иван Златарски


    Steven Peterson
    A E Van Vogt was a science fiction writer who dealt with BIG ISSUES in his works He was not so good with creating real human characters his words do not soar Here, we have a book that features the Weapon Makers as a check on the empire The balance between the two forces prevents the empire from overwhelming human freedom Here, we see relations among several key characters, the Empress Innelda, Captain Hedrock, Prince del Curtin.

    Lisabet Sarai
    My husband has raved about the Weapon Shops books for decades A popular article on the ways in which technology might help reduce gun violence finally motivated him to dig his 1943 paperback edition out of the boxes in the attic and share it with me Van Vogt wrote what I consider to be one of the best science fiction short stories I ve ever read A Can of Paint , so I had high expectations of this novel Unfortunately, they weren t entirely realized The book offers some inspired ideas An empire wh [...]

    Glenn Schmelzle
    PLOT Humanity has spread throughout the solar system, but they can t venture farther, so over the centuries the House of Isher has governedke that controlled, mankind In opposition to them stood the Weapon Makers, who sell common citizens weapons whose design baffles imperial scientists The weapons can only be used in self defense, but they effectively hold the Empire s power in check The Weapon Shops go beyond guns to other dazzling technology I especially liked the Rings they could activate re [...]

    Really odd book, kind of loses the plot a bit at the end, but up to that point is at least interesting.

    Michelle B
    The concept isn t really new the bones have been picked clean in dozens of other books Maybe it was good once but I ve seen too much of it to get worked up over.

    I m sorry to say that A.E van Vogt s The Weapon Makers is not a very good sequel to his The Weapon Shops of Isher The first half of the book is just as good as the previous book But, once the protagonist launches himself into space, the book just turns silly It loses all pretense of being Science Fiction and turns into some kind of, well, I don t know what to call it Science Farce The first, and least problematical, issue is the lack of even lip service to the speed of light being a limiting fac [...]

    Иван Величков
    , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

    Another fun cosmic romp, where the House of Isher and the Weapon Shops must be saved from themselves while simultaneously kept from knowing that an immortal superman is watching them when he finds that seemingly all powerful aliens are watching HIM And the trouble with aliens is they re alien I again thought of John C Wright s essays in another, he takes up the common wisdom that in the Bad Old Days SF was bereft of Strong Female Characters Really Is the Empress Isher to be dismissed as weak bec [...]

    Scott Davis
    Society has changed, and through genetic manipulation, the central character headlock is immortal He cares about society and wants to make it better So, he executes a long range plan to make society better His plan stretches over hundreds of years Why not He s immortal.Something I loved about this book is all the technology the author used to flesh out the story Everything from matter transmitters to warp drive From a science fiction historical perspective Keep in mind this is 1943 when it was p [...]

    1981 grade A2009 grade B Series book WS1The writing style is a bit out of date The content is a bit abstract All of it is mainly a factor of the age of the novel the first copyright is 1943 I think I still consider it a classic must read novel and the sequel Weapon Shops Of Isher is even better Note my edition is Pocket 82267 5, 190 pages, First Pocket Books printing February 1979 Condition estimated at Good It is not in the list of editions and I don t feel like wading through problematic editi [...]

    Matteo Pellegrini
    Come nelle Cronache della Galassia di un altro gigante della f.s Isaac Asimov, anche in questo romanzo di Van Vogt il vero protagonista il cosmo avventure, viaggi, congiure, battaglie, tutto ha dimensioni sovrumane, tutto si svolge sullo sfondo smisurato e strabiliante dell universo E la fantascienza epica al suo livello migliore, una saga del meraviglioso che d al lettore il senso dell inesauribile ricchezza dell universo.

    One Empire rules Earth and as a counter balance the neutral Weapons Shops try to make sure the government doesn t get too oppressive Someone figures out intersteller drive and oddly this shifts the balance of power Our Hero must restore the balance and handle first contact This reads like one of those classic spy novels like The Thirty Nine Steps set in an undefined future.

    Mark Cameron
    Cool bookThere are lots of neat gadgets There is an interesting relationship between the House of Isher the monarchy and the Weapon Shops sort of a check and balance.There is a lot of good stuff in the book but it should have been fleshed out.It s old school sci fi It s not bogged down in technical details explaining how every little piece of technology works.

    I was overjoyed to find my old copy of this at parents house this weekend after thinking it lost for 15 years It wasn t exactly what i remembered, but still, a great story For having been written in 1943, it hardly shows it s age and fully embraces a future with such advanced technology, it bears little resemblance to today Looking forward to finding van Vogt.

    Isabel (kittiwake)
    Set six years after The Weapon Shops of Isher , this is story of how the immortal man behind the weapon shops manipulates both the weapon shops council and the Empress, to ensure that Isher society remains stable in the face of the development of a star ship drive and a possible attack by alien invaders.

    Classic Science Fiction at its best The Weapon Makers was originally published in 1946 and may seem a little dated now, but this is a classic story of the battle between the immortal Hedrock and Empress Innelda over the Weapons Shops and The Right to Buy Weapons is the Right to Be Free.

    Mike (the Paladin)
    This story takes place aprox 7 years after the Weapons Shops of Isher I again give 4 rather than 5 simply because it s not quite as readable as some by Van Vogt.

    Me cost mucho trabajo terminarlo, me parec a algo lenta la narraci n y no acabe de agarrarle el feeling El final, sin embargo, es bastante bueno.

    alan douglas dalrymple
    Weapon makers Isher book 2The super man concept taken to the nth degree Finale is a little contrived but everybody loves happy endings, well almost everybody.

    Interesting ideas that impacted me greatly when a teenager but not so much later

    Dale Rosso
    Pure classic Sci Fi, enjoyed the story I love the Weapon Shops of Isher books.

    Pure lurid colored, comic book van Vogt Shouldn t be a surprise, that s mostly what he does Funny how he can occasionally pull something together that goes beyond that.

    Wonderful book, read it at least 3 times Hedrock Rocks

    Oh, boy When I was 11 the book was so cool Today it is an avalanche of stupidity From the Weapon shops, there is a clear upgrade in ideas and somehow the text is less dated, but only a bit.

    Not as good as the Weapon Shops, but okay.

    Florin Pitea
    Read it back in the late 1980s and enjoyed it quite a lot at the time.

    Robin Dawes
    I can t believe I enjoyed this so much when I was a teenager it s clunky and tedious.

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      308 A.E. van Vogt Иван Златарски
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