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  • Title: Le Guerrier Castien [Nouveau Monde Tome 1]
  • Author: C.L. Scholey
  • ISBN: 9781611607000
  • Page: 172
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Le Guerrier Castien [Nouveau Monde Tome 1] By C.L. Scholey La Terre est sur le point de mourir Entre les m t orites explosant de tous c t s, la navette dans laquelle Grace a embarqu d colle, dans une ultime tentative pour sauver des vies humaines Avec peu de nourriture et d eau, et huit passagers clandestins, la situation est d licate dans le vaisseau qui fait cap sur la nouvelle plan te, Onvra Un trou noir et un accident lesLa Terre est sur le point de mourir Entre les m t orites explosant de tous c t s, la navette dans laquelle Grace a embarqu d colle, dans une ultime tentative pour sauver des vies humaines Avec peu de nourriture et d eau, et huit passagers clandestins, la situation est d licate dans le vaisseau qui fait cap sur la nouvelle plan te, Onvra Un trou noir et un accident les attendent Tandis qu ils s aventurent dans l environnement trange d une plan te plus trange encore, les deux pilotes de la navette sont tu s par une immense cr ature d b ne aux crocs aussi blancs que l ivoire Rask est un guerrier castien pur sang qui croit que sa plan te est attaqu e Lorsqu il rencontre le petit tre qui se recroqueville pour lui chapper, il est intrigu Apr s quatre cents ans de vie et une quasi immortalit , Rask pensait avoir tout vu Quand la cr ature d clare tre une femme humaine, il n en croit pas ses oreilles Les femelles sont teintes depuis aussi longtemps qu il s en souvienne Mais elle en a pourtant bien le parfum suave Il ne lui faut pas plus d une bouff e de son odeur pour ter sa cuirasse, r v lant un m le muscl et bronz Rask avait cru son armure imp n trable La caresse d une douce main lui fait prendre conscience qu il est impuissant face cette petite humaine qu il d sire d j.
    C.L. Scholey
    Born and raised in Ontario, C L Scholey developed her passion for writing through her love of reading books as a child Her first book was contracted in Oct 2009 the very same month her first grand son was born C L Scholey still lives in Ontario, in a rural community with her husband and daughter.From the author Hello, I m Connie Now that we ve met how about I tell you a little about me I love to write, it s like having a super power I was born and raised in Ontarios I m Canadian, no I don t live in an igloo, no I ve never pet a polar bear, but I have run into a few black bears, seen wolves, moose, coyotes and I think there s a hundred pound squirrel in my attic I spend as much time as I can get away with looking for rocks in Bancroft When I m not in Bancroft I live in a small town, so people know me when they see me Some ask me what I m working on some even ask me in a regular voice not a whisper I get bored easily, it s why one day I ll be working on assassins, the next Sci fi, then Vikings, then vampires, then planning world domination wait, what Moving on I love animals and we have a dog, 120p mastiff He s great with the kids and careful around them, but he d run me over for a piece of bologna Otherwise he loves us If you want to get to know me better join me on FB or twitter Right now I need to change back into a mom, it s my best super power.

    Le Guerrier Castien [Nouveau Monde Tome 1] By C.L. Scholey


    This is surprisingly good I think I need to amend my profile to state that I clearly love the dollar store for strange stuff, wacky stuff, cheesy stuff, and futuristic romance.Generally speaking it seems to me that if you read erotica you will have to contend with far less character development than straight up romance I ve seen people lambaste this book because it has less character development than wished for and I d agree But I still managed to enjoy it The Good Rask and his fellow Castians a [...]

    R *is for Relentless*
    Post apocalyptic alien sci fi girl flees a dying earth Girl stranded on another planet Girl meets hunky scary alien dude warning slight spoiler ahead girl has sex with virgin o.O hot alien dude yep its a world full of hot alien male virgins bad aliens attack good aliens save the day A bit formula but it was entertaining A few funny parts where the heroine was teaching the hero what sex was all about There is some attempt at world and alien society building Die hard scifi fans will find it bit sk [...]

    Elise-Pinterest+Goodreads=The Perfect Book Boyfriend
    She has sex with the dude the first day he captures her and by the end of the day she proclaims her love for him He is an alien and she has crashed on a strange planet and she sleeps with him because he he was a virgin and needed to be shown how to have sex, oh, and to survive she has to do this What a load of junk It started out very promising with strong writing but soon went downhill as if the writer was in a hurry to finish Would not loan this book sorry I did not care for it TTFN Sandy


    BASICSLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler YES hide spoiler Any Descriptive Sex w OW OM Ex view spoiler No hide spoiler Would I read by this author or in this series YES Rating 4 starsReviewWow, whan an interesting plot It s been a while, since I last read such refreshing sci fi romantic adventure I really liked the idea, details and build up of the new world.After Grace and her shuttle crew crashed on this weird new planet, they get [...]

    Megan Fall
    I have never read anything by this author before, but I thought I would give this one a try I was really impressed The story line was great and I loved the characters It was short, but it worked I will definitely be looking for reads by C.L Scholey.

    Super cool But also a lil racist not cool.

    The Earth is almost destroyed Everything is dead or almost dead This is one scenario that so many movies and authors exploit It is a sad reality that only some humans get to escape on a better planet I know there are good men among our male population but to be honest they are not really running the show so the story makes sense to me.Grace is one of the lucky women who get to leave Earth just to realize that they are headed for slavery when the ship crashes on the Castian planet.Rask is a Casti [...]

    I love C.L Scholey s Unearthly World books and I realised that I should of read this series first Earth is in the beginning stages of self destruction and some humans are lucky enough to escape in shuttles to a new home.When their ship gets hurled through a worm hole, they crash on some planet and get found by the Castians Rask is so adorable and loving I found it hilarious when he didn t know that Grace was a female.We gets lots of details on the Castian shields and about their war with the Tor [...]

    Good story The heroin has a lot of luck, and I really enjoy the moment when rask discovers the heroin is a female I love the way he gets rid of the scum commander of the earth spaceship, even if it s a little too fast

    Stars 4Overall The Earth is being destroyed by mother nature and Grace is lucky enough to be bordering one of the space shuttles to a new planet On the way there the space craft malfunctions and they go through a black hole and they see a planet, that they assume is Ulyse, but they are shot down and land on a foreign planet, that has pastel trees and a spongy ground After being there for only a few minutes, they are attacked by a creature that kills that captain and his first mate The creature t [...]

    Cassandra Mello
    3.5 stars, I really liked this one, but I didn t love it like mad like I do the second one in this series It reads like the first of many series, good introduction, lovely characters, but there wasn t quite enough heat tension for me in this first one, and the tone at the beginning was so SO sad I know it was necessary, but it made the book a lot gloomier than what I was looking for, but I m sure that s just me I love the after apocalypse stuff, it s hard reading what comes just before I definit [...]

    Not sure I particularly liked Caspians having the ability to calm their females with a touch Sounds kind of like forcing them to be calm even if they don t want to Some kind of violation So, not a fan then but I did like the overall plot Of course I still can t, in good conscience, give a higher rating because this is still a pretty simplistic novel with some weird concepts of romance and happily ever after Good for mindless fun though.

    I gotta admit that the cover of the book kinda made me thought this was gonna be some ridiculous plot.But hell nawh The story is a mix between post apocalyptic world with aliens involved in The beginning really captivated me, and I couldn t stop reading till I finished the book.Not what I expected, but even better.

    2.5 stars I enjoyed the introduction beginning of the book than the rest It was weird that the h slept with the H the first day she met him then suddenly said she loved him Couple if other weird things too, but overall interesting world building and ideas.

    I did quite enjoy this book A lot of thought has gone into building the world though some of the customs and traditions are a little confusing to understand Rask s ignorance of sex was silly than funny but other than that it was a good read.

    Jacqueline Williams
    This was such a good book It was better than I expected Some parts of this book had me rolling on the floor laughing Please read It s worth it.

    2 stars

    Neus Gutiérrez
    Pasable, poco m s que decir.No creo que siga con la serie.

    This was a surprisingly good read Considering the fact with how the events played out with them crashing and him taking ownership it s an alright read.

    Was surprised by how much I enjoyed this Got it a while ago and have been putting it off for years, but finally caved Normally I shy away from Novella series because they re too short to really enjoy, but even so in this case I managed to like it It s well written with likable leads, has an interesting plot setting, and a pretty cool Alien lore that feels fresh and different.Would have preferred if it had been longer, as it sets a good pace until about slightly over halfway through Then it seems [...]

    I picked this up because I was reading the Unearthly world series and wondered if there were books about the Castians Obviously there are It did helped me understand better the events of those series, but I gotta say, I liked the Unearthly world much Shield was good in its own way, but the events felt rushed and I did not believe the connection between the characters Their relationship seemed way to easy So, overall, it was okey, but I think I ll stick to Zargannii from now on.

    We need the sun to generate our shields, as do the Tonans There is no sun in space edit 10 22 17 I ve now read 3 other books by this author set in this universe and they ve all been thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining Please don t let this book discourage you from continuing through this author s books, they dramatically improve.

    Vicenta Ramos Giner
    Me gusta un monton lo lei ya hace tiempo y ahora lo he vuelto a leer otra vez lo he leido por lo menos 12 veces es un libro muy bello y le doy un sobresaliente.

    It s of a 2.5 or 2.6 star book IOW a good 2.

    Rhonda Rampersad
    OMG I killed myself laughing while reading this book it was so stupid and corny my love is her sheild lmfao this is a good book of you re in the mood for shits and giggles.

    Wish my book had that cover

    I liked the premise and it started off good but it ended up being poorly written and kind of shallow British audiobook narrator was horrible.

    I came to this book after reading four unearthy books, and prefer them But this one is really nice as well, I enjoyed the character s interactions and how much ore complete the world is with each installment It is not a literary work of art, it is like manga you really enjoy what you are looking at and keep going for because you know what you want in the first place I ll quit beating around the bush and say it, I loved it.

    Les Chroniques Aléatoires
    Le guerrier Castien est encore une nouvelle rotique de science fiction que j ai lu apr s le conseil d une amie et encore une fois, je me suis bien marr Disons les choses telles qu elles le sont le livre en soit est mauvais, l criture ce n est vraiment pas a, l intrigue ne casse pas trois pattes un canard, les personnages sont de gros st r otypes du genre et on voit tout venir l avance au bout de 10 pages de lues Et pourtant, qu est ce que j ai pu rire Ce qui fonctionne toujours dans ce genre de [...]

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