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  • Title: Stolen Flame
  • Author: D.W. Marshall
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  • Page: 472
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Stolen Flame By D.W. Marshall Vivian is excited about this weekend Why wouldn t she be She is finally turning twenty one, and she knows for a fact that Liam, the man of her dreams is in love with her too On the eve of her birthday, her world comes crashing down when she is taken from her home Now, instead of spending her birthday in Liam heaven, she learns that she will be forced to take part in ThVivian is excited about this weekend Why wouldn t she be She is finally turning twenty one, and she knows for a fact that Liam, the man of her dreams is in love with her too On the eve of her birthday, her world comes crashing down when she is taken from her home Now, instead of spending her birthday in Liam heaven, she learns that she will be forced to take part in The Chamber, a lavish sex club for the world s richest and most powerful men She finds early on that she will not suffer her sentence alone With the budding sisterhood of the six other women taken at the same time, along with an unexpected ally, Vivian will discover an inner strength and love that she never knew existed Stolen Flame is part of a series, and while each book is interconnected, each book in the series stands alone Due to the adult content and themes, this book is not intended for persons under the age of 18.
    D.W. Marshall
    D.W. Marshall Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Stolen Flame book, this is one of the most wanted D.W. Marshall author readers around the world.

    Stolen Flame By D.W. Marshall


    I received a complimentary ARC of this book from the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for honest feedback After reading the blurb for this story, I expected a dark, erotic story Unfortunately, while this book dealt with some pretty dark subjects kidnapping, coercion, rape, etc , it failed to elicit any response other than incredulity I spent a LOT of time rolling my eyes and skimming pages.I enjoy a good, smutty read, as much as the next girl, but I like for there to be a remote possibi [...]

    Kira Simion
    Thank you Netgalley for this ebook copy in exchange for honest feedback.I seem to be in the minority here.While the love was an interesting twist, the awkward dialogue inside the heroine s head and outside it, the meh sex scenes, and the chamber of sex idea ruined it for me.The idea of love was cute and I did feel bad for the MC but she didn t really grow on me Neither did her love interest really.While the idea of sex chambers seems interesting the variety of sex that happened that wasn t much [...]

    We meet Vivian as she is planning a weekend away celebrating her birthday with her best friends, one of whom is Liam, the man she is in love with and is planning on losing her virginity with that weekend.That same night Vivian is kidnapped from her home and taken to work in The Chamber an exclusive sex club for rich playboys She and the other six girls kidnapped are told that they will be held for one year, at the end of which they will be very well compensated and unless they co operate fully t [...]

    Wow What can I say I LOVED this book I couldn t put it down I love Vivian and Dominic I can t wait for the next one

    Carlene Inspired
    3.5 StarsExcited for her surprise twenty first birthday trip Vivian thinks nothing of the people arriving at her house at midnight and covering her head with a bag This is her chance, she s going to use this surprise trip to win her best friend Liam s heart and finally lose her virginity Except, the people at her house are actually kidnappers and she s heading straight for The Chambers where she will become a sex slave for the wealthy for the next year of her life If she makes it one year and ke [...]

    J. Kahele
    What about Liam It s Vivian s 21st birthday and she is planning a weekend get away with her best friends and is excited because she is finally going to tell her friend Liam, that she is in love with him.She is falling off to sleep she feels a hood placed over her head and thinks it s her friends playing a joke But it s not She has been kidnapped and is soon taken to a place called, The Chamber, a sex club where she will be used to have sex with rich men Lost and afraid she quickly puts all her t [...]

    Astrid Clemmons
    Ok first of all I was pulled in by the descriptions and wondered how the author would pull it off It took me a little bit to get into Vivian s personality but I found I liked her self deprecating snarky ness Stockholm much I was waaaay impressed that the author got me to come around to believing that some one, Vivian, could seriously come around to her new circumstances but dw Marshall did it Now as far as the hero goes I liked Dominic, I kinda wish he was a bit edgier but he knew what he wanted [...]

    Sönïa Dhillion
    I couldn t finish the book This book felt like I was transported to a play boy mansion situation At first I thought ok the heroine is stating what she sees when she saw some of guys that kidnapped her She starts to describe how hot one of them are So I make excuses that she has just turned off her fear it s a defense mechanism and now she s just describing what she observes I mean she s not blind so why not But it s weird when she realized she was being kidnapped she took in all details being sm [...]

    Just finished this book and I m in love I usually don t read too many captive stories because they always end the same but this is different and so much better It has dark themes, romance, multiple view points but not ever changing to where you get confused I usually dislike series that change the main characters to the friends or other supporting characters BUT I m actually excited to see how the other girls handled their time during and after the chamber Nicely done Marshall I will be purchasi [...]

    The description of this book was interesting but I was disappointed I couldn t take the characters or story seriously because the emotions and reactions weren t appropriate to the circumstances The dialogue was awkward it was formal, over dramatic phrasing that needed contractions I was hoping for a darkly erotic story, but it lacked depth, angst and sexiness.

    It was interesting story I have never read anything like that I will give 5 stars for story line and 4 stars for characters I liked Vivian , because Dominic wasn t acting like 27 years old man He fell in love only seeing her face on videotape Nooo Not possible So 4 stars.

    Rolin Cobb
    I thought the story was very captivating I couldn t put the book down I was anxiously reading to find out what was going to happen next The story was dark and intriguing yet full of excitement

    Absolutely loved this book Really hope the author continues with this series.

    This is the first book in The Seven Chamber Series by D.W Marshall I will tell you that this book is unlike anything I have ever read It is very well written and the story flows so well that you will be half way through the book before you even know it Very well done.Vivian is about to turn twenty one and her friends keep telling her they have a surprise for her so when she hears people in her house the night before her birthday, she assumes that it is her friends and that this is part of the su [...]

    Hannah Court
    I enjoyed this book very much The whole story is based over a year.In that year Vivian Flame gets kidnapped the night before her birthday to be taken to the chamber The Chamber allows 35 well off men to pay for a years worth of sex with 7 hand picked women girls.Vivian is a 21yr old virgin, not for long once she is in the Chamber.She meets Tyson Dominic who becomes her personal protector for the year, while she endures sex 5 days a week with men she doesn t know, all to protect her family for th [...]

    Linda Rea
    When I began reading this book I was a little in shock that someone would just take a woman girl out of her bed in the middle of the night but that is exactly what happens to Vivian on the night before her birthday Thinking her friends are kidnapping her as part of her surprise she goes along willingly till the silence makes her realize that the hood over her head is not from her friends When her kidnappers realize she has caught on she is knocked out When she comes too she is on an airplane goi [...]

    Jirinka (sony08)
    After reading the description of this book I thought I d find it difficult to read I am uncomfortable with any subject around torture and slavery But this was a little different.I found the story interesting and well written It was easy to follow and characters likable Yes there were a lot of sex scenes, but they were in the right places and flowed well within the story, they didn t feel like the author just tried to be as dirty as possible, they actually belonged.I think the reason that I found [...]

    Sissy's Romance Book Review
    This is book one in the Seven Chamber series I will say that this is my first time reading D.W Marshall writing It was a very hot, kinky girl taken without of choice type read This is a type of fantasy book so you have to keep that in mind when reading this Vivian is excited for the next day as it is her 21 birthday and her friends have a surprise for her Vivian also has decided to try and win the heart of one of her male friends and possible loose her virginity to him But that night she is kidn [...]

    Amy Sheets
    Imagine that your friends telling you that they have a suprise for you when they take you off to another city to celebrate your 21st birthday So when you get woken up by someone putting a cloth bag over your head you think this is there suprise A fake Kid napping So you actually laugh about it and giggle about it And then a few minutes later you realize this isn t your friends You are actually getting kid napped Well this is what happens to Vivian or well FLAME No body uses there real name in Th [...]

    ARC received from Wicked Moon Penning and NetGalley in return for an honest review This erotic romance is on the darker side Twenty one year old Vivian is expecting to be whisked away by her best friend, Maddie, and Liam, the guy she is in love, with to celebrate her birthday Instead, she is kidnapped and taken to The Chamber where she will be used sexually for the next year It isn t the promise of wealth at the end of the year that makes her cooperate, it s the threat against her family and fri [...]

    Liz Ellyn
    Wow This story stunned me by altering my perception as the scenes progressed The plot is intense and dark and pushes the limit of what I normally can handle in a story This wasn t by any sense of the imagination a typical erotic tale The majority of the story takes place where the kidnapped girls are held captive in a sex club and are forced to satisfy 5 men, 5 days a week While this is a chilling to imagine, the strength of the characters, particularly Vivian, compelled me to continue reading a [...]

    Paul Franco
    Typical middle upper class American girl is giddy about celebrating her twenty first birthday, to the point where when she s tossed in a van and hooded she thinks it s her friends taking her to her surprise birthday party Instead she s kidnapped for realsies as a sex slave in the fanciest brothel ever She s not the only one, and the introductory scene is both creepy and somewhat intriguing It doesn t take long for the virgin main character, nicknamed Flame, to give in, and end up being a natural [...]

    Tonia Amet
    I love how this book grabs your attention from the first line and doesn t let go until the last page of course only to leave you wanting Vivian is set to celebrate her 21st birthday with a few Especially the one guy who she has been crushing one for the longest and has revealed that he feels the same way about her The night before her birthday in what she believes is an elaborate mock kidnapping by her friends, turns out to be her worst nightmare come true Overall, this book was ok but left me [...]

    I have so many feelings about this book I loved it some of it , hated it, despised it, but overall it was an ok read.I m being entirely honest here I would give this a 3 or 2.5 for the plot story, but a 4 for the HOTness of it I actually really did not the whole Chamber thing Yes there was hope and love in an imaginable situation, but I absolutely hate the idea of someone watching over girls to take them in the future Now it would be entirely different if the author said the girls wanted The Cha [...]

    Seeshel kettler
    I was intrigued by the blurb of this book when I requested it from Netgalley First I never like to give a bad review because its so personal to each reader how they see a book The idea of being kidnapped and force into sex slavery seemed like a good story I was surprised Vivian wasnt as angry as I would have been How does one fall in love with her kidnappers and right away think they re hot Dominic was hot, but still a creep Did she forget she was kidnapped and had Liam This is one of those book [...]

    Maday Dearmas
    This is a story about a group of girls kidnapped and made sex slaves to a group of very rich and powerful men who paid handsomely to be with these women for one year At the end of the year the ladies would be set free with a few millions The only problem I had with this story is that two of them were virgins and they took to this new part of their life like a fish to water This was very unrealistic With that being said I did enjoy the story and I m looking forward to now reading Weeping Willow a [...]

    Emma bramley
    what a good book, totally different story line and very gripping I just couldn t put it down till id finished it I loved the characters especially the main female the author was very good at getting all the emotions across even with the sex scenes but they were tastefully done.highly recommendedfacebook obsessedbookobsessedbookreviews.wordpress

    Born To Read
    I got this book from NetGalley in exchanged for an honest review.Absolutely amazing The story is really original, the characters are fantastic and I loved the way it ends I even cried when Vivian goes back home I am really looking forward to the next book and continuing the story Five big big stars

    copy given by netgalley in exchange for an honest review Naughty little book about a woman kidnapped to be held as a sex slave for a year Very graphic so don t read if easily offended Was an ok book if you like that kind of thing Bit cheesy in parts, and not a very good plot, but I don t suppose you read these for the storyline If you like graphic sex scenes, this is the book for you

    P Leslie
    I liked this book it was original but yet terrifying to imagine the horrible experiences these girls go through I like the idea of Dominic being the very strength Vivian needed to get through her ordeal but I found their connection strange I would recommend this book.

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