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  • Title: Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China
  • Author: Ed Young
  • ISBN: 9780399216190
  • Page: 182
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China By Ed Young Not for the faint hearted, Lon Po Po Grandmother Wolf , is a tale of a menacing danger and courage Young s command of page composition and his sensitive use of color give the book a visual force that matches the strength of the story and stands as one of the illustrator s best efforts Booklist Absolutely splendid Kirkuse Reviews An extraordinary and power Not for the faint hearted, Lon Po Po Grandmother Wolf , is a tale of a menacing danger and courage Young s command of page composition and his sensitive use of color give the book a visual force that matches the strength of the story and stands as one of the illustrator s best efforts Booklist Absolutely splendid Kirkuse Reviews An extraordinary and powerful book Publisher s Weekly
    Ed Young
    Ed Young is the illustrator of than eighty books for children, seventeen of which he has also written Among his books is the Caldecott Medal winner Lon Po Po, which he both wrote and illustrated He says that his work is inspired by the philosophy of Chinese painting He lives in Westchester County, New York.

    Lon Po Po: A Red-Riding Hood Story from China By Ed Young


    the origins of the little red riding hood story are unclear, but they can be traced to well before the 17th century perrault interpretation most familiar to western readers earlier versions of the tale have turned up in other parts of europe, in africa, asia, and the middle east in some of the stories, the children are eaten, in some they escape, in some they are eaten and still escape, sometimes the antagonist is a tiger, a fox, a hyenais book is presenting itself as A Red Riding Hood Story Fro [...]

    This is the Chinese version of Red Riding Hood and it is quite wonderful We get three children in danger of the wolf and they handle it by using their brains so it s a much intelligent spin than we often get in European versions of fairy tales Plus, this book has some very nice artwork completing the overall look of the story Simple but beautiful.

    Lon Po Po is a Caldecott Medal winning book by Ed Young that is a remake of Brothers Grimm s classic Red Riding Hood, only this time, there are three sisters who outwit a cunning wolf in this tale Lon Po Po may be a bit too scary for smaller children because of the images, but older children will easily love this story that is full of mystery and suspense.Ed Young has done a great job at writing and illustrating this old Chinese folktale about how three sisters outwit a cunning and frightening w [...]

    Lon Po Po is another book I wanted to check out because it made the Top 20 Most Beautiful Children s Books list I love the creepy wolf on the cover I think Ed Young loves wolves too because he puts a dedication at the beginning of the book.To all the wolves of the worldfor lending their good nameas a tangible symbol for our darknessThis is an old Chinese folk tale called Granny Wolf The illustration is excellent, and I loved the old world feeling the book had Lon Po Po may be bit too creepy for [...]

    I very much enjoyed both narrative and accompanying illustrations of this Red Riding Hood type of tale from China, how the three sisters are able to outsmart and later kill the big bad wolf by subterfuge, and by specifically focusing and playing on the latter s greediness and gluttony Author illustrator Ed Young s water colours and pastels evocatively and expressively provide a perfect physical and atmospheric mirror of and to the text, with just enough creepiness to mildly frighten although ver [...]

    I particularly like the dedication page, in which Young creates an image that is both man and wolf, and is written To all the wolves of the worldfor lending their good nameas a tangible symbolfor our darkness.

    Henry Martin
    An interesting cautionary tale in the style of Little Red from China Unlike the western version, this one has a different ending where the children outwit the wolf The illustrations accompanying the text are wonderful, and match the text well.

    Another book I read to my daughter when she was little Liked it and remember the artwork being perfect for the mood and retelling of this children s classic No rating due to this being read so long ago.

    Lynne King
    The most wonderful book that a child, and also any other individual could read The ending was exquisite and I do like wolves My father always read fairy tales to me and it certainly brings back wonderful memories of a bygone era My the delights of childhood and bravo here particularly.

    Book Concierge
    The story is a traditional Chinese tale, somewhat akin to Red Riding Hood The children remain at home, however, while their mother leaves to go visit their grandmother The wolf tricks them into opening the door, but they children outsmart the wolf It s a timeless lesson about heeding warnings, and obeying the instructions of your elders But I really like the way these three young girls get the best of the bad wolf They are brave and clever.Young s beautiful illustrations support and enhance the [...]

    Erin Ramai
    I gave this book a 4 star rating Lon Po Po won a Caldecott medal in 1990 The illustrations combine ancient Chinese panel art with contemporary watercolors and pastels The reading level of this book is appropriate for children aged 4 8, but can be enjoyed as a read aloud with younger children and as a trip down memory lane for older readers However, reader be warned, it is slightly morbid Lon Po Po is a red riding hood story from China It fits into both the multicultural and traditional categorie [...]

    NS- Sarah
    This is a version of the The Little Red Riding Hood from China about three siblings whose mother leaves to visit their grandmother This book is a 1990 Caldecott Medal winner The wolf sees the mother leave and approaches the house pretending to be the grandmother In the end, the children out smart the wolf by tricking him into climbing a tree with them The wolf falls to his death and the children return safely to their home Upon their mother s return they enlighten her about how they escaped the [...]

    Lon Po Po, which means granny wolf in Chinese, is the Chinese retelling of the classic Little Red Riding Hood fairy tale A mother leaves her three daughters Shang, Tao, and Paotze home alone when she sets out to visit their grandmother The wolf dresses up as the grandmother and gains entrance to the family home soon thereafter When the girls realize the wolf is not their grandmother, they use the lure of gingko nuts to trick the gluttonous wolf, allowing them to climb the gingko tree Telling the [...]

    This is a unique version of Little Red Riding Hood, where the wolf comes to visit the little girls while their Mom is visiting Grandma or Po Po It is an interesting story, and although it might be a little scary for our girls, they really liked it It s a wonderful book to read aloud at storytime Great illustrations Mar 2012 update We watched this story on DVD as part of s Storybook Treasures The story is not truly animated, but the illustrations are shown with various zooming techniques througho [...]

    Jennifer Tarr
    This Chinese version of Little Red Riding Hood provides a direct contrast to the original Grimm version the teacher in me could envision the Venn Diagrams straight away While the wolf antagonist, theme of caution, and children s observation skills remains the same, most other points differ In this version, the mother leaves to visit the grandmother, the wolf comes to the children s home, the children outsmart the wolf and save themselves The author and illustrator, Ed Young, born and raised in C [...]

    This is a Chinese fairy tale A mother leaves her three daughters alone and a wolf visits them pretending to be their Po Po Grandmother After thinking it is their granny, one of them catches a glimpse of the wolf s face They then trick the wolf and the wolf ends up dying Their mother comes homes and they live happily ever after The illustrations are dreamy and quity scary A funny story My son looked at the picture with three daughters and said, But in China, they re only supposed to have one chil [...]

    Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
    The pictures are a little too vague and skimpy for a good readaloud, but this Chinese story is great and can be used to compare and contrast with the traditional Little Red Riding Hood.

    Kayla Edwards
    This is a wonderful red riding hood tale that I really enjoy reading to my students when we discuss fairy tales and folktales They love fairy tales from other cultures

    McKenzie Creagan
    Lon Po Po a red riding hood story from China by Ed Young is about three young Chinese children who are left alone at home while their mother goes to visit their grandmother for her birthday After their mother left, Shang, Tao and Paotze heard a knock on the door and it was a wolf disguised as their grandmother Po Po The three siblings start to wonder why their Po Po is acting so different When the wolf entered their house, he blew out the candle so that the children couldn t see that he was clea [...]

    Aladdin Jones
    This is an extraordinary take on the traditional tale of Little Red Riding Hood This version of the story takes on the perspective from the wolf s point of view almost Much like how the original version has Red learning how not to listen to strangers and watch your surroundings, the wolf in this book learns how not to become too trusting of others and fall into the trap of temptation Author Ed Young uses the literary tool of suspense to captivate his reader s attention at the beginning of the st [...]

    I ve been looking forward to this for so long

    Amy Porter
    This was an interesting version of little red riding hood Instead of the child leaving to visit grandma, the mother leaves her children at home so she can go visit her mom There were three children in this version The big bad wolf attempts to fool the children by claiming he his their grandmother and succeeds, however the children soon realize that is not their grandmother and fool the wolf Very interesting Fractured Fairy tale

    The Caldecott Medal Winner of the year 1990 was a variety of the famous fairytale of Red But for this Chinese version, there are three sisters, the oldest Shang, the middle one Tao, and the youngest Paotze, who are left by the mother alone at home overnight She gave the girls strict instructions to behave and latch the door when she left The sisters followed their mother instructions, but a wolf that lived nearby saw the mother leave and decided to pay the girls a visit Dressed as the sisters gr [...]

    Amy Vana
    Lon Po Po, translated and illustrated by Ed Young, is a red riding hood story from China It was the winner of the 1990 Caldecott Medal as the most distinguished picture book I first read about this text within the chapter on traditional literature in the Children s Books in Children s Hands A Brief Introduction to Their Literature and located it at my local library A digital reading of this text can be located on youtube narrated by multiple readers The youtube video I watched was read by Susan [...]

    This is a wonderful variation of the classic, Little Red Riding Hood Instead of one girl alone in the woods being tricked by a smart wolf, this story has three siblings at home alone This is the Chinese version Lon Po Po is a Caldecott Award Winner The children in the story are home alone while their mother goes to visit their Po Po Along comes a clever and hungry wolf who disguises himself as their Po Po The wolf is invited in and the children entertain the thought he is their dear po po The ch [...]

    Kirah Marshall
    1 Lon Po Po is the story of three young sisters who are left at home alone while their mother goes to visit their grandmother po po When the mother leaves, a smart, cunning wolf sees and comes up with a plan to pretend to be the childrens grandmother The wolf knocks on the door, and the cautious children ask him many questions to see if it really is their po po They believe him and let him in He blows out the candles in the house so that they can not see him They get ready for bed While in bed t [...]

    Summary This twist on Little Red Riding Hood takes place in a house where a mother and her three children live The mother sets out one day to visit Po Po, the children s grandmother A wolf nearby sees that the children are left unattended and, once night falls, convinces the children that he s Po Po and they let him in After many inferences that something is off, the eldest suggests that Po Po eat some of the delicious ginko nuts at the top of a tree outside Quickly, the three children leave but [...]

    Lon Po Po A Red Riding Hood Story from China is a spin on the traditional version of Little Red Riding Hood First, it is set in China and secondly, the wolf impersonating the grandmother comes to the children, not the other way around Once the children figure out grandma did not come visit them, they devise a plan to keep themselves safe Are they able to stay away from the wolf I thought the story was decent, but Ed Young truly excelled with the illustrations The pictures were definitely done in [...]

    A classic Chinese retelling of Red Riding Hood a very different albeit similar take, with three young sisters at the forefront.The misty watercolour illustrations really add to the darkness of the book The wolf himself Lon Po Po, the house intruder disguised as the girls grandmother is terrifying, yet at the end you can t help feeling sorry for him An oddly tragic villain, is Granny Wolf I love the dynamic between the three girls Shang, Tao, and Paotze and how they prove to be as cunning as the [...]

    Debbie Reiber
    Lon Po Po A Red Riding Hood Story from China by Ed Young is a folklore book The book won the Randolph Caldecott medal in 1990 The age group this book is intended for is primary to intermediate The book is about a wolf trying to fool children, but in the end the children fooled and killed him.The book takes on the theme of good versus bad The children were tricked by the evil wolf but once they figured out it was the wolf, they tricked the wolf The book showed cultural aspects, such as the grandm [...]

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